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Timeless Classics at Affordable Prices Stauer brings back the timeless quality and design you’ve sought for years but have been hard-pressed to find in any other catalog. We believe that the true classics never die. At Stauer, we have brought the best back with the improvements afforded by modern manufacturing and at costs that echo those of the days the originals were first created.

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Genuine turquoise treasures inspired by the most romantic queen in history—Page 32

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Which cut is her favorite? Why gamble when you B. can go “all in.” These are the cuts that launched a million romances. They’ve melted a million of hearts. They’ve adorned princesses and movie stars. Throughout the 650 years of gem-cutting history, new cuts periodically seize the attention of jewelers all over the world. They become the “hot” cut of the moment and suddenly every woman wants one. But only a few last beyond that initial rush. The gem experts at Stauer went back to choose the best of the best, the classic cuts that have stood the test of time. Our DiamondAura® Omni Necklace is a 4-carat, 5-stone “greatest hits” compilation, and it can be yours for ONLY $59!

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Starting at the top, the Omni’s bail is adorned with an opulent 56-facet oval-cut DiamondAura. Next in line are the 76-facet princess-cut and 59-facet heart-cut. Then comes the 58-facet round brilliant-cut (developed in the 17th-century). The Omni Pendant culminates in a dramatic, 2-carat pear-cut stunner.

A cut above the rest!

DiamondAura® Omni Collection A. #22889 Gold-fused Pendant (4 ctw) $59 #22891 Gold-fused Earrings (6 ⅓ ctw) $99 B. #22893 Sterling Silver Pendant (4 ctw) $59 #22895 Sterling Silver Earrings (6 ⅓ ctw) $99 #17241 18" Gold-vermeil Rope Chain $59 #17245 18" Sterling Silver Rope Chain $59

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Deliver the ultimate holiday bouquet for only $49 Guaranteed price 4 Weeks ONLY!

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Stay home. It’s really that simple. You want to avoid the hassle and the crowds at your local mall this holiday? Don’t go. No store can match our selection or our incredible deals. So kick off your shoes, get comfortable in your favorite chair and let Stauer help you play Santa. You browse these pages or shop online at your own pace. Let everybody else worry about finding a parking spot.

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New! Time to resort to violet


The color violet didn’t have its own name until some time in the 14th century, when it piggy-backed atop the naming of its earthbound, floral predecessor—viola odorata, to be precise. There’s a certain symbolic symmetry to the color being named after this naturally occurring beauty, especially when one considers the gem Iolite (which, not coincidentally, is the Greek word for violet). The eye-popping color of many gemstones is greatly accentuated by a high-temperature heating process (think of it as an extension of the heat that occurs naturally in the Earth, as the gems are originally formed). Yet the luminous violet of Iolite requires no such process for its color to bloom. When it comes to Iolite, it could be said that, “What you get is what you see.” And what you’ll see in this Violetta Iolite Ring is a stunning specimen of the gem reflecting all of its pure, violet-hued glory. The 1 7/8-carat Iolite here is generously surrounded by two wedges of five lab-created DiamondAura® rounds at the top and bottom, while two delicately placed pairs of rounds embrace the outer edges, set lovingly within two heart-shaped frames. This Iolite, even when surrounded by such dazzling friends, remains the star of the show, seated at the very center. Consider giving this natural beauty to the natural beauty that sits at the center of your life. A. #W5930 Violetta Iolite Ring (2 ctw) $79

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

Our lowest Iolite price ever! 2



New! Wise men never show up empty handed Modern wise men don’t pack frankincense. You can skip the myrrh. But the shimmer of gold? There’s always a place for that during the holidays. And the perfect place for this Epiphany Necklace is under the tree. Because for only $49 this glamorous garland of golden flowers is definitely the gift of a wise man. C.


We know how it is. You follow yonder star to the local mall, walk around for hours and come away with not a gift to bear. It’s the kind of holiday shopping experience that can make riding a camel sound like a cinch. That’s why we do the shopping for you, all year long, searching the globe for artisans who can offer us something incredible so we can give

you something spectacular. In turn, she gets something she’ll never forget. The Epiphany Golden Necklace is a treasure to behold. She’ll be mesmerized by the 14K gold that’s been generously layered over each delicately crafted flower. The petals are alive with intricate detail, and at the center of each bloom we’ve included seven stunning Austrian crystal rounds. The distinctive 17" double chain features triple links, a 3" extender and secures with a large lobster clasp. Paired with a matching bracelet and the simply elegant “floral studs,” the Epiphany collection is the gift that’s guaranteed to make it a holiday to remember. Epiphany Golden Flower Collection B. #23080 Necklace $49 Price guaranteed for 4 weeks only! C. #23082 Bracelet $49 D. #23084 Earrings $49 #23142 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $147 $99 Save $48


Start a chain reaction


This is no ordinary necklace. Wearing it immediately boosts your IQ by 45 points. It allows you to run faster, jump higher and do more one-handed B. push-ups than ever before. In case of an emergency, it can be used to tow cars, fish for sharks or rappel down sheer canyon walls. Did I mention the subtle, subliminal effect it has on the ladies? It’s uncanny. Of course, none of that is true. The men’s Catalyst Link Necklace won’t give you super powers, it only feels that way. But wearing a necklace this good-looking does things that not even science can explain. When you look better, you feel better. And confidence is contagious. It sets off a chain reaction (pun intended) that has the potential to change your life. You can go ahead and dismiss me as an incurable optimist. But do me a favor and wear the necklace first. Our Catalyst Link Necklace is constructed of the finest stainless steel, including links that have been plated in glistening 14K gold. And we doubled each link on the 24" necklace to add strength and just enough weight to remind you that you’re wearing it. We realize that this sort of bold accessory isn’t for every man. But that’s what makes it such a good idea. So go ahead...join the chain gang.

Spectacular treasure from Mount St. Helens The beauty in the beast


or almost a hundred years it lay dormant. Silently building strength. At 10,000 feet high, it was truly a sleeping giant, a vision of peaceful power. Until everything changed in one cataclysmic moment. On May 18, 1980, the once-slumbering beast awoke with violent force and revealed its greatest secret.

A. #22352 Catalyst Link Necklace $79 B. #22272 8 ½" Catalyst Link Bracelet $59 #22355 Necklace & Bracelet Set $138 $79 Save $59

The latest temptation of Eve You can’t escape it. These days, temptation follows you everywhere. It lurks around every corner, leading you toward indulgence and indiscretion. Back in the Garden of Eden, it was the apple that was so hard to resist. The snake wouldn’t quit until Eve took a bite. Today, it’s this Serpentine Cuff, winking back at you with the luster of its 14K gold layers and practially begging for a ride on your wrist. We say give in. What’s the worst that can happen? After all, when you’re faced with an accessory this opulent for under $50, there’s no shame in surrender. No guilt either. Our stunning Serpentine Cuff is a twist of 14K gold-layered mesh that wraps around the wrist in an undulating figure eight. Sturdy and surprisingly lightweight, it shimmers like golden chain mail or the lustrous skin of a coiled serpent. The bracelet opens with a hinge for effortless and easy wear. Even more tempting? The Serpentine Cuff pairs perfectly with almost any outfit. Casual or sophisticated. Sultry or sensible. Its simple design blends the timeless look of an ancient artifact with clean, modern simplicity. Resistance is futile. This is your chance to transform a moment of weakness into a golden opportunity!



C. #22714 14K Gold-Layered Serpentine Cuff $49 4




It was one of nature’s most impressive displays of power. Mount St. Helens erupted, sending a column of ash and smoke 80,000 feet into the atmosphere. From that chaos, something beautiful emerged…our spectacular Helenite Necklace. Produced from the heated volcanic rock dust of Mount St. Helens, this brilliant green creation has captured the attention of jewelry designers worldwide. Today you can wear this 6 ½-carat stunner for the exclusive price of only $129!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Helenite Necklace puts the gorgeous green stone center stage, with a faceted pear-cut set in gold-layered .925 sterling silver. The explosive origins of the stone are echoed in the flashes of light that radiate as the piece swings gracefully from its 18" gold-plated sterling silver chain. Today the volcano sits quiet, but this unique piece of natural history continues to erupt with gorgeous green fire. Stauer clients #1 pick! Helenite Collection D. #21475 Necklace (6 ½ ctw) $129 E. #21477 Earrings (3 ctw) $149 F. #W5822 Ring (6 ½ ctw) $149 #22429 Necklace, Earring & Ring Set $427 $299 Save $128

“My wife received more compliments on this stone on the first day she wore it than any other piece of jewelry I’ve ever given her.” – J. from Orlando, FL Stauer Client

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.


New! A star is reborn A.

This ring is my North Star. I use it to navigate crowded parties when I lose my wife. If either of us gets carried away in a conversation, this ring acts as a beacon to keep us from drifting too far apart. I can see it from across the room and it sparkles like the same bright star that led ancient sailors across the midnight seas. As long as I follow its light, I’ll always find my way home. Though our North Star Scienza™ Lab-created Sapphire Ring looks plucked from the heavens, its beauty was actually forged in a laboratory. Advanced science created the stunning centerpiece as well as each of the glittering white cuts that frame it. The star of our “Star” is a marquise-cut, Scienza lab-created sapphire that blazes with the same hue once found only in the rarest Kashmir gemstones. Scientists captured that precious color by combining the exact same chemical ingredients as natural sapphire and replicating the extreme temperatures and pressures that form gems deep below the Earth’s surface. The result is a spectacular, virtually flawless creation that rivals the most celebrated blue jewels in history.

The flawless beauty of lab-created sapphire

The North Star’s “big blue” is surrounded by lab-created DiamondAura® baguettes and rounds that shine with even more fire than natural white diamonds. Each cut is set in a regal setting of .925 sterling silver, generously layered in 14K yellow gold. Once she wears it, she’ll never be lost again. A. #W5933 North Star Scienza™ Ring (5 ⅔ ctw) $179 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

New! Some like it knot At first glance, “The Ashley Book of Knots,” doesn’t read like a romance. The 1944 volume is an illustrated reference manual feaC. turing 2,000 unique knots, their usage and histories. It’s a labor of love, maybe, but not your typical love story. Unless you consider what a knot really is: an organized tangle of ropes, separate, yet nevertheless inseparable, and in the end, stronger for it. Think about it that way and suddenly it sounds much more romantic. You won’t find our Etorno Earrings anywhere in the book (we checked). But that’s because they weren’t designed to lasso a mustang, secure a mizzen, or tie down a mainsail. They were designed for a higher purpose: to bind two hearts together as one. These are the kind of knots that never come undone. These Etorno Earrings are not textbook “lover’s knots” in their execution—but they share the spirit. Each strand of the knot is flexible enough to be intertwined alongside the other and seems to go on for an eternity. Crafted in Italy of fine .925 sterling silver layered with 18K gold, each of the Etorno Earrings secures with a post back. What better way to represent the strength, flexibility and endurance of your own true love? 18K Gold-layered Etorno Collection B. #23128 Earrings $79 C. #23272 18" Necklace $99 #23273 Earrings & Necklace Set $178 $159 6


Made in Italy


How to make a splash without getting wet Claim your share of the legendary “sailor’s gem” that was once considered more valuable than diamonds or gold!




take superstition seriously. There are certain numbers I avoid and hotel rooms I will not sleep in. I know I’m in for a bad day when someone steals my lucky parking space. And I never step onto a boat without my aquamarine. Ever since ancient times, sailors have sworn by this beautiful blue gem as a talisman and protector for anyone traveling on the open water. Seafarers considered it a stone of courage and a sacred gem directly connected to Neptune. No matter what secret treasure was stowed away in the F. hold, there was no more precious cargo than aquamarine. That’s why I never leave shore without it. Does it work? I haven’t been shipwrecked yet. We’re not allowed to call this necklace a “personal flotation device.” But once you indulge in the luxury of this much aquamarine, your feet may feel like they’ve left the floor. The Maré Aquamarine Necklace is elegant and effortless at the same time. Wearing 300 carats definitely feels like a fashion statement. But the cool touch of smooth beads on bare skin echoes with a whisper. And a closer look reveals why the color is so captivating. You might be able to hear the ocean inside the whooshing cave of a conch shell, but you can only see the seas swirling inside a bead of aquamarine. Derived from the Latin words for “water of the sea,” the refreshing blue gemstones deliver all the shades of the world’s oceans in one place. Each of the beads in this necklace is like a droplet of the sea frozen in space and time. Churning blue-green seawater and white frothy foam captured for an eternity. The Maré Aquamarine Necklace features two strands of graduated aquamarine beads, separated with 14K gold-layered spacers. Your 20" necklace secures with a 14K gold-layered lobster clasp. No matter what your destination or how you plan to get there, this is the perfect necklace for turning rough seas into smooth sailing

Complete ruby set appraised at $3,190* Yours for under $300


Maré Aquamarine Collection D. #22086 Necklace (300 ctw) Appraised at $1,590* Stauer Price $129 E. #22519 Earrings (15 ctw) $59 F. #22517 Bracelet (60 ctw) $79 #22520 Bracelet & Earrings Set $138 $99 Save $39 Our most spectacular aquamarine offer ever! *See page 52 for details


New! Give her a few of her favorite things A.

Genuine 2 ½-carat ruby

The last dinner guests have said their goodbyes. Finally, it’s just the two of them, sitting by a crackling fire, staring at the gift he’s retrieved from its secret hiding spot. She gives it a curious shake. Excitedly unwraps the paper. Her eyes widen as she opens the small box. Elation is just seconds away. What happens next depends on what’s inside. Maharajahs didn’t shower their wives with cozy slippers and good books. Richard Burton didn’t win Elizabeth Taylor™ with kitchen appliances. No, they went big. They went sparkly. They went gemstones. You know what they knew, that practicality doesn’t spark love affairs or keep the wheels of romance turning. But this Rojas Genuine Ruby & DiamondAura® Ring does. This is the ring she’s been waiting for: a radiant stunner with a 2 ½-carat faceted natural ruby oval at its center. Encircling the rapturous red gem is a full carat of marquise-cut DiamondAura. All the qualities you’d find in a “D” flawless mined diamond are present in these lab-created beauties, which we showcase in a setting of 14K gold-layered sterling silver. And in honor of the season, we’ve embellished this ring with even more “holiday spirit” by offering it for just $129. While this ruby ring isn’t as practical as some gifts, nobody ever cried tears of joy over an electric toothbrush.

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

See clearer, farther than ever before

Eagle Eyes® Endeavor™ is modeled after the most classic metal frames in history. Eagle Eyes® Polarized TriLenium™ lenses were developed from original NASA optic technology and have been C. recognized and certified by the prestigious Space Foundation for their UV and blue-light eye protection. In fact, these glasses offer so many benefits, they were recently awarded the NASA/Space Foundation Hall of Fame Award! The Endeavor is made from handmade gold stainless-steel frames with a touch of Grilamid® TR-90 jet-black temples for perfect fit and all-day comfort. Our award-winning Eagle Eyes® lenses have a hint of rich silver mirror—plus scratch-guard, water-proof hydrophobic and smudge-proof oleophobic coatings. Eagle Eyes® Polarized TriLenium™ lens technology gives you dual-action performance to produce unparalleled visual clarity, contrast and definition, while blocking 100% of harsh UVA, UVB radiation and blue light. LIMITED OFFER. Get a FREE Eagle Eyes® Travel Kit complete with Zipper Case, Cleaning Cloth, Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner and 4-Way Multi-Use Screwdriver Key Chain—a $25.00 Value, Absolutely FREE! B. #22144 Eagle Eyes Endeavor Sunglasses (Gold frames) $79 Gold Stainless Steel Frame with Black Temples with Anti-Reflective Coating

C. #22143 Eagle Eyes Endeavor Sunglasses (Stainless-steel) $79 Silver Stainless Steel Frame with Black TR-90 Grilamid® Temples and Silver Flash Mirror Lens with Vantage-10™




A. #W5926 Rojas Ruby Ring (3 ½ ctw) $129 Price guaranteed for 4 weeks only!

uni SEX

For your wrist only

E B.

Who Better to Know About the Best UV Eye Protection than America’s Astronauts?

“I have worn the EAGLE EYES® brand for years and depend upon their superb capabilities in UV eye protection, glare reduction and vision-enhancement.” — WALTER CUNNINGHAM, APOLLO-7 ASTRONAUT*

Eagle Eyes® is a registered trademark of SunTiger, Inc. TriLenium™ and Endeavor™ are trademarks of SunTiger, Inc. Grilamid® is a registered trademark of EMS-Patent AG. Walter Cunningham is a paid endorser for Eagle Eyes®. If you have a medical or optical condition, seek the advice of your healthcare professional prior to use of any eyewear products. Never wear sunglasses at nighttime.

very month like clockwork the cutting-edge tech companies interrupt us to brag about the next big thing. Problem is, that big thing is always a bit smaller, a tad faster and only a few pixels clearer. Do they really expect us to get excited about slight variations on the same old thing? Well, if you’ve gotten used to being underwhelmed, it’s time to be impressed again. The Stauer Volante is a triumph of watchmaking function and design. And we’re going to make a big deal about it, because it actually is a big deal.


The Stauer Volante is a watch that stands alone. Its broad rectangular case instantly catches the eye. Inspired by the dashboards of the greatest concept cars that never hit the road? Possibly. A fantastic blend of Jules Verne and James Bond? Maybe. But one thing is certain, wearing this watch, crafted of tough stainless steel and elegantly fused in 14K rose gold, speaks volumes about the man who dares to wear it. Built for comfort. The slight curve in the steel helps it sit comfortably on the wrist, allowing it to appear far more sleek and sophisticated than any watch its size deserves to look. The unique construction of the Volante eliminated the need for a caseback. Watchmakers built the complex, dual-quartz movement directly

inside the case. It was a painstaking, time-consuming process that literally left no room for error. Outside, the dynamic dual-time dials are impossible to ignore. Rose-gold hands and spinning discs give it the cachet of a customcrafted spy gadget. Think of it as the wristwatch equivalent of a tuxedo-clad secret agent with impeccable charm and lightning reflexes. This is the kind of watch you want on your side. Immediately. You won’t find the Stauer Volante Noire in stores. It can only be found here. Of course, you’re welcome to track down similar designs offered by high-end, boutique watchmakers. But the last time we checked, the cost for admission to their exclusive club was more than $52,000 (at that price, it had better come equipped with lasers, GPS and a matching British sports car). Those who are ready for something debonair, something daring and something truly different can wear the Stauer Volante for less than $200. The Volante secures with a rugged, black silicone strap and buckle. It’s water-resistant to 3 ATMs. Fit’s wrists 6 ½"-8 ¾". D. #22006 Stauer Volante Noire Watch $199 E. #22004 Stauer Volante Ivory Watch $199 Stauer’s “Watch of the Year”


Classic holiday charms crafted in sterling silver C.

New! Jingle all the way I’m sometimes accused of being childish—and when the holiday season arrives, all I can say is, “Guilty as charged.” It doesn’t take much this time of year to turn my mind back toward childhood memories. They remain as pure and sharp as the aroma of a freshly cut Scotch Pine. I recall the feelings of anticipation, excitement and joy, etched permanently into my soul and rekindled every year, like a Yuletide log. These days, it’s giving gifts like this 8" Holiday Charm Bracelet— that lights my fire of memory and good cheer. The sterling Silver band sparkles and shines like the brightest tinsel that ever trimmed a tree, while holding a set of classic, holiday-themed charms. Each is certain to spark your own warm childhood


memories—or those of that special person fortunate enough to find this bracelet under ribbon and bow. The charms themselves are marvelous miniature memory-generators, each one colorfully brought to life with hand-applied red and green enamel. They are bound to become her new favorite holiday decorations. A. #23116 Holiday Charm Bracelet $199

New! Time to step into the ring How Hemingway packed so much life into so few words remains a mystery. My good friend is infatuated more by Hemingway’s actions than his words. It’s his mission to follow in the footsteps of his hero. He’s run with the bulls in Pamplona, dined with free-spirited writers in Paris and hunted big game in Kenya. If poet Wallace Stevens were still alive, my friend would likely try to break his nose with a left-hook (Hemingway did that once). Of course, he admits he’s not in Hemingway’s league. His adventures often wind down with a few nights in a classy hotel, and you can bet that his wife and children always know when he’s due to return home. Still, I can’t help but admire his attempt to reconnect with such unbridled, unquestionable masculinity, even if there’s a bit of luxury involved. I thought of my friend immediately when I saw the Santiago Diamond & Sterling Silver Ring. Like his hero, it has an effortless, somewhat understated charm— and it’s undoubtedly all man. But like my friend, there’s a touch of luxury involved, too. It’s captured here by a straightforward diamond inlay set across the ring’s generous, impressively cut band. There’s no telling where my friend’s path will take him next (though if I were a betting man, I’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled in Cuba). But I admire him and I don’t see anything wrong with playing hero for a day. B. #W5948 Santiago Diamond & Sterling Silver Ring $149 Specify ring whole size 8-14 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

10 1-800-806-1484


Genuine diamonds

Long live Heavy Metal Made from one of the hardest substances known to man–wear the Tungsten Ring for only $99


love precious metals. Honestly I do. But sometimes for a piece of men’s jewelry, I crave something tougher, something less... precious. Once I found tungsten, I knew it was the only metal for me. This was a new kind of love. Not that sappy, romantic version with birds chirping and harps playing. I heard music, but it was the crunching guitar riffs and thundering drums of heavy metal. Any chirping birds were drowned out by the sounds of bullets, explosions and rockets. Okay, maybe I’m getting D. carried away. But that’s what happens when you fall in love. You’ll understand when you put on this Tungsten Ring for only $99. Where has this metal been all my life? Named for the old Swedish word for “heavy stone,” tungsten is four times

harder than titanium and 71% denser than lead. It’s so tough that when they need to cut it and polish it they have to use diamonds...the hardest substance on Earth! It’s the very same metal that goes into armor-piercing ammunition and the fuel nozzles of skyscraper-sized rockets. Can it handle a life of luxury? Of course. Even as a piece of jewelry it remains an overachiever. Unlike other fine metals, the spectacular polish and shine will never dull. And you’re going to be amazed by how well this ring balances a heavyweight feel with “forget-you’re-wearing-it” comfort. Added details include a handsome beveled-edge and a carbon-fiber and gold-tone chain link inlay. The perfect symbol of a relationship built to last. C. #W5691 Men’s Tungsten Ring $99 Please specify ring size 8-14 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

D. #29031 Men’s Tungsten Bracelet $199 #23274 Ring & Bracelet Set $298 $199 Save $99 11

Bring precious gems home for the holidays!

How to outsmart a millionaire Only the “Robin Hood of Watchmakers” can steal the spotlight from a luxury legend for under $200!



r. Bigshot rolled up in a roaring high-performance Italian sports car, dropping attitude like his $22,000 watch made it okay for him to be rude. That’s when I decided to roll up my sleeves and teach him a lesson. “Nice watch,” I said, pointing to his and holding up mine. He nodded like we belonged to the same club. We did, but he literally paid 100 times more for his membership. Bigshot bragged about his five-figure purchase, a luxury heavyweight from the titan of high-priced timepieces. I told him that mine was the Stauer Corso, a 27-jewel automatic classic now available for only $179. And just like that, the man was at a loss for words.


Think of Stauer as the “Robin Hood of Watchmakers.” We believe everyone deserves a watch of uncompromising precision, impressive performance and the most elegant styling. You deserve a watch that can hold its own against the luxury classics for a fraction of the price. You’ll feel the quality as soon as you put it on your wrist. This is an expertly-crafted time machine...not a cry for attention.

New! Deck the halls...with rubies and emeralds Make the “most wonderful time of the year” even more luxurious with our Byzantium Collection




12 1-800-806-1484

t happens every holiday. Once we get that tree through the front door and in place, the task is before us. But decorating is more than a holiday chore. Each ornament is a memory and each string of lights tells a story. We watch our family history emerge from those boxes one piece at a time. There is the first ornament we bought as a couple (a goofy Santa on rollerskates), a clothespin reindeer from each of our kids and the handblown glass icicles we picked up in Venice. We’ve had a full life so by now there’s hardly any room left on the tree. That’s why this year, I’m buying some ornaments for my wife instead.

started on a trip to Istanbul. Once the thriving center of the Byzantine Empire, the city’s arts traditions date back to the time of Emperor Constantine, the man who popularized Christianity in the Roman Empire. It seems appropriate that jewelry from his former capital should inspire this stunning holiday collection.

The story of the Byzantium Collection

#23143 Necklace & Earrings Set $278 $245 Save $33

Each piece features a mosaic of genuine emerald and natural rubies set into gold-layered .925 sterling silver. The floral bloom design flashes with the brilliant white fire of lab-created DiamondAura® rounds. Artists have filled the circle with lush layers of detail including fine silver beadwork and an antique patina finish. Bring them home and introduce her to a brand new holiday tradition. Ruby & Emerald Byzantium Collection A. #23087 Earrings (2 ctw) $149 B. #23089 18" Necklace (1 ctw) $129 C. #W5925 Ring (1 ctw) $99 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

Wear a mechanical masterpiece for only $179! We surveyed our customers. As intelligent, high net worth individuals, they have outgrown the need to show off. They have nothing to prove; they already proved it. They want superb quality and astonishing value. And that’s exactly what we deliver. The Stauer Corso is proof that the worth of a watch doesn’t depend on the size of its price tag. The factory spent over $40 million on Swiss-made machinery to insure the highest quality parts. Each timepiece takes six months and over 200 individual precision parts to create the complex assembly. Peer through the exhibition back to see the 27-jeweled automatic movement in action and you’ll understand why we can only offer the Corso in a limited edition. Our specialty is vintage automatic movements. The Corso is driven by a self-winding design, inspired by a 1923 patent. Your watch will never need batteries. Every second of power is generated by the movement of your body. The black dial features a trio of date complications including a graphic day/night display. The Corso secures with a two-toned stainless steel bracelet and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.

Exclusive OFFER! Order the Stauer Corso and these Stauer Flyboy Optics™ Sunglasses (a $99 value) are yours FREE!

D. #22557 Stauer Corso Watch $179 PLUS receive the Stauer Flyboy Optics™ Sunglasses FREE! 13


$59 price guaranteed for 4 weeks only!

The secret to staying in shape

Focus on your breathing. Feel the rise as you inhale and the fall as you exhale. Let your body sink deeper into relaxation. B. Settle into each pose smoothly and stretch your body. That’s what yoga is all about. A wise man once said, “A reed that bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” Flexibility is a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful when set with dozens of shimmering Czech crystals. Our trio of Lotus Memory Wire Bracelets (in black, copper and yellow-gold tones) are a graceful combination of high-tech and high-fashion. Each is crafted from resilient “memory wire,” an incredibly lightweight alloy that bends gently and returns to its previous shape with ease. Wear all three for a simple and sophisticated look that won’t weigh you down. Flexibility isn’t just the ability to hold a perfect crane pose. It’s the ability to adapt. These bracelets transition effortlessly from the yoga studio and lunch with the ladies to a romantic dinner downtown. Add the matching Lotus Memory Wire Earrings to achieve perfect balance. Welcome to luxury nirvana. A. #22928 Lotus Memory Wire Bracelets (set of 3) $59 B. #22930 Lotus Memory Wire Earrings $59 #22951 Lotus Memory Wire Bracelets & Earrings Set $118 $99

How to make a billionaire blush To name something after billionaire Gilded Age industrialist J.P. Morgan, it had better be big. Few men were more powerful. Anything with his name should strike fear in the hearts of men. A towering skyscraper of concrete and metal. Or heck, maybe even a U.S. Navy battleship. But a pretty pink gemstone? It doesn’t make sense. Unless you know J.P. Morgan’s not-so-secret identity. Underneath his no-nonsense exterior, the man had a soft spot for rare stones. Our Morganite & DiamondAura® Ring is just the kind of thing that would catch his eye. And not only because it features a 1 ⅓-carat oval of his namesake stone. Morgan was one of the most important collectors of precious gems on the planet. In 1911, America’s leading gem expert rewarded his generosity by renaming the stone formerly known as “pink emerald.” First discovered in Madagascar, morganite is a close cousin of emerald and aquamarine. The alluring pink stone is almost chemically identical, save for the dash of managanese responsible for its blush-colored hue. Our Morganite & DiamondAura Ring showcases a stunning pink oval prong-set on a stage of fine .925 sterling silver layered in 14K rose gold. The shoulders sparkle with fiery white rounds of lab-created, DiamondAura. Plenty have looked to Morgan for financial inspiration, but we prefer his eye for beauty. And for under $130, we can almost guarantee he would approve of such a romantic investment. C. #W5863 Morganite & DiamondAura® Ring (1 ⅔ ctw) $129 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

14 1-800-806-1484


How to inherit a fortune A mysterious royal beauty inspires our most spectacular DiamondAura® bracelet EVER. E.



lbert said the bracelet once belonged to the Countess Rivieré, a regular in his Paris jewelry shop. “She wore diamonds like no woman I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Every one of these stones sparkles less in her absence.” We never met her, but we still fell in love with her bracelet. And so will you. Once you snap this band of brilliant white fire around your own lady’s wrist, it will look (and feel) like she just inherited a fortune. But the only fortunes involved are the one you saved and our good fortune finding a designer talented enough to transform a $49,000 heirloom into the spectacular 20-carat DiamondAura® Rivieré Bracelet for only $99.

Of course, Albert didn’t recall what Madame Rivieré was the Countess of, or what happened to her after she stopped visiting his tiny shop on the Rue Saint-Honoré. But he still misses her terribly. And his story almost compelled me to buy the bracelet. Almost. I say almost because vintage white diamonds don’t come cheap. The Countess’s original was a gorgeous piece with the kind of flash that surely sparked whispers and stares back in her day. But I knew we could use science to create a bolder, more beautiful version for much less.


Capture the romance of Paris– 20-carat bracelet for $99!

The new science of romance. Our lush DiamondAura Rivieré Bracelet boasts more than 20 carats of brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura set in .925 sterling silver. Faceted white ovals alternate with sparkling rounds to deliver an unbelievable amount of fire. Even the slightest twist of the wrist triggers a light show like you’ve never seen. More color and fire than a “D” flawless diamond, our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura jewelry includes all of the classic specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass. You get the luxurious look of natural stones, without the outrageous luxury cost. Don’t tell Albert. DiamondAura® Rivieré Collection D. #20244 Bracelet (20 1⁄3 ctw) $99 E. #20626 Earrings (4 7⁄8 ctw) $99 F. #20567 18" Necklace (51 ¾ ctw) $299 #20862 Necklace & Earring Set $398 $299 Save $99

“Words cannot describe how beautiful this bracelet is and the picture does not do it justice. It catches the light with every movement of the wrist. You did it again Stauer.” — S.L. from California 15

New! Casanova’s secret revealed It’s not just sheer numbers that have made Giacomo Casanova’s Venetian conquests the stuff of legend. For while he could—and did—seduce women across Europe, it’s largely the lyrical, lively chronicling of his romantic rendezvouses in his memoirs that keeps his name alive today. So what was the secret to Casanova’s success? A piece of that secret may lie just north of Casanova’s once-upona-time playground of Venice, in the tiny island town of Murano.


Genuine Murano glass handcrafted in Italy

Casanova’s exploits may be history, but the Murano glass story is still being written. Our Bellamo Murano Heart is beautiful proof that the legend continues. This rich red glass heart is complemented by golden foil swirled within the center, resulting in a heart that pulses with a magnificent shimmer. The pendant dangles from an 18" strand of deep red and gold beads with a two-inch extender and lobster-clasp. And just like the romances that define our own lives (and Casanova’s, too), no two hearts are exactly the same. Casanova may have been insatiable, but there’s no doubt that he was sincere. He didn’t seduce through dishonesty; he won women’s hearts through attentiveness and kindness. The genuine nature of his conquests reflects the very heart of old Venice, just as the generations-old tradition of Murano glass reflects a different kind of heat and passion. Indeed, these glassmakers have more in common with Casanova than even he might have realized. A. #23098 Bellamo Murano Heart Necklace $79

Show off for a worthy cause!

New! The ribbon stays in the picture Call me old-fashioned, but in today’s do-it-yourself, camera-phone and YouTube-centric world, there’s still no substitute for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s award season. There’s still a thrill that comes from seeing actors and actresses, young and old, making their elegant entrance. They walk the legendary red carpet, wear the latest from top designers around the world and sparkle in luxury jewelry (most often on loan) from the most elite shops on Rodeo Drive. And today, it seems, all of the stars also come attached to the brightly colored “awareness ribbon” of their choice. With a color to represent every worthy cause you can imagine (purple alone has at least 19 different affiliations), it can be hard to keep track. These Rouge Ribbon Earrings will pull focus back toward a different, no-less worthy cause—enhancing the beauty of the one who wears them. Each 14K gold-layered ribbon of .925 sterling silver is resplendent with lab-created rubies and pink sapphires and lab-created white DiamondAura® rounds in the starring role. When attached with lever-back clasps, it’s clear that someone is ready for their close-up—with a good chance of stealing the scene. Can you think of a more worthy cause than giving the one you love the ability to shine? Neither can we. B. #23100 Rouge Ribbon Earrings (1 1/6 ctw) $199

16 1-800-806-1484



American military secret for sale

Once used exclusively by the United States’ most celebrated covert operators, the 21st-century technology inside the Stauer Recon Tritium Watch has been cleared for civilian service!


Stauer Recon is a revelation in black and white. It’s powered by onestly, we weren’t shopping for top secret military harda precision Swiss quartz movement and lit by the modern mirware. But the phone call sounded promising. Our mystery acle of GTLS technology. Originally designed in man wanted to meet immediately. He was leaving Switzerland, GTLS (gaseous tritium light source) the country in four hours. There was no telling if Swiss technology he would be coming back. It was now or never. So proven 100x brighter technology was almost exclusively used in advanced U.S. military equipment and watches for years, we agreed on a swap. than traditional making it almost impossible to find for civilian We didn’t meet in an phosphorescence! use. And now, even though it’s more available, you underground parking rarely find quality for under $300. Only Stauer can garage. There was nothbring you a tritium watch for this price without compromising a ing cloak and dagger about it. We did millimeter on the integrity of the timepiece. our business in broad daylight. Out in the open for the whole world to see. The easy-to-read white-on-black dial also features military time, a date window at the 3 o’clock position and a rotating bezel (with a Two men. One watch. And a firm light source at the 12 o’clock spot). The lightweight polycarbonate handshake to seal the deal. Do I regret case (a nearly unbreakable acrylic used in bulletproof glass) secures what we did? Not for one second. with a textured black rubber band and is water-resistant to 10 Once you get a closer look at the ATMs. Stylish in the daylight. Always lit in utter darkness. The best Self-powered micro-gas lights Stauer Recon Tritium Watch, you’ll don’t need to be “charged” by understand why. Inspired by the same kept secret of military timekeeping is out! Fits wrists 7 ¼"—9 ¼". an external light source. Even C. #21145 Stauer Recon Tritium Watch 3 payments of $99 after days in the field, the face watches used by the country’s most stays remarkably bright. elite fighting forces, the tough-as-nails 17

Beauty is in the eye of the believer


“…classic! The [Stauer] tanzanite are a beautiful shade of violet blue… full of color!”

No matter where I travel in the world, my favorite buildings to visit are places of worship. I’m always awed by the architecture and humbled by the design. From the grand mosques of Istanbul to the towering cathedrals of Madrid, there’s a unique kind of beauty found in buildings of faith. But sometimes, the most memorable discoveries aren’t the most monumental.

— Praise for Stauer Tanzanite from C. of Missouri

The inspiration for this elegant Rosa Cross Necklace was hiding inside a modest village church just outside of Rome. A striking example of medieval goldsmithing, it sparkled with shimmering gemstones. Without exaggeration, it was the most exquisitely-crafted cross I have ever seen. Though the original remains on display in a candlelit alcove strewn with rose petals, I commissioned talented jewelers to recreate every delicate detail of the opulent antique. Centuries ago, the goal of ancient craftsmen was to create divinely-inspired works of art that looked as if they had fallen from heaven. Not much has changed. Modern-day artists have layered this .925 sterling-silver cross in warm, 14K rose gold and set it with brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds that shine with even more fire than natural diamonds. The airy, floral design really lets in the light and sets every facet on fire. Wear this necklace for yourself and you’ll see that sometimes divinity is in the details. A. #22733 Rosa DiamondAura® Cross Necklace (2 ctw) $149

Island flower becomes immortal Carved from a single piece of mother of pearl, the iridescent hibiscus flower evokes images of Hawaiian sunny skies and sandy beaches. While wearing this creamy white Hibiscus set, remember to impart good feelings to others wherever you may travel in the Aloha Spirit. The Mother of Pearl Hibiscus Pendant measures approximately 1” and hangs from an 18” sterling silver chain with 2” extender. Three lab-created DiamondAura® form the flower’s center (1/5 ctw). The omega clip and post sterling silver earrings measure approximately ¾” and sparkle with DiamondAura (⅜ ctw). The 1” sterling silver ring showcases 1/5 ctw of DiamondAura and completes the set.



Hand-carved Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Hibiscus Collection B. #15883 Necklace $149 C. #W5314 Ring $99 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for size chart.

D. #15881 Earrings $149 #15982 Necklace, Ring & Earrings Set $397 $299 Save $98 18 1-800-806-1484


Tanzanite Cluster Ring appraised at $390* Yours for under $80

Endangered gem disappearing Tanzanite is found in only one remote spot on Earth, and it’s 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Experts say the mines will soon run dry forever, but today you can own more than 1 carat for less than $80!

T B.

ime is running out. Geological experts predict the world’s supply of tantalizing tanzanite will disappear in a matter of just a few years. Maybe sooner. High-end retailers are raising prices on this rare stone. And gem dealers are in a mad scramble to secure their claim before it’s too late. Let them scramble. Our buyer recently secured a huge cache of beautiful rare tanzanite, the precious stone loved for its vivid violet-blue color. Today you can own over 1 carat of this rare stone (1,000 times rarer than diamonds) in our spectacular 1 1/5-ctw Tanzanite Cluster Ring for only $79. It started with a lightning bolt. One strike set the African plains on fire and uncovered a secret that was buried for more than 585 million years. Tanzanite naturally occurs in only one place on Earth: Tanzania’s remote Merelani Hills, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. World’s most endangered gem. Top-quality tanzanites can often fetch higher prices than diamonds. But, once the last purple gem is pulled from that remote spot beneath Kilimanjaro, that’s it. No more tanzanite.

Reserve your piece of gem history. If you go online right now, you’ll find one of the largest retailers selling tanzanite rings for well over $2,000 each. Ridiculous. Instead, you can secure your own piece of limited-edition tanzanite history at the right price. Our promise of absolute satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our offers are so consumer friendly that we have earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. But, why less than $80 for a genuine 1 1/5-ctw tanzanite ring? It’s simple. We want you to come back to Stauer for all of your jewelry and watch purchases. If you are not 100% delighted with your ring, send it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Just remember that the odds of finding this stone at this price ever again is like waiting for lightning to strike the same place twice. E. #W5593 Tanzanite Cluster Ring (1 1/5 ctw) Appraised at $390* Stauer Price $79

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

Stauer’s gem value of 2012! *See page 52 for details 19

Time to set your rubies free

Italian doctor discovers cure for almost everything

Inspired by the most extravagant jeweled timepieces in the world, we’ve loaded the Scarlett Watch with glittering stones... but left off the luxury price tag


or centuries the world’s finest watchmakers have used rubies inside their mechanical timepieces to keep them running smoothly. While nothing works better from a practical perspective, we felt it was a shame to hide such a stunning stone. So we’re taking our lab-rubies out for a spin. Our elegant Scarlett Watch puts the radiant red stones in the spotlight, with 44 lab-created Scienza™ rubies set along the bezel. This watch might not exist without luxury’s greatest loophole. Back in the 16th century, the Calvinists banned almost all forms of jewelry. The one exception was watches. So Geneva’s finest jewelers and goldsmiths began honing their skills in watchmaking, using their artistic flair and technical expertise to create some of the most beautiful timepieces ever made. That seemed to us a tradition worth continuing. The Scienza rubies in this watch’s bezel are chemically identical to natural gemstones in every way. The chief difference between them is that the lab-created stunners have far fewer imperfections,


and as a result display superior color and beauty. And of course, they can be yours for a far less daunting price. In addition to the glittering stone bezel, we’ve set 8 labcreated DiamondAura® rounds into the swirling, decorative dial. Three golden hands and shimmering Roman numerals B. add extra dashes of opulence, and the white leather strap provides a sophisticated final touch. You’ll also be happy to hear that we haven’t traded fashion for function. Thanks to a precise quartz movement, the Scarlett is a watch that’s as accurate as it is beautiful. A. #22775 Stauer Scarlett Watch (5 2/5 ctw) $199 B. #23075 Stauer Emerald Watch (3 9/10 ctw) $299

Now available without a prescription! Get 250 carats of gorgeous red garnet—for UNDER $30!

T C.

250 carat garnet necklace for $29.95!

oday if you want to learn about gemstones, you ask a jeweler or geologist. But back in the 16th century, Italians went to see the doctor. Respected men of science and medicine believed that precious stones did more than just make you look stunning. In 1502, Camillus Leonardus, M.D. published his Speculum Lapidum (Mirror of Stones) about the mystical and spiritual properties of gemstones. One of the superstars of that volume? The passionate, deep-red garnet.

Garnet was considered divine and adored by the Greeks and Romans. In Bohemia, Czech craftsmen transformed it into timeless treasures. Our own luxurious 26" rope of enhanced garnet beads was ready for its close-up. But after reading deeper into the classic treatise by Leonardus, we were inspired to give garnets the big deal they deserved.



After all, if a stone has been said to “dissipate sadness, avert evil thoughts, exhilarate the soul and foretell misfortune,” it begs for something special. If scholars once thought that garnets could “bring sleep to the sleepless, drive away the plague, and attract to its possessor riches, glory, honor and great wisdom,” why stop at ordinary? That’s why, for a limited time, you can claim this 250-carat Garnet Garland Necklace for Get 250 carats the extraordinary price of $29.95! The of genuine Necklace is an endless strand that perfectly garnet for complements any outfit from couture to $29.95 casual. Since garnet is a must-have in any jewelry collection, we’ve added a matching 7 ½" bracelet that secures with a gold-layered S-hook. Add a pair of companion Garnet & Cultured Pearl Earrings to complete the set. Each features a trio of garnet beads atop a pink, cultured pearl on a gold-layered French hook. Taking your medicine has never felt like more of an indulgence! Garnet Garland Collection C. #21232 Necklace (250 ctw) $29.95 Guaranteed price 4 Weeks Only! D #21376 Earrings $79 E. #21248 7 ½" Bracelet (60 ctw) $79 #21368 Earrings & Bracelet Set $158 $99 Save $59 20



“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot


New! Around the world in 112 carats I love to travel. But I don’t love landing in a foreign locale, only to find my luggage has taken an alternate route. I’ve arrived in Melbourne to learn that my luggage had taken a detour to Denmark and I’ve had bags arrive in Beijing as I’m steering toward Stockholm. It’s never a good feeling, but it taught me to leave my irreplaceable valuables at home when I’m on the road. B.

But if I need to pack something spectacular, the L’Avion Travel Collection makes the perfect traveling companion. No matter where you are in the world, these pieces speak the international language known as “dazzling,” translating sparkle and shine with no interpreter necessary. And while this collection may pack all the glitter and glamour




necessary to turn heads on any continent, it’s unpacked for you at an amazingly affordable price. You will know the truth that will have admirers only guessing. The rhodium-layered necklace spotlights an impressive 75 carats of lab-created sparkle. Seven brilliant blue, Scienza™ lab-created sapphires share the spotlight with an assortment of fiery white, scientifically-crafted DiamondAura. This 18" floral-inspired garland secures with a sturdy box clasp. Our matching ring and bracelet highlight equally stunning deep-blue beauties. The L’Avion Travel Collection will surely become your favorite carry-on, guaranteeing that you are fabulous for every departure and arrival! L’Avion Travel Collection A. #23092 Necklace (75 ctw) $299 B. #W5927 Ring (4 ½ ctw) $129 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

C. #23094 7 ¼" Bracelet (33 ctw) $149 #23096 Necklace, Ring & Bracelet Set $577 $399 Save $178


New! Champion chronograph stuns in photo finish The Stauer Belmont is a thoroughbred classic that puts you ahead of the pack for UNDER $150! And they’re off! The auctioneer opens the bidding on a vintage 1920s chronograph. Right out of the gate, the man in the front row takes the lead. On his heels, the woman in red adds another $2,000. From the center of the pack comes the man in the tweed jacket. They hit the backstretch and rally to $11,000. Down the stretch they come! It’s a photo finish… Mr. Front Row wins it by a nose. I used to be in the race for these sorts of watches. Now I just make my own. In terms of timepieces, the Stauer Belmont Chronograph was bred from the best. Its ancestors include the first chronographs which were invented in the 1820s specifically to help time horse races for King Louis XVIII. Almost 200 years ago, chronographs launched a revolution in competitive timekeeping. From those first days of clocking horses, to timing auto races

and coordinating air combat, the chronograph has been considered essential equipment when every second counts. The vintage-inspired Belmont has all the marks of a thoroughbred. Details of its dial came from the classic 1920s watches that you would have seen on the wrists of fedora-wearing, cigar-chomping racetrack royalty. The rose gold-toned stainless steel case houses a precision quartz movement. Set within its face are a red 60-second subdial and 24-hour counter. The Belmont secures with a genuine black leather strap and is water resistant to 3 ATM. This is just the kind of watch you’ll find people jockeying for at auction. But while they’re busy betting way too much on a longshot, we’ve got your sure thing. Fits wrists 6 ¾"-8 ¾" D. #22964 Stauer Belmont Chronograph $149 The watch collector’s must-have!


New! The place where all that glitters is gold Italy’s luxury legacy lives on with the 18K gold-flayered Firenze Collection A.

Made in Italy: traditional craftsmanship layered with 18K gold


eople don’t walk across the Ponte Vecchio to get to the other side of the Arno River. It’s been a long time since this famous bridge was simply a means of getting from one place to another. Nowadays (and ever since medieval times) it is a thriving marketplace and a gem in the heart of Florence. Italians and visitors from around the world know to come to the Ponte Vecchio for all that glitters. And almost all that glitters there is gold.




That’s why our 18K Goldlayered Firenze Collection would fit right in. Crafted in Italy, this striking combination of woven hoops and polished links is a shining example of Tuscany’s jewelry making heritage. In 1565, Cosimo de Medici had a walkway installed atop the bridge that would allow him to pass from his palace to his office (the uffizi) without greeting the public. It’s reported that the Italian noble didn’t care for the smells from butchers and grocers doing business on the bridge below. So he did away with them, keeping only the goldsmiths and jewelers. Centuries later, the artisans still remain at the Ponte Vecchio and every shimmering piece of precious metal helps form a bridge to the past. Though our Firenze Collection connects to that luxurious history, it remains a throughly modern fashion statement. Each 18K gold-layered piece elegantly combines smooth, polished links and textured, woven hoops. The 30 ½" necklace secures with a toggle clasp and makes a dramatic statement whether worn on its own or when paired with the 8" bracelet. Stylish in their simplicity, the earrings lose none of their Italian elegance when attached by French hooks. Thanks to Stauer, we’ve figure a way to extend the legendary Ponte Vecchio all the way to your front door. Whether you bring home one piece or the entire set, the 18K Gold-layered Firenze Collection is a link to Italian beauty and tradition that can never be broken. 18K Gold-layered Firenze Collection A. #23109 Necklace $249 B. #23111 Bracelet $179 C. #23113 Earrings $149 #23114 Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set $577 $499 Save $78

24 1-800-806-1484

Avalon Ring appraised at $450* Yours for under $100

URGENT: Diamond ring recall

Experts warn that millions of rings may be “romantically defective” when compared to the spectacular 4-carat DiamondAura® Avalon.


he loves natural diamonds. She loves you even more. But when even the skimpiest solitaires sell for as much as $1,200, it’s time to reconsider your relationship...with diamonds. Have you recently overpaid only to be underwhelmed? Send it back. You can do bolder. You can do brighter. You can own the Stauer 4-carat DiamondAura® Avalon Ring for under $100. When “cute” is a four-letter word. If you want to make a romantic impression, go big. Cute doesn’t cut it. Your love deserves to be wowed. If you’re a billionaire with money to burn, turn the page. Everyone else? What you read next just might change your love life. There’s only one way to find out...

natural stones, without the outrageous cost.

Experience the luxury of money in the bank. We “built” our own mined-diamond version of this ring online at a popular jewelry site and the grand total was $77,767! Today you can wear this 3 ¾-carat lab-created DiamondAura solitaire, accented with 32 With this ring… gleaming DiamondAura rounds in fine .925 sterling silver, for only $99! That’s good, but you deserve Get FREE better. Order now and we’ll include the matching Earrings and 1-carat DiamondAura Avalon Earrings and $300 in $300 in Stauer Stauer Gift Coupons...absolutely FREE. That’s right, 5 total carats of DiamondAura in sterling silver for Gift Coupons under $100. Plus, one dozen $25 coupons that you can use at Stauer every month for a full year. Talk We rewrote the rules of romance. Only Stauer’s exclusive about money in the bank! lab- created DiamondAura gives you the luxury look of large-carat diamonds for a fraction of the price. The ingenious DiamondAura D. #21020 DiamondAura® Avalon Ring (4 ctw) process involves the use of rare minerals heated to incredibly high Appraised at $450* Stauer Price $99 temperatures of nearly 5000˚F. After cutting and polishing, Receive FREE earrings ($99 value) with purchase of the Avalon scientists create a faultless marvel that’s optically brighter DiamondAura Ring. and clearer with even more color and fire than a “D” flawless Better Than Free Offer—Receive $300 in Stauer Gift diamond. Our exclusive DiamondAura jewelry features all of Coupons with the purchase of the Avalon ring. Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form. the classic specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat *See page 52 for details weight and is hard enough to cut glass. You get the look of 25

Milan’s most fashionable square A.


You don’t go to the “Quadrilatero della Moda” looking for bargains. The upscale shopping district in Milan is where you find the world’s most upscale boutiques and luxury retailers. Stroll through the S w i s s M a d e crowds of supermodels and scooters and you’ll see spotless display windows emblazoned with iconic logos and the names of fashion royalty. Odds are, if you’ve seen it on the runway or in the pages of a glossy magazine, you’ll find it in the “quadrilatero della moda” (literally “the quadrilateral of fashion”). But you can window shop all day and never come across the Della Moda Swiss-Made Ladies Watch. It’s simply not available in any store...even the most stylish in the world. Yes, there will be plenty of watches that look just like it. You’re welcome to peer through the bulletproof glass at its near identical twins, all equally elegant in black and gold with flashes of brilliant white fire. Of course, the logos will be different. The service will come with tons more attitude. And the price? Expect plenty of extra zeroes. We believe high fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The stunning Della Moda Watch is driven by a legendary Swiss quartz movement and expertly-assembled by Swiss watchmakers. The gold-toned square case features a sparkling bezel set with genuine Austrian crystals. And the Della Moda secures with a glossy black, Milanese-style metal mesh strap. We took out the extra zeroes and left in all the luxury! Fits wrist 6 ¼" to 8" A. #22887 Della Moda Swiss-Made Ladies Watch $199

Estate of the art

Once upon a time you needed an invitation to see a ring this magnificent. That’s because something so bold could only be found behind closed mansion doors on the fingers of America’s idle rich.You would have been hard-pressed to find a wallflower among the rich and racy women of high society. They preferred the undivided attention of the masses. And back then, there was no better way to get noticed than with a staggering piece of jewelry like the Astoria Art Deco DiamondAura® Ring. With the Astoria, our designers have created a true object of Art Deco desire. The vintage look is unmistakable, a note-perfect recreation of the era’s signature sparkle, crafted with finely-worked sterling silver and our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura. A gorgeous round sits high at the center of the ornate setting, flanked by a half dozen tapered baguettes and 52 glittering, microset rounds. Thanks to science, the lab-created luster of DiamondAura flickers with even more fire and clarity than mined diamonds. History repeats itself. It wasn’t just the rare stones that made those Art Deco treasures so valuable. The level of craftsmanship blurred the lines between accessory and art. You’ll find that each Astoria Ring stays true to the elegance of the originals. We’ve wasted no opportunity to embellish your ring with the sort of meticulous scrollwork and mille grain decoration often found in rings that sell for thousands more. B. #W5735 Astoria Art Deco DiamondAura® Ring (1 7/8 ctw) $99


How to beat the high cost of sunken treasure You are alone at the bottom of the ocean. The only sound comes from your beating heart and the hiss of your air regulator. A flash of green catches your eye. You slip a gloved hand into the ocean floor and raise it slowly. The sand pours through your fingers, revealing a glittering green stone. And another. And another...



I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you didn’t really find any gemstones at the bottom of the ocean, but that’s also the good news. Most of the time, stumbling on sunken treasure turns out to be more trouble than its worth. Lucky for you, this spectacular 200-carat Cayman Emerald Necklace is all treasure with none of the trouble.


By coming to us for precious gems, you spare yourself the dangers of the deep. No sharks. Not a pirate in sight (though I’ve met plenty of fortune-hunters who’d rather face seagoing thugs than duel with lawyers in open court). Maybe you heard about the amateur diver who discovered thousands of raw emeralds just off the Florida coast. His find is potentially worth millions, but until the courts see fit to award him ownership, he can’t sell a single carat. Between the high cost of recovery and skyrocketing legal fees, the man’s emerald jackpot is costing him a fortune. You, on the other hand, get something to brag about right away. Our Cayman Emerald Necklace–a garland of polished precious emeralds–is yours for only $79! The 18" necklace secures with a 14K gold-plated clasp and boasts an impressive 200 carats of genuine emerald. Complete the set with a matching 55-carat Cayman Emerald Bracelet and 10-carat Earrings. This collection is the perfect way to claim your own sunken treasure while keeping your head (and wallet) above water!

200 carats of stunning emerald for only $79

Cayman Emerald Collection C. #22726 Necklace (200 ctw) $79 D. #22722 Bracelet (55 ctw) $59 E. #22724 Earrings (10 ctw) $49 #22727 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $187 $99 Save $88 Natural emerald exclusive!

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

26 1-800-806-1484 27

A divine display of faith in peridot and amethyst


New! The soul in the stone Few designs carry as much weight as the cross. It is recognized around the world as a powerful religious symbol that can transcend geographic borders and political affiliations. It speaks a universal language of faith and spirit. Wearing the 16" (plus 2" extender) Calvario Cross Necklace allows you to represent your faith with a stunning collection of amethyst and peridot. But while the beauty of these genuine gemstones makes for a remarkable piece of jewelry, we didn’t choose them solely for their good looks. Religious scholars and geologists puzzle over the proper identification of a wide array of jewels throughout The Good Book. But whether drawn from ancient texts or a more contemporary translation, experts agree: both peridot and amethyst were there at the beginning, and remain with us today—still used in the Church to represent virtue and morality. Peridot and amethyst are both here now as well, presented with balance and grace in this cross necklace. At the edges and at the heart of the Calvario Cross lives peridot—once known as “evening emerald”—accentuated in the center by a circle of four brilliant amethyst stones. Crafted in .925 sterling silver with 22K gold vermeil accents, it serves as a shining example of not only the natural glory of these two, colorful gems, but their unmistakable spiritual glory as well. A. #23132 Calvario Amethyst & Peridot Cross Necklace (3 ⅓ ctw) $199

How I doubled my romantic IQ You can be a genius. It’s easier than you think. Just listen to Ovid. The works of Ancient Rome’s most celebrated love poet are full of sage advice that hasn’t aged a day. And it works immediately. Want to double your “romantic IQ” right now? All you need are these stunning Matrimony Marquise Rings and Ovid’s all-powerful magic word. What to say and when to say it. More than 2,000 years ago, Ovid declared himself the “Professor of Love.” All of Rome was his classroom. His lesson couldn’t be simpler. Show up with a gift in hand and say...“Surprise!” That’s the magic word: surprise. According to Ovid, “A man who can say that has genius.” Easy enough, right? But what happens when you say it twice? Double your carats for half-price. When it came to gifts, Ovid was a fan of excess. Two is always better than one. That’s why you can get both Matrimony Marquise Rings for only $149! That’s two remarkable rings for one ridiculous price! The Love Professor would approve.


The official currency of Paris Paris is a place where being rich has nothing to do with money. Yes, the billionaires and jetsetters can be seen bouncing from boutique to bouD. tique. There are exclusive clubs, fancy parties and restaurants where your bank account gets you on the guest list. But the wealthiest people in Paris are those who are worthy of a second look. Beauty is the official currency of Paris. And it doesn’t matter what you carry in your wallet, so long as you carry yourself with impeccable style. A fabulous necklace always trumps net worth. And it’s no coincidence that our Bezons Necklace comes from the mind of a Paris jewelry designer. Handhammered pewter discs are dipped in lustrous 24K yellow gold and linked together like a wreath of golden rose petals. The design is deceptively simple, resembling some lost treasure from antiquity. But the sense of style is unmistakably modern. The necklace fastens with a gold-layered chain that secures with a lobster clasp. The matching earrings feature a trio of discs that dangle artfully from French hooks. It’s time to collect your French inheritance!

Made in France


Bezons Collection C. #22384 Necklace $129 D. #22386 Earrings $99 #22387 Necklace & Earrings Set $228 $179 Save $49

Smart couple. At the center you’ll find a stunning 3-carat, lab-created DiamondAura® marquise set in .925 sterling silver. The cut dazzles with more fire than a mined diamond and is buffeted by a carat of DiamondAura baguettes and brilliant-cut rounds. The slimmer, sterling anniversary band blazes with 11 prong-set DiamondAura and fits snugly on top of the larger ring. You get the luxurious look of natural diamonds without the outrageous cost. B. #W5651 DiamondAura® Matrimony Marquise Rings (4 ctw) $149 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.




Bertuzzi Collection™


Do you dream in green? As the mist clears, you press on toward the D. mouth of the jungle. But like the intrepid explorers who came to South America in search of fortune and glory in the form of precious green stones, you can’t help yourself. You’ve heard tales of a scintillating 50-carat emerald... and then you wake up. It was all a dream. E. Except the emerald. That part was real. The gigantic stone can be yours in our Oval Emerald Pendant for only $199! Although emeralds of this size often land in museums, we think something so spectacular belongs around a neck—not under glass. The impressive 50-carat faceted stone is a natural emerald carefully enhanced by our jewelers to bring out its finest color. And its exquisite, sterling silver frame is ringed with meticulous filigree and beadwork which has been hand-worked in Bali. Oval Emerald Collection B. #20397 Pendant (50 ctw) Appraised at $390* Stauer Price $199 C. #16480 18" Sterling Silver Bali Tulang Naga Chain $149 D. #W5672 Ring (10 ctw) $149 E. #20549 Earrings (15 ctw) $149 #20635 Ring & Earrings Set $298 $249 Save $49

A lost design from an Italian jewelry legend!



Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart. *See page 52 for details

The genius who painted with gemstones G.

New! Bring down the opera house Experience the encore performance of an Italian jewelry maestro with the Bertuzzi™ Pergola Necklace


taly’s oldest opera house wasn’t haunted. There was no phantom in the Teatro della Pergola. But in the 1870s, patrons recalled an indescribable presence among the crowd. Brilliant flashes of light and hypnotic colors induced gasps from the high society crowd. While divas belted out their arias on stage, the jewelry of Florence’s most fashionable hit the highest notes of the night. And on those evenings when the most important thing was to see and be seen, one man was in constant demand. Camillo Bertuzzi was an expert at helping women steal the spotlight. More than 100 years ago, the jeweler created exceptional pieces for an exclusive Florentine clientele. Today, that exclusive clientele is you. The Bertuzzi™ Pergola Necklace was inspired by original designs from the 19th-century Italian master and is available only from Stauer. This floral motif was incredibly

30 1-800-806-1484

popular at the time and few could match Bertuzzi’s neo-Renaissance flair. The Pergola features a magnificent 14K gold-layered sterling silver pendant set with lab-created DiamondAura® rounds and two carats of scientifically crafted blue sapphire. Thanks to advanced technology, man has mastered the art of recreating the vivid color of history’s most spectacular sapphires. You’ll find that our near-flawless, lab-created stunners burn with more fire than naturally mined gemstones that can sell for thousands per carat. We combined these three luxurious carats with the timeless artistry of Camillo Bertuzzi for a necklace worthy of a standing ovation. A . #23121 Bertuzzi™ Pergola Necklace (3 ctw) $179

It happened in the Hague. Lost among the impressive works of Rembrandt and Hans Holbein, it was the simple beauty of a Dutch girl that stopped me in my tracks. Painted by Johannes Vermeer, the subject of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is one of art history’s most compelling mystery women.


Every aspect of Vermeer’s most famous work inspired our Dutch Masterpiece Collection. Not only do the warm yellows and vivid blues pay direct tribute to the master painter’s palette, but we’ve created each piece from the very same materials! At the center of the Dutch Necklace and Ring, you’ll find a polished square of lapis lazuli, the gem once ground to create the pigment known as ultramarine. While ultramarine was extremely expensive and few of his peers could afford it, Johannes Vermeer was a perfectionist who demanded the best. Our designer felt the same way. Flickering ovals of lemony citrine shine beside the lapis and all of the stones are set in gold-layered sterling silver, keeping with the classic look of Baroque-era jewelry. Dangling from the pendant, you’ll find a smooth, white cultured pearl. Dutch Masterpiece Collection F. #22605 18" Necklace $149 G. #W5847 Ring $129

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering.

#22606 Ring & Necklace Set $278 $249 Save $29 31

New! Plead your case in the court of love Stauer’s genuine turquoise and 18K gold-layered Aquitaine Collection is all the evidence she’ll need to declare you guilty of being a romantic! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibit A, the Aquitaine Necklace. You’ll notice how at its center this impressive piece showcases a sumptuously smooth genuine turquoise cabochon. The bluegreen stone is like nothing else on earth and has been sought-after for centuries for its legendary color and soothing qualities.



Turn your attention to the pendant’s lavish halo of smaller turquoise rounds and Austrian crystals that have been generously laid out around that 10-carat turquoise stunner. See how they shimmer and shine, like the sparkle in her eyes. Finally, I’ll direct you to the 18K gold-layered design that was inspired by the Cross of Occitan—the symbol of the land over which Eleanor of Aquitaine ruled. She was the 12th-century European queen who is said to have served as judge and jury in The Court of Love. Young lovers were brought before her famous romantic court to settle quarrels and re-kindle their passions in the company of poets and troubadours. Now, when you consider this striking pendant dangles from an 18K gold-layered 28" chain, it’s clear the evidence is mounting. Add the fact that this Aquitaine Turquoise Necklace is paired perfectly with an equally charming gold-layered bracelet. I think it can be said, beyond a reasonable doubt, that anyone who gives this gift is deeply in love. I rest my case. Aquitaine Turquoise Collection A. #23102 Necklace (10 4/5 ctw) $179 B. #23104 Bracelet (10 ctw) $159 #23105 Necklace & Bracelet Set $338 $299 Save $39


“King of the Road” reclaims the throne


estoration is a beautiful thing. Nothing is ever truly lost to the past if it can be restored. With just the right touch, even a marvelous machine that was locked away for 70 years can return to the glory that once made it king. That was exactly the idea behind the creation of the Stauer 1938 Dashtronic™ Roadmaster. A diamond in the rough. My friend knows a find when he sees one. When we walked into that barn a few years ago, I saw a hunk of metal covered in an inch of dust. He saw greatness. The owner of the hunk bought it in 1938 for his wife and he said, “She didn’t drive it much. It’s lived in here most of its life.” My friend got it for a song. He’s put some money into it, but not as much as you might think. Mostly it’s been time he’s invested. Time and love. Two things I know all about. Time to revisit the past. That’s why I built the Stauer 1938 Dashtronic Roadmaster. Once I saw my friend’s remarkable ride fully restored, I fell in love with the idea of bringing back a timepiece to match. Wearing the Dashtronic Roadmaster is like being transported behind the wheel of a classic.

D. 32


There are no limits. The 1930s was a time of impressive innovations in machine-age technology and materials. Designers translated principals of aerodynamics and streamlining into

everything from cars to radios to watches. It was also a decade when an unbelievable variety of watch cases and movements were developed. One such complication, called a jumping mechanism, made use of numerals on a disc viewed through a window to tell time. The design bore a striking resemblance to the dashboard gauges of the decade, and since then such watches have become highly-sought-after collector’s items. Restoring the King to power. The 1938 Dashtronic Roadmaster may look completely retro, but it’s got an engine that’s decidedly modern. Under the hood of this beauty is an exceptionally precise quartz movement that oscillates at 32,768 cycles per second, helping you to arrive on time every time. The jumping display (not an actual jumping complication) shows the hours and minutes on rotating discs. We’ve also included a date window at 6 o’clock and directional details from a compass rose as a nod to the great American road trip. Water resistant to 3 ATMs, the Dashtronic Roadmaster closes with a croc-embossed genuine leather band. Now when someone says that your watch is a thing of the past, you can smile and say, “Thank you!”

Dashtronic™ 1938 Roadmaster Collection C. #22791 14K Gold-Fused Watch $149 D. #22789 Silver-Toned Watch $149 33

Gem of the Month: Amethyst

New! The most romantic line ever written Inspired by the “wine poets” of ancient Rome, we’ve composed the 400-Carat Rustica Amethyst Necklace If “wine is bottled poetry,” as Robert Louis Stevenson once remarked, then winemakers must be poets. Instead of composing stanzas, they stomp grapes. Rather than recite lines to a lover, they simply pour a glass. We take the same lyrical approach with gemstones. Every facet is a finely crafted phrase and every sparkle a sonnet. In our humble opinion, this 400-Carat Rustica Amethyst Necklace is one of the most romantic lines we’ve ever written.

Classic watch UNDER $60— Four weeks ONLY!


Centuries ago, ancient farmers found a way to tame the wild vines of Rome and transform its succulent fruit into something sublime. Just as those first Roman vintners crafted opulent spirits from ordinary grapes, there were others who found their inspiration much deeper than the roots of any vine. Both grapes and gemstones are products of their surroundings. They are formed by the elements and their environment. But for both, the most important ingredient is time. And finally, after thousands of years underground, these stunning amethyst stones are ready to be uncorked.


Our Rustica Necklace features 400 carats of perfectly ripe, purple amethyst. The 18" strand features a mix of faceted beads, handstrung on double-knotted jeweler’s thread. The natural color of the amethyst varies stone to stone, running the spectrum from lavender to deep royal purple. Glittering gold-toned spacers add flashes of elegance to the necklace which secures with a gold-fused lobster clasp (and 2" extender). It’s easy to become intoxicated by amethyst’s natural charm. You’re no stranger to drinking in the beauty of the one you love— now make sure your cup runneth over. Rustica Amethyst Collection A. #23187 Necklace (400 ctw) $129 Plus receive $300 in Stauer coupons with your order. That’s $25 to use every month for 12 months! #23276 Bracelet (125 ctw) $99 #23278 Earrings (50 ctw) $79 #23280 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $307 $199 Save $108



The smartest watch on Wall Street Inspired by classic 1930s timepieces worn by the greatest financial minds of the 20th century Check the wrists of the sharpest guys in finance and you’re going to find a sensible watch, not a statement. When you spend thousands on a showpiece, that money doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t compound, it doesn’t earn interest. Maybe it gets you some attention. But the last time I checked, you can’t walk into a bank and trade compliments for cash. Ask any man who knows about money. The last place you want to keep it is on your wrist. The brightest financial minds know that there is nothing to gain from showing off. They don’t invest in impressing strangers. The only reason they spend a dollar is to make two. Or, in the case of the Stauer Buttonwood Watch, they spend $59 to save the $17,851 expense of a luxury logo. The Stauer Buttonwood takes its cue from the greatest financial minds of the 20th century. This looks like the watches that

Rockefeller, Morgan and Mellon would have worn. It’s a gentleman’s timepiece that blends simple elegance, superior functionality and fiscal responsibility. It projects a sophisticated look with a golden face and rose gold-layered, hobnail-patterned bezel and case. The dial is elegantly spare, ringed with classic black Roman numerals. A detailed crown and padded black leather band (with white accent stitching) add the final touches of class. Inside, the precision quartz movement vibrates over 32,000 times a second to keep you on schedule and on matter where in the world your business takes you. When a combination of form and function like the Stauer Buttonwood comes along for under $60, it’s an insider tip worth sharing. B. #22672 Stauer Buttonwood Watch $59 Price guaranteed for 4 weeks only! 35

24 carats of natural stones

Surrender to 400 carats of temptation

Capture the rainbow without weathering the rainstorm A.

According to legend, you can find buried gold at the end of a rainbow. But before you head outside with an umbrella and shovel, take a closer look at our Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet. A worthy prize for even the most discerning treasure hunters, this bracelet features over 24 carats of natural stone, including deep red garnet (5 ⅓ ctw), bright yellow citrine (4 ⅓ ctw), vivid green peridot (4 ¾ ctw), sky blue topaz (5 ⅓ ctw), and brilliant purple amethyst (4 ½ ctw). Trios of similar-colored stones form the rainbow design that curves naturally around the wrist. Each shimmering stone sits securely in a four-prong setting, fashioned from the finest .925 sterling silver. The bracelet measures 7 ¼" and secures with a sterling silver safety clasp. With more than 90 glittering gems, it’s the perfect accessory to bring a burst of color to any gray day.


A. #17793 Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet (24 ctw) $299

New! World’s most notorious cocktail It’s after midnight in Paris. You take one sip of the green spirit in front of you and she appears. Her verdant green dress swirls and sways as she walks. It’s hypnotic. The details of the café blur until it’s just you and the woman in green. Her movements are like a dance. As she turns to leave, that dress twirls again, filling your world with a flourish of green. Then she’s gone. You shake your head, smile and take another sip of absinthe. Our Absinthe Lab-created Green Spinel Ring shares many of that sensational beverage’s more seductive qualities, without any of its supposed ills. In late 19th and early 20th century Paris, anyone who was anyone drank absinthe. Nicknamed “the green fairy” it is a mysteriously green alcohol that (depending on who you talk to) is said to have inspired poets or destroyed them. All we know is that it served as the perfect inspiration for this ring. The Absinthe Ring showcases a potent 9-carat, lab-created green spinel served “on the rocks” inside an ornate .925 sterling silver setting. Adorned with 44 lab-created DiamondAura® rounds, the ring sparkles like the lights along the Seine River. In the age of cafés and speakeasies, there was no more intoxicating accessory than a cocktail ring…and no more intriguing drink than the infamous absinthe. This ring would have fit right in. B. #23282 Scienza™ Absinthe Cocktail Ring (9 ½ ctw) $149 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

Receive FREE DiamondAura® studs (a $99 value) with purchase of the Absinthe Cocktail Ring. 36 1-800-806-1484


Complete ruby set appraised at $3,190* Yours for under $300

Get FREE DiamondAura® Studs with purchase of the Absinthe Cocktail Ring

Are you ready for this necklace? You might think you are, but when dealing with 400 carats of the most robust red gem on the planet, we want you to be E. prepared. Before you bring this Voros Ruby Necklace into your home, you need to understand the consequences. Possible side effects may include: spontaneous kissing and periods of intense hugging, increased heart rate and euphoric dizziness, laughter, slow F. dancing, happy tears and the urge to get away for the weekend. Some people may experience: sudden long walks on the beach, chronic holding of hands, episodes of snuggling, spooning and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, frequent bouts of frolicking, an exagerrated feeling of well-being, persistent or severe joy, uncontrollable smiling and an unusual compulsion to share feelings and milkshakes. Less serious side effects may include: picnicking, increased appetite for romantic comedies and overuse of the words “honey” and “sweetheart.” You may think we’re being a bit dramatic, but I can assure you that we’re not. This is, after all, ruby that we’re talking about. It’s the most fiery of the “Big Four” gemstones and notorious throughout history for provoking passion, lust and intense romantic emotions. Just look at the color and you can understand what all the fuss is about. Each smooth-polished nugget in the Voros Necklace is a genuine natural gemstone, deep crimson in color and infused with the incomparable mystique of rubies. The 18" strand is handstrung and double-knotted with decorative, gold-fused beads. If you’re looking to make a romantic impression, you can hardly go wrong with 400 carats of enhanced natural rubies. But if you’re going to go that far, why not take it all the way. There is no such thing as “too much of a good thing.” That’s what I like to call “lover’s logic.” If you love someone, it’s not enough to see them once in a while. You want to be together always and forever. Hopeless romantics know that it’s always a good idea to go overboard. And that’s why we’re offering the matching 150-carat 7" (+2"extender) Voros Ruby Bracelet and the 1 ½" 40-carat Voros Ruby Earrings. You get the chance to impress her with 590 carats of rubies for under $300! But of course, with that amount of ravishing red gemstones come some additional warnings. Anyone who purchases the complete Voros Ruby Collection is guaranteed to experience certain lasting changes. Permanent side effects may include: long-term attachment to the object of your affections and living happily ever after. Voros Ruby Collection D. #22917 Necklace (400 ctw) $149 $99 E. #22919 Bracelet (150 ctw) $99 F. #22921 Earrings (40 ctw) $79 #22922 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set Appraised at $3,190* Stauer Price $299 *See page 52 for details 37

The night shift A.

I was wide awake when I dreamed up the design for the Stauer Minuit. It was the middle of the night at the top of the world. My wife and I were celebrating in a hotel in the Swiss Alps S w i s s M a d e overlooking Lake Lugano. The world was asleep and the stars seemed low enough to touch. I’ll never forget the view that night, an endless blue heaven speckled with stars. You don’t get to see that kind of sky in the big city.


14K gold with a twist!

New! A gold kiss...with a twist Think of Stauer as your Cyrano De Bergerac. We’re here to help you express your deepest love when the words won’t come. But unlike the character in the 19th-century play, we won’t be feeding you lines of romantic poetry from behind the bushes. Instead, we give you the chance to prove your affection with more than just words. Consider these 14K Gold Cyrano Hoop Earrings. For while Cyrano once described a kiss as “a rosy circle drawn around the verb ‘to love,’” we’re certain that if given the chance, the famously articulate poet would retire his “rosy circle” for one spun from pure gold. Don’t get us wrong, the right words can change everything. But nothing expresses love and commitment better than the glimmer of history’s most treasured precious metal.

Inspired by the mystery of late nights, the Stauer Minuit is an exceptional Swiss-made timepiece in a category all its own. It took the designers months to get the look of this timepiece just right. If your favorite color is blue, here’s your chance to see it in a whole new way. Inside, the Minuit is driven by a precision Swiss quartz movement and crafted in Switzerland, home to the world’s noblest watchmaking traditions.

Like the flowing ribbons that adorn our most beloved gifts, these earrings unfurl in an elegant, gently twisting pattern that speaks to love’s flexibility. The 14K gold hoops feature a swirl of natural golden colors. Each exquisite circle attaches with simple, delicate clip-back clasps. Cyrano longed for “the rare occasion, when our hearts can speak”—and now these graceful golden twists can take the words right out of your heart.

In honor of that perfect Alpine sky, we added sparkle to the metallic blue face with a trio of Austrian crystal rounds at the twelve, three and nine o’clock positions. Golden Roman numerals pop against the rich black of the outer dial and an easy-to-read date window sits at the six. The Stauer Minuit secures with a genuine black leather strap and gold-fused buckle. Even more impressive than its distinctive design is the price. A Swiss-made timepiece for under $200? Thank your lucky stars. Fits wrists 6 ¾" - 8".

C. #23284 14K Gold Cyrano Hoop Earrings $299

A. #20033 Stauer Minuit Swiss-Made Timepiece $199

One tough lightweight...

Modern man discovers fire

The U.S. government has engineered the most ingenious, most accurate clock in the world: the F-1 U.S. Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. Our extraordinary new Stauer Titanium Atomic Watch utilizes the transmissions directly from that remarkable cesium fission atomic clock to report the most precise time.

When primitive man first encountered fire, it was magical. He stood mesmerized as the flames danced and lit up the darkest of nights. Thousands of years later, science came along to explain that fire was simply the rapid oxidation of material, the exothermic chemical process of combustion. So much for magic.

This scientifically-advanced timepiece will gain or lose only one second over a 20 million-year period. It is that accurate! This perfectly-tuned technological invention with the super light strength of titanium is now available for UNDER $160.

The sparkler in our Men’s Adamas Ring only looks like a perfect natural diamond. The truth is that it was born in a laboratory. After taking all the wonder out of the natural world, science redeemed itself in the 1970s by perfecting the process behind lab-created DiamondAura®. Chemists and gemologists worked together to focus intense heat, unbelievable pressure and remarkable technical skill on something that simply redefined brilliance.

Super Light Titanium has two big advantages over steel. One is corrosion resistance and the other is that titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, which means that titanium is approximately 45% lighter than steel. You’ll never have to set this watch. Just push one button and you’re synchronized with the atomic clock in Colorado, and the hands of the watch move to the exact time position. The sleek black textured dial has luminous hands and markers, plus the timepiece is water resistant to 3 ATMs. This Titanium Atomic Watch exceeds the accuracy of any Swiss luxury automatic so you can be more punctual and keep most of your money in your wallet, not on your wrist. Fits wrists 6 ½” to 9”.

In terms of light dispersion, the lab-created centerpiece in this ring explodes with even more fire than natural mined diamonds. We’ve taken full advantage of that sparkle by setting the stunning ½-carat DiamondAura round in a bold, .925 sterling-silver band. What they created was a brilliant diamond alternative that burned so bright it brought all of that old magic back. Wear it yourself and experience the science and style of a brand new “stone age.” B. #W5866 Men’s Adamas DiamondAura® Ring (½ ctw) $149



D. #17468 Stauer Titanium Atomic Watch $159

Please specify ring size 9-14 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

38 1-800-806-1484 39

Legendary luxury of black diamonds… Yours for under $300!

Under $50!



Inside man exposes secrets of “black market” diamonds


here’s more than one way to get a diamond in Antwerp. You could stroll along the cobblestoned streets of the city’s Diamond Center and peek through the shop windows until you see something worthy of a second mortgage. You could organize a crack squad of international jewel thieves and attempt an elaborate heist involving disguises, distractions and tiny sports cars. Or you could just do what I do and pick up the phone. My black market contact always comes through. And this spectacular 1-carat Black Diamond ring is beautiful proof. Our conversations never change. I tell him what I want and how much I want to pay for it. He laughs and tells me it will take a miracle. I laugh and tell him that I’ll be waiting for confirmation of said miracle. Don’t get me wrong, everything my black market guy does is on the up-and-up. There are literally hundreds of diamond brokers I could call in Belgium...if I was looking for transparency. But when I’m looking for something dark, something as striking as a moonless midsummer night, I call my black diamond big shot. He knows precisely what makes for an exceptional black diamond.

What’s so special about black diamonds? Only everything. To start, they are made of the same stuff as their sparkling, see-through siblings. Black diamonds are pure carbon, formed into the hardest stuff on the planet by intense heat and pressure. But while natural white diamonds are formed underground and pushed upward, the black diamond is believed to originate somewhere else. More specifically, in the dark 40 1-800-806-1484

recesses of outer space. Scientists theorize they crashed to Earth billions of years ago. We’ve been smitten ever since. Look closely at the spectacular black diamond solitaire that we’ve set in 18K rose gold-layered sterling-silver. It’s truly something special. Maybe you’ve never considered owning a black diamond before. That’s completely understandable, considering that many jewelers think nothing of charging $1,000 for similar one-carat stones. I can’t stop you from spending that kind of money, but I’m more than happy to offer an alternative. While designing this ring, I was reminded of the quote, “at the darkest moment comes the light.” It was at that instant I realized that a black diamond shines brightest when it keeps good company. Pairing brilliant white natural diamonds with a stark black centerpiece just made sense. They sparkle together like a pair of starstruck lovers. After all, the deep black void of space wouldn’t be as beautiful without its billion points of light. My black market man came through for me. And in return, Stauer comes through for you. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to join the select group of savvy gem-buyers who understand and appreciate the beauty, rarity and value of genuine black diamonds. House of Bruges™ Black Diamond Collection A. #W5876 Ring (3/5 ctw) $297 or 3 payments of $99 #W5877 Ring (1 1/10 ctw) $396 or 4 payments of $99 Specify ring whole size 6-9 when ordering. See order form for size chart.

No more Mr. Nice Watch

Forget sleek and subtle, the Stauer Colossus Hybrid is one tough timepiece


clear. Build it as tough as a battleship and fill it full ize matters. Just ask Demetrius, the unfortunate Greek general who was sent to conquer of surprises. Make it a hybrid, because it should work Rhodes in 305 BC. He figured that a massive twice as hard as a regular watch. And make it look force of 40,000 men, a fleet of Aegean pirates and like a million bucks. When I put it on I want to get an arsenal of wall-smashing war machines would excited about rolling up my sleeves. Looking at the be enough to crush the tiny Greek island. But the final product, I’d say “Mission Accomplished.” people of Rhodes were ready and they put up a The Colossus Hybrid Watch may not be old enough bigger fight than Demetrius expected. They held to qualify as a Wonder of the Ancient World, but it’s the island, repelled his attack and sent the legendstill darn impressive. The heavy metal case features ary “Beseiger of Cities” back to Cyprus with his a rotating gunmetal bezel that frames the stunning tail between his legs. analog/digital dial with markers and numerals that To celebrate their victory, the Rhodians construct- Yours for under $50 really pop against the bold black face. Luminous white ed a huge tribute to their patron god, Helios. The hands and a bright yellow second hand mark analog monument was paid for with the abandoned wares of Demetrius’ time with a precision quartz movement and a trio of digital winarmy and crafted from the melted-down metals of the enemy’s dows handle time as well as day, date and countdown timers. The armaments. The Colossus of Rhodes was a 107-foot bronze-andColossus secures with a unique folded stainless-steel bracelet that iron giant that towered over the harbor like a ten-story trophy, includes textured, dark-toned center links. A rugged timepiece warning future invaders that “Rhodes is tougher than you think.” that proves even tougher than it looks. Fits wrists 6 ¾" - 9". You communicate the same message when you strap on the Stauer Colossus. In designing the watch, my instructions were B. #20410 Colossus Hybrid Digital/Analog Watch $49 41

Our House of Bruges™ Ring shines with a trio The reinvention of romance of antique rose-cut, natural white diamonds!


Your money or your wife?

How does a man win the favor of a woman? In prehistoric times it was through feats of strength and by mastering the hunt. Later, men used wealth and status to show that they could provide. But one day in 1477 changed the rules of romance forever. The instant that Archduke Maximillian proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring, everything changed. Historians recognize it as the first diamond engagement ring, an iconic symbol of commitment that has endured through the centuries. We love a good love story, but we were even more inspired by the backstory. That’s why our House of Bruges™ Diamond Ring was created to honor the brilliant Belgian who sparked a romantic revolution. The ring’s trio of stones is surrounded by a gorgeous, flowing design in 9K gold. This level of craftsmanship and detail is typical of the lavish Renaissance jewelry of the age. Our House of Bruges Diamond Ring is something that would look perfectly at home in the collection of European nobility. Maximillian and Louis helped create a new romantic tradition. Now it comes down to you (and this ring) to carry it on. A. #W5851 House of Bruges™ Diamond Ring (1/5 ctw) $595 Specify ring whole size 6-9 when ordering.

Thanks to this $29.95 DiamondAura® Sweet Nothing don’t have to choose!


ou’d be amazed by how many brilliant men are stumped as soon as they step into a jewelry store. I hear complaints all the time from smart, successful professionals who feel helpless when faced with overwhelming sparkle and selection. Blinded by the bling, they have no clue where to begin.



And keep in mind that these men have already cleared the first hurdle. Simply attempting to buy jewelry for their sweethearts presents a minefield of doubt: stones, settings, colors (not to mention personal taste and opinions). You have to give them credit for going it alone.


2-carat DiamondAura® Pendant for Only $29.95!

For many, that long walk to the jewelry store brings more dread than a visit to the dentist. They make the trip and expect it to hurt. And it does. Because they don’t know any better. The choice always seems to come down to “Your money or your wife?” If you love her, you spend a lot. If you really love her, spend it all. That’s crazy. We think “the house” has had the advantage for too long. When it comes to shopping for fine jewelry, you now have a choice. Buy from Stauer and you feel good. You feel smart. And most importantly, you feel change in your pocket.

How to impress a Duchess A man who sacrifices the throne of England should get a free pass. But even after choosing Wallis Simpson over the crown, Edward VIII still had plenty of romantic work to do. Impressing his beloved became a full-time job for “The Man Who Used to be King.” And it C. was an expensive one, since Simpson’s love of luxury jewelry was legendary. Thankfully, the Duke of Windsor had impeccable taste. The Duchess was particularly smitten with her blue chalcedony jewelry, crafted by a famous Italian designer. She was so fond of the powdery blue hue that she wore it constantly. Our Duchess Blue Chalcedony Collection is an elegant tribute to her favorite gemstone. The Necklace features a dramatic blue chalcedony teardrop, polished smooth and cradled in a sterling-silver setting layered with rich rose gold. The unique swoop and sparkling bail both glimmer with stunning lab-created DiamondAura™ rounds and the entire pendant dangles from an 18" rose gold-layered chain. The Duchess Blue Chalcedony Collection B. #22451 Necklace (20 ⅓ ctw) $149 #23198 Earrings (26 ½ ctw) $199 C. #22453 Bracelet (32 1/5 ctw) $249 D. #W5891 Ring (3 ⅔ ctw) $99 Please specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

#22454 Necklace & Bracelet Set $398 $345 Save $53 42 1-800-806-1484

Let me get to the point. We’d like you to get that feeling with the spectacular 2-carat DiamondAura® Sweet Nothing Pendant. This gorgeous pendant features a knockout combination of a 1 ¼-carat round, lab-created DiamondAura and 1⁄3-carat pear-cut DiamondAura surrounded by 32 brilliant rounds set in fine .925 sterling silver. The total weight tops 2 full carats and packs more fire per facet than most mined stones. More fire is nice, but the hottest thing about the Sweet Nothing Pendant has to be the price.


Over 20 carats of blue chalcedony & DiamondAura

Our exclusive lab creations retain every jeweler’s specification including cut, color, clarity and carat weight. All natural diamonds are strictly graded according to these criteria. The stones that score the highest, command the highest price. That’s just the way it’s always worked. And our exclusive DiamondAura follow the exact same rules, except for one. They ace every test, scoring higher than almost any white diamond you’ll find in stores. But instead of an outrageously high price, we prefer to see how low we can go.



DiamondAura® Sweet Nothing Collection E. #19770 Pendant (2 ctw) $29.95 F. #W5592 Ring (3 ¼ ctw) $149 G. #19772 Earrings (2 ¾ ctw) $129 #21668 Ring and Earrings Set $278 $199 Save $79 H. #17245 18" Sterling Silver Chain $59 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart. 43

Make this watch work for you for only $59!

These earrings hear everything A.

In the midst of dinner and lively conversation, a trusted advisor leans close into the ear of Queen Elizabeth I. C. He speaks and she nods quietly. Is it news of a secret plot or plans for a midnight rendezvous? Nobody knows for sure, save the aide, the Queen and her majesty’s earrings. Earrings hear everything. They hear the soft whispers of sweet nothings. Tender moments. Passionate confessions. It’s a good thing they can’t talk. But we like to imagine what they would say if they could. B. You can rest assured that our 2 ½" Ruby & Aquamarine Drop Earrings aren’t saying a word. Crafted in the style and spirit of elegant, Tudor-era jewelry, this pair of chandelier-style earrings looks borrowed from the velvet-lined display of a museum. Even though these ruby and aquamarine beauties look like they belong in royal portraits from the 17th century, they still feel modern. Skilled setters position 2 genuine 15-carat emerald-cut enhanced rubies with oval and teardrop cabochons of aquamarine into rustic settings fused with 14K yellow gold. Extra-long French hooks clasp into place to ensure that the vintage-inspired beauties stay put. Ruby & Aquamarine Drop Collection A. #21580 Earrings (50 ctw) $149 B. #22142 Pendant (30 ctw) $129 C. #21473 18" Gold-over Silver Mesh Chain $89 #22407 Earrings, Pendant & Chain Set $367 $249 Save $118


The official color of passion The Ancient Greeks and Romans prized red coral for its ability to protect against evil and misfortune. But what protected them against the seductive powers of the sultry red gem? Our Fire Coral Pendant is a ridiculously red E. cabochon of sponge coral, polished to a high gloss. We call this the official color of passion. This is the red that every other red secretly wants to be. It smacks of wet lipstick and F. smoldering coals. This is the kind of color that gets you into trouble. We turned up the heat even more by framing the 60-carat coral teardrop in a beaded sterling setting, handcrafted by the master silversmiths of Bali. Complete the look by adding the necklace, which features 100 carats of smooth, polished red coral beads. The strand secures with a unique sterling clasp that glitters like a treasure of antiquity thanks to elegant beadwork and the added sparkle of marcasite. You can complete the set with a pair of matching earrings, each featuring a 10-carat dollop of romantic color from a sterling silver French hook. Red hot has never looked cooler. Fire Coral Collection D. #20328 Pendant (60 ctw) $149 E. #20330 18" Necklace (100 ctw) $149 F. #20332 Earrings (20 ctw) $149 #20334 Pendant, Necklace & Earrings Set $447 $399 Save $48 44 1-800-806-1484

New! Are you ready for the corner office? Master the art of self-promotion and give yourself a raise with the Stauer Lexington Watch for UNDER $60!


Forget retirement watches. You need this watch for a whole different reason: you’ve just been promoted. So go ahead, slip on the Stauer Lexington. But before you sign on the dotted line, there’s one condition. We’ve got to be sure you understand what this job requires. You have to love owning a truly classic watch that comes with a great benefits package. Can you handle that? If so, it’s time for the best part…the Stauer Lexington comes with a bonus…the price. Today it’s yours for only $59. Every time you roll up your sleeve to check the time, it will feel like you’re giving yourself a raise. Whether you’re impressed by the hands and markers, or the precise quartz movement, the compensation here isn’t about a bigger salary. The payoff is

workmanship, style and performance. And you get all that while still holding on to more of your hard-earned money. The Stauer Lexington has been crafted with an enduring style, taking inspiration from the greatest timepieces in history. The gleaming gold-toned case frames an elegantly etched black dial, radiant with markers and numerals. The Lexington secures with a genuine brown leather band and gold-toned buckle. Now you’re ready for the corner office. You don’t have to keep track of your hours anymore, but with the Stauer Lexington Watch, you’re going to want to. Fits wrists 7 ¼"– 9 ¼" G. #22884 Stauer Lexington Timepiece $59 45

You need adult super vision A.

Your eyes have never been this good. Even people with perfect vision can’t read the fine print at 100 yards. No amateur bird-watcher can tell what species that is through all those branches. And if your friend ever claims he can see all the way across the stadium again, now you can test him. Because now you’ve got the power of Stauer Optics™ on your side. This must be how superheroes see the world. Looking through the lenses of these Stauer Optics Binoculars is a revelation. They are the perfect carry-along for any setting, or even as an extra pair just to keep in your car. At only 7oz. they are surprisingly lightweight, but the rugged rubberized grips and sturdy body design can take what you dish out. The 8X magnification is more than enough for most situations, and the wrist strap and over-the-shoulder tote ensure you won’t waste time fumbling around trying to get your binocs in position. Compact, convenient, and perfectly crafted to fit comfortably in your hands. A. #22340 Stauer Optics Binoculars $59

This is what YES looks like

If you want to impress her, diamonds are SO last century. For the first time something altogether finer and more brilliant than a diamond exists. And it started in a galaxy far away...


he is the one. Completely unique. So why stick with something as mundane as an ordinary diamond? She deserves better. Much better. In order to find something for her you need to consult the moon and stars and it is there that you will find Berzelian™.

Your Brilliant Choice

What is Berzelian? In 1893, one French scientist Henri Moissan discovered a 50,000-year-old meteorite in the Arizona desert. Inside he found traces of a substance never before found on our planet. The rare crystal was simply stunning, but there was barely enough to make a single pair of earrings. Earth’s entire supply fit in the palm of his hand.

After decades of gemological research–using techniques pioneered by Jons Jacob Berzelius–brilliant jewelers finally synthesized and cut this rare mineral from the stars. They perfected the science of romance. There is only a single laboratory in the United States that has the rights and ability to create this scarce treasure. But the process is not fast. It’s not cheap. And global production is limited to the efforts of a small group of scientists and craftsmen who have patented rights to this one-of-kind process.

“110% conflict-free and infinitely beautiful.” – Megan G. from MO “It’s brilliance is beyond words.” – Nancy H. from OH

In fact, there is so little Berzelian in the world that it is over 10,000 times scarcer than diamonds.

A funny thing happens to steel when you add a little sweetness and sparkle. Suddenly it seems softer. More luxurious. Normally, it’s considered a tough guy metal that conjures macho images of molten orange, sparks, and anvils. Skyscrapers, tow cables and suspension bridges. But in this stun25 brilliant ning Corda Bracelet, the manly metal has clearly embraced its feminine side. cut, lab-created Once they realized that polished steel DiamondAura® could look as sultry as sterling silver, under $60 high-end jewelers were quick to get on board. They paired it with precious stones and extravagantly expensive accents. Today you can see it shimmer on the wrists of the world’s most celebrated beauties. Steel has stolen the spotlight.

A handful of carats, but what a fire. The optical characteristics of Berzelian create a blazing rainbow effect that just leaves a diamond looking dull and lifeless. The way the light dances inside the Berzelian is something to behold. In C. gemological terms, it’s double refractive and you have never seen anything quite so mesmerizing. The color and clarity are rivaled by only a handful of diamonds UNIQUE PROPERTIES COMPARISON that would sell for $15,000 a carat or more. Refractive Index Dispersion Luster Since the stone prices are not controlled by (Brilliance) (Fire) Index a foreign cartel, you can actually afford a Berzelian™ 2.65 - 2.69 0.104 20.4% Berzelian of one carat or more. Mined Diamond 2.42 0.044 17.2%

Designers and fashionistas praise its strength and flexibility. But you’ll just love how the Corda DiamondAura® & Steel Bracelet looks. The unique clasping cuff features three ropes of twisted, stainless steel wire capped with a 14K gold-fused sterling silver centerpiece set with lab-created DiamondAura rounds. It’s fancier than a bangle and more flexible than a traditional cuff with two gold-fused end caps that fasten with a large lobster clasp. Make way for the “Woman of Steel.” B. #21852 Corda DiamondAura® and Steel Bracelet (3/5 ctw) $59 46 1-800-806-1484

In life, there are certain questions that only have one right answer. Do you love me? Will you marry me? Can you forgive me? If you want to get it, you’re going to need something more extraordinary than expected. You need daring and different. You need Berzelian. For the first time in history, gemologists have discovered a diamond improvement. We can give you a thousand reasons why Berzelian dazzles like it does. But the only thing that really matters is the way she looks at you. The right look says ‘YES’ over and over and over again. And that look doesn’t come from plain old diamonds.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS REMARKABLE STONE… “...the perfect symbol of love and endurance. ...remarkably affordable and unbelievably gorgeous.” – Janice G. from GA

Steel the spotlight



An exclusive invitation. Today, the purveyors of Berzelian invite you to experience the future of romance with a truly remarkable introductory offer. You could spend 10 times as much for a diamond of similar clarity and it would still be visually inferior to the Berzelian! Berzelian™ 3-Stone Collection C. #W5756 Sterling Silver Ring (1 ½ ctw) 4 easy credit card payments of $195 #W5791 14K White Gold Ring (1 ½ ctw) 4 easy credit card payments of $249 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart. 47

New! Signed, sealed and delivered A.

If this ring were a love letter, it would be from Lord Byron. The British romantic poet was (no surprise) an expert at wooing with words. In a note to his beloved Teresa, he once wrote, “I more than love you, and cannot cease to love you. Think of me, sometimes, when the Alps and ocean divide us—but they never will, unless you wish it.” That’s some serious romantic stuff. And the same goes for the Stauer Blue Topaz Contessa Ring. Designers have crafted a passionate poem in precious metal with this shimmering blue topaz set in 14K gold-layered sterling silver. The 1 ½–carat gem shines likes a clear blue sea or a cloudless summer sky. Read between the lines and you’ll notice an ethereal, rainbow shimmer that comes from more than a dozen lab-created opal rounds. Each round flashes with even more color than natural opals, creating a vivid halo of iridescent light. In fact, one of the few ways that experts can tell a synthetic opal from a natural is if the color flashes are “too perfect.”

The stone that shook the world Meet the beauty in the beast. Helenite is the spectacular treasure that Mount St. Helens left behind...



Today we’re much more likely to send a romantic email or flirty text message than sit down to pen a letter. Personally I prefer the days when messages from a lover were of the swooping handwritten variety and came in a perfumed envelope sealed with a kiss. If you feel the same way, then the Contessa Blue Topaz Ring should be your next special delivery.


A. #W5934 Contessa Blue Topaz Ring (1 ½ ctw) $149

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

New! Life is like a box of jewelry You never know what you’re going to get. Just ask Pandora. The ancient Greek gods warned her not to open that infamous box, but curiosity won out. B. She lifted the lid and set loose all sorts of despicable things into an unsuspecting world. Poor girl. Things might have turned out much differently if she opened up our Bijoux Jewelry Box instead. Crafted from luxury hardwoods, the Bijoux is a classic upright box that keeps your most affluent accessories safe and impeccably organized. The high gloss showcases a perfect blend of bubinga veneer (a lush African wood used for harps and bass guitars) and elm burl inlay (a rich finish popular in 18th-century French furniture), accented with black enamel and gleaming brass hardware. It features three pull-out drawers and two swing out doors, with enough pockets, hooks and compartments to accomodate dozens of pieces. All drawers and compartments are lined with a chamois faux suede. The Bijou locks shut with a decorative brass key and measures 14 ¼" x 9 ½" x 9 ¼". First-class accomodations for your finery.



t was an unprecedented seismic event that came without warning. He’d never experienced tremors like this. But it was happening, there was no denying that. He pulled the box from his back pocket. His hand was trembling. If there were a Richter scale for nervousness, he would have been off the charts. This was his first gift. The first gift is always the hardest. Would she love it or hate it? All his doubts disappeared when she opened the box and found the Stauer Cascade Helenite & Blue Topaz Ring… Helenite is the gift you give when you really need to shake things up. Following the sudden and amazing display of nature’s power that was the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, something unexpected and beautiful was discovered. A brilliant green creation was produced from the heated volcanic rock dust. Named “helenite” after the mountain from which it was born, its vivid color and amazing story captured the attention of jewelry designers worldwide. And this ring puts that electric-green stone on full display.

The Cascade Helenite & Blue Topaz Ring absolutely erupts with explosive green. At the center we’ve placed a massive 10-carat faceted helenite oval—it seems to almost glow internally, as if lit by some verdant fire. Set in 14K gold layered over the finest .925 sterling silver, the stone flashes and flickers in radiant glory, echoing its dramatic origins. And to balance the bright heat of that gorgeous green we’ve surrounded the impressive stone with the soothing cool hue of blue topaz rounds (totaling 3 full carats). We transformed one of history’s most impressive displays of raw power into a romantic and refined expression of love. Cascade Helenite & Blue Topaz Collection C. #W5875 Ring (13 ctw) $199 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering.

D. #22868 18" Necklace (9 ½ ctw) $199 E. #22870 Earrings (6 1/10 ctw) $199 #22871 Necklace & Earrings Set $398 $349 Save $49

B. #23134 Bijoux Jewelry Box $399 48 1-800-806-1484 49

How to get lost in London A.

I didn’t see a lot of blue skies on my trip to London, B. but I did see a lot of blue plaques. There are hundreds of these famous markers around the city, celebrating the city’s heritage. I found my first after getting lost one rainy afternoon in Tavistock Square. Turns out I was walking in the footsteps of Mr. Dickens, who lived in the square while writing “A Tale of Two Cities.” Inspired by my stroll through greatness, I wanted to C. bring back a reminder. I found something even bluer. Our Brittanica Blue Topaz Collection is a celebration of the heavenly hue. The ring features a massive, emerald-cut Sky Blue topaz (6 ¾ carats) at the center, flanked by a quartet of legendary London Blue topaz rounds (½ ctw). London Blue is as deep and rich as blue topaz gets. So when those stones are paired with the translucent, pastel hue of the centerpiece, the effect is exhilirating. Each piece, including the matching French hook earrings and striking necklace are crafted in sterling silver, layered in yellow gold and fashioned with swirls, fleur-de-lis and crowns that recall the treasures of the royals. Sometimes getting lost is just the inspiration you need.

Over 7 carats of blue topaz

A necklace with a view


Brittanica Blue Topaz Collection A. #W5731 Ring (7 ¼ ctw) $149 B. #21731 Earrings (4 ctw) $149 C. #21733 18" Necklace (7 ctw) $249 #21734 Necklace & Earrings Set $398 $299 Save $99 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

You can’t just wake up. Throwing back the covers and bounding out onto the balcony is dangerous. Better to take it slow. Open your eyes one at a time. Let the white linen curtains catch some of that sunshine before you whisk them aside. Brew your first cup of coffee and step out only when you’re good and ready. Because out there is the full-blown splendor of a Caribbean morning. White clouds on a perfect blue sky. Teal and turquoise water. A view this beautiful needs to be taken seriously. You can stand there and soak it in. You can take a picture. But if you want the sensation to last forever, you’re going to need this necklace. Our Bequia Bead Necklace is a jackpot of Caribbean color, captured eloquently in 15 cascading strands of polished glass beads. Each handpicked, hand-strung bead glitters like a gemstone and creates a spectacular mosaic. Teal beads alternate with translucent golds, greens, violets and blues. The Bequia’s timeless design combines the look of ancient beaded luxury with the breezy, modern feel of a tropical getaway. Its strands gather and twist at the top, culminating in a seamless toggle clasp that keeps the necklace where it belongs. You’ll find it’s the perfect accessory for barefoot afternoons in paradise or high-heeled nights in the city. Pair it with the Bequia Beaded Clutch and the sensation of a perfect Caribbean morning is guaranteed to follow you everywhere. Bequia Glass Bead Collection E. #21663 Necklace $59 F. #21659 Clutch $79 #21781 Necklace & Clutch $138 $99 Save $39 F.

New! Your secret identity is safe C.

“Just between you and me, I know who you really are.” — Your Wallet Imagine if your wallet could talk. What would it say about you to the world? Well, the problem is, some people’s wallets are spilling the beans and their owners don’t even know it. With modern gadgetry, high-tech crooks are swiping credit card numbers and other important information without picking any pockets. By using hidden, specially designed electronic card readers these thieves can run off with details they could use to empty an account long before you’ve been made aware of the crime. So what can you do to stop this sort of behavior? Become a man of steel. Carrying the Stauer Stainless Steel Wallet is like wrapping your personal information in an impenetrable fortress. So if you want your wallet to save the day, this is where you need to store your cards and cash. Even advanced devices can’t break through the armored barrier that this all-stainless-steel sidekick provides. But is it functional too? Of course. The construction is durable but also surprisingly supple and comfortable. Sturdy stitching along each edge holds it all together, and the multiple internal sleeves and pockets are better than a utility belt, ensuring that you’ve got all the room you need for whatever you carry. So go ahead, steel your identity. Measures 4 ⅓" x 3 ⅔".


Woven from micro fibers of stainless steel!

A smart investment in beauty Those in the know have been buying gold for the last three years and gold prices have soared. Smartly dressed women can now join in the gold rush with .999 fine gold ingot jewelry, direct from the Swiss bank with a certificate of authenticity. I. Our one- and two-gram ingots are individually numbered and scintillate in that special warm color that you can only experience with fine gold. We know that you have a heart of pure gold, but a little gold bullion can truly “enrich” your look. Each 1-gram ingot is ¾" long; the 2-gram ingot is 1" long. Each ingot dangles from an 18" chain with spring-ring clasp and 2" extender.



G. #15594 1 Gram Gold Ingot Necklace $399 H. #15596 2 Gram Gold Ingot Necklace $599 I. #15598 1 Gram Platinum Ingot Necklace $499

D. #23133 Stainless Steel Wallet $29 50 1-800-806-1484 51

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American Express

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The only cookware that deserves to be in a jewelry catalog!

Congratulations. You are about to buy your last skillet—ever! The makers of DiamondPlus™ have found a way to turn the hardest substance on Earth into the world’s finest non-stick cooking surface. The same precious gemstone forged over millions of years in the pressure and heat underground is now a gourmet superstar. The geniuses behind DiamondPlus have taken those legendary diamonds out of the fire...and put them into your frying pan! It starts with the heat. The DiamondPlus skillet heats up more quickly and evenly without hot spots. Hot spots don’t only ruin dinner, they can cause permanent damage to your pan. Ordinary non-stick surfaces can’t handle high cooking temperatures and buckle under the stress. DiamondPlus pans are safe up to 500ºF and guaranteed not to warp. Effortless cooking and cleaning. DiamondPlus reinforces the surface of every pan using an advanced, German-engineered process using robotics and nano-technology. The application forms a virtually indestructible surface that is guaranteed not to crack, blister, bubble or peel. And because it conducts heat so uniformly, you can sear, brown, steam, stir-fry and sauté evenly and quickly. Clean-up is just a wipe away! Use your metal spatula without worry. While you wouldn’t dare use metal utensils on some “non-stick” pans, diamond is the hardest, most durable non-stick surface in the world. We’re so confident in the toughness of DiamondPlus cookware that we offer a LIFETIME guarantee. DiamondPlus™­ Pans: A. #21647 10-pc. Set $699 10-pc. set includes; 8" Fry Pan, 9.5" Fry Pan & Cover, 2.1 qt. Sauce Pan & Cover, 3.2 qt. Sauce Pan & Cover, 6.3 qt. Soup Pot & Cover and 11" Sauté Pan.

#21648 7-pc. Set $499

7-pc. set includes; 8" Fry Pan, 2.1 qt. Sauce Pan & Cover, 9.5" Fry Pan & Cover, and 6.3 qt. Soup Pot & Cover.

#21624 11" Skillet $99 #21623 8" Fry Pan $59

A. 53

Stauer Select Collection A.

1 carat genuine blue diamond solitaire

Off into the wild blue yonder There’s a whole world of color where only pilots can reach. Up over the clouds, where B. the sun shines all day. Reds, purples and blues that make you feel like you’ve just seen heaven. Or so they say. But those colors so high above? You can also find them deep underground. Our brilliant Blue Diamond Ring features 18K white gold a natural hand-cut mined diamond and genuine that has been gemologically heated to intensify the blue color spectrum of the blue diamonds natural stone to a rare and dazzling, color-enhanced Atlantic Blue. Stauer Blue Diamonds are available in a one-half carat ring or as a full 1 carat ring showcased in an elegant four-pronged setting of 18K white gold. Don’t miss this chance to own your very own piece of blue heaven. A. #W5439 18K White Gold Blue Diamond Ring (1 ctw) $2,495 #W5440 18K White Gold Blue Diamond Ring (½ ctw) $1,495 B. #  17004 18K White Gold Blue Diamond Earrings (½ ctw) $1,195 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

2,500-year-old rope trick 14K gold hand-made triple rope design


Maybe you’ve heard the Tibetan myth about a great king who descends on a D. “sky rope” from heaven. He came to find a queen and remained on Earth until their son learned to ride a horse. Then he returned up the rope into heaven. This cycle was repeated for seven generations until the king accidentally cut the rope during a duel. The king was defeated, the slack of the heavenly rope fell to the ground and mortal man took control of the Tibetan dynasties. End of story, right? Not quite. There’s more. What you won’t find in the ancient texts is a prophecy that this fantastic story would one day catch the attention of a jeweler. You won’t find any mention of a goldsmith handcrafting a collection of solid 14K gold rope jewelery. There are no dusty books with sketches of this exceptional pendant. No record of a centuries-old, symbolic arrangement of interlocked ropes, loops and beadwork set inside of an infinitely perfect golden circle. Nothing about the 18" twisted 14K gold chain or the matching, post-back drop earrings. You won’t find this necklace in the history books because it’s time is now. Yes, the Mandala Necklace and Earrings may look inspired by a 2,500-year-old rope trick, but trust us... this is a thoroughly modern masterpiece. C. #21722 14K Gold Mandala Necklace $499 D. #21720 14K Gold Mandala Earrings $699

54 1-800-806-1484

It’s time to trade up


I once heard about a man who swapped a watch for a car. It sounds ridiculous until you realize that it was a vintage tourbillon, the “Holy Grail of mechanical movements.” If you ask me, the guy who ended up with the watch got the sweeter deal. Compared to the rarity and prestige of that timepiece, fine Italian sports cars are a dime a dozen. After all, the tourbillon is a movement so complex it counters the effects of gravity. Other companies sell similar watches for as much as $200,000, but the Stauer Rotero can be yours for 99% less! The tourbillon (French for “whirlwind”) was invented in 1795 and remains the crowning achievement for any luxury watch company. Only a handful of the world’s finest watchmakers make tourbillons—most don’t even try. This 28-jewel automatic tourbillon features an elegant antique-styled face with Roman numerals and two additional complications—day of the week and date—beneath scratch-resistant Cotswold™ Crystal. The balance wheel and escapement are encased in a rotating cage, visible through a window at 6 o’clock. The coin-edged stainless steel case shimmers with goldtoned details and includes an exhibition back (also protected by Cotswold Crystal) that offers a remarkable view into the 250-part precision workings of this masterpiece. Wear this watch and it’s likely someday you’ll hear the hopeful words, “Wanna trade?” We know your answer will be, “No.” E. #21125 Stauer Rotero Automatic Tourbillon $1,995

limited quantities

The luxury of right now Can you help us spread the word? We’re tired of people saying that the best is yet to come. On the one hand, that seems optimistic. But on the other hand, it ignores the greatness of the here and now. So let’s say it together: “These are my golden years!” That term shouldn’t be reserved for retirement. It’s like everyone is waiting for an idyllic time in the future. Some day you’ll take it easy. Some day you’ll treat yourself to the finer things. One day you’ll have all the time in the world. But why not now? The Stauer Ahora 14K Gold and Diamond Watch represents the most precious time in your life: right now. The present. This moment. So wear it proudly. We crafted this watch to be a delicate symbol, a gentle reminder of all the moments happening now that deserve your attention. Completely fashioned in glistening 14K yellow gold, with a linked band that feels as soft as silk, this watch glows with a warmth you won’t believe. The lustrous Mother of Pearl face flickers and shines with light below the sapphire crystal, while the glimmering hands gracefully indicate the time at each golden hour mark. At twelve and six, classic Roman numerals stand out boldly. But the boldest part of this timepiece is certainly the halo of 28 brilliant round-cut natural white diamonds that shimmers along the bezel. Nothing says, “Carpe Diem” like diamonds. Slip this watch on your wrist and retire the attitude that you have to hold off on enjoying life! F. #21741 Stauer Ahora 14K Gold & Diamond Ladies Watch (⅓ ctw) $2,295 $1,995


14K gold and white diamonds! 55

Stauer Select Collection A.

Thank heaven for Mr. Blue The best blue diamonds in the world are invisible. Most of us will never see them. Even when they make it to the international auctions, they don’t last long. I’ve seen it a dozen times. Once a brilliant blue hits the block, some serious guy in a dark suit answers his cell phone and the diamond just disappears. Do an internet search for “famous blue diamonds.” Every one of the top ten are either locked away in a museum vault or in the possession of a mysterious billionaire. It didn’t seem fair. So I called my good friend in Belgium. We’ll call him Mr. Blue. Despite his sad-sounding name, he had nothing but good news. And as you know by now, good news for me is great news for you. Mr. Blue came through in a big way. This Belgian Blue Diamond Ring wouldn’t exist without him. Thanks to an exceptional deal on a cache of beautiful, brilliant-cut blue diamonds, I’m proud to offer this 1-carat, 14-stone work of art. Each blue diamond round is prong-set in gleaming, 14K white gold. One pair of larger stones sits higher in the setting, flanked by expertly-set groups of six. Colored diamonds are coveted for a reason. Nothing shines quite like the facets of a genuine diamond seen through the shade of such heavenly hue. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience the magic up close. Though the soothing color will last a lifetime, the chance to wear this magnificent ring is fading fast! A. #W5793 14K White Gold Belgian Blue Diamond Ring (1 ctw) $999 Specify ring size 6-9 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

New! A hundred years behind its time


56 1-800-806-1484

All of master watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang’s watches run slow. One hundred years slow actually. That was the epoch when the most technically perfect timepieces were built. Devotion to craft and obsession with precision was the norm. And it’s the modus operandi that inspires Lang’s watchmaking today. The Régulateur was launched as a limited-edition series in 1987. It was the first serially produced wristwatch with a regulator-type dial and the hand-wind masterpiece that introduced the Chronoswiss brand to the world. Distinguished by its regulator hours subdial and off-center seconds, the Grand Régulateur is everything a fine watch should be: flawlessly designed, faithfully accurate, and breathtakingly beautiful. Its guilloché .925 sterling silver dial is surrounded by a brilliant stainless steel bezel featuring screwed strap lugs and the Chronoswiss signature crown. Inside, the Grand Régulateur’s 17-jeweled Swiss-made movement achieves an incredible 99.98 percent degree of precision. All components are worked and finished by hand and on display through the exhibition-style case back. The watch secures with a genuine alligator leather band and is water-resistant to 3 ATM. A Chronoswiss today is still a hundred years behind its time. You can’t get any more modern than that. B. #23067 Grand Régulateur Manual Winding Watch $7,999

More bad news for the filthy rich We’ve lowered the gold standard. It’s true, while the price of gold has blown through the roof, Stauer is the only company bold enough to cut the price. But that’s not all. The Duchess of D. Windsor once famously opined that a woman could never be too rich or too thin. And might we add that the 14K gold necklace she wears can never be too rich or too divinely, delightfully weightless! Intricately interwoven E. Byzantine links lend our braided necklace its mesmerizing texture, but it’s the ethereal weight of its gold that makes it different from all the others in your jewelry box. Not only does that notable enhancement make it incredibly comfortable to wear, it also affords each and every link a litheness and suppleness seldom seen in heavier gold chains. The bracelet measures 7 ½" and the necklace measures 20". Each is available separately, but when you keep this gorgeous couple together, you instantly save $295! Wearing genuine 14K gold and keeping change in your pocket? That’s the true definition of luxury.


Exquisite Byzantine design in 14K gold

14K Gold Byzantine Braided Collection C. #19792 Byzantine Bracelet $795 D. #14509 Byzantine Necklace $1,295 E. #22206 Byzantine Earrings $299 #19834 Bracelet and Necklace Set $2,090 $1,795 Save $295

Rare flower only grows underground Once in a while, nature needs a boost. For centuries, only the Aztecs had access to the rare beauty of the dahlia. But the rest of the world got their chance in the late 18th-century, when botanists sent seeds from Mexico to Madrid. The remarkable flower quickly became the toast of Europe, and owning it became a mark of distinguished status and taste. Experts often described the dahlia as an intense explosion of color, arranged in perfectly-portioned, symmetrical petals. Which sounded like an excellent idea. Our 18" Dahlia Diamond Necklace bloomed slowly, through the patient collection of rare colored diamonds. The extensive search uncovered a rainbow of hues that were set into 14K yellow gold and outlined with dozens of white, brilliant-cut natural diamonds. The flower shimmers like a carousel of colored facets—one enormous bloom made up of close to 300 individually-set diamonds (1 ⅓ total carats)! The matching Dahlia Diamond Ring features a solid band of 14K yellow gold set with more than 100 white and colored diamonds (1 carat) that criss-cross in a corsage pattern. Don’t miss your chance to own the world’s only flower that grows underground! F. #21626 Dahlia Diamond Necklace (1 ⅓ ctw) $1,799 G. #W5755 Dahlia Diamond Ring (1 ctw) $1,299 G.

A rainbow of colored diamonds! F.

Specify ring size 6-9 when ordering. See size chart on order form. 57

The shortcut to buried treasure A.

The bag that can keep a secret

History is full of headlines like, “Local man stumbles on ancient gold” or “Scuba crew discovers Spanish coin cargo.” You read the stories and wish it was you. You wonder if maybe there E. are more fortunes to be found, missing at sea or hiding underground. But before you rush outside with a shovel or jump headfirst into the Atlantic, we’d like to save you some trouble. Because for every lucky stiff, there are a million broken hearts. If you want to win the luxury lottery, forget about digging and diving. We’ve found a much easier way.

You may not have realized it before this very moment, but your handbag lives a double life. All handbags, in fact, since the first simple coin purses were carried through ancient streets, have displayed multiple personalities. That’s because handbags have always served two purposes. They conceal. And they reveal. Of course, we can guess at the things they hide, the everyday essentials like cell phones, cosmetics, and keys. But what they divulge openly is so much more interesting. Because every handbag sends a message. Our Stauer Leather Revelatta keeps all your possessions G. secure, while still managing to tell the world the right things about you. Its goldtoned accents and smooth clean lines, say that you’ve got an impeccable sense of style. Its sturdy but supple genuine leather construction and large full-zip top opening say you appreciate the classics. And if you’re hoping it’ll say something about your intelligence, we’ve got you covered there too...because this bag does the same job of carrying your classified contents as similar-looking “luxury” brands that can cost as much as $8,000—it just does it while declaring you’re too smart to spend too much.

Our Asombro 8-Strand Necklace is a treasure that doesn’t play hard to get. This 18" stunner is a classic golden beauty with a twist. The eight 14K gold-clad strands combine for a look of weighty affluence. But the airy popcorn chains make this accessory the ultimate lightweight luxury. All of the chains meet at a pair of gold-layered, decorative end caps that connect with a lobster clasp and 2"extender. There’s never been an easier way to enjoy the finer things while keeping your feet dry and your hands clean! Asombro 8-Strand 14K Gold-Clad Collection D. #21821 Necklace $49 E. #22616 Bracelet $59 #22617 Necklace & Bracelet Set $108 $99

Pharaoh’s treasure found on desert island The legend of peridot began on a remote volB. canic island called Zagbargad, located about 50 miles from the coast in the Red Sea. The island hid a rich supply of the vivid green gem. And once that gorgeous green glint caught the eye of Ancient Egypt’s pharaohs, the little island would never be the same. It’s easy to see why Egypt’s most powerful rulers and royalty were seduced by the green C. stone. Peridot is a rarity among gemstones because it occurs in only one color–a rich, verdant green that people historically mistook to be emerald. In fact, Cleopatra’s beloved “emeralds” were more likely peridot, mined from the mysterious Isle of the Serpents. Our Peridot Sunburst Collection captures that radiant color in an elegant corsage of marquise-cut peridot, set in gleaming sterling silver. We’ve arranged all 18 gems in a blossom of fiery facets that deliver a dramatic light show, even indoors. Peridot Sunburst Collection A. #W5598 Ring (2 ctw) $99

Revelatta Handbag Collection F. #22767 Black Leather $199 G. #22787 Red Croc-Embossed Leather $199 H. #23025 Green Leather $199


Get this Asombro 8-strand necklace for $49!



Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

B. #19829 Earrings (4 ¾ ctw) $99 C. #20229 18" Necklace (3 3/5 ctw) $99 #20264 Necklace and Earrings Set $198 $179 58



A license to print Monet?

Wrap yourself inC. fine art masterpieces



If you learn one thing from the finest museums in the world, it’s that art was made for the eyes. Look all you want, but keep your distance. If you suddenly have the urge to feel the art? Too bad. Touching is strictly forbidden. And the odds that any museum would let you actually wrap yourself up in a masterpiece? Less than zero. Until now... Our friends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art have found a way to take their art out of the gallery and put it into your closet. They have secured the exclusive rights to reprint the famous works of Monet and Louis Comfort Tiffany onto spectacular, 100% silk chiffon scarves. The ultimate art-lover’s accessory, each 64-inch scarf complements your outfits and sparks conversation wherever you go. Nothing flows or feels like silk chiffon and nothing captivates like the work of two of history’s most important artists. Monet’s “Bridge and Water Lilies” was among the 250 paintings he created at his garden in Giverny. And Louis Comfort Tiffany’s “Magnolia and Irises” favrile window stands as one of the most beautiful examples of the glassmaker’s work. A brand new way to get wrapped up in art! Metropolitan Museum of Art Scarves Collection A. #22779 Louis Comfort Tiffany Iris Scarf $99 B. #22781 Claude Monet Water Lilies Scarf $99 #22780 Water Lilies & Tiffany Iris Scarf Set $198 $149 Save $49

Keep time with one of the most iconic silver coins in American history!


The Mona Lisa is missing It’s true! If you visit the Louvre to catch a glimpse of the world’s most famous painting, you may be disappointed. It’s gone. Hidden from view. Of course nobody stole or destroyed it. But years of protective varnish have obscured its original hues. Researchers used advanced digital photo technology to capture a high-resolution image of the masterpiece. Then they virtually adjusted the picture and returned Da Vinci’s beauty to her original splendor. It was discovered that the crisp blue sky behind Mona was painted with lapis lazuli pigment. D.

We can’t paint like Da Vinci. But we have our own techniques for using lapis to create objects of beauty. And with our new Leonardo Lapis Necklace, I’d say we’ve created a masterpiece. It’s like wearing a piece of art. Twenty spectacular polished lapis beads are hand strung along the entire 18” length of the piece, each separated by a glimmering gold-toned spacer. A dazzling lapis drop, stunningly set in gold over sterling silver dangles gracefully and seduces the eye with a deep blue reminiscent of the sky after a storm. Lucky for you, no high-tech equipment is required to see the true blue hues of this lapis beauty. In fact, I’d say a picture wouldn’t do it justice. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Leonardo Lapis Collection C. #21362 Necklace (300 ctw $149 D. #22096 Earrings (20 ctw) $79 #22097 Necklace and Earrings Set $228 $199 Save $29 60


My fellow Americans... The Stauer Executive Half-Dollar Watch lets you keep time with the coin that made history

T C.

300 carats of luxurious lapis lazuli

his is an American love story. But not the kind that starts with a boy and a girl. In this love story, there’s just a man and his country. I’m the kind of guy that can’t help but feel patriotic all year round. On Memorial Day with flags waving proudly. When the fireworks are booming on the Fourth of July. Or just making the most of my freedom by enjoying a lazy afternoon ballgame. No matter where or when I’m feeling proud to be an American, I like to wear my patriotism right on my sleeve, or at least on my wrist. We got our inspiration for this truly American timepiece straight from the top. In 1964, the first John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollars were minted. The 90% silver coin was the last silver half-dollar struck by the U.S. Mint, largely because the coins were so unbelievably popular. Although millions were struck, few went into circulation because collectors so quickly snatched them up. The popularity of the coin was due in large part to its spectacular design. The obverse showed a handsome portrait of President Kennedy, and the reverse displayed a gleaming design of the Seal of the President of the United States.

The seal has been an enduring symbol of our nation since World War II and features the iconic bald eagle grasping arrows and an olive branch, the symbols of war and peace. Above floats a banner reading “E Pluribus Unum,” and fifty stars representing each state circle the crest. This same design had been personally selected by President Kennedy for his inaugural medal and was the ideal reverse for this handsome coin (the master engraver who sculpted it was the same artist who created the reverse design for the Lincoln penny). Watchmakers transformed this iconic coin into a unique and striking timepiece. Expertly set inside an alloy case, the coin’s reverse acts as the dial. Three blued hands, driven by the precision quartz movement, mark the time behind a disc of tough, Cotswold™ crystal. The watch secures with a genuine black leather band. Whether you’re a coin collector, a history buff, or just a true-blue American, this watch will always be a reminder of why you’re proud to call America home. Fits wrist 6 ¾"–8 ½". E. #22423 Stauer Executive Half Dollar Watch $149


The stone that started it all The Ancient Greeks knew how to rock. You want proof? Just look at what they left behind. Not only is the beauty of their creations still evident in the ruins of their temples and sculptures, but archeological digs in Ancient Greece have also unearthed what may be the oldest mineral used as a gemstone… chalcedony.




Unlock the secret to eternal happiness The South Pacific islanders are among the happiest people on Earth, but their secret formula for fulfillment isn’t for sale. F. Not exactly. If you want to live as carefree as the Balinese, you need to embrace a lifestyle of artistic expression, spiritual devotion and harmony with nature. Our Bali Serenity Collection showcases the island’s remarkable talent in four pieces that beautifully combine .925 sterling silver, 18K gold, blue topaz and the heavenly luster of saltwater mabe pearls. The pearl is the focus of every piece (mabes are cultured “half pearls” that grow against the inside of the shell, giving them a flat side) and each is surrounded by a flourish of sterling silver granulation, 18K gold ropework and a quartet of dazzling, brilliant-cut blue topaz rounds. Individually and together, the exceptional works of art in this collection transform exotic Bali beauty into pure bliss!


Dating from as far back as 10,000 B.C., it could be said that scientists uncovered the origins of luxury. And it seems especially fitting that Stauropolis, the city from which Stauer gets its name, was located just a stone’s throw away. Stauropolis (in what is now modern-day Turkey) was once named Aphrodisias in honor of the goddess of love and was considered a haven for sculptors, poets, philosophers, and anyone else who knew how to enjoy the finer things in life… which surely included chalcedony. Our 24" Aphrodisias Pink Chalcedony Necklace is a parade of smooth chalcedony nuggets that display a hue as soft and beautiful as the petals of a pink rose. To get the full experience of wearing a gem almost as old as time itself, you need more. So combine the soothingly sweet color of the necklace with a matching bracelet and elegant earrings.

Bali Serenity Collection. E. #W5846 Ring (3/5 ctw) $249

Aphrodisias Pink Chalcedony Collection A. #22598 Necklace (1000 ctw) 3 payments of $49 B. #22600 Bracelet (350 ctw) $79 C. #22602 Earrings (75 ctw) $59 #22603 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $285 $149 Save $136!

The elegant gold-on-midnight palette and two-tone stainless link bracelet gives this tough watch a sophisticated look. But the Biosphere is no fashion plate. It’s a luxury watch that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. It’s water-resistant down to 660 feet or 20 atmospheres, a feat facilitated by a hardened sapphire crystal and screw-down back. And luminous hands and markers afford clearer visibility in low-light surroundings—perfect for wreck-diving off the coast of Spain or dining after dark in Paris. Fits wrists 7" to 8 ¾". D. #17467 Stauer Swiss Dive Biosphere Chronograph 5 payments of $65 Compare at $1,195!

F. #22595 Cuff Bracelet (2 ctw) $349 #22591 Key Pendant (3/5 ctw) $199 #22593 Earrings (1 ½ ctw) $299 #22596 Pendant & Earrings Set $498 $399 Save $99 #16480 Bali Tulang Naga Chain $149 Sold separately

Going “green” just got more glamorous

Swiss diver hits rock bottom The best dive watches on Earth are made by artists with their heads in the clouds. You can’t get any further away from the ocean floor than a watchmaker’s workshop in the snowy Swiss Alps. Serious dive enthusiasts swear by Switzerland’s legendary craftsmen, who have earned their reputation as “Timekeepers to the World.” Once upon a time you needed your own Swiss bank account to afford the caché that came with owning a genuine Swiss-made chronograph. But today we shatter our own record and shock the luxury retail world with our Stauer Swiss Dive Biosphere—yours for under $350!

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

Science has found a way to build a better emerald. A jewel as vivid as you’ve ever seen with flashes of gorgeous green that usually only show up around spring. Even then, only in the most remote parts of the Brazilian rainforest. I. It’s true. The mineral composition, heat and pressure of Scienza™ are all controlled in the laboratory, so the scientifically-grown emeralds have more luster and brilliance than most mined stones. Scienza emeralds are identical to the natural gem in every way: color, sparkle, hardness, and composition. The one big difference is price. Our Verde Ring features a stunning 2 ¼-carat Scienza lab-created emerald centerpiece. The emerald-cut lab stone is set in the finest platinum-layered, .925 sterling silver. Both shoulders absolutely sparkle with a dozen lab-created DiamondAura® baguettes and 30 brilliant DiamondAura rounds. Scienza™ Lab-created Emerald & DiamondAura® Verde Collection G. #W5537 Ring (3 ¼ ctw) Appraised at $590* Stauer Price $249 H.




Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

H. #18959 Earrings (6 ½ ctw) $249 I. #18961 Necklace (5 ¾ ctw) $249 #18962 Earrings & Necklace Set $498 4 payments of $99 *See page 52 for details

62 1-800-806-1484 63

From Russia, with love


The rich green in our Romanova Ring comes courtesy of chrome diopside, a vividly-colored gemstone pulled from deep within the frigid earth in remote Russia. But that brilliance doesn’t come easy. The region’s brutal weather makes winter mining near impossible and the stone itself is extremely tricky to cut. We secured a cache of some of the rarest, gem-quality chrome diopside on the planet for this ring, which features a 2-carat cluster of faceted ovals set in gleaming .925 sterling silver. The band’s detailed silverwork is dappled with twinkling white topaz rounds to bring out even more of the magical hue. Chrome diopside has an uncanny color that actually sparkles more brilliantly green than emerald (it has nearly twice the refraction index). This “gem that came in from the cold” is guaranteed to warm her heart. A. #W5617 Romanova Ring (2 ½ ctw) $149 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

Three fairies walk into a bar... As long as we can remember, fairies have been elusive creatures. If you were lucky enough to spot them in the woods, it was only for an instant. And even then, you kept it to yourself. Magic is a tough sell these days. If you want people to believe in it, you’ve got to give them proof.

Luxury comes in all sizes


Handmade and 100% natural

Wear the timeless look of royalty!


That’s why we’re happy to present Exhibit A, B, and C. Each handmade soap captures an elegant fairy draped in mythical detail, from soft fabric folds to fresh flower petals. Unlike commercially-produced soaps, these lushly-scented bars have no synthetic chemical preservatives. Each is crafted using the finest natural ingredients (including goat’s milk, olive oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E) to refresh, clean and moisturize. Are they soap or sculpture? Is this trio too pretty to use? We’ll leave that up to you. D.

B. #22377 Handmade Fairy Soap Collection (set of 3) $29

Grandfather clock fits in your pocket C.

In 1876 Henry Clay Work wrote a famous song about a clock his grandfather owned that ran for as long as the man lived, some 90 years. It’s from that song “grandfather” clocks got their name. We can only hope that our Stauer Grandfather Pocket Watch will stick around that long, but if nothing else, maybe it will help you keep that cell phone in your pocket the next time someone asks for the time. In our opinion, those cold digital displays just can’t compete with the classic refinement of this watch’s elegant gold-toned case and beautifully-embossed white dial. Who wouldn’t rather show off the stylish details of the sun/moon dial window and 24-hour indicator? Just like Henry’s grandfather’s clock, this watch is kept running with old-fashioned manual winding. And the escapement and balance wheel are visible through the hardened crystal. Just because something can fit in your pocket doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Comes complete with a classic 14" pocketwatch chain. C. #19967 Stauer Grandfather Pocket Watch $149

64 1-800-806-1484

he Nizams were the princely E. rulers of Hyderabad. For seven generations and over 220 years their family dynasty ruled central India. They helped usher in the industrial revolution. They constructed ornate palaces and public buildings. And of course, they amassed a fortune in precious gems. But while their legendary F. collection was among the largest in the world, it was likely the tiniest “jewel” that they valued most. Seed pearls were a staple of Indian royalty for centuries. The small (usually no bigger than 2mm) saltwater pearls were collected from rich oyster deposits in the Red Sea and used as lavish decoration for the royalty’s luxury lifestyle. Our Nizam Collection was inspired by some of the remarkable pieces found among the rulers’ massive collection, now considered a national treasure. The 18” Nizam Necklace features ten strands of lustrous antique white glass beads interspersed with 14K gold layered filigree beads, decorative spacers and bands of genuine cultured seed pearls. Long ago, the Indian royalty insisted that every row of tiny pearls be strung with horsehair (we use professional-grade jeweler’s thread). The necklace secures with a gold-layered lobster clasp. Complete your regal collection with the matching 7" bracelet and the tassel-style Nizam Earrings. This is one small indulgence that makes a huge impression! Nizam Collection D. #23286 Necklace $149 E. #23288 Bracelet $99 F. #23290 Earrings $99 #23291 Bracelet & Earrings Set $198 $129 Save $69

Photo enlarged to show detail. 65

$49 for 2 carats of London blue topaz!


For true blue connoisseurs

Dreaming of Paris

B. French novelist Colette once wrote that “there are connoisseurs of blue, just as there are connoisseurs of wine.” She appreciated the subtle flavors and variations of the color. She knew there was a difference between the shade of the shallow Mediterranean waters off Saint Tropez and the deep hue of a cloudless summer sky. Colette knew a gorgeous blue when she saw it. Lucky for you, so did we. Today, the most coveted variety of blue topaz is the luxurious London Blue. Darker than Sky or Swiss Blue, the steely London Blues capture the vivacious side of an otherwise calm-colored gemstone. But we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. You’re invited to see for yourself. Capture the world’s most beautiful blue in our 2-Carat London Blue Topaz Studs for the unbelievable price of ONLY $49! Each earring features a 1-carat topaz round, prong-set in the finest .925 sterling silver. You can take home these stunning 2-carat studs for less than $50. It’s a dream come blue! London Blue Topaz Collection A. #21675 Earrings (2 ctw) $49 B. #W5757 Ring (5 ½ ctw) $199

The Lutetia Collection is a French classic that brings the City of Lights to life right before your eyes...


ou can go for a stroll in the rain or see the sunset from the Eiffel tower. Linger after a breakfast at the Café du Marche to do some people watching, or cruise the Seine. No matter what you do, you’re bound to fall in love in Paris—with the city and whoever you’re with. And she’s bound to fall in love with what the French are wearing... especially these Made-in-Paris pieces from the Lutetia Parisian Collection. The more Paris changes, the more it stays the same. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Paris is one of the few places on the planet that always lives up to expectations. Even as it entered the modern era, it’s held on to all that made it grand for centuries. Self-expression is second nature to the French. And that creative freedom and dedication to quality has put their designers in a class by themselves. This collection captures all of the sumptuous, European luxury that French jewelers are famous for, but at a price that will leave you saying “au revoir” to overspending for elegance. Our Lutetia Parisian Necklace is a parade of smooth loops and hand-hammered links (each delicately dipped in 24K gold), alternating with lustrous, white baubles. The striking 36" strand secures with a decorative, 24K gold-dipped toggle clasp. Each of the companion earrings glows like a street lamp along the Champs-Elysses, with its single gleaming white sphere wrapped in a 24K gold-dipped cage. So whether you’ve been to Paris and dream of going back, or have yet to visit and yearn to go, just slip into this necklace and you’re more than halfway there!

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

#21676 Earrings and Ring Set $248 $199 Save $49

Prepare your acceptance speech You always knew her as the shy one. She only spoke when spoken to and, even then, only in D. a whisper. She was the understudy of her own life, waiting offstage for her chance to step into the spotlight. But when you ran into her years later, she was hosting an awards ceremony. She commanded the room from a podium in front of hundreds of distinguished guests. She was a changed woman. Confident. Captivating. Her transformation was complete. But what was her secret? It may well have been the agate necklace she was wearing. After all, there’s an ancient belief that red agate (or carnelian) has the power to cure a weak voice and timid speech. A famous 13th-century text prescribes the stone for actors and public speakers. While the agate might have been what gave her courage, it was certainly what helped her look stunning. Our Daria Necklace is loaded with 100 carats of bold, Brazilian red agate. The glistening red beads are set between 14K gold-layered spacers. The 16" strand secures with a 14K gold-layered lobster clasp and includes a 2" extender. Add the matching 10-carat drop earrings and the complete collection speaks for itself. Daria Red Agate Collection C. #21823 Necklace (100 ctw) $99 D. #21819 Earrings (10 ctw) $79 #21848 Necklace & Earrings Set $178 $129 Save $49 66 1-800-806-1484



Lutetia Parisian Collection E. #22490 Necklace $159 F. #22464 Earrings $129 #22465 Necklace & Earrings Set $288 $199 Save $89


Made in France 67

Renew your wows

Say “I love you” in ancient Greek


Deep inside a library in Oxford, England, B. those who know where to look will find a small papyrus manuscript. This ancient paper from the 6th century B.C., contains poetry by Sappho, the Ancient Greek lyric poetess. If the idea of Sappho’s words surviving the millennia pulls your heartstrings, then our Eos Blue Chalcedony Collection will sound like a symphony. These brilliant blue gemstones have formed slowly through the ages, from before Sappho put ancient ink to papyrus through to her exaltation as “the 10th muse.” These ancient stones have been faceted as carefully as Sappho crafted C. her words, and set in 14K gold-layered sterling silver. Whether you wear the 28" necklace with 94 carats of chalcedony, the enchanting earrings of two stones each or the singular ring with a solo stone, the message from our Eos Collection is loud and clear: It is impossible to silence the poetry of passion. Eos Blue Chalcedony Collection A. #22740 Necklace (94 ctw) $199 B. #W5865 Ring (3 ctw) $99


Dearly Beloved Rings appraised at $550* Yours for under $150

Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for size chart.

C. #22729 Earrings (25 ctw) $129 #22741 Necklace, Ring & Earrings Set $427 $299 Save $128

Earn a standing ovation at the opera without singing a note

Opening night at La Scala feels like stepping backE. wards in time. If it wasn’t for the cell phones and sports cars, you would swear it was a 100 years ago. Was that Giuseppe Verdi on the steps? It’s easy to get caught up in the drama at the opera. Every emotion booms out as a song. The greatest operas in the world—Carmen, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly—revolve around love, jealousy and tragedy. Off stage, the spectacle inspires the audience to dress like kings and queens for the night. When you want your jewelry to rattle the rafters like an Italian aria, try our Verdi Opera Necklace. The spectacular rope features 60" of cultured freshwater 6mm pearls that can be looped, layered, knotted and dangled in dozens of dramatic combinations. There are few pieces that deliver more style and class than a string of lustrous white pearls. The Verdi Necklace is hand-knotted on sturdy jeweler’s thread, a continuous strand that does not include a clasp. The perfect accessory for your command performance! Verdi Cultured Freshwater Pearls D. #18460 60" Necklace $99 E. #18462 8" Bracelet $79 #18479 Necklace & Bracelet Set $178 $129 Save $49 68


Marriage is not a wedding. Or a honeymoon. G. Or even a Golden Anniversary. Marriage is a journey that you take one day at a time. It’s a road with ups, downs and plenty of curves along the way. We don’t always know what lies ahead, but we have plenty of ways to keep things interesting. Learn to tango. Head south for the weekend. Or just take her breath away with a tiny box. We’ve definitely designed the DiamondAura® Dearly Beloved Set with matrimony in mind. The engagement ring captures the rush of romance with a dramatic lab-created DiamondAura centerpiece and the ornate shoulders are set with smaller, brilliant rounds. Set in an exquisitely-detailed sterling silver band, the brilliant, 2-carat round-cut sparkles with even more fire and clarity than a “D” flawless natural diamond. The loving couple is made complete with an equally stunning wedding band, lavished with channel-set, lab-created DiamondAura in an elegant band lush with vintage-inspired detail. DiamondAura® Dearly Beloved Collection F. #W5622 Ring (2 ¾ ctw) Appraised at $550* Stauer Price $149

Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

G. #20491 Earrings (2 1/6 ctw) $129 #20495 Ring and Earrings Set $278 $199 Save $79 *See page 52 for details

Swiss bust Greek gold myth

Genuine Swiss movement

Once upon a time, the vast gold deposits of northern Europe were little more than a myth. Even the brightest minds of the Greek Empire didn’t know where the gold came from or how it was produced. All they knew for sure was that one-eyed mountain people stole it from the Griffins, fierce beasts with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Creative, but not even close. In the 5th century BC, Herodotus wrote, “The most outlying lands…are likely to have those things which we think are the finest and the rarest.” At least he was right about something. There’s no mystery about where we found the precious gold for this Alta Gold Ingot Watch. You can read for yourself that the stunning centerpiece of this unique watch comes straight from the legendary “outlying lands” of the snow-covered Swiss Alps.



The Alta Gold Ingot Watch boasts a 1-gram ingot of 99.99% pure gold, issued by the world-famous Credit Suisse. Each features a unique serial number and sits at the center of a radiant, 14K rose gold-fused dial. The stainless-steel case is fused with rose gold and a rectangle of sturdy Cotswold™ Crystal protects the elegantly minimalist design. But the Ingot Watch is more than just a pretty face.

60 inches of genuine pearls!

Inside, you get the luxury of legendary precision with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. The Alta secures with a genuine leather band and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs. Of course, the best part is that you can enjoy this perfect pairing of Swiss gold and Swiss movement without having to face any mythological monsters. H. #21456 Alta Gold Ingot Watch $399



2-carat DiamondAura® timepiece under $130

Time to smell the roses

Legendary Swiss precision for less!

It sounds odd, but I never have any spare time when I visit Geneva. Between the business meetings, factory tours and more meetings, there’s barely time for me to breathe. If I want a break, I have to steal it. So during my last trip, I made a run for it after lunch. I turned off my cell phone. And then I went for a stroll along the lake to clear my head and forget about work. But a stroll through the birthplace of the Swiss watch industry is a terrible place to try and forget about work. The cool breeze off Lake Geneva and the lush greenery of the Jardin Anglais (English Garden) were relaxing. Then I saw the Flower Clock. Planted in 1955, the working public clock has a breathtaking dial composed of more than 6,000 blooms, arranged in an elaborate design of eight concentric circles. Inspiration never sleeps. Obviously fresh flowers wouldn’t last a minute on the wrist, so I decided to replace the gladiolas with gemstones. I borrowed the brilliant bouquet look for our Jardin Watch, which features a rose gold-fused oval case studded with 2 ctw-twinkling, lab-created DiamondAura®. The elongated mother-of-pearl face shimmers with iridescent color and features oversized Roman numeral indices at 12 and 6 o’clock. While the Geneva Floral Clock features the world’s largest second hand (over 8 feet long), it seemed more practical to fit the Jardin with a trio of much shorter blued hands. A genuine sapphire crown and the rich burgundy leather strap add the final touches of luxury.


A. #19779 DiamondAura® Jardin Ladies Watch (2 ctw) $129

The fight of the century that ended without a punch We just weren’t sure these two would get along. In one corner, the undisputed heavyweight champ of precious stones, the King of Bling, the Great White Hope, the hardest substance on the planet Earth... diamonds. And our challenger, 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, mined in only one place on the planet and currently taking the jewelry world by storm...tanzanite. It was supposed to be the fight of the century, but it turns out that the both of them get along spectacularly. Lucky you.


The 100-year-old watch that was born yesterday


ake my word for it, this is the watch your grandfather wishes he had. Most hard-working gentlemen at the turn of the 20th century had a soft spot for a timepiece like this. Slim. Elegant. Just enough golden flash to suggest a taste for the finer things. There’s no doubt that grandpa wanted one of these. Not everybody got to experience the pleasure of Swiss luxury. Some landed one after retirement. Others saved a lifetime to afford one. Today, you don’t have to wait nearly as long. We’ve gone back in time and made it better. This is the world’s only 100-year-old watch that was born yesterday.

It took nature millions of years to create both stones, but diamonds have been living it up in the spotlight for centuries. Tanzanite was first introduced to the world in the late sixties and has been gaining popularity ever since. Our Tanzanite & Diamond Ring features these two champions of the gem world together inside a stunning sterling silver setting. Tucked in between pairs of prong-set tanzanite ovals, you’ll find a trio of brilliant-cut diamonds. The violet blue hues of the African stone flicker and dance across the diamond facets, setting off a fireworks display with every twist of the wrist. This is clearly a partnership with a surplus of style and substance. I just wish we had come up with the idea earlier. B. #W5536 Tanzanite & Diamond Ring (1 ctw) $199 Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

70 1-800-806-1484

Thin is in! Measures a super-slim 8.4mm!

The Stauer Exeter is not a vintage watch—it’s better! Its fired ceramic face recalls the porcelain complexions of another time. The civilized

arrangement of Roman numerals, Breguet-styled hands and a separate seconds dial pays tribute to a less complicated era. Once you put it on, you might just have to check the calendar to make sure it’s not 1912. I modeled the ultra-slim Exeter after one of the first wristwatches ever made by Switzerland’s most influential timekeeping dynasty. Inside, it keeps precise time thanks to a legendary Swiss movement. Outside, it’s water-resistant to 3 ATM and secures with a genuine brown leather band. And if you think your old man’s old man had a tough time getting a watch like this in his day... things haven’t gotten any easier. Turn-of-the-century originals at auction can easily set you back six figures. Even luxury brand “reissues” start around $18,000! Stauer is the only place you’ll find a watch that looks like the original, runs more accurately and costs LESS than it would have 100 years ago. Your grandfather would be proud. Fits wrists 7 ¼"–9 ½". C. #21221 Stauer Exeter Watch $149 71


Make the sun jealous The story behind our biggest-ever canary DiamondAura® starts in South Africa. In 2010, B. miners discovered the massive yellow stone that would eclipse every citrus-colored diamond that came before. After more than a billion years underground, this blonde bombshell was ready to rock the gem world. Once it came to auction in Geneva, the 110-carat gem was quickly snatched up by a collector for an incredible $10.9 million. Whenever a stone of that size C. and rarity enters the market, it invariably ends up in the private collections of the richest and most powerful people in the world. But today, everybody can go home a winner with the spectacular 54-carat Solé DiamondAura® Ring. Your ring is artfully crafted using our exclusive, lab-created DiamondAura, offering the same rich hue of rare, fancy yellow diamonds for a fraction of the cost. The centerpiece of the Solé balances beautifully on a prong setting of .925 sterling silver. This much sunshine-inspired sparkle is more than enough to heat things up! Solé DiamondAura® Collection A. #W5830 Ring (54 ctw) $149 B. #22438 Necklace (7 ctw) $179 C. #22440 Earrings (14 ctw) $245 #22441 Necklace & Earrings Set $424 $299 Save $125


2 carats of genuine tanzanite only $129! plus FREE stud earrings

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering.

Can you trust your sunglasses?

Don’t let prescription glasses keep you from enjoying the protection and safety your eyes need. Eagle Eyes® Fit-Ons® boldly go where no sunglasses have gone before. Our new wrap-around Perfect for prescription design fits over your current glasses, glass wearers! giving you the protection of Eagle Eyes® without sacrificing the benefits of your prescription eyewear. Both the forward lenses as well as the peripheral lenses offer the superior visibility and shielding your eyes need. The extraordinary coverage of the wrap design ensures they fit snugly against your skin while preventing light from leaking in, which makes Eagle Eyes® Fit-Ons perfect for people who are sensitive to bright lights. Soft cushion nose pads and a streamlined frame profile deliver maximum comfort for your active lifestyle. But the real difference is what you’ll find inside the frames. The technology was born when NASA’s top scientists searched for a way to protect the eyes of astronauts from the harsh effects of solar radiation. Eagle Eyes® was developed from this original NASA optic technology and today guarantee you serious sun-protection and vision-enhancing capabilities in a single lens. The certified, polarized TriLenium™ triple filtering system provides 100% eye protection from dangerous blue, violet, and ultraviolet light rays. Because you shouldn’t have to second guess your sunglasses. D. #21410 Eagle Eyes® Fit-on Sunglasses (Tortoise) $59 E. #21411 Eagle Eyes® Fit-on Sunglasses (Black) $59 E.

72 1-800-806-1484


Tortoise frames with polarized TriLenium™ gold lens

Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology, EAGLE EYES® is the ONLY Sunglass Lens Certified by the SPACE FOUNDATION for UVR & Blue-Light Protection

African gem cutter makes $2,689,000 mistake...will you?

This story breaks my heart every time. Allegedly, just two years after the discovery of tanzanite in 1967, a Maasai tribesman knocked on the door of a gem cutter’s office in Nairobi. The Maasai brought along an enormous chunk of tanzanite and he was looking to sell. His asking price? Fifty dollars. But the gem cutter was suspicious and assumed that a stone so large could only be glass. The cutter told the tribesman, no thanks, and sent him on his way. Huge mistake. It turns out that the gem was genuine and could have produced a dazzling stone that would have dwarfed the world’s largest cut tanzanite at the time. Based on common pricing, that “chunk” could have been worth close to $3,000,000! In the decades since its discovery, tanzanite has become one of the world’s most coveted gemstones. Found in only one remote place on Earth (in Tanzania’s Merelani Hills, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro), the precious purple stone is 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Staying true to our contrarian nature, we’ve decided to lower the price of one of the world’s rarest and most popular gemstones. Our 2-Carat Sunburst Tanzanite Necklace features a pendant of marquise-cut gems set dramatically in sterling silver. Each facet sparkles with the distinct violet-blue hue of the precious stones. Behind the shine you’ll find that the exquisite silverwork of the setting calls to mind the detailed treasures being produced by Europe’s finest jewelers. This is a necklace designed to impress and it does not disappoint. F. #20326 Tanzanite Necklace & Stud Earrings (2 ctw) $129

The bridge over the river time Imagine that moment of insight when someone first decided to cross a river by building a bridge. Today we call that engineering. Back then it was called ingenuity. The patience and skill required to mastermind a construction like that is astounding. Since then, bridges have become truly massive (consider the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan—the longest suspension bridge in the world, at 12,826 feet). But through it all, a different breed of engineer has been crafting much smaller, more delicate, but just as impressive, bridges. These bridges still take us from here to there. But on them we travel through time. Need proof? Look no further than the Stauer Corbel Bridge Watch. All mechanical watches contain at least one bridge. But not all mechanical watches have been arranged so distinctively to put those elements on full display. When we conceived the idea for the Corbel, that’s just what we decided to do. The first step was to re-orchestrate the complex system of gears and wheels to create a movement that would function linearly. Next we enclosed that impressive design in a sturdy stainless-steel case and housed the movement between two Cotswold™ Crystal windows, creating a see-through timepiece like nothing we’ve ever offered before. Other luxury watchmakers offer similar-looking bridge watches, but you’ll pay a hefty toll to wear one (we found some that sell for as much as $25,000). But at less than $200, the Corbel proves that only Stauer has the power to bridge that gap between luxury and affordability.


G. #22136 Stauer Corbel Bridge Watch $199 73

Savor the opulence of a crocodilian leather wallet


“The quality is absolutely amazing. For a mechanical watch, it is extremely accurate.” –W. from Somewhere, MN

It is a signature statement of style to B. own an exquisite crocodilian leather wallet, each one a unique natural beauty of magnificent texture with nuances of warm color. Made with the farmed skin of the spectacled caiman, our bifold wallet has plenty of pockets, including staggered-height credit-card pockets, a windowed identification slot and dual currency compartments handsomely lined in fabric. Experience a high standard of craftsmanship and luxury with this rare opportunity to own a crocodilian leather wallet constructed to last a lifetime. Each measures 3 ¾” x 4 ½”. A. #14839 Stauer Crocodilian Wallet Dark Brown $249 B. #14571 Stauer Crocodilian Wallet Black $249

Keep time marching on Much like our faithful four-legged friends, your favorite automatic watch is happiest when taken for a walk. A stroll in the park. A quick jog to the corner. The watch doesn’t care, so long as it’s moving. It’s the constant motion that keeps a self-winding mechanism working. Leave a watch sitting still for too long and time literally stops dead. Thankfully, we can spare you such tragedy. The Stauer Select Winder is designed to keep your watches running in style. We figured the world has enough boring, black and bulky electronic devices, so we crafted the Stauer Select like an elegant piece of antique furniture. The box features a rich burlwood pattern, a hinged acrylic top and an ultra-soft beige vinyl interior to prevent scratching. The Stauer Select measures approximately 5 ½” square and includes a timer that automatically rotates your watch for one hour followed by three hours of rest. Also works great for “battery-less” quartz watches. AC adapter included.

C. E.

B More than tough enough Every story my family told about Vincenzo was a cautionary tale. They were thrilling and dangerous, but they always ended with someone telling me to “never EVER do what Vin did.” He was related to somebody on my mother’s side, but those details didn’t matter. All I cared about was his job on the Brooklyn Bridge. He climbed the towers and worked on the giant suspension cables. He scrambled like a superhero hundreds of feet over the East River. He was fearless and remains the toughest man I’ve ever met. But even a guy like him would have a soft spot for this bracelet. The Vincenzo Bracelet is an accessory for the man who doesn’t fool around. Simple and rugged, the 8 ½” bracelet is forged from thick stainless-steel links that showcase a trio of twisted steel cable. It’s the kind of piece that looks like it came from a motorcycle mechanic’s workbench instead of a jeweler’s display case... which is just what Vin would have preferred. D. #20493 Vincenzo Stainless Steel Men’s Bracelet $99




World’s most valuable timepiece disappears

C. #20487 Stauer Select Watch Winder $99



ack in 1933, the single most important watch ever built was engineered for a quiet millionaire collector named Henry Graves. It took over three years and the most advanced horological techniques to create the multifunction masterpiece. Decades later, when the ultra-rare innovation was auctioned off, it sold for the record price of $11,030,000 to a secretive anonymous collector. It disappeared for years, hidden in a private vault. Currently, the F. watch is on display in a Geneva museum. But we believe that a classic like this should be available to true watch aficionados, so Stauer replicated the exact Graves design in the limited edition Stauer Graves ’33 Wristwatch. The antique enameled face and Breguet hands are true to the original. But the real beauty of this watch is on the inside. We replicated an extremely complicated automatic movement with 27 jewels and seven hands. There are 210 individual parts that are assembled entirely by hand and then tested for over 15 days on Swiss calibrators to ensure accuracy. Each Stauer Graves ‘33 watch is then reinspected in the United States upon its arrival. What makes rare watches rare? Business Week stated it best… “It’s the complications that can have the biggest impact on price.” (July, 2003). The four interior complications on our Graves watch display the month, day and date, while the

24-hour clock graphically depicts the sun and the moon. The innovative engine for this timepiece is powered by the movement of the body as the automatic rotor winds the mainspring. It never needs batteries and never needs to be manually wound. The precision-crafted gears are “lubricated” by 27 rubies that give the hands a smooth sweeping movement. And the watch is tough enough to stay water resistant to 5 ATMs. The movement is covered by a 2-year warranty. The 27 jewels and We’ve done the unthinkable. Not only 210 hand-assembled parts inside have we emulated this stunning watch of the drive this 1930s but, just as surprising, we’ve been able classic masterpiece to build this luxury timepiece for a spectacular price. Many fine 27-jewel automatics on the market today are priced well over $2,000 dollars, but you can enter the rarified world of fine watch collecting for under $150. You can now wear a millionaire’s watch but still keep your millions in your vest pocket. Fits wrists 6 ½" to 9". E. #17453 Stauer Graves ‘33 Wristwatch $196 $149 Save $47 F. #17454 Stauer Gold-fused Graves ‘33 Wristwatch $196 $159 Save $37


The crush that never ended I bought it for my first crush with every dollar I had. I hoped it was enough. I wished it was more. But I was already dealing with the butterflies in my gut and the necklace would just have to do. It was a chain of tiny charms, a bit awkward-looking but sincere. My girl was thrilled, but it seemed that we were thrilled by everything back then. I’m not sure whatever happened to the girl, but I missed the necklace. So when I found this spectacular update, it was love at first sight all over again. The Stauer Golden Charm Necklace is the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. We’ve loaded a distinctive, beaded 18" chain with seven golden roundel beads (two polished plain and five dappled with white, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds). Each glittering lab-created stone has been crafted to outsparkle even the most brilliant natural diamonds. And the flickering light adds a luxurious fire to the rich golden hue of the necklace. The necklace secures with a lobster clasp and an extra 2" extender.


Tourist “borrows” 40-carat diamond Not long ago, I walked out of a famous German museum with one of Europe’s most precious stones in my pocket. Nobody stopped me at the exit. Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t have found the 40-carat Dresden Green Diamond. Because the legendary diamond wasn’t missing. I never touched it. But I did sketch it on the back of my museum program. E.

Plus, we’ll include a $300 BONUS ($25 to use every month for 12 months, with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED... ever).

A dazzling line-up


I’ll take mine black…no sugar

Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form. Both styles are available in 14K gold with genuine diamonds. Call for details.

You’ve earned your wings


76 1-800-806-1484

Saxony Green Collection E. #21021 Necklace (39 ctw) $199 F. #19705 Earrings (20 ctw) $149 #21017 Necklace and Earrings Set $348 $299 Save $49 Special Offer—Receive $300 in Stauer Gift Coupons with the purchase of the Saxony Green Necklace or set.


B. #13950 Sterling Silver Channel Set Ring (1 ¾ ctw) $99 C. #14409 Gold Vermeil Channel Set Ring (1 ¾ ctw) $129

The original Dresden Green, one of the rarest diamonds in the world, inspired our spectacular Saxony Green Collection. The pendant is a 38-carat, pear-cut lab-created spinel that shimmers with vivid green. The setting features 110 lab-created DiamondAura® rounds (over 1 full carat) hand-set in .925 sterling silver and dangles from an 18” sterling chain. Our Saxony Green Earrings showcase a pair of lab-created spinels. Each 9 ½-carat pear is topped with a ½ carat, lab-created DiamondAura round and set in fine .925 sterling silver.

Stauer Golden Charm Collection A. #19950 Necklace $159 #20647 Bracelet $149

Our classic eternity band features a glittering chorus line of lab-created DiamondAura® showcased in a channel setting and totaling 1 ¾ carat weight. The band is .925 tarnish-free sterling silver or gold vermeil. Available in women’s whole ring sizes 5 to 10. A ring of sophistication that symbolizes years of love.


At the turn of the 20th century, French jewelers grew tired of designing pieces that were simply settings for mesmerizing stones. Mother Nature became their muse. Daring Art Nouveau designers created ornaments as bold and captivating as the wonders of the natural world. One of their favorite subjects was the lively dragonfly who flits and dips in graceful arcs over sparkling pools in the fading sunlight. Stauer’s Nouveau Dragonfly Brooch perfectly captures the artistic daring of this period. Our 14K gold-clad winged wonder boasts a 7mm cultured pearl atop its back and piercing green enamelled eyes. The golden wings flutter to life thanks to nearly 2 carats of brilliant white, lab-created DiamondAura®. A sturdy hinged pin on the underside ensures that your eye-catching companion never flies away. D. #21310 14K Gold-Clad Nouveau Dragonfly Brooch (1 ¾ ctw) $99

In the early 1930s, watch manufacturers took a clue from Henry Ford’s favorite quote, “You can have any color as long as it is black.” Black-dialed watches particularly became the rage with pilots and race drivers. And since the black dial impeccably complemented a black tuxH. edo, the adventurer’s black-dial watch easily seguéd from the cockpit to the Cotton Club®. Now Stauer brings back the Noire, a design based on an elegant timepiece built in 1936. Black-dialed, complex automatics from the 1930s have recently hit new highs at auction. One sold in excess of $600,000. We thought that you might like to have a version that would be a lot more accurate and affordable than the original. Not only are the dial, hands and face vintage-inspired, but we used a 27-jeweled automatic movement. This is the kind of engineering desired by fine watch collectors worldwide. But since we made this classic movement on state-of-the-art, computer-controlled Swiss-built machines, the accuracy is beyond reproach. Three interior dials display day, month and date and the movement carries an extended two-year warranty. Sit back in your limousine, sip some coffee and rest assured you have some fabulous time on your hands. Fits wrists 6 ½” to 9”.


G. #17463 Stauer 22K Gold-fused Noire Watch 3 payments of $49 H. #17460 Stauer Stainless Steel Noire Watch 3 payments of $49 77

FOUND: Giant 50-carat genuine ruby seeks loving home



50-carat genuine emerald

The world’s most wanted ring G.

After meeting with merchant after merchant and sifting through satchels of tiny stones, B. I got bored. “Bigger,” I said. “Much bigger.” Kadir nodded and slipped into the back room. When he returned, he spread some stones on the table and I was elated. It was a collection of massive red beauties that were among the biggest rubies we had ever offered. Now it’s your turn to be impressed. Our 50-carat Oval Ruby Pendant is a rare beauty. The exquisite sterling silver frame showcases the finest in handworked detail, C. including meticulous filigree and beadwork by the legendary silversmiths of Bali. The enhanced faceted ruby sits in the ornate oval and dangles from a decorative sterling bail. The wide, handcut facets flicker in the light, illuminating a piece that is already impossible to ignore. Complete the look with the addition of a traditional Tulang Naga chain. The thick, sterling silver rope measures 18" and secures with a toggle clasp.

In 1981, Prince Charles slipped a brilliant blue sapphire onto the finger of shy Lady Di and the whole world fell in love. Nearly thirty years later, his son William used the very same ring to win the hand of his own beloved Kate. Immediately after Prince William announced his engagement, luxury jewelers across Europe were flooded with requests to create similar rings. But even the wealthiest patrons had to wait months for their own custom versions. We have one waiting for you right now. Our version features an impressive 2 ½-carat lab-created sapphire oval, prong-set in a band of sterling silver. The regal blue beauty is surrounded by a sunburst of 14 round lab-created DiamondAura®. The Royal Proposal Collection G. #W5679 Lab-created Sapphire Ring (2 ⅝ ctw) $149 #20639 Lab-created Sapphire Earrings (3 ¼ ctw) $129 #20640 18" Lab-created Sapphire Necklace (2 ⅝ ctw) $149 #20641 Earrings & Necklace Set $278 $199 Save $79

A. #20399 Oval Ruby Pendant (50 ctw) $199 B. #W5378 Oval Ruby Ring (5 ½ ctw) $149 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

C. #20785 Oval Ruby Earrings (15 ctw) $149 #20786 Pendant and Earrings Set $348 $249 Save $99 D. #16480 18" Bali Tulang Naga Chain $149 sold separately

Accessorize your accessories with jewelry for your jewelry

Rock around the clock tonight S­ tanding in front of the guitar shop window was the greatest thrill and the worst kind of torture. As a kid, I never had the money to shell out for a mint-condition Gibson, Rickenbacker or Les Paul. After playing for what seemed like an eternity on dinged-up secondhanders, I finally got my first Fender Stratocaster. It was worth the wait. The guitar looked and felt like a masterpiece. That’s the thing about a classic guitar, the work of art is the piece you play...and the piece itself. It’s no wonder then that this remarkable Stauer Guitar Watch instantly plucked at my heartstrings. One look at its voluptuous outline brought me right back to the glory days of rock-and-roll. The unique shape immediately brings to mind those round-bottomed bodies of vintage electric guitars. The eye-catching, ivory face features blue Roman numerals on the left of the dial and bold Arabic numbers on the right. Blued, Breguet-style hands keep time while additional complications mark the day, date and month. A date window sits at the 3 o’clock position. Inside, the 27-sapphire-jewel movement utilizes an automatic self-winding mechanism that never needs batteries. The Stauer Guitar Watch secures with a genuine black leather band and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs. E. #18312 Stainless Steel Guitar Watch 149 F. #18698 Gold-fused Guitar Watch $149 F.

78 1-800-806-1484

Now that the Wedding of the Century is complete, it might seem as though the celebrations should be over. But here at Stauer, we just can’t stop. It might have something to do with that legendary sapphire that started it all. Every time we look at our spectacular Royal Proposal Scienza™ Sapphire Ring we relive the magic all over again. And so can you!


Stand at the edge of the red carpet in Cannes and you’ll see some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry. Glamorous actresses sashay for the paparazzi, draped with hundreds of carats and millions of dollars of designer bling. Most of it’s on loan. Much of it will be worn only once. What a shame. Most people I know like to get a I. little more mileage out of their jewelry. Our new Enchanted Evening Collection of earrings offers variety and versatility with a selection of 2-carat, brilliant-cut, lab-created DiamondAura® studs in white, pink, blue and yellow. In addition to a pair of luminous freshwater pearl earrings, each set comes with two DiamondAura-studded, sunburst jackets that slide easily around each stud for a stylish, mix-andmatch earring upgrade. Each full set is available in .925 sterling silver or gold vermeil settings. It’s like getting 10 unique pairs of earrings! H. #18546 Sterling Silver Enchanted Evening Earring Collection $199 I. #18547 Gold Vermeil Enchanted Evening Earring Collection $199

10 unique pairs of earrings H.

Collections include one pair each of white, blue, pink and yellow DiamondAura studs, white freshwater pearl studs & DiamondAura jackets. 79

Your Best Silver Buy 2012 Silver Eagle Dollars

Show them what you’re made of B.

An open pocket watch is an invitation. It beckons you to ogle the polished gears and immaculate machinery. It allows you to appreciate the heart of a mechanical marvel. It turns every minute into a masterpiece. We designed the 1760 Skeleton Pocket Watch to capture that magic and put it on display...from both sides. In 1760, French watchmaker AndréCharles Caron first realized the importance of showing off. He was looking for a novel way to get the public interested in his timepieces. First, he considered giving the public a peek behind the curtains. Then he decided to yank them down altogether. When he put the world’s first skeleton watch on display in his Paris shop, he created a sensation. The Stauer 1760 Skeleton Pocket Watch utilizes a classic, handwind mechanical movement. Its face offers an ornately-obstructed view into the minute details of the timekeeping machine. The dual-time display is an elaborate, yet elegant, balance of concentric circles and period detail. The gold-toned full hunter case opens to reveal the watchworks from both the front and back. The 1760 Pocket Watch comes complete with a 14 ½" gold-toned chain (and clip). Time has never looked this good. B. #22558 Stauer 1760 Skeleton Pocket Watch $199

A. Actual size is 40.6 mm

Call For Previous Year Issues, Sets and More!

Great! America’s Finest Silver With the turmoil in precious metals over the last few years, smart buyers are staking their claim on the 2012 American Silver Eagles right now. The mint had difficulty keeping up with demand in previous years. As a result, there’s no guarantee how long these Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) one ounce of 99.9% Silver Dollars will be available. Buy yours now! #22846 | $42.95 | ­$42.45 EA. QTY. 5 | $41.95 EA. QTY. 10 | $41.45 EA. QTY. 20 2012 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar BU 80


BEST! Perfection for Your Collection

Why not get the best? Most Silver Eagles struck since 1986 are worth a small premium over the spot price of an ounce of silver. However, for those coins that earned a top grade of perfect Mint State-70 These near-perfect Mint State-69 (MS69) (MS70), it’s a different story. Some past Eagles are certified, graded and encapsulat- MS70 Silver Eagles list for ed for protection by Numismatic Guaranty jaw-dropping values: Corp. (NGC). 2012 Silver Eagles are the 1991 MS70 Silver Eagle $3,910 envy of novice and seasoned buyers alike. 1996 MS70 Silver Eagle $5,340 Plus, the coveted First Releases pedigree 2000 MS70 Silver Eagle $3,130 guarantees these are from the first 30 days No one knows what the value of 2012 of release. Your better buy! Silver Eagles graded perfect NGC One ounce of fine silver MS70 First Releases will be in the future. Near-Perfect MS69 grade But small quantities of perfect 2012 Silver NGC certified First Releases Eagles are available now. #22847 | $49.95 One ounce of fine silver | $48.95 EA. QTY. 5 Ultimate perfect grade of MS70 | $47.95 EA. QTY. 10 NGC certified First Releases | $45.95 EA. QTY. 20 #22848 | $99 2012 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar 2012 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar NGC NGC MS69 First Releases MS70 First Releases

Better! Near-Flawless Silver

Prices subject to change

How a queen fell in love with a king of gems

It’s easy to see why civilizations throughout the ages have fallen in love with opals. Its pinfire D. flashes of iridescent pinks and greens on moonlight have mesmerized admirers since the begin2 ¾ carat ning of time. Over the genuine opal! years, they came to symbolize such characteristics as hope, purity, prophesy, and foresight. The Romans called the opal the “King of Gems” since it contained all the hues of the rainbow in addition to the colors of other gems. To pay proper homage to this luminous beauty, Stauer showcases milky white opals with chevrons of pavé-set lab-created DiamondAura®® in 14K gold vermeil. A 2 ¾-carat opal perches E. on the split-band ring. The 2 ¾-carat opal pendant dangles from a 20” gold vermeil chain with lobster clasp. The earrings (3 ½ ctw) have post backs. C. #W5160 Opal Ring (2 ¾ ctw) 3 payments of $89 D. #15190 Opal Earrings (3 ½ ctw) 3 payments of $89 E. #15192 Opal Pendant Necklace (2 ¾ ctw) 3 payments of $89 #15499 Ring, Necklace & Earrings Set $801 $599 Save $202


Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form. Also available in 14K gold, call for details.


The only ring graded VSOP


Harvest time in the Cognac region of France. We’re in the middle of a walking tour of the brandy vineyards. Big names, little names and every one in between. The trick is to pace yourself. These grapes have been here since the Romans planted them 2000 years ago. They aren’t going anywhere.

E. B.

Much like the four-wheeled rally racers, this watch is built like a tank with a sports car engine. No wait, make that TWO sports car engines. Its massive 53mm case is crafted from a high-performance alloy and the stunning dial is customized with chrome-hued numerals and a shimmering copper stripe (to honor the red clay of the racecourse). Inside, the Rally Watch keeps time with dual analog and digital functions. A precision-tuned quartz movement controls the big dial and a completely separate movement counts down the seconds and tracks the date in a dashboard of digital displays. The Rally Watch secures with a bicast black band and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.

DiamondAura® Cognac Collection A. #W5505 Cognac Ring (11 ¼ ctw) $149 B. #18658 Cognac Earrings (14 ⅜ ctw) $149 C. #18660 Cognac Necklace (10 ⅝ ctw) $149 #18752 Necklace & Earrings Set $298 $199 Save $99!

E. #22066 Stauer Hybrid Rally Watch $99

Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form.

She invented “Hanky Panky”

You might find it hard to believe, but “dazzling” was once considered an insult. At least, that’s how one 19th-century French art critic meant it when he accused the Impressionists of cheap tricks. He felt that Cezanne, Monet and Pisarro relied too much on the shocking effect of intense color. It’s a good thing he’s not around to review this necklace. Our Azurine Torsade Necklace blends beautifully with the bold colors of those brave painters. Though the shades of this necklace remind us of the breathtaking skies in Impressionist landscapes, Mother Nature gets full credit for the brushstrokes of our Azurine Torsade. It’s five swooping strands of translucent teardrops clustered together like a summer rainstorm. Each smooth gemstone shimmers blue thanks to microscopic mineral inclusions, and the whole piece radiates the kind of ethereal hue usually reserved for the upper stratosphere. Our 18” Azurine Necklace features a 2” extender and secures with a .925 sterling silver clasp. It’s an elegant and eyecatching way to bring 750 carats of heaven a little closer to Earth. D. #22565 Azurine Torsade Necklace (750 ctw) $99



You know you’re in the lead because you can see the lions up ahead. If you were in second place, you’d be choking on the copper-colored dust from the red clay roads. The further behind you get in the Safari Rally, the harder it is to see. But when you’re racing at top speed through the Kenyan wilderness, visibility is the least of your worries. All the best drivers need is steady shocks, an uncanny sense of direction and a rugged timepiece like the Stauer Hybrid Rally Watch to help keep them miles ahead of the competition. Legend has it that the Safari Rally was born out of boredom. In 1953, two cousins wanted a new racing challenge. So they plotted a course through the East African drylands where pavement doesn’t exist and the road hazards bite back. It became the ultimate test of man and machine versus nature. We designed the Stauer Hybrid Rally Watch because we figured they could use all the help they can get.

Inspired by the art and science of crafting a fine aged brandy, we created the Cognac Ring. At the center, an impressive 9 ¾-carat, lab-created DiamondAura®. The C. cushion-cut, brandy-colored centerpiece sits high on a four-pronged gold vermeil setting. On either side, two half-moon white DiamondAura fit snugly against the pale golden superstar. Cognac-colored diamonds are incredibly rare and have shot up in value over the years. Our goal was to match the subtle color of prized natural stones that can fetch upwards of $15,000 per carat.

If heaven was a color...

Survival of the fastest


The man asked for something that “packed a punch.” So the lady behind the bar went to work. When she finG. ished, she presented her immaculate creation with an orange peel twist. The man emptied the glass and declared, “By Jove! That is the real hanky-panky!” We named our Savoy Sapphire & DiamondAura® Ring after the famous H. hotel in London, where Ada Coleman mixed drinks during the hotspot’s heyday in the 1920s. In addition to inventing the “Hanky Panky” (a variation on the sweet martini), she poured drinks for London elites. Crafting a memorable cocktail takes skill. Just ask the jewelry artists behind the Savoy Ring. They combined top shelf ingredients with the proper amount of ice. And because presentation is everything, they set a stunning 2 ½-carat natural sapphire and glittering lab-created DiamondAura pear-cuts—in .925 sterling-silver. Bottoms up! Savoy Sapphire & DiamondAura® Collection F. #W5864 Ring (3 ½ ctw) $149


Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for size chart.

G. #22707 Necklace (4 ctw) $159 H. #22709 Earrings (6 ½ ctw) $159 #22710 Necklace & Earrings Set $318 $249 Save $69! 83

The allure of the Pink Martian

The science of desire… C.

How to make love in a laboratory You ask what science has to do with seduction? Only everything. Chemistry is the science of reactions. To get the desired effect, you need a precise combination of ingredients. You need intense heat and pressure. Impeccable timing. And the perfect gift. Your love deserves more than diamonds. Our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura® Studs sparkle with more clarity and fire than near-flawless natural diamonds…for a fraction of the price. There is no smarter way to spark the passion. There is no clearer way to show your love. That’s because no diamond alternative on the planet comes close to DiamondAura. Trigger your own romantic reaction.


1-carat studs in 14K gold

B. #22499 Stauer Machina Watch $149 Special Offer includes FREE Stauer Sunglasses (a $99 value) and $300 in Stauer Coupons! 84 1-800-806-1484

Palos Pink DiamondAura® Collection C. #W5870 Ring (2 2/5 ctw) $99

A. #15157 14K Yellow Gold DiamondAura® Studs (1 ctw) $149 #15155 14K White Gold DiamondAura® Studs (1 ctw) $149

Specify ring whole size 5-10 when ordering. See order form for ring size chart.

D. #22743 Earrings (4 ¾ ctw) $129 #22744 Ring & Earrings Set $228 $149 Save $79

Make the maharajah jealous—get the luxury look for $14,700 less

The art of the machine

Let’s start with the man who couldn’t keep a secret. In 1760, a Paris watchmaker wanted more attention for his small workshop. According to the legend, he removed the face and plates to reveal the inner workings and delicate skeleton of his 18th-century time machines. A fascinated public flocked to his door and the skeleton watch was born. We liked his idea enough to bring it back in a time machine. Feast your eyes on the Stauer Machina. We removed the hood. Tore down the curtains. And put everything out in the open. What you are left with is the beating heart of time itself. The Stauer Machina pumps the energy of the coiled spring through gears and a handful of impossibly-tiny parts.When you glance down at the Stauer Machina, you don’t just check the time, you watch it being made. Since every work of art deserves a fitting frame, a square gold-toned stainless steel case of the Machina frames the watchworks between panels of wafer-thin crystal. Ornate scrolled details in each corner add a touch of artistry. And a genuine brown leather band accents the golden glint of the metal-work perfectly. Fits wrists 6 ¾” - 8 ¼”. For a limited time, order the Stauer Machina Watch for ONLY $149 and we’ll give you $300 in Stauer Gift Coupons (Twelve $25 coupons good for any future purchase) PLUS a FREE pair of Stauer Flyboy Optics™ Sunglasses!

Just when we thought the world’s red-hot love affair with blush-colored diamonds was over, along comes the Pink Martian. The 12-carat D. pink diamond (named for the 1976 Viking 1 mission to Mars) recently sold in Hong Kong for $17.4 million. Only months before, the 9-carat “Clark Pink” wowed the world when it sold for $15.7 million. What does our Palos Pink DiamondAura® Collection have in common with the “Martian” rock? More than you might think. Thanks to science, the lab-created sparkle of DiamondAura surpasses the world’s finest diamonds. The “fire” of our Palos Pink DiamondAura Ring actually burns brighter than the world’s highest-graded diamonds! Mars may be hot, but the process for creating DiamondAura is even hotter. Experts utilize intense pressure and blistering heat (nearly 5000˚ F) to create a masterpiece of gemological art. Each of the five rosy-pink rounds channel-set inside the .925 sterling silver band flicker with the kind of light usually reserved for world-record stones. Experience the hottest diamond color in the universe without leaving the atmosphere!


The Patiala Necklace was one of the world’s most expensive pieces of jewelry when it was created in 1928. According to some accounts, the Maharajah of Patiala visited Cartier® with a box overflowing with jewels and requested they be made into a necklace. The wealthy ruler wanted something bold and brilliant enough to be seen from atop his royal elephant. The result was a spectacular creation featuring five rows of diamond-encrusted platinum chains and 2,930 large diamonds leading the eye toward a dangling giantthe seventh largest diamond in the world. Today, the original Patiala Necklace (over 1000 carats!) would be worth as much as $30 million. While undeniably breathtaking, such an extravagance is hardly practical. We challenged our designers to come up with a way to create maximum visual impact with the minimum price tag. Our Lumiére Necklace features over 14 ¾ carats of brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura®. Each DiamondAura is set carefully by hand into its .925 sterling silver prong setting. The necklace sparkles with even more clarity and fire than natural mined diamonds, which in a similar design can sell for as much as $15,000. According to the book, Jewelry and Gems-the Buying Guide, the technique used in DiamondAura offers “the best diamond simulation to date.” And it’s clear from the first time she enters a room wearing this necklace that she doesn’t need to be riding an elephant to make a massive impression!


E. #17132 17" DiamondAura® Lumiére Necklace (14 ¾ ctw) $299 85

How to say “I Love You” while keeping your big mouth shut

How to dress like an American hero


It was a rough mission that got even rougher. The B-17 waist gunner saw other bombers explode in flames and plummet to the ground. His plane refused to go down easy. The sky was lousy with flak and enemy fighters. Even worse? The 50-calibers were burned out and empty, like every other gun onboard. Enemy planes closed in for the kill, stalking the wounded bomber like hungry sharks. The gunner reached inside his leather jacket. It was time to improvise. He pulled out his pistol, fired into the enemy plane and dropped it with a single bullet. It was a one-in-a-million shot that saved the day, but that man never considered himself a hero. He was an American soldier. That’s what they did. And this is what they wore. This G-1 Leather Flight Jacket is crafted to the exacting specifications of the U.S. military, and remains an officially-issued item for flyers. It’s the version worn by fighter pilots who escorted bombers on their most dangerous missions. Crafted of antiqued lambskin leather, the jacket also features a detachable sheepskin collar and secures with a heavy-duty brass zipper. Wear it with pride knowing that veterans for generations have done the same. The G-1 feels like a jacket with history...because it is. A. #W5874 G-1 Leather Flight Jacket $499


Science meets romance

C. #17598 Scienza™ Crimson Passion Necklace (2 ⅝ ctw) $129 #20770 Scienza™ Crimson Passion Earrings $129 #W5690 Scienza™ Crimson Passion Ring $129 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

#22513 Scienza™ Crimson Necklace & Earrings Set $258 $199 Save $59

Please specify size medium, large, x-large, xx-large or xxx-large.

Mystery of Lincoln’s watch solved!

Did a watch repairman really engrave a secret message on Abraham Lincoln’s watch the day the Civil War began? Abraham Lincoln’s watch has been rumored to carry a secret message, allegedly written by Jonathan Dillon. On NBC’s Today Show, working with magnifying glasses and precise instruments, master watchmaker George Thomas finally opened the back to reveal the underside of the watch movement. The inscription read, “Jonathan Dillon April 13-1861 Fort Sumpter [sic] was attacked by the rebels on the above date J Dillon April 13-1861 Washington thank God we have a government Jonth Dillon.” The George Chatterton™ Watch Company released the Lincoln Watch to bring history’s mystery to life. They have painstakingly recreated the design of the dial and position of the small second hand, and they have even replicated the mysterious engraving on the back of the movement. The design of the hands is especially rare. The movement employs vintage-styled manual winding with 20 jewels and the case is 14k gold-plated and matches the color of the original exactly. The original has been in safe custody since 1958, but now you can own your own Lincoln’s watch reproduction with the secret inscription from the 19th century. B. #18696 George W. Chatterton™ Lincoln Pocket Watch $149 #18331 George W. Chatterton™ Lincoln Wristwatch $149



WWI Ace conquers time travel


Don’t worry about finding the right words, because the Crimson Passion Necklace is prepared to do all the talking. It was designed to impress and built to take her breath away. The striking 2 ½-carat Scienza™ lab-created ruby pulses with rich reds inside of a gleaming .925 sterling silver setting. The sultry oval simmers at the center of a fiery white starburst of lab-created DiamondAura® rounds. Our Scienza rubies are scientifically-grown, crafted in laboratories with precise equipment that recreates the high pressures and heat that nature uses to produce gemstones far beneath the surface of the earth. Scienza is chemically identical to the natural gemstone and displays a better color and sparkle than most mined stones, which can cost up to $5,000 per carat for this level of color and clarity. As the pendant dangles gracefully at the end of an 18” sterling silver chain, this piece radiates a romantic warmth like nothing else. And now you can really crank up the heat! We’ve all seen the look on a woman’s face when she’s not satisfied. She tears through the paper, opens the box, and sighs, “Oh. How nice.” Any other day, “nice” might get you by. But not today. This is the day you get it right. We’re here to make sure you do.

In World War I, Dieudonne Costes fought head-to-head against lead-spitting enemy planes over the Balkans. In WWI dogfights, victory was decided in a fraction of a second. The first multi-function wristwatches forever changed air combat, allowing pilots to time complicated maneuvers and coordinate attacks. Ten years later, the crack French pilot faced a different kind of challenge: navigating the pitch black skies over the South Atlantic. Behind the stick of his aircraft, he soared across the time zones from Senegal to Brazil, setting the record for the world’s first non-stop flight across the South Atlantic. We studied countless classic aviator timepieces to match the vintage styling and design. Our watchmakers updated the movement for the 21st century, making it even more accurate and reliable than the originals. The Stauer Midnight Flyboy™ 1916 features a stunning dial, set inside a case fused in warm rose gold. Three tachymeters and a movable bezel measure speed and ascent and the chronograph functions allow you to measure elapsed time. Interior complications mark minutes and hours and include a 24-hour display. The watch is water-resistant to 10 ATMs and features a crocodile-embossed, genuine leather band. Every decent Ace should have one up his sleeve.


D. #19406 Midnight Flyboy™ 1916 Watch $149


Mother’s dearest


My mother is like no woman I’ve ever known. She’s smart, strong-willed, and beautiful. And she’s always done things a little differently. B. She smiles when she’s nervous. She takes her shoes off to dance. And she loves watching football with my dad. So not surprisingly, her jewelry choices are a touch different as well. While all her friends have their go-to string of white pearls, my mother’s are pink. A subtle twist on a classic look. That’s what my mother’s good at. I know she’d love this Pink C. Meré Necklace. How can we offer such pleasantly pink orbs at such a fantastic price? We use science and inspiration from nature to create breathtaking organic spheres. By extracting the seed pearl from young oysters and coating them in nacre (the same substance that creates naturally grown pearls), we’ve essentially sped up nature’s process in the lab. But rarely in nature do you get anything as perfectly round as the 10mm stunners on our Meré Necklace. And both the necklace and bracelet secure with an effortlessly elegant magnetic clasp. Classy, a little different, and totally affordable. My mother would be proud. Pink Meré Collection A. #20926 20" Necklace $99 B. #20928 7 ½" Bracelet $79 C. #20930 Earrings $59 #20931 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $237 $199 Save $38

Manhattan’s most wanted During his honeymoon, a young scientist walks into an elite Fifth Avenue jewelry boutique with a bag full of exquisite emeralds hoping to make a few bucks. E. Instead, he makes headlines. The snooty manager takes one look at the gems carried by the modestly-dressed man and decides the stones must be stolen. And when the man tries to explain that his stones are lab-created, F. the manager becomes even more suspicious. So the man decides to cut his losses and turns to leave only to find himself face to face with New York’s finest... The Scienza™ lab-created Emerald Ventura Ring exemplifies the finest aspects of lab-created stones. The crisp facets of the 1 ½-carat lab-created emerald-cut reveals the deep green which makes this ring unforgettable. Surrounding the center stone is an explosion of DiamondAura® rounds and tapered baguettes that radiate with more fire than mined diamonds. Set brilliantly in gold over sterling silver, the Ventura is a celebration of captivating green beauty. No need to involve the authorities!

Jane Seymour, 1537 Hans Holbein

My uncle taught me about war. He fought in Europe because it was “the right thing to do.” I remember his collection of WWII treasures was more thrilling than any museum. the photos, the patches and that banged-up helmet he said never fit. Most of all, I remember “the watch.” It was a black-dialed pilot’s timepiece he picked up near Bremen. “It belonged to the bad guys,” he told me. I imagined he stormed an enemy compound to get it, but the truth was less dramatic. He traded a POW who wanted cigarettes more than a watch. True to its military roots, the Dumont took shape in an orchestrated maneuver involving an army of our most experienced watchmakers. Each watch took six months to construct, using over 200 parts, 40 jewels and an incredibly complex assembly. Peer through the exhibition back and you’ll understand why we can only offer this watch in a limited edition. We even added a power reserve indicator, a snap-back date display and a coin-edged steel case layered in rose gold. The Dumont is water-resistant to 3 ATMs and secures with a genuine black leather strap.


Please specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

88 1-800-806-1484


We met in Vienna. I saw her in the museum, alone by the wall. It felt like the start of something beautiful, but of course H. we were doomed. I was an American businessman. She was a Renaissance painting of Henry VIII’s third wife. It would have never worked out. Painter Hans Holbein captured her with brilliant brushwork and rich colors. But it was her necklace that really caught my eye. When I left, it meant the end of our brief affair. But a version of that pendant came home with me. Our Tudor Pendant is a museum-worthy recreation of a jewelry style popular in the Middle Ages. It features three emerald-cut gemstones in a decorative metalwork setting layered with 14K yellow gold. The 15-carat ruby, 15-carat emerald and 5-carat garnet sparkle while a dangling white teardrop stands in for the priceless natural pearls worn by English royalty. All of this hangs from an elegant 20" black silk cord. Much like the wives of Henry VIII, we don’t know how long this beauty will last! Tudor Emerald, Ruby & Garnet Collection G. #21471 Pendant (35 ctw) $99 H. #22274 Earrings (15 ctw) $129 #22275 Pendant & Earrings Set $228 $199 Save $29 I. #21473 18" Gold-over Silver Mesh Chain $89 Sold separately Tudor Pendant includes a 20" black silk cord.

Watch found deep behind enemy lines

Scienza™ Ventura Lab-created Emerald & DiamondAura® D. #W5732 Ring (2 2/5 ctw) $199 E. #21618 Necklace (2 3/7 ctw) $299 F. #21620 Earrings (3 ¾ ctw) $299 #22408 Necklace & Earrings Set $598 $399 Save $199 Receive the deDuillier Handbag (a $149 value!) with the purchase of the set!

The end of the Renaissance Affair


Yours FREE with the complete set


J. #22492 Stauer Dumont 40-Jewel Dual-Time Automatic Watch $299 Better Than Free Offer—Receive $300 in Stauer Gift Coupons (Twelve $25 coupons you can use throughout the year) with the purchase of the Stauer Dumont Watch. 89

When Mars attracts A.

When I was a kid, nothing captured my imagination like outer space. On summer nights my friends and I would lie in the field behind my house and stare into the night sky. The stars would sparkle like thousands of shimmering jewels. Our minds raced as we wondered what was out there in the dark. Little did we know that the stars were closer to jewels than we thought.


Scientists recently discovered that huge sections of the surface of Mars are covered in sparkling peridot. 400 carats of vivid Apparently, the Red Planet is rich peridot under $130! with green. But while peridot is the first gemstone to be found on another planet, it has been coveted here on Earth for centuries. You may have to wait a while until you can brag about your Martian gems. In the meantime we found the most vivid stones our planet has to offer and packed 400 carats worth into our Peridot Torsade Necklace. Five strands of glistening peridot droplets fasten with a large .925 sterling silver lobster clasp. Wear it straight or with a twist. Either way, you get enough out-of-thisworld sparkle to leave even the stars green with envy.

A stunning Stauer debut! Faceted, rainbow-colored opals from the history-making mines of East Africa!

A. #21332 20" 5-Strand Peridot Torsade Necklace (400 ctw) $149

Rediscover the “Lost Gem” of Africa

Meet the pearl of her dreams No one dreams about getting the same old thing. Especially not the woman you love. Fantasies are about the unusual and unique. I can promise you, right now she’s dreaming of something extraordinary. The only question is: are you going to get it for her? We’ve made it easier than ever before to say “yes.” This is it. That moment she was hoping would come eventually. It’s time to introduce her to the one she’s been waiting for: The 100% handcrafted Harmonia Pearl Necklace. Here’s a twist on the classic she’s loved forever. Pearls have been in style for thousands of years. But the Harmonia Necklace takes this perennial favorite in a whole new direction. Captivating clusters of genuine cultured freshwater pearls tumble down the 28" necklace, creating a timeless strand of organic beauty the likes of which she’s never seen before. Hand-strung on delicate golden silk-like threads, the naturally-shaped pearls glisten and shimmer with a lustrous pink tone. Graceful as a summer breeze. Out of her dreams and into reality. Don’t miss this chance to get her exactly what she wants at a price that’s a dream come true for you. B. #21306 28" Harmonia Cultured Pearl Necklace $59

Our search for rare stones uncovers an unexpected treasure in a shape we’d never seen before...

E Naturally-beautiful, handcrafted necklace of cultured pearls


ver since the 19th century, the Australian outback has been known as an opal paradise. The stunning rainbow gems found in places such as Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy and Quilpie have captivated the world with their color. The stones from Down Under have been responsible for as much as 95% of the world’s gem-quality opals. But the spectacular squares in our Abyssinia Opal Collection belong to that exclusive 5%. Aussie opals faced little competition from the rest of the world until 1939, when a famous anthropologist uncovered opal artifacts D. in Kenya that dated back to 4000 BC. The historic find left him convinced that great opal mines had to be nearby. But no significant deposits were ever found. And it would be more than 50 years before the “lost gem” of Africa would make its triumphant return. In the 1990s, the discovery of opals in Ethiopia marked the dawn of a new age for the beloved gemstone. Deposits in regions such as Welo unveiled a spectacular new family of opals. Mining is a time-consuming process that is still done by hand, one rock at a time. So even while the worldwide demand for this rare new gem is at an all-time high, finding enough exceptional rough, is a challenge. To call our Abyssinia Opal Ring a rarity would be an



understatement. It’s nothing short of a revelation. Honestly, the best part of shopping the world for precious gems is that, once in a while, I stumble on something that I’ve NEVER seen before. Finding this extraordinary cache of Ethiopian opals was cause enough for celebration. But discovering an artist who could transform the rough gem into an elegantly-faceted jewel? That was a miracle. Expert gem-cutters adore the Ethiopian opal for its consistent color play. The iridescent rainbow penetrates deep into the rough stone so, in skilled hands, the right cut will set all that color free. Our Abyssinia Ring features a 1-carat emerald-cut Ethiopian opal, prong-set in 14K gold-layered sterling silver, flanked by genuine white diamonds. The matching post-back earrings are similarly set in gold-layered .925 sterling and topped with a threesome of white diamond rounds. We’ve never offered a faceted opal. We’re betting that you’ve never owned one, which makes this an excellent opportunity for all of us to experience the magic and mystery of Africa’s “lost gemstone.” Don’t miss your chance to own a truly unique collection that illuminates the beauty of the legendary opal in a bold new way. Abyssinia Ethiopian Opal Collection C. #W5871 Ring (1 1/10 ctw) $299 D. #22777 Earrings (1 ctw) $299 #22778 Ring & Earrings Set $598 $499 Save $99 Please specify ring size 8-14 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.


Launch your own epic love story

Looking pretty sharp The “trapper’s knife” was designed to be used in the field by hunters. An effective tool, it contained two blades for very specific purposes. Both efficient and convenient, it was an immediate hit with the rough and tough frontiersmen who made it so popular. And its balance of form and function has kept it a favorite for at least a hundred years, making it a true legend of the knife world. Today we have the ability to make its form just as impressive as its function. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our Mother of Pearl & Abalone Inlay Trapper’s Knife. Taking inspiration from much-sought-after antique knives, we’ve reproduced the finest details of traditional design using modern techniques. The classic style remains, as does the quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Stauer. The 6” body of the knife has been expertly inlaid with the iridescent shimmer of mother of pearl and abalone. Gold-toned accents provide extra flash, and the sturdy, sharp blades are expertly forged from the world’s finest stainless steel. No matter how you use it, this is one knife that never gets dull! C. #22129 Stauer Mother of Pearl & Abalone Inlay Trapper’s Knife $59


he truth is, the Titanic never sank. It has been floating in our collective unconscious for a century, never far from our thoughts. Generations separate us from the event, but still we feel tethered to the lives on board, to the families that were separated, to the hopeful couples who were celebrating their honeymoons on that trans-Atlantic voyage.

April 15th, 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s unfortunate end. And in true Hollywood style, a certain blockbuster was re-released to commemorate the event. But at Stauer, we decided to honor the ship’s history-making cruise with a brilliant, icy-blue stunner we call the Ocean Blue Pendant for only $99! The R.M.S. Titanic was a massive ship, as long as the Empire State building is tall. And it enjoyed massive hype as it left port. So to properly honor its maiden voyage, we had to launch something truly epic. Our Ocean Blue Pendant features a faceted 27-carat lab-created spinel that sparkles with a cool, crisp blue like the shimmering surface of the sea. Surrounding the heart are 35 brilliant lab-created DiamondAura® rounds that flash with more fire than mined white diamonds. The setting displays impressive scrolled silverwork, the bail is adorned with its own DiamondAura knockout, and the entire piece hangs gracefully from an elegant 20" silk cord necklace. Don’t miss this chance to show someone special the depth of your love. Ocean Blue Collection A. #22287 Pendant (28 ctw) $99 B. #22823 Earrings (1 ctw) $59 #22824 Pendant & Earrings Set $158 $149


Make her “Queen of the World” for under $100! 92 1-800-806-1484



Time travel at the speed of a 1930s Speedster? The 1930s brought unprecedented innovation in machine-age technoloE. gy and materials. Industrial designers from the auto industry translated the principles of aerodynamics and streamlining into everyday objects like radios and toasters. It was also a decade when an unequaled variety of watch cases and movements came into being. In lieu of hands to tell time, one such Classic time machine complication, called a jumping mechwith a retro display anism, utilized numerals on a disc viewed through a window. With its striking resemblance to the dashboard gauges and radio dials of the decade, the jump hour watch was indeed “in tune” with the times! The Stauer 1930 Dashtronic deftly blends the modern functionality of a 21-jewel automatic movement and 3-ATM water resistance with the distinctive, retro look of a jumping display (not an actual jumping complication). True to “Machine Art” aesthetics, the sleek brushed stainless steel case is clear on the back, allowing a peek at the inner workings. The 1 ½" case is complemented with a black alligator-embossed leather band. Fits wrists 7" to 8 ½". D. #17475 1930 Gold-fused Dashtronic Watch $99 E. #17469 1930 Dashtronic Watch $99


Under $100! 93

Huge rubies captured on safari


In 1949, after months wandering the African bush, an English prospector unearthed a treasure of enormous rubies. But he wasn’t the only one who held claim to the land. Each day miners found the road blocked by fallen trees. Apparently, the local elephant herd was intent on keeping strangers away from their rubies. We were able to avoid wild animals to bring you this Sheba Natural Ruby Collection. Each piece features faceted natural rubies set into ornate .925 sterling silver frames. Others will wonder where you discovered such exotic gems. But they don’t need to know you acquired such luxury for such a low price. Neither do the elephants. Sheba Natural Ruby Collection A. #22720 Necklace (30 ctw) $149 B. #22831 Bracelet (30 ctw) $149 C. #22829 Earrings (10 ctw) $99 #22832 Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Set $397 $299 Save $98!


D. #22132 5-Stone DiamondAura® Ring (2 ⅓ ctw) Appraised at $190* Stauer Price $99 Receive 1 ctw studs (a $99 value) with purchase of the 5-Stone DiamondAura Ring plus $300 in Stauer gift coupons. Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See size chart on order form. *See page 52 for details

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Take a good look. If you don’t, you might miss this extraordinary watch forever. Designed using one of the most complex movements of all time, the Stauer Eremos is a regulator timepiece the likes of which you might never see again. That is, unless you decide to put one on your wrist. Yours FREE with Purchase The Eremos is an astonishing 20-jewel automatic regulator with a separate minute dial and a unique scrolling hour display. It’s also an open-heart watch, revealing its ticker through a window in the elegant guilloche face. The balance wheel and escapement can be seen under the Cotswold™ Crystal and exhibition back. It’s water resistant to 3 ATMs, a classic sun-and-moon indicator moves smoothly below the hour markers, and the case is crafted in gleaming stainless steel. A genuine black leather band adds the final touch of class. We don’t know when another watch like this will be available (if ever) so you’d better act quickly! Fits wrists 6 ½" to 8 ½".



E. #22524 Stauer Eremos Watch 3 payments of $49 Get the Aria Cultured Pearl Necklace Absolutely FREE with the Stauer Eremos!

One is the loneliest number You’ve probably heard legends of India’s infamous Maharajahs, indulgent royalty who lounged in gilded palaces, positively swaddled in precious gems and perfect pearls. Extravagance at its most vulgar. Today Get FREE 1 ctw DiamondAura® studs that flair for the dramatic shows up with the 5-Stone Ring! on the streets of Europe in the form of diamond-studded cellphones, $30,000 handbags and quarter-million-dollar sports cars. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of more understated opulence. Take our stunning 5-Stone DiamondAura® Ring, a classy, elegant alternative for those special occasions when a lonely solitaire will not suffice. The 5-Stone Ring features a quintet of round-cut, lab-created DiamondAura, prong-set in the finest .925 sterling silver. The 2 1⁄3 carats of dazzling DiamondAura form a brilliant band of fiery facets and impeccable geometry. Thanks to years of research and millions of investment dollars, we are able to emulate the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds without the outrageous cost.

The rarest of the rare?

Take the ring, leave the cannoli I know a guy who knows a guy. He keeps office hours in a leather booth by the back door in this local bistro just past Grand Street. My friend tells me, you need anything, go see this guy. He’s connected. He can make things happen. He likes desserts.


Genuine diamonds and sapphires! F.

I show up around supper with a wish list and a box of biscotti. I tell this guy I want to put together a real man’s ring. The kind of ring you see on a guy who doesn’t park his own car, buy off the rack or order off the menu. It should be sophisticated, with a dash of sparkle. Add some genuine stones and keep the shank thick and solid. “Got it,” he says. He flips open the box and inhales the warm, almond aroma. “Come see me in a week.” When I see him again, he’s working on a meatball the size of my fist. He points to a box with his fork and keeps chewing. The ring inside is a work of art, exactly as I had pictured it but somehow even better than I imagined. Its broad .925 sterling-silver band meets at a spectacular grid of natural sapphires and full-cut white diamonds (over ¾ carats total). The geometric design sparkles with hundreds of light-catching facets set within gleaming frames layered in 18K gold. Even under the dim lights of the restaurant, it commands respect. I tell him I’m impressed. He asks what’s in my bag. I tell him I brought some cannoli. “You know what to do next,” he said. F. #W5844 Umberto Sapphire & Diamond Ring (9/10 ctw) $199

Please specify ring size 8-14 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form. 95

Sapphire-spangled banner A.

When it comes to symbols that stir the heart, you can’t beat the American flag. The feeling you get watching one hoisted up against a B. clear blue sky? That’s just proof that our Founding Fathers had the right idea. And when it comes to reimagining the red, white and’s hard to improve on perfection. But we asked our designer to return to the workbench and make our grand old flag even grander. The result is an eye-catching pin that blends precious gems and patriotism for a fashion statement that never goes out of style. Our spectacular Sapphire & DiamondAura® Patriot Pin showcases a luxurious new look for Old Glory. The American flag is captured in gold-fused sterling silver, with hand-enameled red stripes that unfurl with the elegant flow of the “fabric.” You can almost hear the material snapping in the brisk wind. The crowning achievement is a sparkling field of stars, composed of genuine, round-cut blue sapphires (½ ctw) and brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura. Added details include the intricate braided rope and polished flagpole, topped with a smooth sapphire cabochon. An exquisite piece that shows “every heart beats true, beneath the red, white and blue.”


Sapphire & DiamondAura® Patriot Collection A. #19575 Pin/Pendant (¾ ctw) $149 B. #21745 Earrings (3/5 ctw) $149 #22409 Pin/Pendant & Earrings Set $298 $199 Save $99

Russia’s yolk hero

Ancient history has a hundred different tales about the origin of amber. We know it today D. as fossilized resin, a natural prehistoric gem that hums with an ethereal orange glow. But centuries ago, while Lithuanian peasants fished amber nuggets from the icy Baltic, they told their children a much different story. They believed amber was the broken and scattered pieces of a mermaid’s castle, smashed by the storms of an angry thunder god. He wrecked her home as punishment for falling in love with a local fisherman. The deity crushed her romance and left the mermaid heartbroken. Her tears turned to amber droplets along the sea floor. Thankfully, true love triumphs because some of those very same “mermaid tears” appear in our Baltic Honey Amber Earrings. Each features a translucent golden drop of smooth, gem-quality Baltic amber set in a decorative, oxidized setting that dangles from French wire hooks. Every dollop is different, with its own flourish of air bubbles that distinguishes each ring as a unique work of natural art. The companion ring is just as spectacular, with a decadent oval framed in elegant metalwork. A legendary romance lives on!

The Czar’s jeweler was a genius. As the creator of decorative pieces for Russia’s royalty, the master craftsman and his assistants created dozens of unique Imperial Eggs. No two were the same and each is now worth a fortune. He invented new jewelry techniques, J. created bold colors and pushed I. his elite group of artists to boldly go where even they had not gone before. It’s fitting then that we pay tribute to Russia’s legendary royal egg art with some innovation of our own. These decorative, enameled eggs evoke the style of the Romanov masterpieces. Regal colors dance among the ornate, hand-painted designs and each egg rests elegantly on a gold-layered, crystal-studded stand. The hinged eggs flip open for storage or display. Inside, we’ve tucked miniature Egg Pendants which dangle from a 24” gold-layered chain. Truly eggs-quisite!

Baltic Honey Amber Collection C. #W5720 Ring $79 D. #21151 Earrings $149 #21229 Ring & Earrings Set $228 $199 Save $29 Please specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

96 1-800-806-1484

Summertime, 1944. A weathered and weary U.S. Sergeant is walking in Rome only days after the Allied Liberation. He finds an interesting timepiece in a store just off the Via Veneto. He loved the way it felt in his hand, and the hunter’s back that opened to reveal a secret compartment. Besides the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, my father cherished this watch because it was a reminder of the best part of the war for any soldier—the homecoming. He nicknamed the watch Ritorno for “homecoming” and according to The Complete Guide to Watches, the rare heirloom is now valued at $42,000. We wanted to bring this piece of history back to life in a faithful reproduction. We’ve used a 27-jeweled movement reminiscent of the best watches of the 1940s. We hope it reminds you to take time to remember what’s truly valuable. Fits wrists 7 ½" to 8 ¾". E. #17456 Stauer 1944 Ritorno Timepiece $149

A mermaid’s sweet revenge



We found our most important watch in a soldier’s pocket



F. #16898 Rose Bud Egg & Pendant $59 G. #16775 Imperial Egg & Pendant $59 H. #16930 Renaissance Egg & Pendant $59 I. #19256 Royal Clover Egg & Pendant $59 J. #19257 Viridian Sea Egg & Pendant $59 97


Stop chasing rainbows In 1939, movie audiences listened to a pigtailed farm girl sing about a place somewhere over the rainbow. It was a desperate plea to be whisked away from her dreary black-and-white life on a Kansas farm. The young lady eventually gets her wish, only to learn that life in color is no better, and “there’s no place like home” after all.

This Silver Lady can still turn heads Back in 1921, America experienced the first radio broadcast of a baseball game. Valentino wooed audiences as “The Sheik” on the big screen. A scruffy scientist named Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics. And if you slipped into a speakeasy, it’s likely you slapped a Morgan Silver Dollar onto the bar to pay for that forbidden nip of whiskey.


Genuine multi-color Sapphires

Maybe she would have been less inclined to leave if life on the farm had been a little brighter. Our Rainbow Sapphire Ring would certainly have livened things up for the poor girl. How could it not? With a dazzling display of fancy-colored sapphires in seven different shades, the ring puts the rainbow right on your finger. Its 76 pave-set, round-cut gemstones put any yellow brick road to shame. Each shimmering sapphire is set in oxidized .925 sterling silver (to maximize the contrast of colors), while the rest of the band is polished sterling brilliance. A stunning pair of matching earrings add another 2 ¼ carats of color. You can finally stop wondering what’s over, under or at the end of the rainbow. Rainbow Sapphire Collection A. #W5748 Ring (2 ⅓ ctw) $295

One of the most widely desired of all U.S. coins, the Morgan Silver Dollar has become a legend. It’s easy to see why—the largest silver currency ever to circulate in the United States, Morgan dollars are 90% silver. Now, the master watchmakers at Stauer have combined this beloved coin with a legendary Swiss movement to create a remarkable timepiece.


Specify ring size 6-9 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

D. #18295 Morgan Silver Dollar Watch $199

B. #21516 Earrings (2 ¼ ctw) $295

A real diamond in the buff

The light of the silvery moon

We shut off the lights and snuffed the candles at midnight. Our island villa was completely dark until the full moon slipped out from behind the clouds. Suddenly it felt like a late-night sunrise, all soft white glow and hazy shadows. And I remember her sterling silver watch sparkled like never before. Every polished edge glittered to life, the reflected light twinkled in her eyes and we decided to open another bottle of wine. Sleep could wait until tomorrow. For thousands of years, the shine of silver has been connected to the luminous light of the moon. You can trace the connection back through the ancient art of alchemy, when the Seven Noble Metals were first linked with their corresponding heavenly bodies. Gold symbolized the radiant warmth and fire of the sun, but nothing captured the dreamy cool of the moon like silver. The legendary metal became the element of imagination and inspiration. This inspired us to create the Stauer Sterling Silver Ingot Watch. This classic timepiece features a highly polished rectangular case that frames a mirror dial with an authentic .925 sterling silver ingot face. Genuine Austrian crystals add a touch of elegance by marking the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The top of the ingot is etched with the eye-catching Stauer compass design and the inscription verifies it as fine .925 sterling silver. Inside, the watch movement is a precision Swiss quartz with a sweeping second hand. The flexible polished bracelet with safety fold-over clasp is water-resistant to 3 ATM. Looks fabulous all day long... but even better after dark! Band fits wrists 6 ½" to 8" with adjustable lengths. C. #19334 Stauer Sterling Silver Ingot Watch $159 98 1-800-806-1484

The Morgan Silver Dollar Watch features a genuine Morgan silver dollar as its face, set inside a gold-fused, coin-edged case. Master engraver George Morgan’s radiant profile of Lady Liberty provides a striking backdrop for the blued, Breguet-style hands. Etched Roman numerals along the edge of the dial and a sapphire crown add the final elegant touches. The Morgan Watch fastens with a brown, crocodile-grain leather strap and gold-fused buckle. Don’t miss this chance to secure your own limited-edition masterpiece!


For centuries, rough diamonds were treasured as they were, without a hint of facet or polish. Personally, we believe they were on to something. And we’re not alone. Industry experts and fashionistas across the globe have commented that rough diamonds will soon “be everywhere” and our long love affair with flawless cut white gemstones may be coming to an end. All you have to do is flip through some of the world’s most exclusive catalogs to find that “rough is all the rage” (a high-end retailer recently featured a 6-carat raw solitaire for $6,000!). Our Caged Raw Diamond Necklace features a two-carat uncut all-natural beauty, rough around the edges and plucked naked from the earth. You won’t find any geometry here. Each precious stone is shaped exactly as nature intended, without interference from man or machine. Each one-of-a-kind raw diamond is fitted by hand into its “cage,” a criss-cross embrace of gold vermeil, bead-set with 18 round, single cut diamonds, each hand set. The triangular bail is gold vermeil with 8 round, single cut diamonds, hand set. The caged raw diamond hangs brilliantly from an 18" vermeil rope chain with spring ring clasp. Keep in mind that each raw diamond is completely different. The shape, shine and color will vary. But your Caged Raw Diamond Necklace will forever remain a reminder of the unspoiled, organic beauty of nature. E. #16604 Caged Raw Diamond Necklace (2 1/3 ctw) $299 #17265 Caged Raw Diamond Earrings (2 ctw) $299 #16606 Caged Raw Diamond Necklace (5 ctw) $1,295


Genuine 2-carat raw diamond under $300 99

The look of the Irish


The Aran Islands sit in the mouth of Galway Bay, just off the west coast of Ireland. Close your eyes and you can picture their rolling green hills and rocky, wave-battered cliffs. But you can’t imagine the wind. It hits you from all sides, assaulting with the icy sting of the North Atlantic. A tourist like me can hide indoors, but if you’re a local fisherman who makes a living on the water, that frigid wet wind is a fact of life. It doesn’t take long to learn the value of dressing appropriately. I knew that to find any sweater worthy of a spot in the Stauer catalog, I’d have to make the trip to Ireland. Traditional Aran wool sweaters are world famous for a reason. Also known as “fisherman’s jumpers,” these impeccably-crafted, handmade sweaters keep you warm and dry in the worst kinds of weather. According to legend, the first sweaters were knitted by the wives of fishermen. And the Irish stitch patterns were more than decorative: the honeycomb represented the hardworking bee, the cable was a wish for safety, the diamonds a wish for success and wealth, and the basket stitch represented the hope for a plentiful catch. You can choose from our long-sleeve sweater (with round crew neckline) or the 3-button vest. Both are made in Ireland from 100% genuine Merino, known as the finest and softest wool on the planet. Dry clean or hand wash only.


“Way to go guys. This won’t be my last Stauer watch!” - Stauer Client, Colorado Springs, CO

Genuine Irish Wool Sweater Collection A. #W5838 Sweater $149 B. #W5839 Vest $99 Please specify men’s Medium, Large, X-Large or XX-Large.

Made in Ireland

After 89 years, we can only find one B.

The Stauer Rose Gold-layered Midnight Meisterzeit recreates an automatic watch legend for under $130!


ighty-nine years ago, a watchmaker in Europe famous for building clocks at Versailles created a legendary watch movement. He invented the first watch with an automatic mechanical drive. These innovative movements required no batteries and never needed to be manually wound. Only seven of these ultra-rare watches were ever made and we’ve only actually seen one surviving masterpiece in a watch history museum. Inspired by history, our Stauer Meisterzeit has been painstakingly handcrafted to meet the demanding standards of vintage watch collectors. Every interior dial has been carefully engineered to replicate the “complications” of the earliest multifunction watches. Two interior dials display day and month and are run by a perpetual calendar mechanism. The 27-ruby jewelled movement utilizes an automatic self-winding mechanism inspired by a patent from 1923. With an exhibition back, you can see into the heart of engineering and you can see the rotor spin to keep it wound—it’s

100 1-800-806-1484

powered by the movement of your body. This limited-edition Stauer Rose Gold-layered Midnight Meisterzeit allows you to wear a watch far more exclusive than most new “upscale” models. Here is your chance to claim a piece of watchmaking history in a rare design that is priced to wear everyday. An offer this appealing might not reappear for another 89 years. C. #22404 Stauer Rose Gold-layered Midnight Meisterzeit Timepiece $129

Get these Stauer Sunglasses FREE with your Meisterzeit Timepiece! (A $99 value!) 101


The shocking truth about this tourmaline necklace

Experience the raw strength of tungsten for under $100!

Don’t worry. Wearing this necklace is perfectly safe. You’ll never get a taste of tourmaline’s electric personality. But it’s got one. Oh, it’s most certainly got one. It was discovered in the 18th century that when heated, tourmaline becomes charged, an effect called pyro-electricity. Pretty wild stuff from a pretty little stone. But when you put on the Voltare 35 carats of Multi-Tourmaline Necklace, you’ll feel tantalizing a different kind of spark. The spark of excitement that comes from wearing tourmaline for something that has been said to contain UNDER $80! “the secret affinities of lightning.” Tourmaline was once favored by fashionable socialites who invited philosophers to parties just to have them ponder the meaning of its mysterious electric potential. And a current trend has tourmaline back on the path to success. Everyone is energized by it. And when you put on the Voltare Necklace, you’ll see why. The 18" necklace (with 2" extender) shows off 35 carats of polished tourmaline that flicker and flash along the length of the piece, shining in deep red, delicate pink, and seductive green beads. And the gold-layered links and clasp provide that little something extra! A. #21707 Voltare Multi-Tourmaline Necklace (35 ctw) $79

The Aussie Opal Queen returns During the Australian Opal Rush of the 1890s, the outback was no place for a proper lady. It’s C. a good thing Isobel Robinson was anything but. Known as the Eulo Queen (named for the town), she unofficially ruled a remote town of fortune hunters, thieves and rowdy prospectors. She was a savvy businesswoman who bought opals and took the miner’s money again inside her hotels, saloons and casinos. Isobel was fearless, mysterious and flaunted her love of the Aussie gem with a thick gold belt studded with opals. Like the legendary rainbow shimmer of her favorite stone, she was truly one of a kind.

D. B.

How to claim your dragon A dense mist hangs over the moors. Your sword is heavy at your side. Suddenly, up ahead, you hear what sounds like a low growl. You grab the hilt of your weapon and move toward the sound. Capturing a dragon seemed a lot less frightening when it was being discussed in the halls of the castle. But now the sense of an approaching monster is all too real. You take another step and draw your sword... Dragon hunting in the Middle Ages was an intense endeavor that included cold sharp steel and hikes into dark forests. But today, we’ve made it easier than ever to land an impressive dragon trophy. And the metal involved is a lot more impressive. Our Draco Men’s Ring is crafted from tungsten, one of the most amazing materials on earth. It’s 71% denser than lead, four times harder than titanium, and used in rocket nozzles and armor-piercing bullets. Tungsten seemed the perfect metal to use to catch an immense imaginary creature (if you consider them imaginary). A striking Celtic-influenced pattern full of dynamic swirling detail runs along the full length of the band. Inside, the classic dragon’s head design almost seems to burn with fire. But have no fear. You can claim your trophy. The hunt is over.

You’ll find a trio of those legendary Australian beauties in our Isobel Opal Ring. We’ve set 2 ½ carats of iridescent ovals inside a twisting, .925 sterling silver band layered with yellow gold. A swoop of lab-created DiamondAura® rounds adds an extra dash of brilliance. The necklace showcases a ribbon pendant of gold-layered, sterling silver set with DiamondAura and surrounded by 4 carats of smooth opal ovals. The pendant dangles from an 18" gold-layered chain. A fitting tribute to an unforgettable lady. Isobel Australian Opal Collection B. #W5779 Ring (3 ½ ctw) $237 or 3 payments of $79 C. #21934 Necklace (4 ctw) $237 or 3 payments of $79 #21935 Ring & Necklace $474 $399 Save $75 Specify ring size 5-10 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.



Draco Tungsten Collection D. #W5768 Men’s Ring $99 E.

Please specify ring size 8-14 when ordering. See ring size chart on order form.

E. #22625 Men’s 8 ½” Bracelet $199 #22629 Ring & Bracelet Set $298 $199 Save $99


Stauer November 2012  

The finest jewelry, vintage-inspired watches and luxury gifts from Stauer.

Stauer November 2012  

The finest jewelry, vintage-inspired watches and luxury gifts from Stauer.