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New! Ruby Necklace & Set


This watch is not the next big thing

On any given evening, the ruckus at her “Love Palace” on the Champs-Élysées in Paris carried on until dawn. Her parties were B. the most decadent in the history of Europe, with the outrageous behavior matched only by the extravagance of the surroundings. Inside her infamous hotel, she built gold staircases and filled C. imported marble tubs with expensive champagne because that’s what she wanted. And men gave her anything she wanted. She never had to dig for gold, they just handed it over. It was the Prussian count who gave her the famous yellow diamonds. But when the 186-carat pair sold in Geneva for $7.9 million, those yellow beauties disappeared forever into the hands of a private collector. A sparkle that spectacular deserves to be seen in public. We decided to make things right. Our Canary DiamondAura® Ring only looks like $7.9 million. Thanks to superior science, we’ve recreated the color and sparkle of rare yellow diamonds in the lab. Visually, our exclusive, scientifically-crafted DiamondAura can go head-to-head with history’s rarest stones…but at a price that will leave you positively bubbly! Jewelry Specifications: • 170 carats of ruby • Set in .925 sterling silver • 18" in length Ruby bead collection A. #24674 N  ecklace $499 $79* Save $420 B. #24676 B  racelet (75 ctw) $299 $79* Save $220 C. #24678 E  arrings (40 ctw) $199 $59* Save $140 #24679 C  omplete Set $997 $199 Save $798!

Inspired by history and built for the future, our Stauer Quanta Automatic Watch is the perfect marriage of art and engineering.


his watch wouldn’t exist if I wasn’t such a sore loser. Maybe if I had won the original at auction, I wouldn’t have felt compelled to build my own. I was outbid. I lost. And I spent the rest of the night angry at the stranger who stole my vintage beauty away. But in the morning, I got right to work. Because the only thing worse than losing is knowing that somewhere, an exceptional watch is wasting away under glass or locked inside a vault.

Take your time more seriously. Introducing the new 22-jewel automatic

Stauer Quanta

A timepiece that looks as stunning as the Stauer Quanta deserves to be worn... but not by just anybody. You understand that timeless is the opposite of trendy. That’s why you won’t find the Stauer Quanta Automatic Watch on everyone’s wrist. We don’t build the next big thing. Which is fine because you aren’t interested in the watch that everyone else is wearing. You want the unique, the one-of-akind, the exclusive. And lucky for you, Stauer prides itself in crafting exceptional timepieces of substance and style with stories that set them apart.


The Stauer Quanta was created for connoisseurs. Inspired by a 1952 masterpiece from one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers in the world, this watch has roots in horological history. Its 22 jewel automatic movement honors the tradition of precision machines with a self-winding design, inspired by a 1923 patent. Your watch will never need batteries. Every second of power is generated by the movement of your body. The Quanta is proof that there is nothing more impressive than a well-built machine fulfilling its purpose.

*Price quoted is for Call-in customers only versus the original price. Complete set includes necklace bracelet and earrings.

Tracking down your own vintage treasure takes time. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to experience classic style backed by a masterpiece of modern timekeeping machinery. Call today to bring it home and for a limited-time, you’ll pay less than HALF price for the privilege. Fit’s wrists 7"–9". D. #23521 Stauer Quanta Automatic Watch $495 $159 Save $336* A.



*Price quoted is for Call-in customers only versus the original price.


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