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How To Find The Appropriate Catholic Gift If you are Catholic or perhaps you have friends, family or loved ones who are Catholic there are many occasions when a faith-based Catholic gift may be greatly appreciated. When you purchase an important, Catholic gift, you're letting the person know that you not only want to acknowledge the occasion, but you also understand how important their beliefs are to them and that you respect them. Different Catholic Occasions Catholics celebrate various rites of passage that will need an appropriate gift for that person. These events will be baptism, First Communion and confirmation. These events are celebrated by anyone that is Catholic, and a Catholic gift will be a perfect gift. Stores and internet sites that focus on Catholic gifts and jewelry can provide you with guidance as to what an appropriate gift would be. You can then customize these gifts to make them especially meaningful and personal. Gifts For Baptism A traditional Catholic gift to present at a baby’s baptism is a crib medal. These blessed medals are put on the baby’s crib and serve as a physical sign of the parents’ and well-wishers’ prayers for God’s safety and blessing for the baby. You'll find the crib medals in a cross-shaped or round colored medals of blue and pink based on if the baby is a boy or girl. Others will have a guardian angel on them or you might have them engraved to incorporate that special personal touch. First Communion Gifts A child's First Communion if one of the biggest Catholic rites of passage. It is considered an extremely important occasion and one that may be marked in several ways with a thoughtful gift. Most children will receive their First Communion when they are about seven years old and the occasion marks when they receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Every child will remember this special occasion the rest of their life and it can be quite special to give them rosaries or rosary beads to celebrate the special occasion. When it comes to choosing rosary beads, you can choose rosaries made for girls or for boys and some may come with pouches and boxes for safe keeping. You may want to personalize your choice by selecting rosary beads showcasing the child’s birthstone. Crosses and crucifixes and even books and bibles are suitable First Communion gifts. Confirmation Gifts Another significant milestone in a young Catholic’s life will be their confirmation. As with baptism and first communion, confirmation is one of the seven sacraments that comprise part of the religious process through which Catholics will pass. Around age 14 is when most Catholic teenagers are confirmed, and during this sacrament they're going to receive the Holy Spirit and officially become adult member of the Catholic Church. As this is an extremely sacred ceremony and marks a major milestone between childhood and adulthood, the kind of gift that you choose can reflect the more serious and permanent standing as Iconeum, LLC

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How To Find The Appropriate Catholic Gift a member of the church of the recipient. In this regard, jewelry depicting crosses and crucifixes, the long-held symbols of the church, might be appropriate. Other ideal confirmation gifts that may also be personalized are beautifully decorated picture frames, various books or other special prayer cards. You will obviously want your Catholic gift to be meaningful and personal and most of all loved by the individual, just like you would with any gift. If you had a Catholic upbringing, remember the various gifts that you got on all of your sacraments and which ones meant the most to you. For non-Catholics that need to purchase a gift, ask a friend or family member that is Catholic as to what they believe are the appropriate gifts for the occasion or search the internet for info. Many online retailers will have specific suggestions on what to give on these events. Make sure you use a faith-based retailer that has great products at good prices whenever you are trying to find a fantastic Catholic gift. Find out about Catholic Jewelry and Gifts by visiting their site which is

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How To Find The Appropriate Catholic Gift  

Make sure you use a faith-based retailer that has great products at good prices whenever you are trying to find a fantastic Catholic gift. F...

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