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Japan Study Tour 2019 The St Bernard’s College Japanese Language Department is organising a study tour to Japan in 2019 for students who are studying Japanese language in Year 10 and above in 2019. The aim of the study tour is to promote better understanding of the Japanese speaking community, people, language and culture through a wide range of “in-country” experiences. Our experience from previous tours has shown that this provides our students with an excellent opportunity to communicate with their Japanese peer group. During the tour, the students will be immersed in a range of activities. They will attend language classes and culture workshops such as tea ceremony, Japanese cooking etc. Further highlights will include the excursions to the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara, strolling around the Megalopolis Tokyo and possibly viewing a Sumo tournament and a professional Baseball game. All the students and the accompanying teachers will stay in accommodation together throughout the tour except during the home stay. Students will experience a home stay with Japanese families over one weekend (2-nights) in Hiroshima Prefecture. The study tour program is open to any students of Japanese language during the term when the tour will be conducted. In the event of more applicants than can be accommodated, the final number of successful candidates will be decided through merit-based criteria. Please note you will be required to attend 4 compulsory meetings in preparation for the trip. Proposed Dates It is anticipated the tour will last for approximately two weeks in September which is likely to coincide with the school holidays. Proposed Cost Approximately $5,000 (This includes the return airfare, transportation between the major cities, accommodation, breakfast, homestay, the entrance fees for the major attractions and the meals during the Hiroshima portion of the tour. The final cost is subject to adjustment.) The installment will be divided into four stages. Spending Money Approximately $600 (This includes the meals (lunch & dinner) and the local traveling cost after the Hiroshima portion of the tour.)

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41 Rosehill Road, Essendon, VIC 3040 Ph: 03 9289 1000 F: 03 9337 1741 ABN: 95 064 042 702 Santa Monica Campus: 970 Great Ocean Road, Eastern View, VIC 3231

41 Rosehill Road, Essendon, VIC 3040 Ph: 03 9289 1000 F: 03 9337 1741 ABN: 95 064 042 702 Santa Monica Campus: 970 Great Ocean Road, Eastern View, VIC 3231

Japan Study Tour 2019 Application Form Due Date: Friday, 31 August 2018 Please complete the following form (please print) and return to Ms Jacqueline Benson by Friday, 31 August 2018. Student Full Name (which can be found on your birth certificate and passport)

Year Level and Homeroom Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s) & Relationship to the Student

Mobile Phone Number Student


Passport Details (If you have a passport. It will not affect your application if you don't) Passport Number

Expiry Date

Parent's Approval I (full name) give permission for my son to apply for and participate in the Japan Study Tour 2019. Signature


Student's Statement of Interest I (full name) wish to apply for the Japan Study Tour 2019, and if successful, agree to commit to the tour preparation by attending all the meetings and the relevant activities. Signature


2019 Japan Study Tour - Application Form  
2019 Japan Study Tour - Application Form