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The Anchor APRIL 2014 Welcome to the April 2014 Letter from the Vicar edition of our monthly bulletin, Dear Friends, And so we continue our journey which we hope will help keep through Lent… not just a time for you anchored to our Church. giving things up but perhaps The next edition of The Anchor will be produced at the end of May to cover the Summer months. Please make sure we have your email address if you wish to continue to receive your copy, plus other updates from Saint Bartholomew's Church.

Sundays at 9am A contemporary service, filled with music and prayer, followed by refreshments.

Tuesday 1 April at 7pm Tuesday 15 April at 7pm Meditative chant in a candlelit & peaceful setting.

Wednesdays at 10am Discussion based on Richard Rohr’s book ‘Falling Upward’ See page 3 for more information.

Thursdays at 7pm A bilingual group which has silent reflection at its core.

making a conscious decision to do some spiritual “spring cleaning” and perhaps even to do something intentionally every day. Maybe to bless a different person each day? Holy week will soon be upon us which of course is the most important and central week of the Christian calendar. I’ve always found that if one travels with Jesus during that week it is an incredibly powerful experience. We will be holding short meditation groups each evening (details opposite and on page 4) which will last for about 30 minutes. Our normal “one hour in front of the cross” will be held on Good Friday and then the huge Easter celebration on Sunday. The Chorale will be with us as well! It’s so good to have the Revd Canon Dr Sandy and Margy Zabriskie with us. They will be here until the beginning of Holy week. With love and blessings Charlie

(Re)Treat Yourself! - page 2 Spirituality in the Raw - page 3 Singing in the Garden - page 3 Holy Week on St Barth - page 4 AA Group Meetings - page 4

Sunday 13 April at 9am Our service to mark Christ's arrival into Jerusalem

Mon & Wed at 6.30pm A time for meditation during Holy Week

Tuesday at 7pm A candlelit setting for peaceful prayer and meditation

Thursday at 6.30pm The Last Supper Eucharist, held in the Church Centre

Friday at 11am Good Friday Service in front of the Cross

Sunday 20 April at 9am Service of Easter Celebration followed by drinks and canapés and an ‘Egg Hunt’ in the Garden

Saturday 12 April at 4pm (with refreshments) No meeting in April Editor: Philip Trangmar, 0690 54 17 99 Email:

(Re)Treat Yourself!

Reflections on a Retreat by Patricia Younger The retreat that was held here at St. Bartholomew's from February 17 to 21, 2014, was an extremely positive experience for me. Many people asked me about it, so I thought The Anchor would be a good forum to communicate my thoughts. When I signed up for the retreat, I expected it to be much like every other retreat I'd participated in. Specifically, I expected plenary sessions with a leader and then discussion to help us digest what we had heard and perhaps some quiet time for reflection and prayer. A week prior to the retreat Father Charlie mentioned that the participants would be meeting individually with the leader - the Very Revd Lister Tonge, Dean of Monmouth (Wales). Of course I ‘Googled’ him right away to find out what I was getting myself into. I learned that he has impressive credentials, that he is particularly gifted in leading retreats and is known internationally as someone who can help people and communities develop their spiritual lives. Frankly, I felt that the whole thing sounded a bit too intimate and even intimidating. Fortunately, Father Charlie's enthusiasm for Revd Lister quelled my fears. As well, I Page 2

was experiencing some deep inner issues regarding my Christian journey and really needed to talk to someone who was trained to listen and guide. Revd Lister did have a short meeting with the participants, three men and five women, in plenary, just to set the stage for the week and to make an appointment schedule of half-hour sessions. For our first session, he asked us to be prepared to tell him "Why did I sign up for the retreat. Why did I think it was for me". Each participant would move on from there to look at "How God is loving me". He likened the daily meetings to fittings with a tailor. Once used to the idea, I actually was looking forward to dealing with my unique issues on a one-on-

one basis with a person I could trust. My understanding from what he said, is that the basic principle of his approach is that God is broadcasting to us all of the time and that we can listen more intentionally. He made it clear that his role is to keep out of the way and to listen to us and to help us spot what is going on. He made it clear that this was not counselling and that we did not need to tell him our life stories! From that point, all of us had completely different private

experiences. I can only speak for myself when I say that the week was more than I could have hoped for and I will treasure the experience. I felt very much at ease sharing my innermost thoughts and issues with Revd Lister. He listened and suggested Scriptures for me to read and meditate on. For the most part I was quite familiar with the Scriptures that he suggested. My initial reaction was "same old, same old". But, I was not taking into account the fact that I would be directed to listen more intentionally. This was done through questions to consider, ‘basking’ in the Scriptures that I was drawn to, and even imagining myself as part of the story. I heard so many things that I had missed in the past! So many facets of "How God is loving me" that I had been oblivious to. I have no idea how much time the other participants spent on their ‘homework’. I spent hours each day - no beach time that week! This personalized approach appeals to me and, because it is based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Revd Lister recommended locations in Canada where I could continue with similar spiritual direction after I returned home. It was no holiday for him, although he did manage his schedule to allow himself long lunch periods to refresh his batteries. I feel that I was privileged to have been a participant and am very grateful for the help in my ongoing journey.

It is hoped that we can also offer this retreat during 2015. Please speak with Father Charlie if this is something which you think you might like to do.

Spirituality in the Raw Each Wednesday at 10am in the Church Centre, a diverse group of people sit down together and enjoy a discussion which covers a whole range subjects – these include current events, politics, life on the island and family, amongst others … but the main theme running though these discussions is how Christ affects us in our daily lives. The discussion is instigated by first reading a chapter from the current book choice – which is followed by a very free-flowing open dialogue. Points are not over-intellectualised and some people prefer to come and just listen. The books chosen have chapters that can be read separately, so you therefore do not need to have attended previous meetings to join in.

Singing in the Garden You will know Laurent Clequin by his amazing voice … his rendition of Ave Maria or Pannis Angelicus during the Sunday Eucharist moves our hearts and brings a tear to many an eye in the congregation. Laurent’s singing also helps to clear the dead wood from our busy minds and allows the spirit to blossom in our hearts – in fact, very similar to the effect he has in the Church Garden! Laurent, previously a qualified French pastry chef, has run his own gardening business for more than five years, looking

The author of our current book, and the author of several previous discussion books, is Richard Rohr. He is an American Franciscan Priest within the New Mexico Province, who has written over 20 books on Christian spirituality and must be seen as one of the pre-eminent voices of modern Christian teaching. Father Richard Rohr is a worldrenowned ecumenical educator who teaches a universal awakening within Christianity. He is founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico – a retreat and spirituality centre dedicated to facilitating this universal awakening by providing educational materials and workshops. These programmes bear witness to Fr. Richard's teaching in the Franciscan tradition of alternative orthodoxy - the practice of contemplation and compassion and to encourage individuals to work for positive change in the world based on awareness of our common union with God and all beings. Fr. Richard’s numerous books include Everything Belongs, Breathing Under Water and

after gardens here on St Barts – including the Church Grounds. His weekly pruning, cutting, watering and tendering keeps our grounds looking green and beautiful. Laurent’s wife, Caroline, is equally talented. She was a professional dancer and now

Immortal Diamond; as well as our current book under discussion: Falling Upward - a Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life. This book gives readers a chance to appreciate that there can be two parts to their lives – the second half allowing a forging of God’s message into their hearts and minds. Falling Upward contains the message that that those who have failed, or travelled downwards, are the only ones who can really understand the meaning of ‘up’. Those who have somehow fallen, and fallen well, are the only ones who can grow spiritually and not misuse ‘up’. What looks like falling down can largely be experienced as ‘falling upwards!’ Why not plan to join us one Wednesday morning, and see if you experience spirituality in the raw.

teaches dance at Columbier School. The genes are certainly passed on in the Clequin Family. Carolina, Laurent’s eldest daughter, is at dance school in Paris, having been runner-up in Miss St Barth 2012, and Jean-Lancelot, his eldest son, also has a superb voice, and has sung solos with La Chorale de Bons Choeurs. Who knows what is in store for his two younger children, Jeanne-Lyss and Marc-Cahal? What we do know is they all make a beautiful family and we are glad to have Laurent as part of our Church Family. Page 3

Holy Week on St Barth Our Holy Week journey begins on Palm Sunday, when we celebrate Jesus being welcomed into Jerusalem by crowds of people waving palms. The Church will be gloriously decorated with local palm fronds by the Romney family. Please do take a blessed palm home with you.

On Tuesday evening, we will hold our usual Taizé Service in the candlelit Church at 7pm – 25 minutes of chanting and silence to allow us to time for our own personal prayer and meditation.

tant events in the Church calendar, the Risen Christ, with our traditional Sunday Eucharist at 9am, accompanied by the Chorale de Bons Choeurs. This will be followed by our annual Easter drinks and canapés in the Church Garden and an Easter Egg hunt for children (of all ages!). We hope you can join us for some or all of these important services.

AA Group Meetings

During Holy Week we will have services each day. On Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm we will meet in the Church Centre and take time to meditate and reflect on Jesus’ story as it unfolds during Holy week, allowing the message of his journey to enter our hearts and minds. Donations: We are an entirely self-funded church and dependent on your generosity and regular giving. Do please talk to Father Charlie or one of the Church’s leadership about how to most effectively support the Church. If you are a US citizen, giving through our US charitable foundation, Friends of St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, is tax deductible. Photos: Thanks to Philip Trangmar, Mandie Vere Nicoll, Tony Duarte and others for the use of their photographs. All are copyrighted. Please let us have your email address if you would like to receive The Anchor when you are not on the island

Visit our new Facebook site:

On Holy Thursday, we will hold a Eucharistic Service at 6.30pm. We will do this in the intimate surroundings of the Church Centre to reflect more closely Christ’s Last Supper when he shared the bread and wine with his disciples. There will be a service at 11am on Good Friday – an hour before the Holy Cross with Scripture readings and Hymns. On Easter Sunday we will celebrate one of the most impor-

Every Tuesday and Friday evening at 6pm there is an Open Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous held in English in the Church Centre, to the left of the Church. If you think you, or someone you know, would benefit, please do come along. For more information, you can call 0690 54 17 99 Please note that there will be no AA Meetings from 22 April to 6 May.

Bishop: Rt Revd Errol Brooks, Bishop, NE Caribbean & Aruba Vicar: The Revd Charlie Vere Nicoll – 0590 27 13 06 Visiting Clergy: The Rev’d Canon Dr Sandy Zabriskie Wardens: Marjorie Romney, Trinette Wellesley-Wesley, Rachel Barrett-Trangmar Vestry: The Wardens, Clarion Romney, Dawn Drouant, Dave Jackson, Lloyd Younger, Philip Trangmar Treasurer: Alex Harbord Music Director: Shirley Dern Website: Chairman of The Friend’s US Charitable Foundation: Bill Barrett The Friend’s of St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church US Charitable Foundation: c/o Ms Ann Green P.O. Box 6199, Fair Haven, New Jersey 07704, United States Tel: (from the US) (732 ) 741 1500 Email:

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The Anchor - April 2014  

Parish Bulletin of St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, St Barts

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