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IELTS Examinations Our international students who travelled to Manchester in January to sit their IELTS exams recevied their results last week. Pupils received a fantastic set of marks, which included, Mikolaj Stawicki from Poland, achieving a 7.5 overall and Lisa Imhoff from France, earning herself an 8 overall.


Margherita Li has received an offer from Ravensbourne College of Art

Miss Cheers, Head of the International Department said, “I am delighted to see our students achieve such excellent results. When you consider that most universities ask for IELTS level 6.5 - which reflects an advanced use of English, Lisa and Mikolaj’s achievements are very impressive, and this qualification will certainly help them in their futures.”

Languages Day Our international pupils hosted a Languages and Food Day for local English primary school children aged 9 and 10.

Jane Zhang has received an offer from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art

The children were taught several languages through a variety of fun and practical activities by our students which included; French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Latin. Our Chinese pupils worked hard in the kitchen and freshly prepared a wonderful selection of foods using family recipes for the children to sample. It was a great opporunity for our international students to interact with younger children and teach them different languages, and more about their cultures and traditions. Lisa Imhoff has received an offer from Carlisle College of Art

Holly Zhang has received an offer from Chelsea College of Art and Ravensbourne

Spring Celebrations - Bulgarian Style On the 1st March 2014, we celebrated the arrival of Spring. In Bulgaria it is known as ‘Baba Marta’ day. Kalina Tsaneva, a Bulgarian student at St Bees School, distrubuted red-and-white tokens to mark the arrival of spring. It is tradition on the 1st March, as well as the days following, to exchange tokens, ornaments or a pair of small woollen dolls, traditionally called ‘Pizho’. Kalina said, “It was lovely to be able to show my friends, how we celebrate spring in Bulgaria and give them an insight into my culture.”

Bowling with my friends... by Eddy Yang

ENGLAND WIN THE 3 CROWNS Former St Bees pupil and current England Rugby Head Coach, Stuart Lancaster, holding a specially designed Rugby shirt showing the St Bees School crest.

In March our school took part in an activity called Ten Pin Bowling. When we arrived, we changed into ‘special’ red and blue shoes. The shoes looked very new, maybe they didn’t want us to make the ground dirty!

I needed to bowl the ball at the pins After the game finished we needed and try to hit them. If you knock all some drinks, so we went to get a ten pins over it is a “STRIKE”. Slush Puppie. It was red, blue, green and yellow and had four different There was a very exciting atmosphere, flavours. It tasted delicious! because it was a competition. We made two groups, each group had 6 At 4pm we headed back to St Bees people. I got the highest score of all on the school bus. I had a really good This was my first time playing the the students, 75 points. Mr McNee experience that day. game and I was very excited. First, I was better than everyone else; he got had to choose a bowling ball which more than 100 points! was the correct weight and size. Then

Easter Concert St Bees students took part in the annual ‘Easter Concert’ last week. There were a variety of wonderful performances which included the School’s Ladies Choir ‘Gaudeamus’, who recently performed at St Paul’s Cathedral in London and the audience enjoyed hearing Kalina Tsaneva on the piano, Margherita Li on the Guzheng and Kevin Huang from Dalian, China playing the flute.



International Newsletter - Issue 01  
International Newsletter - Issue 01  

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