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Paul Rodriguez, Jr. aka P-Rod. Photo by Mike Martin

SHANNYN SOSSAMON. Photo by RJ Shaughnessy


his issue started as a reason to feature hot athletes (yes, it’s true), but we realized that we’re not really the sporty type (unless you consider dodgeball a sport). On the other hand, we also wanted to lock down people who are on the move or who are making moves. So we created a hybrid of the two ideas and put together this double-cover Action Issue! Our cover girl, Shannyn Sossamon, is definitely making moves. She is not only busy with more acting projects; she is also busy being a mom and, on occasion, directing her own little movies. It’s really cool to see how much Shannyn has grown from the first time we saw her in A Knight’s Tale to the recent personas she played in How to Make It in America and the Venice-premiered Road to Nowhere. Our other mover on the cover, P-Rod, is on the hustle, too. He is managing his skate career, skate park, retail shop, endorsements, and TV gigs flawlessly. In our interview, we discovered the simple secret to his drive: his love for skate. Since we did a hybrid for this issue, it’s kinda funny that we found a person who is creating a hybrid of New York, LA, and Miami lifestyles mixed in with a bit of skate. He is doing amazing things with his clothing line, aNYthing, his co-owned OHWOW gallery in LA and Miami, cleverly turning these into a business empire. It’s truly admireable—what he’s done with the sweat of his own brow. Don’t forget to check out this month’s New Kids on the Block featuring Philippines’ young (and cute) athletes—Marlon Stöckinger, Ryan Reyes, Gerard Cancio, and Kit Guerra. We also super sized our Statusphere Threads to give you more fashion. Going monthly has kept us bustling. We’ve been doing more shoots, more interviews, more design work, and more parties! We hope you like the new changes we’ve made, and dig this, we have a lot more amazing things planned for you.

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june 2011


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Grooming for Active Lifestyle

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Saturdays Surf NYC, New York Fleur Wood, Victoria AU My Chameleon

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POP OF COLOR Color Blocking





Lolita at the Beach



















Bucket Bags





Blush Dresses

Sheer Buttondowns/ Leather Shorts




Rock T-shirts


Varsity Jackets/ Slim Neckties


Oxygen Holiday 2011 at Philippine Fashion Week




Feather Earrings




Vintage Dressing



Layers and Cover-ups

zuzanna bijoch


Natural-colored Makeup

black lips


Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella had taught freshman English and had been a bartender. By Shinji Manlangit

Black Lips has two “extra members” in the making of their latest album. That’s Mark Ronson and Deerhunter’s Lockett Pundt. By Reena Mesias


Timothy Bloom’s music video, featuring his and singer V. Bozeman’s behinds, went viral in days. And it’s not just about his body. By Macy Reantaso


Here’s an example of a Filipina musician who’s proud of her heritage but ain’t trying too hard either to express it: Chelo Aestrid. By Petra Magno


Arigato, Hato! didn’t realize how much the world loves them until the day they played in Singapore. Their new album is coming up. By Liza Constantino


It’s been a year since Baths’ debut release, Cerulean. The man behind the name, Will Wiesenfeld, shares how it all started with Björk. By Ralph Mendoza













Daniel Flaherty isn’t alien to the kind of kids they’re playing in MTV Skins. He’s a skateboarder, and he’s in a band, too. By Giano D. Dionisio

Rarely will you find an artist who’s not afraid of being literal; that’s Christina Dy, and she can teach you pole dancing. By Alice Sarmiento

Filmmaker Tracy Antonopoulos, photographer/musician Clara Balzary, and Jane Moseley are Vans Girls because they’re creating their mark. By Reena Mesias

Fashion brands nowadays tend to have more specific markets. How does a clothing line for hot air balloon enthusiasts sound? Bee Nguyen explains. By Loris Peña

Gian Magdangal is as wild as Tasmanian Devil. Only resting after closing a cirque-esque vaudeville and multiple theater productions. By Giano D. Dionisio

The Durantula and Black Mamba are just two of the wild creatures that Idan Ravin has tamed to be predators of the b-ball jungle. By Ralph Mendoza


is action-packed

june 2011


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Women surf champs have a lot to prove in their maledominated sport, but Anastasia Ashley makes it look so easy. By Evan Tan




aaron Bondaroff






Shannyn Sossamon has played a very wide range of roles (from A Knight’s Tale to Moonlight). Now, she doesn’t listen to anyone but herself. By Kristine Dabbay


To be P-Rod doesn’t only mean to grind daily. He’s now a father, a businessman, and (wait for it) a wannabe actor. By Diego José Abad


Today could be Aaron Bondaroff’s downtime in Miami. Yesterday, maybe he was doing car meetings in NYC. Tomorrow, there’s another opening in OHWOW Gallery, LA. By Toff de Venecia

90 Race Car Driver

Shooting Guard of Talk n’ Text





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Ha:Sang;Beg Afterparty @ WooBar Who’s the Boss X2 Pizza Party Weird Wednesday Fresh Fridays @ Fiamma



Rugby Player of Philippine Volcanoes



New York Club Opening Mixtape @ Hodgepodge


She isn’t just a surf instructor. She was the first Filipina to have the certification to do it. Here’s a peek into her shack.




J Shaughnessy has photographed riotous house parties aplenty, even the Adidas one attended by David Beckham, but he also shows a certain quiet—one that’s clear in his photos of fave indiewood girl, Shannyn Sossamon. This is the first time we’re doing a double cover, so we also have Matt Devino’s shot of unimaginably ace skateboarder Paul Rodriguez aka P-Rod with an imaginary scenery behind him.

Puma Social @ Republiq Taken By Cars DUALIST Launch @ Amber

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No doubt about it: artist and filmmaker Matt McCormick knows his misery porn. While the “valentine to losers” Some Days Are Better than Others (22) is his first feature film, Matt has been honing his talent on numerous experimental films, music videos, and art installations for years. In Screen, he talks about his movie, which was produced by the makers of Wendy and Lucy.

We agree with Alice: dating should be a sport. She makes pretty good points: dating is competitive as hell, and it’s a good excuse to get ripped abs. In Mastermind, Alice writes about Christina Dy (69), the artist/ pole dancing teacher, who creates biggerthan-life art while helping people get the abs they sorely need to win a date.

Our creative media director, Patrick L. Jamora, who shot the bro athletes in New Kids on the Block (84), is no sports guru, but he thinks noodling is an underrated sport. Given the chance, though, he’s not too keen on getting wet just to take pictures of people catching catfishes with their bare hands. He’d like to shoot sumo wrestlers instead.

Liza can be excitable, but in a French way. What she swears to be the most exciting activity, for instance, is bataille–a game she used to play in her all-girls’ high school. But since she no longer spends her energy shoving catty girls to catch a flying ball, she now directs her passion to writing animated articles such as her piece on Arigato, Hato! (65)

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Rosario Herrera ART DIRECTOR: Soleil Ignacio CREATIVE MEDIA DIRECTOR: Patrick L. Jamora ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Nante Santamaria EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Viva Gonzalez, Reena Mesias, Loris Peña, Evan Tan GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Patrick Diokno, Darwin Manibog

When an apple a day fails us, our stock of colorful pills and tablets keep sicknesses at bay.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Diego José Abad, Kristine Dabbay, Giano D. Dionisio, Petra Magno, Shinji Manlangit, Ralph Mendoza, Macy Reantaso, Alice Sarmiento, JP Singson, Toff de Venecia CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Jakob Axelman, Emilie Baltz, Yvette Brawner, Sarah Brega, Curtis Buchanan, Kenneth Capello, The Cobrasnake, Fernando Colon, EJ Constantino, Matt Devino,Felix De Voss, Nicky Digital, Patrick Diokno, Gerard Estadella, DJ Fabian, Sage Grazer, Nicole Heffron, Rosario Herrera, Ralph Hilario, Patrick L. Jamora, David Kaptein, Jane Kilkullen, Isabella Marcos, Mike Martin, Reena Mesias, Ming Han Chung, Miguel Miranda, Allison Miller, Jonas Mosesson, Charmaine Ng, Gina Nicora, Anna Nuet, Lyka Orhel, Dima Rogovik, Paolo Ruiz, Daniel Russo, Yoko Sato, RJ Shaughnessy, Jack Siegel, Chris Strong, Anna Thiessen, Zach Wolfe, The XOXO Kids CONTRIBUTING BLOGGERS: Viva Gonzalez, Rosario Herrera, Zoe Laurente, Alyssa Libao, Loris Peña, Sarah Policios, Reena Mesias, Macy Reantaso, Evan Tan MARKETING DIRECTOR: Jon Herrera SALES & MARKETING CONSULTANT: Tina Herrera BUSINESS MANAGER: Eric Flores ACCOUNT MANAGER: Jerdan Buenaventura JUNIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE: Christine Rojas

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INTERNS: Carina Alejandrino, Vernica Enciso, Gabriel Enzo Escutin, Zoe Laurente, Sarah Policios, Kevin Jude Pueblo, Macy Reantaso - 13



JUNE 2011

free fallin


ct like a wild child with LITTLE DOE’s latest collection. Run free with their headdresses made out of twigs, feathers, and antlers. Bring out the hippie in you, and channel Stevie Nicks with a long crystal necklace. Their customizable accessory pieces will leave you feeling high off the ground.

get steezy


taying true to their word of “keeping the underground lit” with flashes of color VANS launch new additions to its Spitfire collection. Flare up the sidewalks with the bright Era Pro royal blue and flame red combo, be aggressive with the orangedetailed Tony Trijullo (TNT 5), or tone it down with the gray Wet Cement pair. Skater or not, choose from suede leather or canvas to carve the curbs and still walk in comfort; there’s no bailing out.

dapper dude K

haki takes center stage in FARAH’s Vintage collection as shorts, blazers, and pants that are tapered to perfection. Wear a classic striped shirt with khaki bottoms, and skip the usual belt. Opt for suspenders, instead, for that dapper finish. With these duds, you’ll be rolling like an old Hollywood A-lister.

the epic and the brave


here’s a battle between the ancient and FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE gets caught in the middle. It’s gold vs. silver in their latest collection with bracelets and necklaces as weapons of choice. Be a modern day Byzantine empress in a gold-tasseled necklace with matching earrings, and be armed for any battle. - 15


all greek to me


ESA makes ancient Greek chic with its brass head pendants and riband rings. Brooklyn native Randi Mates designs and makes these jewelry by hand. Necklaces resembling laurel wreaths worn by Caesar, bronze crosses, and black pearl cuffs will make you feel like you’re destined for Olympus. Go ahead and put one on; it’ll please the style gods.

black out A

MANDA LEW KEE’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection will give you chills. She creates bold looks with fur and feather that will get your pulse racing. Embrace your dark side in a high slit skirt or a gauzy striped dress. Her black fur coat and sheer maxi skirt are essentials that will steer your wardrobe into fall. Don’t worry, these clothes create the good kind of drama.


super freak

he graphic prints of BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK shirts are definite head turners. A skull attached to a black-andwhite body with hands brushing its teeth- this ironic image is just one of those out-of-the-ordinary prints on their well-fitted tees. This is about artists sharing their take on topics like sex, love, politics, and death. So don’t hate, appreciate.



LLEX KINNI boots will win you over with their thought out details like gunmetal trims and royal purple leather linings. “The Ambient Collective,” the brand’s second collection, wants to move your idle feet. Wear one of their three new styles—The Charming Man (unisex boots), The Loveless (back-laced boots), and The Broadway (two-tone wedge boots)—and you’ll be in the mood to wreak a little havoc.

16 -

BORROWED FROM THE BOYS C lassic gentleman’s shoes are wardrobe staple that have crossed over from his closet to hers. DIEPPA RESTREPO knows that we borrow from the boys and comes out with a unisex collection of high quality brogues, oxfords, and loafers. Available in different colors and finishes, like matte leather and patent, the only problem you’ll have is your brother trying to fit into your shoes.




ith its geometric shapes and lines on bodycon pieces, EMMA GRIFFITHS’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection could definitely pass as Spider-Woman’s wardrobe. Look steaming hot and svelte as you match its neutral-colored pieces up with a pair of classic pumps. Save the day with this tight number, and don’t forget to don that fierceness in you to cap off your kick-ass look.


stablished in 1899, MOSCOT can’t get any more authentic as vintage eyewear. Their Originals collection is based on designs from their 19301970 archives. The Etta’s whimsical cat eye shape and the Koopa’s utilitarian oversized rectangular frame will take you back to downtown Brooklyn in the 60’s, like you’re sitting on the front stoop of a brownstone and looking as dapper as ever.


MOGEN BELFIELD takes us back to the stone age with her collection of striking jewelry. Toughen up your florals and lace skirts with pendants that look like clusters of jagged rock and rings that look like molten lava. One look at her sculpted pieces in bronze, silver, and gold, and you would swear that they were forged from the earth.

spiffy worker I

n CREEP’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection, vibrant pops of color with khakis and blues take workwear into a whole new level. Checkered hunting shirt, flannel buttondown, collared cardigans, stripped duffel coat, or a tartan blazer paired with moleskin pants and mid-top chukkas make looking spiffy never as easy.


orn by Rachel Bilson and Scarlett Johansson, designer Amanda Thomas’ LUV AJ is definitely making the headlines. Stock up on their body chains and triple chain chokers that are fast becoming accessory essentials with your tank top plus denim cut-offs uniform. Pile their spike bracelets, arrowhead pendants, and carved talon cuffs, and no one will dare mess with you. - 17


mad hatter


ATYA TWENA gives you a reason to always wear a hat. Hats with feathers, lace, and bows take you into a world of whimsy. These fanciful hair accessories add a feeling of fantasy to any outfit. Match your outfit to the hat you’re wearing, or let it completely clash–the possibilities are endless.

,yeah rebel P

LEASURE PRINCIPLE fulfills your desire for minimalist, 90’s-inspired duds. Printed tees for the boys, tie-dye tanks and sheer slip dresses for the girls say relaxed while oversized hoods and tops with unexpected side cut-outs project just a hint of rebellion. Go against the grain; you’ll never be just a face in the crowd in these clothes.

what a girl wants

clean cut S ARA PHILLIP’s Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection is all about being simple. Don this vibe with a sheer buttondown matched with either a pair of bright-colored jeans or a clean cut skirt. With or without accessories, you sure have nothing to worry about. There’s a saying that simplicity rules our lives. Prove it.


TRONG AND DICKERSON’s Fall 2011 collection brings us down-to-earth luxury. Rich tones of brown and burgundy break up the severity of the black and gray palette. Its strategic back cut-outs and high slit trench-inspired skirt say sensual, while the leather, knit, fur, and shearling add a lush feeling. Slip into these, and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks.

18 -

first class C

ount on MOSSIMO for comfortable and trendy threads just in time for school. Keep things fun in a bright red romper, or choose to keep it classic in solid color henley tops and skirts that’ll last beyond this semester. Rolledup shorts, printed tees, and hoodies are essentials for every college guy. These clothes make dressing up in the morning a nobrainer.


anchors ahoy P ENSHOPPE’s nautical pieces from its newest collection will make you go to the beach. Match up your classic Breton top with a good pair of denims while out in the sun. This summer may be hotter than ever, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking fresh and stylish at the same time all summer long.

noir drama M

EDIEVAL lets you ramp down the boulevard and be all the rage with its custom Chuck Taylor dubbed “Asmodeus Noir”. These black high tops swank of its authentic ostrich leather and can be zipped up from the front while the leather laces are on the sides. Pyramid studs line up at the back to give that military-inspired punk flair. Wear them with jeans hiked up, and flaunt your pair from day until night.

lookin’ dishy


ook like you came straight out of boarding school with STEVEN ALAN’s Fall 2011 collection. Get you first day high with its long-sleeved shirtdresses, suits, and trench coats. Nothing says schoolgirl better than its red velvet blazer with matching skirt. Just make sure you don’t spill yogurt on your outfit.

jungle fever M IKE GONZALEZ takes on the concrete jungle with African inspiration for his Spring 2011 collection. His tribal print tank tops and cargo shorts will make you want to go waka-waka. Add some sophistication with lattice and cage detailing on your tops and dresses for a fun fearless night out.

curl up and dye


anada-based brand SCOUT AND CATALOGUE takes bohemian style staples, like tie dye and distressed leather, and takes it to the city. Inspired by founder Breanna Musgrove’s year in Mexico, its hand-dyed fabrics, lace details, and silver feel like vintage treasures. Carry their raw leather clutch bags and wear their tie-dyed scarves with your tee, jeans, and stilettos for a laid-back afternoon in the city. - 19




art showroom


ome to talented artists, Stockholm’s CREATORS INN by ELVINE contacts local organizations to offer free accommodations for travelling artists as they go about the town to either perform at gigs, visit museums, or just take a break. Guests can enjoy the short distance from the hottest shopping districts, restaurants, and galleries as the inn is merged with the Scandic Malmen Hotel. This capsule hotel has fullyfurnished yet spacious rooms that keep to the idea of “creative hospitality” by having common working stations like art and music studios, where artists can keep their creative juices flowing even on vacation.


sweet deal




here’s one restaurant in New York that’s “never the same place twice.” WHAT HAPPENS WHEN shifts everything in their restaurant—theme, layout, entertainment, and food—every 30 days. Chef John Fraser prepares threecourse meals like bouillabaisse and drink programs from Schloss Lieser Riesling to caramel-flavored Calvado cocktails, depending on the concepts

of designers Emilie Blatz and Elle Kunos. The interior is kept snazzy by design firm The Metric, drawing inspiration from French Renoir paintings to school prom. Yep, the only constant thing for this restaurant is change—and we like it.


t BAR DOLCI in Fort Global City, life gets sweeter than munching on their croissant while seated on their comfy orange couch. This gelato/ pasticeria café has the desserts to crack your sweet scale. Not that they use a lot of sugar—their creatively flavored gelatos (think white chocolate wasabi and thai iced tea) has only fresh pasteurized milk with no UHT. And when you can’t get enough, you may suggest a flavor, and they’ll try to make it for you. It’s fine to try everything in this sweet spot; after all, they’re not that sinful.



BAR DOLCI makes sure they give the correct balance of variety in their entrees to launch a party in your kissers.

BRUSCHETTAS Served with Tomato and Salami, Four Cheese, Mushroom Garlic Crumble, or Bacon and Cheese.

20 -

GELATOS Made on-site daily, using the freshest ingredients from local and international artisan vendors.

MACAROONS Made from pure almond meal to ensure proper texture and consistency.

POPSICLES Comes in 2 kinds: sugar-free and cocktail.

What Happens When photos by Emilie Baltz and Felix De Voss. Creators Inn photo by Jonas Mosesson





et’s keep it real; sometimes, you have to be selfish about something especially if you know it’s good. For Mikey Amistoso, anyone (even his Ciudad bandmates) who thought about re-arranging some of his songs was out of bounds. “A few of the songs I’ve written in the past two years were extremely personal to me that I got really protective,” he explains. “The earnestness and sincerity captured during that day would not be the same if we rerecorded it as a band in 2010.” Thus, the birth of his special side project, HANNAH+GABI. His bandmates didn’t kick him out of the band after that. And anyway, it’s not

like Hannah+Gabi and Ciudad is a Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera kind of comparison. “Hannah+Gabi is more strippeddown, restrained, and folkish,” Mikey compares it to his multimember rock band. A result of his nostalgic New York memories, his first solo album, Haha Yes, promises to make listeners “teary-eyed but smiling.” And while he wants to give a certain feel of vagueness in his moniker and in his music videos (by not appearing in them), Hannah+Gabi makes some things clear: he’s not as bipolar as his songs, and he’s about as selfish with them as he is with the last chicken on the plate. Isn’t that a good thing? REENA MESIAS

LISTEN UP The music world ain’t getting smaller, just more crowded— especially in tours. Let STATUS take you backstage at the go-to’s this month.


Cat Cortes of ARIGATO HATO

Tim Kinsella of JOAN OF ARC

CocoRosie – “Lemonade” It’s easy to make fun of musicians who take themselves seriously and have their own world, but it’s a whole different ball game if they live their lives that way and their music. I respect them so much; their lyrics, experimentation— it’s so fascinating.

The Skull Defekts – Peer Amid Dan Higgs is my guru, and it’s exciting to see him return to a rock band. Sounds like Lungfish, Danzig, and Sonic Youth at a drum circle with a synthesizer—awesome!

Hannah+Gabi photo by Paolo Ruiz. Cat Cortes photo by Lyka Orhel. Tim Kinsella photo by Dima Rogovik Serge Gainsbourg – “Valse de Melody” I waltz to this song… it’s dramatic and beautiful in the best way. Rostropovich – “Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude” His cello playing is flawless. I have this theory that classical music is good for digestion…so I try to listen to it when I eat. LA Ladies Choir – EP I put this on for my daughter when she goes to bed. It calms her down. Harmonies of all the girls that love her. Brian Eno – “And then So Clear” I love all the sounds he uses on this record, and his voice through the vocoder sounds amazing. I’m a big Eno fan.

Bright Eyes – “Shell Games” I hadn’t been following them these last few albums, but this new album is sci-fi themed and awesome.

Akira: Original Soundtrack The soundtrack is incredible— constantly shifting, amazing synthesis of so many different approaches. It’s truly inspiring in its scope without anything sounding out of place.

Beans – “Mellow You Out” I love heavy beats and great “flow.” If I could marry a drum machine that could rap on its own, I would.

Link Wray – “Falling Rain” It’s a really sophisticated blending of  one’s romantic notions with the experience of cultural chaos. 

theirs pumps me up.

Big Hell – “Cardboard Kids” I met these guys on MySpace through our profile. This song of

Vic Chestnutt – “Flirted with You All My Life” It is really great, bleak and beautiful, subtle and smart.

Bring your hiphop/ neo-energy for THE ROOTS 4TH ANNUAL PICNIC in Philadelphia with Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Esperanza Spalding, and more. History will be made as Nicki Minaj teams up with Queen of Pop Britney Spears for the FEMME FATALE US TOUR which starts on June 17. SONDRE LERCHE’S TOUR starts this month! And oneman band Nightlands (multiinstrumentalist David Hartley) is joining him. The biggest electronic dance tour is back with ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL —though it’s not opening in its usual venue, Los Angeles, this year. They’re making a debut in Las Vegas, baby. - 21






MATT MCCORMICK has been making short experimental films and video art installations for several years now. But while there were several small stories he was interested in exploring cinematically, he decided to wrap all the shorts together and make Some Days Are Better Than Others.



y work tends to focus on setting and landscape, and I was very interested in creating a batch of characters who were struggling with environments they were intertwined with. With all my work, I strive to look for metaphors—and abandoned objects, I find, make great metaphors. An empty house is more than just withering architecture—it’s the abandonment of an idea or plan, a visual reminder of some sort of failure. Abandoned objects and spaces all have a story, literally a tragic mystery, but there is also a strange hope in them—they open up new possibilities, new frontiers





to be explored and reclaimed. They can also offer comfort in simply reminding us that we are not alone in our own failures. With Some Days Are Better Than Others, I look at various abandoned elements—dogs at the shelter, personal items at the thrift store donation center, abandoned possessions, houses and buildings—and juxtapose them with human elements such as a jilted girlfriend, a widower, a lonely heart, and an unemployed daydreamer. The idea was to create this atmosphere of failure but to do so in a sympathetic tone. The movie is sort of a valentine to losers, I guess.


X-MEN: FirsT CLASS (June 2011)

avage, violent, and primal—the most underrated of all Martin Scorsese’s movies and of all Robert De Niro’s performances, Raging Bull chronicles boxer Jake LaMotta’s (De Niro) fall from grace, from being at the brink of a world boxing championship to his plummet into being a washed-up nightclub personality. LaMotta tries to contain his anger and insecurity towards himself and his wife. His quest for immortality ironically puts him face-to-face with this mortality. Feel the weight of every jab through its series of blackand-white stills and point-ofview shots. This movie doesn’t romanticize boxing as others do; it fearlessly shows the ugly side of the sport. A boxing match here is not a chance for glory but rather another chance to sink deeper into a world where brute force is the only currency. VIVA GONZALEZ


The next stage of evolution is gonna give everyone a kick in their butts and more

he best thing about a hero and his nemesis’ rivalry isn’t the intense fighting scenes; it’s the story prior to being archenemies. Revolving around the epic origin of the saga, X-Men: First Class focuses on the young Professor X, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), and young Magneto, Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender), when they were still friends, unearthing their powers and opening the School of Mutant Resources to study humans with the mutant “X” gene. If you’ve seen Fassbender as Stelios in Zack Snyder’s 300 and as hunger strike leader Bobby Sands in Hunger, you’ll know just what to expect when he cuts into Magneto’s compelling character. And while McAvoy playing Charles hints that Professor X did have hair, it’s Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn who can prove that the next stage of evolution is gonna give everyone a kick in their butts and more. REENA MESIAS


SUPER 8 Combine J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, and get this sci-fi about a group of Ohio kids, a train crash, and something that’s totally out of this world.

22 -


The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayaode debuts as a director with this film about a young man who tries to keep his depressed father and cheating mother from separating.



Gang wars and immigration authorities are out of control, and a father goes about his job as a gardener in hopes of giving his son a life he once wanted for his own.

Cameron Diaz stars as, a totally badass teacher. Her goals? Get bonus from work, get her boobs done, and get the substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake!).

PROJECT NIM This is the story of Nim, a chimpanzee shoved to human society. The tables turn as this Sundance docu exposes just how untamed humans can be.






By José Saramago


s God really as compassionate of Cain’s jealous rage towards as he seems? This is the his brother Abel. But Saramago question that Nobel prize shifts the lens and lays the winner Jose Saramago asks in blame to the ever-unpredictable O N E - God, S I T Tproclaims INGS Cain. that Cain’s he tackles the Bible headEI Td- STing I TN Tweren’t N G S as much O N EOrea - NSactions GI Sgroup on, exposing the sinister side motivated by his resentment concealed in each chapter, towards Abel but rather by verse, and character in the Old God’s favor towards the latter. Testament. Being an atheist In this story, the beginning s God really Saramago as compassionate of Cain’s jealous chaotic rage towards himself, writes with is entirely and not as he seems? This iscompassionate the hisCain’s brother Abel. But rage Saramago signature orderly we were led to believe shis God really asspeculative of Cain’s jealous towards sasGod really as compassionate of jealous rage towards question that Nobel prize shifts lens and lays the undertones and finds inthe religion class. as he seems? This is loopholes the his brother Abel. But Saramago as he seems? He This is the his brother Abel. But Saramago winner Jose Saramago asks in as shifts blame to ever-unpredictable and flaws while staying You know they say: question that Nobel prize shifts the lens and question that Nobel prize Prize thethe lens and what layslays the the Cainwinner . close God,blame proclaims that Cain’sto every as possible to theinsacred there two sides Saramago asks to are the ever-unpredictable winner JoseJose José Saramago asks in blame to the ever-unpredictable tackles the Bible headactions weren’t as much scripture. story—even the Bible’s. . God, proclaims that Cain’s CainCain .he God, proclaims that Cain’s on, exposing the sinister side motivated by hisasresentment all know that the first MACY REANTASO he tackles the Bible headactions weren’t as much he tackles He We the Bible headactions weren’t much concealed in the eachthe chapter, towards Abel but rather by blood-slaying act was because on, exposing sinister sidemotivated motivated by his resentment on, exposing sinister side by his resentment verse, andincharacter in the Old towards God’s favor towards the latter. concealed in each chapter, towards Abel but rather by AS ThE BEGINNING IS NOT concealed each chapter, Abel but rather by Testament. Being an atheist In this story, the verse, character in the God’s favor towards the latter. ORdERlY ASbeginning WE WERE lEd TO verse, and and character in the Old Old God’s favor towards the latter. himself, Saramago writes with is entirely chaotic and not as Testament. Being an atheist In this story, beginning BElIEVE INthe RElIGION ClASS. Testament. Being an atheist In this story, the beginning his signature speculative orderly we were led to believe himself, Saramago writes is entirely chaotic himself, Saramago writes withwith is entirely chaotic and and not not as as undertones andspeculative finds loopholes in religion class. his signature speculative orderly we were to believe his signature orderly we were led led to believe and undertones flaws while staying as You know what they say: finds loopholes in religion in religion class. undertones and and finds loopholes Sunday class. school. close asflaws possible to the thereYou are two sides to they every and while staying as You know what and flaws while staying as sacred know what they say:say: scripture. story—even thetwo Bible’s. close as possible to the sacred there sides to every close as possible to the sacred there are are two sides to every We all know that the first MACYstory—even REANTASO scripture. the Bible’s. scripture. story—even the Bible’s. p I C T u r E B O O K blood-slaying act was because We all know that the REANTASO We all know that the firstfirst MACYMACY REANTASO blood-slaying because ThE BEGINNING IS NOT AS blood-slaying act act was was because ORdERlY AS WE WERE lEdNOT BEGINNING IS ThE ThE BEGINNING IS NOT ASTO AS The beginning is not as BElIEVE IN ClASS. ORdERlY AS WE lEd ORdERlY AS RElIGION WE lEd TO TO orderly asWERE we WERE were led to BElIEVE IN ClASS. BElIEVE IN RElIGION ClASS. believe inRElIGION sunday school

CAIN CAINSaramago CAIN By José


rEadING GrOup



celebrated two-wheel event in n how I Won the Yellow the world. Jumper: dispatches from Boulting shares his the Tour the france, it’s all panoramic view of Tour de bikes, r E a dabout Iand N Geverything G r O u photo p thatfinishes, france through his interviews falls r E arOdEunder urGpOfrance. NIaNEdG- ISNIGTour TGrT OIGNde Su p with victors seconds after they cross the line and ITV sports news anchor, conversations with the likes Ned Boulting, didn’t know of Mark Cavendish, Bradley what the hell he was doing Wigging, and of course, lance on his first Tour de France two-wheel event in n how I Won the YellowAt that celebrated Armstrong. coverage in 2003. the celebrated world. dispatches fromof only celebrated Keeping things candid, wasYellow aware two-wheel event ntime, Ihe two-wheel event in in nJumper: how IHow Won the celebrated two-wheel event in n how I Won Won the the Yellow Yellow shares his his most the Tour france , from it’s all Boulting shares two the things: bikes and lance theBoulting the Jumper: dispatches from world. Jumper: dispatches the world. world. Jumper: Dispatches from panoramic view of Tour de about bikes, photo finishes, hilarious encounters—on and Armstrong. Now, he has Boulting shares ,, it’s all shares his his , it’s allbecome the the Tour the the france Boulting shares his the Tour Tour the france France it’s all Boulting france through hisTour interviews and about everything that falls off the view race track—that made a self-proclaimed hardcore fan panoramic of bikes, photo finishes, view of de de about bikes, photo finishes, panoramic view of Tour Tour de about bikes, photo finishes, panoramic withfrance victors seconds after under Tour france. him respect de france in of thedemost anticipated and france through his and that falls through hisTour interviews and everything that falls France through his interviews interviews and everything everything that falls theywith cross the line and ITV sports anchor, allvictors its glory. MACYafter REANTASO seconds under Tour de with victors seconds after under Tour de news france. with victors, seconds after under Tour de france. France. conversations the Ned Boulting, didn’t know cross the and ITV news anchor, cross the with line and likes ITV sports news anchor, they cross the line line, and ITV sports sports news anchor Ned theythey of Mark Cavendish, Bradley what the hell he was doing conversations with the Ned Boulting, didn’t know conversations with with the likes Ned Boulting, didn’t know what conversations the likes likes Wigging, andCavendish, of course, lance on his de France of Mark Bradley what the hell he doing was doing of Mark Cavendish, Bradley what thefirst hellTour he was was doing of Mark Cavendish, the hell he on his IT’S All ABOuT BIKES, phOTO fINIShES, Bradley Armstrong. coverage in 2003. At that Wigging, of lance on his first de France Wigging, and and of lance on his first Tour de France Wigging, andcourse, of course, course, Lance first Tour deTour France coverage ANd EVERYThINGKeeping TOuR dEthings fRANCE. candid, time, he in was2003. awareAtofthat only Armstrong. coverage in At that coverage Armstrong. in 2003. At 2003. that time, he wasArmstrong. Boulting shares his most two things: bikes and lance Keeping things candid, time, he of only Keeping things candid, time, he was aware of only Keeping things candid, aware of was onlyaware two things: hilarious encounters—on and Armstrong. Now, heand hasand become Boulting shares two things: bikes lance Boulting shares his his most two things: bikes lance Boulting shares his most most bikes and Lance Armstrong. off hilarious the race track—that made a self-proclaimed hardcore fan encounters—on Armstrong. Now, he has become hilarious encounters—on and Armstrong. Now, he has become hilarious encounters—on and and Now, he has become a selfhim the respect Tour de france the most anticipated and track—that made aproclaimed self-proclaimed hardcore race track—that madein aofself-proclaimed hardcore off the the race race track—that made hardcore fanfan of fanoff off F O O T N O T E S all its glory. MACY REANTASO him respect Tour de france of the most anticipated and him respect Tour Tour de france in in of the him respect de France in themost mostanticipated anticipatedand and all its glory. MACY REANTASO all its MACY REANTASO all glory. its glory. (The Homeland Directive) IT’S All ABOuT BIKES, phOTO fINIShES, No need to go all ANd EVERYThING TOuR dEphOTO fRANCE. IT’S All ABOuT BIKES, fINIShES, IT’SIt’s All all ABOuT about BIKES, bikes, phOTO photo fINIShES, finishes, Men In Black when ANd EVERYThING TOuR dE ANd EVERYThING and everything TOuR tour dE fRANCE. de france chasing thefRANCE. bad guys. Out with the monotonic noir style, and go undercover FOOTNOTES with these shades from F O OF TONOOT TNEOST E S the SHAUN WHITE (The Homeland x OAKLEY GOLD Directive) collection. (The Homeland (The Homeland NoNo need to to gogo allall need Directive) Directive) Men In in Black when Men Black when No need go all No need to goto all chasing the bad chasing bad when Men Inthe Black Men In Black when guys. Out 2 - STATuSMAGONlINE.COM guys. Out with the chasing thethe bad chasing thewith bad monotonic noir style, monotonic noir style, guys. Out with the guys. Out with the and go undercover and go undercover monotonic noir style, monotonic noir style, with these shades from with these shades from and go undercover and go undercover thethe SHAUN WHITE SHAUN WHITE with these shades with these shades from from x OAKLEY GOLD x SHAUN OAKLEY GOLD the SHAUN WHITE the WHITE collection. x OAKLEY GOLD xcollection. OAKLEY GOLD collection. collection.



By José Saramago By José Saramago


By robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston


ollowing Robert Venditti’s and p I C T ucolor r E BtoO Oblack-and-white K bestselling graphic novel, to sepia, emphasizing the gory CrT EuU rRB EOof O K and chase, OB KOmurder The Surrogates, comes The p I C pPT Iudetails homeland directive. dr. laura, giving a full-fledged noir feel a CdC researcher, is aided by to this fast-paced thriller. The plot, which centers on a group of three rogue federal agents as they try to foil a technology as boon or bane at this age, may get pretty much madman’s conspiracy theories. Illustrator Mike predictable, but huddleston’s huddleston uses on this dark artwork will keep you hooked to it black-and-white and of this ollowing Robert shows his vision graphic novelVenditti’s a muted color color as bestselling graphic novel, to sepia, emphasizing gory scheme emphasizing its gravity novel in the big the screen. color to black-and-white andMACY ollowing Robert Venditti’s ollowing Robert Venditti’s color to black-and-white and The Surrogates , comes The novel, to details ofemphasizing murder and the chase, as a sinister political bestselling graphic to REANTASO sepia, emphasizing the bestselling graphic novel, sepia, gorygory giving aoffull-fledged feel homeland directive dr. thriller, where dr.laura, laura details The Surrogates ,. comes The details of murder and chase, The Surrogates , comes The murder and noir chase, a CdC researcher, aided by to this thriller. is blamed for her research homeland directive giving a full-fledged . dr. laura, homeland Homeland directive Directive a fast-paced full-fledged noirnoir feelfeel .isdr. Dr. laura, Laura,giving The plot, which centers on group ofresearcher, threedeath. rogue federal partner’s a CdC isRendered aided to this fast-paced thriller. aa CdC CDC researcher, is aided by by to this fast-paced thriller. pRETTY MuCh pREdICTABlE as try torogue foil a washtechnology as boon or bane at through ink plot, which centers a group of watercolor, three federal aagents group of they three rogue federal The The plot, which centers on on BuT huddlESTON’S ARTWORK madman’s thistechnology age, may get pretty with scratched and agents as they to grainy foil asKEEp boon or much bane agents as conspiracy they try try totheories. foil a a technology as boon or YOu bane at at WIll hOOKEd Illustrator Miketheories. predictable, filters, panels shift from full madman’s conspiracy theories. this may get pretty madman’s conspiracy this age,age, may but get huddleston’s pretty muchmuch huddleston uses on this artwork will but keepbut youhuddleston’s hooked Illustrator Mikedark predictable, predictable, huddleston’s Huddleston’s Illustrator Mike as it shows his of hooked this graphic novel muted huddleston on this artwork keep willwill keepvision you you hooked huddleston Huddleston usesauses uses, on this oncolor this darkdark artwork scheme emphasizing gravity novel in bighis screen. (How I novel Won the Yellow as shows it the shows vision of this graphic a its muted graphic dark novel graphic a muted novel, color a color muted as it his vision of MACY this (Cain) as ascheme sinister political REANTASO Jumper) emphasizing gravity novel in the scheme color emphasizing scheme emphasizing its its gravity its novel in the big big screen. Cainscreen. and MACY AbelMACY didn’t thriller, where dr. laura Get in shape before a sinister political REANTASO as aas gravity sinister aspolitical a sinister political REANTASO really hit it off as is blamed for her the big two-wheeled thriller, where dr. laura thriller, where dr.research Dr. laura Laura brothers; who wants partner’s death. Rendered with for the iBike is race blamed her research is blamed for her research pRETTY MuCh pREdICTABlE to bond over sheep? pretty much predictable through watercolor, ink wash Dash CC death. (Cycling partner’s Rendered partner’s death. Rendered BuT huddlESTON’S ARTWORK Settle sibling rivalries pRETTY MuCh pREdICTABlE pRETTY MuCh pREdICTABlE but huddleston’s artwork withthrough scratched and grainy Computer). Compatible watercolor, through watercolor, ink ink washwash KEEp YOu hOOKEd through one good BuT huddlESTON’S ARTWORK BuTWIll huddlESTON’S ARTWORK will keep you hooked filters, panels shift from full with iPhone and iPod with scratched and grainy with scratched and grainy ol’YOu round of dragonhOOKEd WIllWIll KEEpKEEp YOu hOOKEd Touch, it can keep filters, panels shift filters, panels shift fromfrom fullfull slaying game with track of your progress DUNGEON SIEGE 3 (How I Won the Yellow to becoming the Tour (Cain) for XBOX 360. Jumper) de IFrance champ. Cain(Cain) and Abel didn’t (How Won the Yellow (How I Won the Yellow (Cain) Get in shape before reallyCain hit itAbel off as Jumper) Get in shape before and Abel Jumper) Cain and didn’tdidn’t the big two-wheeled brothers; wants Get in shape before the big two-wheeled really hit itas off as Get in shape before really hit itwho off racebig with thetwo-wheeled iBike to bond over the big race with the iBike the two-wheeled brothers; who wants brothers; whosheep? wants DashDash CC the (Cycling Settle rivalries race with the iBike CC (Cycling race with iBike to sibling bond sheep? to bond over over sheep? Computer). Compatible through one good Dash CC (Cycling Compatible DashComputer). CC (Cycling Settle sibling rivalries Settle sibling rivalries with with iPhone and Compatible iPodiPod ol’ round of dragonComputer). iPhone and Computer). Compatible through one good through one good Touch, it can keep slaying game with with iPhone and iPod itand caniPod keep with Touch, iPhone ol’ round of dragonol’ round of dragontracktrack ofityour progress DUNGEON SIEGE 3 Touch, can progress keep ofityour Touch, can keep slaying slaying gamegame with with to becoming the Tour for XBOX 360. track of your progress to the Tour track ofbecoming your progress DUNGEON SIEGE 3 DUNGEON SIEGE 3 debecoming France champ. to becoming the Tour de France for XBOX to thechamp. Tour for XBOX 360. 360. de France champ. de France champ.

f ff F


ByMike robert Venditti By Robert Venditti androbert Huddleston and Mike Huddleston and Mike Huddleston


tech pack


• World’s smallest portable vinyl record player • Features wireless audio powered by a 9V battery • Simply placed on any 33rpm vinyl record, then it plays the music SRP: PHP 4,225

Sony Bloggie™ Touch

• Features a 3-inch LCD touch screen with one big record button • Records HD videos in the webfriendly mp4 format • Can also be used as a 12.8 megapixel camera • 4x digital zoom with an automacro mode for close-ups even from just four inches away

mini me

Great gadgets come in small packages.

Palm Pre Plus

• 0.67 in thick and 4.8 oz light • Features a 3.1-inch multitouch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard • Has built-in GPS and a 3-megapixel camera with LED flash

SRP: PHP 8,800

SRP: PHP 11,000

Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Remote Control

• Touch-screen control for your TV, radio, and DVD/CD/ mp3 players • Unlocks audio and video equipment whether a single or a full link system • Features a square glass display with soft touch keys, aluminum ball with tactile keys, and the famous Bang and Olufsen volume wheel • Detects your devices via wifi and presents the relevant menus and controls SRP: TBA

Ortofon HD-Q7 Mini Headphone Amplifier

• Designed for easy volume control by a large dial • Allows input from CD player or iPhones • Has a frequency range of 10Hz to 200k Hz SRP: PHP 16,236

24 -

face paint StudioMakeup Rich Hydration Lipstick (Nearly Nude), P795 Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss (Shimmery Suede Brown), P786

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow (Espresso), P1,100

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas, P2,350 Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen (Neutral Brown), P997

Bobbi Brown Lip Color (Raisin), P1,100

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow (Bone), P1,100 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (Copper Cocoa), P1,100

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner (Midnight Brown), P954

Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection Leotard Optional (Mocha Beige), P412

barely there All eyes on your naturally pretty face.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation (Golden Beige), P1,800

Nars Bronzing Powder (Laguna), P1,400 Skinfood Gold Caviar Lifting Foundation SPF 20, P1,850

Stila Eyeshadow Trio (Goddess), P867

Too Faced Eyeshadow Duo (Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz), P730

Benefit High Beam, P1,040

26 -

Model photo by Ming Han Chung

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit, P2,100


With the insanely hot weather, all you need is ORIGINS ZERO OIL DEEP PORE CLEANSER WITH SAW PALMETTO AND MINT to remove excess oil and shine. P1,090


These gentle, premoistened NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN® OIL-FREE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES leaves skin clean without the greasy residue. P350


For girls who really really wanna zigazig-ha through the city’s heat effortlessly. PLUS POINTS

SHISEIDO ANESSA PERFECT UV SUNSCREEN SPF 50+ PA+++ protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while being waterperspirationand-sebumresistant. Shouldn’t the plus signs be explanation enough? P1,730

ROCK THE BOAT Rock-a-bye-bye, sun and windchapped lips. BANANA BOAT ALOE VERA WITH VITAMIN E LIP BALM SPF 30 is formulated with patented AvoTriplex technology to protect against sunburn and aging as well as to keep lips soft and healthy. P140


Sheer, weightless, and easy to apply, BARE ESCENTUALS BAREMINERALS SPF 30 NATURAL SUNSCREEN is oil and chemical free, blocks UVA/ UVB rays, and is available in three shades for light, medium, and tan skin tones. Apply it on both face and body—without the thick white mess. P1,210



When it comes to sunscreen, it’s not only the SPF number that is important. It’s also how often and generous you apply.

beauty bite


28 -

Beautybrick Hair Art Studio T here has been some serious Korean invasion happening—from music to makeup and salons. In BEAUTYBRICK HAIR ART STUDIO, clients are guaranteed a personal consultation with Korean owner and stylist Shin Ji Gin. Having studied in Japan, Mr. Shin mastered Asian hair. And the best part is, when styling, he considers all factors from bone structure to skin tone—so relax on their shiny, red chairs. He knows his stuff. The salon offers a range of reasonably priced perms to suit different styles while using top products like Wella, R&B, and Monoi. There is artistic perm, stracurl, or style perm for temporary curls. But for those ready for a change, the digiperm

creates long-lasting yet easy-to-maintain locks. Of course, from curling hair, the salon can also do magic perm, their version of hair rebonding. Fans of KPOP and Japanese anime will like the salon’s red and black motif matching the murals on the wall. And since services can take hours, complimentary tea or coffee is served to clients. Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati City, Philippines +63-2-473-5108 / +63-2-917-520-0044

Model photo from Bobbi Brown & Tibi Makeup Collection


THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN C ENERGISING FACE SPRITZ is ideal for those with dull skin that needs polish in one easy step. It’s also good for setting makeup, and it contains Amazonian camu camu berry to improve skin’s elasticity. P795

brick and mortar SATURDAYS SURF NYC, NEW YORK 31 Crosby St SoHo, New York 212-966-7875 Dime to drop: $200-500 (PHP 8,600-21,500) Don’t leave without: Baxter Saturdays Beach Soap


he boys behind SATURDAYS SURF NYC know that few things are as fast as a New York weekend, and they know how to slow it down. Their in-house coffee shop and outdoor patio let you park your pants while sipping on La Colombe coffee. Their shop itself is decked out in red brick and recycled wood with a genuine surf shack feel. Other than coffee and chill vibes, Saturdays hawks Baxter hair pomade, Isa Ora down jackets, and Gitman Bro. button downs for the average New Yorker. Genuine surfers love the slew of surf stuff including the finless Stuth board from Tom Wegener and Alex Knost X Sea Kong wetsuits. And for the easily toasted beach party girl, there’s Zinka total block colored sunscreen. A crowd favorite is the super soft Saturday typographic tee, which proclaims your love for this sole surf shop in SoHo. Though Saturdays Surf is miles away from any catchable wave, the casual-quirky stuff they stock is as West Coast laid-back as NYC can be.


Shop 403, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Victoria, Australia +61 3 9568 0459 Dime to drop: AUD $89-1,500 (PHP 3,900-65,700) Don’t leave without: Fleur Wood’s vintage-inspired dresses


ramed lace doilies against tea rose pink walls, brass letters strewn about its black-and-white tiled floor; welcome to FLEUR WOOD. Thoughtful touches like a little girl’s tutu, an antique rocking chair, and a carved wooden cuckoo clock make you feel as if you wandered into someone else’s attic. Browse through their racks of floaty tops, dresses, denims, silk pants, and vintage-inspired outerwear from the in-house label, Fleur Wood, and fall in love with their luxurious fabrics. The collection combines ethnic prints with hand embroidery, and vintage styles with more contemporary bright colors, inspired by the designer’s travels to New Delhi, Paris, and New York. They also stock dainty jewelry from Pink LouLou and trendy eyewear from Karen Walker. Don’t forget to look over their selection of homeware before you dash out the door. The glass cases and the furniture mounted on the wall, as if it were floating, transform this space from your average store to something more like a museum with girlish jewelry and charming art on display. Pull up a chair and get cozy. You’re welcome to spend your afternoon here.

my chameleon

MY CHAMELEON knows that, in fashion, change is always a good thing. Push your boundaries and electrify your style with Benah bags, Costalots eyewear, and Zoe & Morgan trinkets. Don’t miss their selections from emerging designers like Lauren Manoogian and Therese Rawsthorne as well as from established brands

30 -

like Opening Ceremony and Camilla Skovgaard. Pick up some Sophomore shirts and Fessura shoes for your man while you’re at it. Change is the mark of a chameleon, so give your closet a little jolt with these pieces, and mix them up.

style id

POPOFCOLOR Be a sweet surprise by putting a hint of color in your outfit or going all out with color blocking. Show your true colors without looking like a rainbow diarrhea.

MONA LOMRE, fashion blogger, works her fiery orange Zara drainpipes.

By JP Singson

This fashionista in Paris wears a colorful Dries Van Noten jacket and scarf ensemble.

LINNEA SJODIN, fashion blogger, mixes black with pink and orange. ZANA BAYNE, fashion designer, looks ravishing in a fiery red sheer vintage dress.

KATE SCHELTER, founder of Kate Schelter LLC, is wearing a neon pink printed dress paired with her leopard Christian Louboutins.

This fashionable guest in the United Bamboo show at New York Fashion Week was spotted wearing a bright red coat dress.

LLOYDA TAN, Giordano exec and fashion blogger, looks radiant in a bright yellow H&M tank. - 31

go see These fashion forward few show you how to do layers and cover-ups right. Maybe rainy days are not so bad after all.

Floppy Hat

Tartan Scarf

Photographed by Rosario Herrera

Pink Pants

Lace and Black

Black Cape Jacket Light Khaki Coat

Cropped Top

Military Jacket Socks with Sandals

32 -

Mix of Neutrals

Midi Dress Oversized Jacket Black on Black

The Perfect Trench

Graphic Belt Floral Print Boots

Red Boots

Fur Coat Draped Lapels

Layered Chains

Work Boots - 33

34 -

vintage headband by Dior top by Corpus Cristi - 35

bikini by American Apparel

36 -

TOP vintage headband by Dior body suit by La Perla skirt by American Apparel

TOP sheer top by Topshop Unique underwear by Calvin Klien - 37

top by Amarcord Vintage Fashion underwear by American Apparel - 39

top by BCBG Max Azria necklace: stylist’s own

40 -

dress by Dolce & Gabbana necklace by Marc by Marc Jacobs - 41

top by Amarcord Vintage Fashion pants by Loeffler Randall earrings by Pam Hiran shoes by Laurence Dacade

dress by Amarcord Vintage Fashion - 43









Light Weight

Take a cue from these earrings, and make your look light as a feather. Chilly winds are here again, so you can do some relaxed layering with sheer tops and varsity jackets. Add polish to your outfits with blush colored-dresses and slim ties. Product photography by Miguel Miranda

Sebago [P4,899.75]

Sebago [P4,899.75] Steve Madden [P5,250]

Topman [P3,595] Steve Madden [P5,250]

Steve Madden [5,250] Topman [3,595]

Steve Madden [P5,250]

From left to right: VaJJ By Reena Rae[P450], Topshop [P649], Aldo [P355], VaJJ By Reena Rae [P450], Accessorize [P350] - 45


THE BUCKET LIST Scoop ‘em up before they’re gone.

Nine West [P4,450]

Steve Madden [P3,650]


Forever 21 [P1,445]


Steve Madden [P3,650]

46 -

Runway Photo by Fernando Colon

Kate Spade [P16,450]


PRETTY IN PINK Dresses that will make your crush blush.

Forever 21 [P1,175]

Terranova [P1,345]


Topshop [P3,595]

Sinequanone [P5,650] - 47

sheer B U T T O N D O W N S / leather shorts


No need for X-ray vision with these buttondowns.

7 for all Mankind [P9,498]

Oxygen [P869]

Warehouse [P3,695]


H! by Henry Holland [P2,550]

Forever 21 [P1,025]

H! by Henry Holland [P1,950]


Shorts that scream biker chic. Zoe Laurente [P3,000]

48 -

Topshop [P3,045]

Forever 21 [P815]



Definitely not your daddy’s loafers.

Nine West [P4,650]

Vans Chukka Boot [P2,498]

Forever 21 [P1,575] Topshop [P2,545]

Marc Ecko Lenox [P3,890]

Red Herring [P1,950]

Runway photo by Ming Han Chung


Possibility [P1,050]

Steve Madden [P4,950] - 49



Take off in sneakers with maximum style mileage.

Vans Chukka Del Barco [P5,498]

marithe + francoise 2011 girbaud s/s

marc jacobs 1 201 fall/winter

Acupuncture [P6,534]

DC [P6,290]

Adidas Vespa [P3,695]

Vans Vault [P6,998]

Nike Air Morgan [P3,495]

Gravis Viking [P4,690]

50 -

DC [P3,290]

Pro-Keds The Royal Plus Hi [P3,372]

Runway Photo by Fernando Colon

HUF 1 [P4,692]


Springfield [P995]

ROCK WITH YOU Tees worthy of the rock n’ roll hall of fame.

Penshoppe [P449]

Penshoppe [P549]

Terranova [P695]

Topman [P1,595]

Terranova [P695]

Penshoppe [P449] - 51


Forever 21 [P1,325]

Lionsdale [P1,776]

Converse [P1,800]


Pull one over your head, and you’re good to go.

Springfield [P1,450]

Celio [P3.195]

Springfield [P2,950]

52 -

Terranova [P995]

Springfield [P1,450]

varsity jackets SLIM NECKTIES

THE LETTERMAN These jackets will guarantee that you’ll make the team.

RockSmith [P4,845]

10 Deep [P6,445]

Crooks & Castles [P6,835]

LRG [P4,066]

DGK [P2,595]

LAS VEGAS Crooks & Castles [P9,431]

Durk [P3,444]

10 Deep [P6,835]

SLIM CHANCE You can’t go wrong with these sleek ties. Aldo [P655]

Springfield [P695]

Aldo [P655]

Topman [P795] - 53

Photographed by: Aljan Lorenzo, Bruce Casanova and Bjorn Bedayo

The Misshapes does sound check.

Agnes posing in her new Oxygen dress.

Brand Director Jeff Bascon presenting the collection.

Looks for the show.

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Oxygen correspondent Agnes with The Misshapes.

Show rehearsal.

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Claire Unabia walks the runway.

Denims for the show.

Front row.

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Danica Magpantay walks the runway.

Agnes shopping at Oxygen.

Agnes being interviewed by Vicky Herrera for Philippine Fashion Week TV.

The Misshapes at rehearsal.


In 2007, ZUZANNA BIJOCH won a Polish modeling competition at just 13-years old. Four years of preparation, and what’s the payoff? By Giano D. Dionisio Images courtesy of D’Vision Model Management


er career begins with a bananas Prada campaign and a FW11 season that includes Fendi, Givenchy, and closing Balenciaga. Now, she’s busy smizing with those droopy doe eyes at castings and photoshoots as well as catching up at school. Her favorite subject is “Math, because of its logic and clarity.” Maybe she can postulate how illogically crazy we are for her beauty spots and that mischievous pout.

“After the contest, of course, I wasn’t ready for Fashion Week. I was too young, couldn’t really walk in high heels, and became super stressed every time I had a fashion show or photo shoot. Slowly, step by step, I was getting more and more confident and enjoying what I was doing. It took a bit of time.”

“It’s definitely an amazing feeling to be recognized. Especially when I unexpectedly found myself in’s Top 50. But there’s one thing we need to remember—in this industry, you are on top one day, then the next day, nobody cares about you. So it’s important to have a right balance…you have to be very strong and be aware of your own value; otherwise, your self-esteem can go down quickly.”

“I like trying new things so when I saw a big advertisement for shooting classes in my city, I was like, “Hey, why not?” The sport just makes me relaxed. When I focus only on the black spot, it’s almost like meditation… I don’t really do sports. When I have free time, I prefer to stay in my bed, watch some good movies, and just relax.”

60 -

FREE WILL & testament

“[Being a musician is] truly a dream job except for that whole not-making-any-moneyand-being-grown-menconstantly-on-the-vergeof-homelessness thing.” JOAN OF ARC frontman Tim Kinsella lives a quiet life in Chicago. He taught freshman English at a local college, sometimes bartends during his downtime, had been part of art exhibits, and has made one film with his wife (but then swore off filmmaking after they separated). If you think these sound a lot, there’s more to where they came from. By Shinji Manlangit Photographed by Chris Strong


o call Tim Kinsella a diversely talented musician would be selling him short. A huge contributor to Chicago’s thriving music scene, Tim had been part of several highly influential bands, foremost being the indie rock outfit Cap’n Jazz, which he started with his brother, Mike. Cap’n Jazz parted ways in 1995 but quickly resurfaced as Joan of Arc with the same members but with different instruments. “[Being a musician is] truly a dream job except for that whole not-making-anymoney-and-being-grown-men-constantly-onthe-verge-of-homelessness thing,” Tim notes. Joan of Arc was known for many things—songs made up of layers upon layers of tracks matched by Tim’s jarring lyrical prose, changing members and instruments (depending on the mood of the album), and its being home to Chicago’s best musicians all collaborating for glory—think Broken Social Scene if they lived in a commune longer (preferably not in Canada) and did more acid than their daily prescriptions. And for a while there, Joan of Arc was what music critics would dub as “pretentious.” Money is tough for musicians especially with the Internet leaking every album release on a daily basis, which is why Cap’n Jazz did a reunion show last year to help pay the bills and possibly make a new album. “We aren’t a particularly employable bunch. Doing the Cap’n Jazz shows bought us a year of being able to afford to do Joan of Arc full time,” Tim says. It was also a reunion of sorts with Victor Villareal (Ghosts and Vodka) who decided to join Joan of Arc for their newest album, Life Like. “Victor is an astounding guitarist. The songs are not what they were before at all,” Tim says, quite impressed. Even though it appears as if Joan of Arc had yet again changed their style, their latest album is more of a throwback than a flashforward. “Switching approaches keeps it interesting and engaging for us so we don’t fall into similar ruts of structural or harmonic choices,” Tim says, shortly adding, “We now sound like a rock band which is cool,” he added. About 36 hours after a series of Cap’n Jazz shows in Europe, Tim and Victor, along with bassist Bobby Burg (The Love of Everything) and drummer Theo Katsounis (Locks), entered the studio and made the entire album in five days. “The session was mostly a bunch of quiet, half-asleep men occasionally summoning the will to stand up and then agreeing, ‘That’s fine.’” In Tim’s words, the newest record is much more simpler and practical but still has the markings of a great Joan of Arc album. “I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation,” the rousing almost 11-minute opus which kicks off the entire album speaks much about the vibe of Life Like—spontaneous, loud, intricate, and playful. Joan of Arc remains interesting even if they’re treading familiar ground. Right now, Joan of Arc is working on doing a live scoring of Carl Dreyer’s 1928 classic, The Passion of Joan of Arc—it truly is a match made in heaven. “We’ve been talking that we’ll either have to break up after it or just be the band that plays along to that film,” Tim shares. With how good Life Like was, let’s pray to God this doesn’t happen. - 61




Mark Ronson told Rolling Stone, “I was already a fan of BLACK LIPS coming into [producing their album], and I definitely didn’t want to fuck up anything.” Asked what the Atlanta-based garage-rock band would have replied to him, singerguitarist Cole Alexander says, “Don’t worry, Mark. We got the fucked up part taken care of.” By Reena Mesias Photographed by Zach Wolfe


lack Lips are five albums into making music and over a decade into starting riots, but it was only for their sixth full-length album, Arabia Mountain, that frontman Cole Alexander, bassist Jared Swilley, guitarist Ian Saint Pé, and drummer Joe Bradley decided to work with outside producers. “[Mark Ronson] anchored the ship and made sure we didn’t sink—he was amazing,” Cole says, continuing on to praise the other producer, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter. “Lockett was awesome because he rocked it in a [4 track cassette tape]—a truly dying art form.” Having them on board, however, didn’t make a big

change to the band’s dynamics and approach. Don’t expect retro vibes as in Ronson’s Amy Winehouse; the band was still allowed to do what they want with their sound, only having it more tightened and polished. As Cole describes it, “It’s kind of like having [extra members].” And if anything, Lockett and Mark were extra members that were most necessary to make their signature mishmash of rock, punk, doo-wop, and blues more audio-friendly. For most, making music would mean getting away from one’s own head. But for Cole and the band, that’s not very important. Cole confesses that the overall feel and direction

of Arabia Mountain came out “just like that.” But they made sure that they “dominated every aspect of the songwriting process the same way Mozart owned everything he did.” Their evolution as a band may have been a “slow and painful process,” and that wasn’t only because, while making Arabia Mountain, they got “morbidly sick with the flu in the studio,” says Cole. “We ate raw liver to get in a primal state, and [it] fucked us the hell up.” Having played together since 1999 (“the year the Prince thought music would die,” as they have described the period), one would wonder if these guys

“I guess if [Arabia Mountain] would have sucked, we may have considered [breaking up]— but it didn’t.”

thought about breaking up. “I guess if this album would have sucked, we may have considered it—but it didn’t.” And it’s amazing that, for the most part, it has been the same people for six albums. The secret to their longevity? The F word. No, definitely not fucked up. “Freedom, which is not free,” Cole says. With ticket prices reaching triple digits, it’s nice to have boys who provide some bang for your buck. And though the band is an expert at urinating, nudity, and kissing each other onstage, they are more than just their crazy live antics. “To be a Black Lips is to be awesome; it is to be free even though freedom isn’t free. It is change, fear, mayhem, and panic. It is the realization that reality is a bitch and still to love it through loss and excruciation in a spiritual world of pain psychedelia, where the incredible monsters and beasts speak to the feral mind, and having command of it, subliminal domination on everything that is sacred, such as you, I, animal, and man itself,” Cole breaks it down. Their latest music video, “Go Out and Get It,” has a summery, surf-pop feel. And despite being far from the sand and bikini-clad ladies, and instead being busy with their tour and making fools out of themselves, they’re not kicking up a fuss. Just as long as they have “drinks, food, guitar, Internet, and Mongolian goose gloves” in the tour bus, they’re all good.

62 -




“Audiophiliac” TIMOTHY BLOOM. he’d steal his so he can surf

isn’t even enough to describe It has come to a point when parents’ keys to the car just through radio stations.

By Macy Reantaso

“I’m just working on living.”

n his totally NSFW music video for “Til the End of Time,” an ironically prayer-like single, Timothy Bloom is locked in full embrace with Amber Rose deadringer V. Bozeman, standing/singing/ making out butt-naked for four full minutes on a spinning turntable. It naturally got 300,000+ HD views in a matter of weeks, and they had to release a tamer cut, but it’s just as thrilling to watch. The reason, one that’s not skin deep, is that it’s “just [about] being reborn,” Bloom shares. In writing the song, he admits to getting depressed, wanting “to take all that negative energy and make it positive.” This attitude, together with music, found a way to permanently fuse itself with his life early on because his dad was a pastor. Being surrounded by all sounds and rhythms may been overwhelming for him, but he taught himself music; it was divine intervention as he felt his way through piano keys and created beats with drumsticks. It’s not a bad thing to be measured up to the likes of Ne-Yo and Usher; his own infusion “of all influences from [his] parents’ music to country, to folk, to hip hop, to R&B” sets him apart. With the success of his recent EP, The Budding Rose, and with his first album, In Full Bloom, set to release this year, what’s next for this music lover? Bloom answers, “I’m just working on living.”

LADY LOCAL CHELO AESTRID has krumped her way into the spotlight with Philippine AllStars, the hip-hop dance group which takes Pinoy pride stateside. And it looks like she ain’t breaking stride as she picks up the mic to create “Pinays Rise,” her first single off Love, Life & D’Light. By Petra Magno

“I fit nicely in [the q-york] music world because I can fill holes they have in their songs, i.e. female vocals or geeky computer sound parts.”


ith samples from “Hey Mickey” and “I Feel Good,” “Pinays Rise” is campy, cheeky, and celebratory, professing that Filipina ladies can rule nations, direct traffic, and cook breakfast while still looking fly. Her mainstay may be the All-Stars, but her adventures into music came about when she met the music company Q-York Edutainment in 2007 through a Gawad Kalinga advocacy event

in Southern California. Chelo describes it as “instant magic,” lauding the trio of Flava Matikz and T.H.E. Menace as “beat monsters” and Knowa Lazarus as “one of the sickest freestyle em-cees [she’s] ever heard.” Chelo, as a vocalist and songwriter, is more than happy to supply the missing ingredients. She says, “I fit nicely in their music world because I can fill holes they have in their songs, i.e. female

vocals or geeky computer sound parts.” As one of the precious few wunderkind whose singing and dancing are lifted to a greater cause, Chelo’s pride is palpable. “The main [that] we [Filipinos] don’t believe we are capable of First World quality or even better,” she says, unaware that her swagger is proving us all wrong.

Folk lord BON IVER’s new album is inspired by a place. And just like the album art—a peaceful landscape that clashes with the crumple at the side—by Gregory Euclide, its single, “Perth,” so far, carries a harsh, metallic sound that goes back to the chaotic Civil War.

Rap artist JEAN GRAE’s fifth album, Cake or Death, took five years to make. Inspired by a comedy sketch from Dress to Kill, Grae raps about boys and relationships and chooses sweet slices over getting sliced.

In CITY AND COLOUR’s album, Little Hell, Juno Award winner Dallas Green reveals his deeper and darker side with “Sorrowing Man” but equalizes it with upbeat sounds in “Save Your Scissors.” As a whole, this sounds like a mashup between Iron & Wine and Joshua Radin.

Following 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS revives their music after guitarist John Frusciante left the band that same year. They are nicknaming the new record Dr. Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head—while it’s still under the radar. - 63


Producer Ross Robinson (Klaxons, Slipknot) is behind the six-man Scottish indie-pop band DANANANANAYKROYD’s second album, There Is A Way. From Hey Everyone, this one amps it up with more guitar riffs and also features their newest band member, bassist Ryan McGinness.

cut them some slack Whether snug in your bedroom or charged with energy (as in an outside mini music fest, beer in hand), listening to ARIGATO, HATO! always involves a gratifying blend of calm and pizzazz. By Liza Constantino Photographed by Lyka Orhel


f course, Arigato, Hato!’s blend seems all the more natural once you realize that its members—vocalist Cat Cortes, guitarist Joe Fontanilla, keyboardist Martin Tensuan, bassist Mikey Abola, and Ayon Sanchez who provides the beats (the ingredient which adds dimension to their folksy melodies)—are pretty much like their music. They chant and hold hands before any music-making sessions, and their individual music tastes range from Depeche Mode, music from the record label Hyperdub, jazz, folk, and even he-who-must-not-benamed (Justin Bieber). Speaking of the personalities in their band, Cat declares with pride, “We have just the right number of slackers and responsible members.” Without doubt, their lyrics and irresistible harmony can be traced to the group’s superb chemistry. That chemistry may just be the source of Arigato’s appeal. But having been around for a couple of years now, it is still a slight surprise that, like many artists, the members of Arigato have their day jobs as well. Cat even divulges that she isn’t “musical in the conventional way.” Being the primary lyricist of the group, she considers herself “more a writer than musician” although it’s obvious that her talent has been spiked with a solid melodic gift. “We were a very freeflowing band during the start when we sounded very mellow and simple,” Ayon shares about

64 -

their evolution. “We’ve grown, since then, into a clearer, more refined sound.” On the other hand, Mikey maintains that they’ve still been happily experimenting since they began. In keeping with an organic growth, Arigato, Hato! chooses to take their time in producing and recording new music. “We’re a quality-over-quantity band,” Ayon says. Either way, they have been pretty productive recently—Ayon continues to DJ while Cat’s engaging in an intercontinental collaboration with some artists on MySpace. Of non-musical projects, Cat tells us that she is currently working on a project, entitled “Recovery,” with young designer/ artist Carina Santos, through which they plan to “restore the lost appreciation for Filipino literature one book cover at a time.” Bassist Mikey Abola quips that he is attempting (or will one day attempt) to make a Cheshire Cat kite with a smile that can glow at night (whether this is bona fide life plan or a potential song lyric, only time will tell). Adding to their adventures, the group was also given a chance to play at the Esplanade in Singapore last year. Cat recalls, “I didn’t expect the traffic to be that bad, so I arrived at the venue just a few minutes before we were due... Everyone was trying to get a hold of me, calling me on my cell. I literally had to push and shove my way from where the taxi dropped me off—then across the bridge, through thick crowds

until I finally arrived at the venue, panting.” Not only was it a memorable for them, but it was also a stint that legitimizes their presence beyond the local circle. After their set, a number of fans came up to the band to express their love for the song “Hide the Drinks.” Mikey adds, “Personally, that experience put a different context to what was possible. Apparently, some people really do like our songs.”

Indie-pop duo CULTS’ single, “Go Outside,” Pitchfork’s Best New Music, is part of this 11-track album filled with nostalgic tunes featuring dreamy, reverbdrenched sounds with chimes and glockenspiels.

“We have just the right number of slackers and responsible members.”

Fuse the music of Daft Punk, Cyndi Lauper, and Kylie Minogue, and get hooked with Canadian singer-songwriter LIGHTS as she mixes intergalactic new wave beats and tunes anew in her second studio album.

The experimental rockers of BATTLES return with Gloss Drop, featuring their more trippy single “Ice Cream.” Expect new sounds from this album as they got to work with singer-songwriter and 80s Tubeway Army member Gary Numan in “My Machine.”


LA-based Will Wiesenfeld of BATHS douses us with a ghostly basin of ambient glitch-hop. By Ralph Mendoza Photographed by Jane Kilkullen


quick run through on his page reveals both ends of the feedback spectrum: from “Thank you for making some of the best music to make artwork to. I haven’t drawn in months until today,” to “What the fuck is this?” Under the moniker Baths, 21-yearold Will Wiesenfeld does have the glitch beats–and lamb chop sideburns–to show for it. After all, he isn’t weighed against the likes of Björk, Flying Lotus, and Daedelus for nothing. Here, he gets personal and lets us in what he misses most while touring in Europe, almost a year after casting loose his bedroom-recorded, Pitchfork-pierced debut album, Cerulean.

So what was the music scene like where you grew up? All over the place. So much of everything that it’s almost [an] overload. I was unaware of most of it until high school, though—I had a late start on finding the right places to see shows. In the same vein, what are your fondest memories growing up? My first house in Woodland Hills. Everything about it, especially my room around the time I started recording music. I had this really nice view of our backyard from my window. We also had a pool. I miss having a pool so much. Gah.

It’s been a while since Cerulean was released. How do you feel about this newfound fame you’ve gotten for Baths (or has the fame always been there)? [Laughs] Whatever it is, it’s nice. I’ve had a thrilling year. Much more exciting than I initially thought it’d be.

You were [Post-foetus] for a while. Could you elaborate as to how Baths finally came about? Baths is just the newer name. It came with creating Cerulean and getting signed and everything, but the music is all still my own stuff the way it was with [Postfoetus].

When did you start making your own music? In 7th grade, after an intense love affair with Björk’s music, I felt compelled to start writing my own. It was initially a lot of bad mimicry, but it eventually formed into something decent.

What is your music process? Aside from vocal samples, you’re also known to have made use of clicking pens, rustling blankets, and scissor snaps. It’s different with every song, and that’s sort of the fun of it.

Hard, I know, but how would you describe your sound? When asked that question, I tend to go with “songwriting from an electronic perspective.” Who are your main influences? Björk. Of course there are a slew of others, but everything stems from her universe. What do your parents think of this career you’ve settled in? They are extremely proud of me and couldn’t be happier. My brother feels the same way. I miss them. If you hadn’t been the musician you are now, what would you most likely be doing? Hopefully something in animation storytelling or directing. I still plan to do something with that. It is another gargantuan passion of mine. Problem is I can’t draw for shit, but I’m fairly good at communicating ideas and working with people who can. I look forward to a time when I can really focus on that, too. You’re on tour, but have you thought about the next step already? Yes, I have the next year and a half planned out, pretty much. Step one is recording.

“In 7th grade, after an intense love affair with Björk’s music, I felt compelled to start writing my own.” - 65


His favorite skateboarding trick: ?

“The Impossible.” I


UNCANNY DANIEL FLAHERTY plays that friend who’s always late but still passes no matter how much he snores in class. That’s Stanley on MTV’s Skins, and he’s no stranger to the stereotype. By Giano D. Dionisio Photographed by David Kaptein

66 -

t feels really awesome to be a part of something that relates to so many teens around the country,” begins Daniel Flaherty. “I’m glad that so many teenagers enjoy the show and feel they can connect to it.” Simultaneously notorious and acclaimed for its shameless depiction of sex, drugs, and indie rock and roll consumed by the teenagers of today, MTV’s Skins covers its demographic’s reality with just enough hilarious punch-drunk circumstance to humanize its material. Flaherty himself knows the woes of being the one concerned less with algebraic theorem and more with finding new city terrain he can grind and flip his skateboard over. Though having played a central character in a major television hit hasn’t changed his life much yet, Danny is excited for where his career will take him after his current senior year in high school. In between jamming with his band, MF Killer Starfish, and lazing around with friends on the weekend, he’s been spotted at movie premieres and front row at fashion shows with his fellow castmates, who are, for him, “all really good friends and text one another all the time.” He adds, “On set, we would always fool around with each other and just hang out and crack jokes. Off set, we would do the same.” As an actor, he’s hoping to go far, auditioning and nabbing guest roles on shows like Law & Order, while still keeping his fingers crossed for a Skins season 2 renewal. He’s mentioned time and again that his dream acting role would be to portray the late Kurt Cobain, and with a few years of age and experience added to his face, it’s not an impossibility. “If I had the chance to hang out with him for a day, I would just pick up my guitar and jam,” he grins. Danny also enjoys recording songs with his band, drawing from the alt strings and hooks of Sublime touched with the less raspy crooning of Rob Thomas. On top of his music and acting chops, the teen is passionate about his board. “Skateboarding really grew into its own culture in the early 80s and has been growing so rapidly over the years, from the shape of skateboard decks to the number of tricks that can be done,” he shares. “I love the adrenaline rush that comes with the sport; it’s very addictive. That the culture changes so much makes it more interesting to watch.” His favorite trick? “The Impossible.” One of the greatest things that have come out of MTV’s Skins, and something to boast over the original UK version, is their recognition of young talent—from actors to musicians and writers. It’s good proof that the youth’s talent doesn’t just run in the Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, and Justin Bieber categories. Thankfully, there are still these rising stars like Daniel Flaherty, who have their heads on straight, actually understand growing up gritty, and know how to handle a beer keg. “It’s really enjoyable to be able to relate in so many ways to different kids just by playing a character on a TV show,” says Danny, speaking for all the burnouts, the bums, and the beatniks; after all, teenagers aren’t limited to lip gloss, gossip, and football.


OUT W IT H A BA N G Life is good for CHRISTINA DY—wonderful even! And if it’s not evident in job titles like Polecats CEO, you can see it in how this pixie-sized cinder girl of contemporary art can turn charcoal dust to solid gold. By Alice Sarmiento Photographed by Yvette Brawner Artwork courtesy of Christina Dy

K “Girls #6”

“Tides” in progress

aty Perry’s “Firework” was playing in the background when Christina Dy first got the idea for her last exhibit, All the Wonderful Things. Credit, however, is not monopolized by the club hit with the infamous tit-blasting video but shared with a quote, from the Russian poet and novelist Boris Pasternak: “As in an explosion, I would erupt with all the wonderful things I saw and understood in this world.” Dy, or CD as she is known to friends, combines skill and size but has also drawn criticism even from close friends for being too literal in her imagery. She says, “I like fireworks! I don’t see the point in overthinking it!” After all, is there any other way to talk about sparkling explosions that span the breadth of the horizon? Having received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Ateneo de Manila, CD went on to study Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines where, according to her, she nearly died. “People kept asking me to explain my work but, in the end, I just wanted to let it speak for itself.” CD’s obsession with the temporal and fanciful, as represented in large-scale charcoal in All the Wonderful Things, is difficult to reconcile with the grand scale on which she often works. When faced with a larger-than-life canvas, the typical reaction would be to manage the space on an equally grand scale, carefully and rigidly plotting each point and executing a plan according to schedule. CD, on the other hand, just moves in for the kill. As a participant in last year’s Busan Biennale, she had to reproduce an 85foot long drawing on a gallery wall. “In my mind, it was a no-brainer,” she says. “Either we go through all the trouble of sending the work to Korea, or I go to Korea

and draw—and who would turn down a trip to Korea?” Dy recounts the three-week-long ordeal, making animated gestures to capture the rising sense of panic as she faced the 60x12-foot high wall she had been tasked to cover with charcoal. “All I had to go on was my 5x7 picture of the original work,” CD shares. “But you do what you have to do, and you do what you came to do.” They did say that even if you can plan all you want, life is bound to throw you curve balls. Luckily for CD, the curve balls tossed have been a good mix of happy accidents and challenges with serendipitous results. These are evident not only in her rise in the art world but her (quite literal) climb to the top with the Polecats, a dance troupe that combines pole fitness (not to be confused with its sleazier pole-based counterpart), jazz, and acrobatics. “I was the worst. I cannot even begin to describe how bad I was,” she says of her beginnings. “It took four years for me to get to where I am today. You can’t bank entirely on chance; you have to work just as hard. I cannot stress the importance of this enough.” We are guilty of romanticizing the life of the young artist as a graceful and effortless rise to success. We see them touted as prodigies then, like fireworks, they burn out just as quickly as they appeared. Christina Dy’s fireworks, on the other hand, represent not only her optimism and celebration of the ephemeral but the lessons gleaned in the afterglow: the ones that are about doing all the wonderful things in a big way before ending them with a “Bang!” - 67



Three cheers for Vans girls, TRACY ANTONOPOULOS (filmmaker), CLARA BALZARY (photographer), and JANE MOSELEY (sculptor) as they create their marks in a gallery called world. By Reena Mesias

Pilot Episode The first video I ever made was a [Hanson] music video [in middle school]. I played Taylor Hanson, I think. It was pretty devastating, though, because when we went to play the tape back, it got stuck in the VHS player, and we never got to see the final outcome. I am pretty confident that it was a masterpiece. Still bums me out to this day. Pay the Way I don’t like to look at things like “making it” or not. I am all about the journey and the experiences just as much as the end product; I’ll do whatever it takes to just be able to make things all the time. If you are really into making art, then you figure out how to get a job

that gets you a roof over your head so you can survive and make stuff. Hole in One [Golf] is in my family. My dad is a golf pro…and he treats it like an art… I have learned a lot about being passionate about something, really going for it, and being okay dedicating your life to something you love from him… I’d like to eventually be able to have all my meetings on the golf course once I get my game a little more consistent. CREATE YOUR MARK with… my friends who are the shit, my family who is the shit, music, Aaron Bakalar (my agent) who is the shit, movies.

JA N E M O S E LEY Child’s Play I was always a creative child; I enjoyed creating little fantasy lands for myself. I think that aspect of sculpture is what mainly appeals to me, the idea of creating objects within an environment that are reminiscent of another world. Haunt High Half the time, I don’t know what I’m making or why, but a part of me definitely gravitates towards things that exude a certain sense of desertion. I’m interested in how neglect and decay physically manifest on inanimate objects. If I was no longer allowed to create art… I would weigh 600 pounds. Three Scariest Desperation, lingering eye contact, total darkness.  CREATE YOUR MARK with… thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky.

68 -

CLARA BALZARY Nomad No Limits I try to take hold of any opportunity to travel anywhere. This past summer, I drove from L.A. to New York with my best friend, and it was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Being able to visually experience new things with a camera is amazing—recording your own personal experience can be so exacerbated by travelling anywhere. Photographic Memories When I was a kid, my mom worked at a photo studio in L.A., and I was always so mesmerized by the high production fashion shoots—especially in the 90’s pre-digital era when I could sneak away discarded polaroids all the time. When I was 12, my

dad’s friend bought me a Holga and a Eudora Welty book. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a photographer. Point Blank Whenever people ask me what “kind” of pictures I take, my mind goes completely blank. A lot of my work is very diaristic—simultaneously recording and aestheticizing my own experiences and travels. I think my pictures always mirror the kind of things that are rolling around in my brain at that time. CREATE YOUR MARK with… a camera, film, a mode of transportation, music, gumption.

Tracy Antonopoulos photo by Jakob Axelman/Styled by Allison Miller/Hair by Yoko Sato/Makeup by Nicole Heffron. Jane Moseley photo by Sage Grazer. Clara Balzary photo by Jack Siegel



MILLION DOLLAR BABY CEO of lifestyle consulting agency Grand Tactics, partner to nightlife promotions company The Collective, and co-founder of Hot Air Brand—a clothing line catered towards the hot air balloon sport—BEE NGUYEN would rather call himself a “lifestyle architect.” By Loris Peña Photographed by Lazo


rom connecting brands to the influential consumer demographic, dictating what is a “must-have,” to throwing the best parties in town, it’s no wonder Bee Nguyen has been hooked up as a brand ambassador of LA Belvedere Vodka. That’s also why he’s involved with Terry Kennedy’s new apparel line, Fly Society. But with great influence comes great responsibility. He shares, “If someone trusts their buying power on what I deem as a dope product, I cannot take on any project simply because of the paycheck. Like they say, ‘All money ain’t good money.’” And true enough, it shows in his

Hot Air Brand, where they put everything on hold until they figure out how to reach the hot air balloon community, so they won’t “[get] caught up in the mix of the streetwear scene.” Always seen in his go-to outfit: a simple white V-neck tee, a pair of raw denim, some work boots, and a few of his custom jewelry pieces, he lets us know that “it’s all about being comfortable in what you are rocking…if [you] feel like a million bucks, then it will show.”

LAW OF INERTIA “I’m avoiding the heartbreak in this album...”

GIAN MAGDANGAL bikes, swims, and runs—a right Ironman. He also acts, dances, and sings. When he was kicked out of his high school’s chorale, Gian stole the drama club’s shows. Since then, he’s become a reality show runner-up, recording artist, and all-around swell guy. By Giano D. Dionisio Photographed by Paolo Ruiz


t’s been nonstop for Gian Magdangal, with local productions of West Side Story, RENT, and The Wedding Singer under his belt, as well as another leading role in Kaos, Manila’s first original Cirqueesque vaudeville. But although he has gotten over the danger of sharing a scene with a giant white tiger, his “biggest challenge is [still] the heels.” The other involves keeping his performances fresh every night, which he achieves by forcing himself to think of anything but high-risk motorcycle stunts when it’s not a show night. “If you have sincerity in every scene,” he relates, it keeps the audience engaged. Gian has also just wrapped up recording his latest studio

album, a soulful blend with original material, some mushy ballads, and a helping of himself. “I’m avoiding the heartbreak in this album; it has more of a happy, positive vibe… [because] that’s my disposition,” he explains. The album itself is a lesson in kinetic force, with an emotional velocity that rises and surges with Gian’s vocal magnitude. Having exerted himself these past years, he has finally decided to take a reprieve, spend time with family, and build up more momentum—we’re expecting some major energy that’ll push him even further than Newton’s laws could dictate. - 69


MOST VALUABLE TRAINER STATUS gets on cue for top NBA trainer IDAN RAVIN, who’s worked with the likes of Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and younger ones like Stephen Curry, tells us how he found his way from the Supreme Court to the basketball court. By Ralph Mendoza Photographed by Anna Thiessen


hen the name “The Hoops Whisperer” started making waves, Idan Ravin could only guess as to what they were alluding to. “I did some research online and found a reference to the movie The Horse Whisperer which starred Robert Redford,” says the 38-year-old former lawyer from New York. Then somehow, it all began to fit the bill. “The nickname referred to the different ways I communicate with these athletes without having to raise my voice or hurl insults,” adds Ravin. “In other words, how you say and what you say has the ability to resonate deeper and even initiate more permanent changes in people’s thoughts, behavior, and patterns.” Standing six feet, Ravin was raised as an orthodox Jew by an Israeli mother and Russian father in Washington. After studying finance and marketing at University of Maryland, the soft-spoken trainer worked as an attorney in private practice for several years before tiring of it altogether. “Sitting behind my desk, researching, and writing legal memos and briefs wasn’t for me,” admits Ravin. “I desperately wanted to do something I loved, and it became my mission to figure out what that could be.” To take his mind off his day job, Ravin started coaching kids and working with various players. “One day, my mom asked me how much I charge these players,” narrates Ravin. “It was a poignant question because the answer was ‘nothing.’ Over the course of my life, I associated earning money with hard labor. Earning money doing something I loved was such a foreign concept. I had

70 -

become brainwashed by the ‘institution’ to think making money involved hard, unfulfilling, and ‘un-enjoyable’ work.” By way of simple economics, Ravin managed to ask one of the players to simply pay him whatever he thought his services were worth to him. “This could have been $10, $0, or even a bag of jelly beans for all I cared,” he recalls. Then, as luck would have it, Ravin was eventually handed a check. “I looked at it and immediately wanted to pass it across the table. It had more zeroes than I had ever seen, and it also came with per diem and top-of-the-line travel. At that moment, I realized my services were, in fact, valuable to these players. I was helping them with something that was so personal and important to their lives.” In 1999, Ravin got his big break with then-college star Steve Francis, who was preparing for the draft along with Elton Brand. Long story short, both players were drafted into the NBA, with Brand becoming that year’s first overall pick. The workout regimen is obviously confidential, but a steady flow of referrals attests to Ravin’s reliability. What Ravin offers is an unconventional workout that makes players less cerebral and more automatic. “Think back to when you were a kid. Everyone eventually became tired of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch,” he says. “Consequently, I try to avoid the traditional.”

“[The pay] could have been $10, $0, or even a bag of jelly beans for all I cared.”


















“Venus Rising from the Sea” isn’t just an iconic work of art–the title easily describes multiawarded sexy pro surfer ANASTASIA ASHLEY whenever she hits the waters. By Evan Tan Photographed by Daniel Russo


ust as Anastasia Ashley loves riding towering waves, she enjoys her meteoric rise in the world of professional surfing. Without doubt, Anastasia, or Stasia, is a demigod in her sport–at 23, she proudly boasts of winning the North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women’s Pro and the Association of Professional Surfer’s Triple Crown Rookie of the Year among many other awards. And considering the dangers of the sport (at nine, she suffered a nasty head injury when her board ran over her during practice), it takes a lot of guts for a lithe, 5’8” girl to struggle against the waves and her fellow surfers just so she can prove her mettle.

Surprisingly, for a girl who started surfing when she was five years old, Stasia only regrets one thing in her childhood: “If there was anything I would’ve done if I could turn back time, I would’ve dedicated myself even more to surfing!” But even though she’s all eyes on the prize, her headstrong, competitive nature doesn’t always win over her cute girly self. “I’m obsessed with white Persian cats and the Facebook celebrity dog, Boo,” she admits. Surfing isn’t the only thing that’s keeping her busy–she gushes that she’s about to launch her own fashion brand soon. “Surfing’s definitely always going to be my number one priority,” she says. “But I also

“ W hether people li k e the bi k ini I ’ m wearing or me as a sur f er , I ’ m all f or it . ”

love being creative.” Stasia mentions MaryKate Olsen as one of the people she looks up to when it comes to their style. Of course, with so much success at such a young age, she gets admirers even outside the surfing world. “I think it’s great wherever my fans come from,” Stasia notes. “Whether people like the bikini I’m wearing or me as a surfer, I’m all for it.” Naturally, she also gets envied by a lot of people –especially by fellow women surfers. “I think, in female surfing, there’s not a huge amount of attention, sponsorships, and opportunities, so it’s a lot of girls going after the same thing,” she says, explaining her fights with other girls. “I’ve had my battles–all verbal, though.” While experience has taught her how to dismiss detractors, she can’t escape panic attacks every now and then. “It’s pretty crazy, definitely–the type of surfing I do puts me in critical positions in bigger, intense waves,” Stasia says, confessing, “The last time I got super scared was when I was surfing Waimea. I was playing a little bit of Russian roulette, sitting on the insider to be able to paddle into the waves before the guys, and I almost got super ‘cleaned up’ on a 30-35 face set [the front of a series of waves]. I have never paddled faster in my whole life!” Indeed, being a star surfer has bestowed upon her a lot of privileges such as features in FHM magazine and MTV’s The World of Jenks and endorsements with Airwalk, Bazi, On A Mission, Jose Cuervo, and Rusty. Add to that, there are the hordes of fans that zealously keep track of her career–and, well, her sexy, tanned body. - 71



What grinds shannYn sOssaMOn’s teeth? it’s nOt like she’s suffering frOM the effects Of sOMe designer pill. But since laughter is the Best Medicine, shannYn dOesn’t Mind increasing its dOsage in her life. side effects include Being aBle tO create MOvies like her latest flick, rOad tO nOWhere . BY kristine daBBaY phOtOgraphed BY rJ shaughnessY - 73


“I Am am simply SImpLy very vERy curious cURIoUS about AboUT human HUmAn behavior. bEHAvIoR. It’s IT’S aA healthy HEALTHy hobby. Hobby. Human HUmAn beings bEInGS ARE are fAScInATInG. fascinating. This THIS is IS crazy, cRAzy, to To be bE human.” HUmAn.”

74 -



whom I could share a genuine laughter with could be my friend, so when Shannyn Sossamon made me laugh, I knew that the girl’s a keeper. Accustomed with my generation’s taste brandished by nineties bubblegum pop sensibilities and chicks with dicks stereotypes, I can’t help but ask what every girl, at some point in their lives, had wanted to ask: What changed since the 90s, and how was it like working with 90s teenybopper heartthrobs Josh Hartnett (40 Days and 40 Nights), Heath Ledger (A Knight’s Tale), and James Van Der Beek (The Rules of Attraction)? On goat milk yogurt with wild blueberries, she munches, “This question is really funny to me. Let’s see.” She’s on her way to a desert to prepare for her best friend’s wedding. “I have changed a great amount. I used to be very careless—a careless decade overall, I think— and not present at all in the 90s and even the early 00s. So there’s a big part of me that doesn’t even remember enough about that time. I do miss the wide-eyed innocence and excited states of all the newness I was experiencing. I’d like to get some of that back.” As if she’s suffering from lack of excitement. She’s, in fact, the opposite of vapidity and is somehow hoisted with a newfangled energy. As part of the movie adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis cult favorite, The Rules of Attraction, where she portrayed Lauren Hynde, a virgin who conquers her sexual urges by indulging in photos of people with venereal disease, she shares her own poison. “I deal with the indulgence that is emotionalism. And it’s a funny one, it is. Exercise, meditation, love, friends, all helps.” She adds, “I have been making little movies myself, at home with friends. That never stops being fun. And it’s great practice as an actress and [as] a director.” But what’s quite comic to me is how Shannyn, at one moment, plays a human-guised vampire in the critically bashed Moonlight then suddenly becomes this Romanekian muse in Mick Jagger’s booty-shaking music video for “God Gave Me Everything.” Perhaps, it’s this

ability to adapt to any project that makes her stand out; she treats her acting as a chooseyour-own-adventure gig through which one can hitchhike to go places. “For the last two years, I’ve tried to only do things that I feel are a great fit. Nothing has been paying very much, so that’s been difficult. Before that, I would choose based on personal taste and desire, or sometimes, it would be for money or because an agent or manager talked me into it. Now, I don’t listen to anyone but myself. You are either moved or you’re not moved when you read a piece of material. You relate or you don’t relate. It’s very simple,” Shannyn clarifies. That’s why she’s hyped about her new movies. “I am very excited about Road to Nowhere by Monte Hellman. This comes out in US at the end of May. It is out in France now. There are two others: The Day by Doug Aarniokoski and the still untitled Mark Webber project [where she co-stars with Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera]. Both of these films were amazing and challenging to work on. They should each come out next year some time,” she says. “Fingers crossed!” Apart from acting, Shannyn also dabbles in music. Having worked with Daft Punk, Cher, and The Goo Goo Dolls, she entered the hybrid world of Hollywood and MTV when she got discovered in Gwyneth Paltrow’s brother’s party, where she assisted a DJ. Her affinity to music is constant. She directed Warpaint’s (her sister’s band, of which she was formerly a member) music video for “Undertow,” and she works with musicians even if they’re in nonmusical roles. There’s Kid Cudi in How to Make It in America and Tom Waits in Wristcutters: A Love Story. But she says, “I rarely call myself a musician because I do not practice or play nearly as much as the great ones do. Most of my days and thoughts are taken up by stories, feelings, and pictures. Music is present in them, too, but always having to do with a picture. When I work with musicians, I actually just see them as actors or performers in general that day. I don’t separate them from the duties they are to perform that day.” - 75


“yoU ARE EITHER movED oR yoU’RE noT movED wHEn yoU READ A pIEcE of mATERIAL. yoU RELATE oR yoU Don’T RELATE.

IT’S vERy SImpLE.”


Graham Coxon was smitten by Shannyn that he wrote the song “Spectacular” after seeing her online photo. So is she comfortable in always being someone’s muse? “Of course!” she says. But when it comes to having her own musical inspiration, it couldn’t get any more straightforward than her son’s name, Audio Science Clayton. I ask if they ever got a derogatory reaction from this. Instead of being cross about it, she posits with humor, “Oh, my goodness. Yes, people are very upset about this name. We have upset many, many people! I think I have made a bigger impact in the choosing of my son’s name than I have in my work. That is very depressing. I’ll name my next child Sarah Brown so I don’t cause so much distress.” But I digress from the common reception on his son’s name and her assumption that choosing Audio Science has made more noise than her films. Based from her number one rule of attraction, “Either it’s there or it’s not,” Shannyn marks her presence by attracting a solid fan base for the more discerning cineastes. Maybe it’s because of her outsider appeal that employs the influence of her style icons Björk, Meryl Streep, Marion Cotillard, and Monte Hellman. She’s the type who looks her best when she’s not suffering from too

76 -

much preening. Even Vogue acknowledges her style favoring the oversized, often shaggy, and seemingly sleep-deprived but still having the grace that a fashion house like Fendi would honor. She tells Vogue that if she’s stuck in an island, she’ll make herself laugh all day. She explains, “I’d have my son come with me. Or a a great great man, man, a mysterious a mysterious man. man.We Wecould couldmake make a whole new village on the island, start one from scratch. We’d be the queen and king, and the village would be run according to all of our likes and dislikes, and it would be very funny!” Again, she attempts to create a farce out of a normally lonely situation. In her movie Wristcutters: A Love Story, characters deal with the limbo of life after suicide, the rediscovery of flowers, of love, of happy happy, shiny things, and the deep-seated desire to be alive. Shannyn is no different from them. She likes watching people—not in the fucked up sense of the voyeur but in the essence of being addicted to life. She exults, “I am simply very curious about human behavior. It’s a healthy hobby. Human beings are fascinating. This is crazy, to be human.”


78 -

By Diego José Abad Photographed by Mike Martin

There’s hardly anything cooler and worth every worshipping fan than being a young and incredibly gifted skateboarder who’s perpetually in love with what he does. Paul Rodriguez, Jr., better known as P-Rod, is exactly that.





Rodriguez, Jr. grinded his way to the top; he has won over 20 awards including three gold medals at the X Games. He’s also one of only five people in the world with a Nike shoe named after him, making him the first Hispanic and the first skateboarder to own that distinction. When he’s not on his board, Paul’s out there making the world a better place one skate park at a time. In 2009, he put up the Paul Rodriguez Skate Park in Pacoima, California. And as if that weren’t enough, he also owns and runs his very own skate shop, Primitive. Amazingly, P-Rod still finds time to venture into other things such as starting yet another new company and, probably toughest of all, being a father. A lot’s been said about P-Rod, but let’s face it—he is one onion we just wanna keep peeling. Today, I got to ollie up to the man and catch a quick Q&A where he talks about his past, present, future, and the important things in life.

transitioning into an acting career as my skate career starts winding down. But right now, I’m still young, I’m still in my physical peak years, so I wanna dedicate that to my skateboarding…

You arguably have the most awesome job in the world… Tell us what awesome things you’ll be doing today? Today, I’m gonna go have lunch with family—my daughter and my woman. And then after that, I’m gonna go skate for a few hours, go home, relax, watch some TV, eat some food, hang out. Today’s kind of a leisure day…

Is there another side of you we don’t know about yet? Maybe P-Rod, the musician or P-Rod, the rapper? [Laughs] Before I skateboarded, I definitely wanted to start a band. I played guitar very heavily, took a lot of guitar lessons, played it a lot... The only time I rap is in the shower. Other than that, I’m not the most musical guy. I’m pretty much a boring guy. There’s probably another side of me that you’d see if you hung out with me, but mainly, all I can think about is skateboarding. That’s all I got, that’s all that’s in my mind. It’s like an obsession. I can’t stop thinking about it.

What does a busy day look like for you, then? Yesterday was a busy day. I had a photo shoot that started at ten o’clock and ran all the way to six in the afternoon. It was for Mountain Dew. We spent most of the morning just doing photos and product shots. Then we went over to Hollenbeck Skate Park in downtown Los Angeles. I did a couple actions shots since they like to get all the ads ready for the summer for all the contests. You’ve bagged a couple awards for your role in Vicious Circle. Will we be seeing more of you on the silver screen this year or in the future? I don’t know if it’ll be this year that I’ll be on the silver screen, but I definitely intend on

What about TV? Have you considered doing a reality show? Bam [Margera]’s done it, Rob [Dyrdek]’s doing it. What about you? If I’m gonna be on TV, I wanna be an actor and play roles. The reality thing isn’t really for me because it just takes too much time from skateboarding. I need to be focused, skating, practicing to get better everyday. What about P-Rod, the entrepreneur? Any big plans for Primitive going international? …as far as expanding our stores, [Berlin,] Germany will be our second location, the first one out of the country. I’ve also got a little wallet accessory company called Markisa…[which] just got picked up in Zumiez…

As successful as you are today, do you ever still feel like you have to prove something at least to yourself? [My father] would always tell me, “It’s cool if you enjoy doing that, but could you support a family?” And I was just like “Alright! You’ll see. I’mma show you.” And I was fortunate enough to do that. Now, at this point, I just want to prove to myself that I can continue getting better, that I can continue learning new tricks and learning new things, pushing my sport and continue staying at the top for many years to come…


INCASE | PAUL RODRIGUEZ SIGNATURE COLLECTION SKATE PACK can be undercover– in black. Slip your notebook in, velcro your board outside. Pocket your iPhone; nevermind if it rains.

Skateboarding has become something you can make a real living out of. How can it become even more accessible as a professional sport? I think the way that it’s gonna really break into the mainstream is with this Street League, created by Rob Dyrdek, which is the new contest series that’s going on. We’re going to our second season this summer, and it’s broadcast live on ESPN… And I feel like, the way the league is set up, it’s gonna be as big as the NBA or MLB in the upcoming year… Looking back at what you’ve done and everything you’ve accomplished, what is the most memorable thing that has happened in your life next to skateboarding? Of course, the birth of my child. I’m looking at her right now. She’s, by far, the biggest thing that’s happened. I can’t say I’m the best dad in the world, but I’m hoping that as she grows older, I’ll be a parent that’s patient and open-minded. I’d like to have a relationship with my child where, when she feels like it, she can come and tell me anything… In a country like the Philippines, where skateboarding is still developing into a true sport, is there anything you can say to the kids to inspire them to reach the level of skateboarding that you guys have in the US? It all started from passion. It all started from love. So as long as you’re passionate about skateboarding and working on your craft and the act of skateboarding: riding your board everyday, practicing everyday, doing what you love…that passion, with my life, is always guiding me in the right place… I’ve caught myself getting motivated by things that I would never have been motivated by before, like money or more sponsorships or more accolades. The second you put those things in front of your mind…it starts becoming a job. It starts becoming a negative thing. Just focus on the act of riding a skateboard… Lastly, what did Paul Rodriguez, Jr. have to do to be internationally recognized as “P-Rod”? ‘Cause I need a cool new nickname just like that. [Laughs] Well, you know, that one…I can’t…I don’t even know where to start. Some things just kind of happen spontaneously, and you can’t say that there was a plan behind it… Basically, I don’t have a clear answer for how that happened… You’d be surprised with what could happen if you just focus on yourself and follow your passion.

On P-Rod’s back, INCASE | PAUL RODRIGUEZ SIGNATURE COLLECTION SKATE PACK also comes as a duffel bag. Put your gear inside, velcro your deck at the bottom—that’s how you let it roll. - 81


comes, in every generation, a shitload of pop culture images, products, and ideas that get thrown around and pretty much dominate anything from the air to the airwaves. Heavily influenced by mass media, they fester on the fervor of adulating fans who go by nothing less than what “popular” dogma dictates. And then you have subculture, the antithesis to the sellout machinations of the cultural mainstream, nowadays defined by subversive ideas that polarize towards the bling of minority style. At the heart of this cultural conflict is OHWOW gallery co-owner, aNYthing proprietor, and recent vintage car owner Aaron Bondaroff, who’s doing his own thing but having a ball of a time, living TRI-coastal between Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. And he ain’t stopping.

82 -

OHWOW LA photos by Curtis Buchanan. aNYthing images courtesy of Aaron Bondaroff


“I recently bought a Chevrolet ’74 Chevelle in LA and had it shipped to Miami,” brags the elusive Aaron Bondaroff who thrives on a 24-hour grind of constant community and cultural interaction in the three cities. On a regular day, you would find him cruising around town doing what you might call “street meetings” or nowadays “car meetings” where he fetches prospective clients or collaborators as they drive about town, plotting and planning new projects that are most likely to take a stab at the cultural mainstream. He exclaims, “I basically use my car as an office!”—passionate proof that he is “never not working” and “making it happen in Manhattan,” two of Aaron’s personal mantras, the latter being where he be hustlin’ at this very moment. Born and bred in The Big Apple, which he considers to be his ultimate stomping ground, Aaron, aka A-Ron aka the Downtown Don, recently collaborated with art impresario Al Moran to open OHWOW Los Angeles in West Hollywood, an art gallery whose first occupant is tattoo artist and iconoclast Scott Campbell, a guy whose tattoos have imprinted themselves on the likes of Terry Richardson and Marc Jacobs. “We’ve created a new platform for culture in LA,” he shares about OHWOW Los Angeles. “It’s an environment for new ideas, meant to establish a tri-coastal dialogue.” As a marksman and purveyor of subculture, or even counterculture, A-Ron believes that, between the product and the brand, the meat of the matters sautés on both the medium and the message. He says, “Sometimes, there is a bigger picture to the madness, and a brand needs to define all elements of the message through different channels.” Via music, print, clothes, events, art, and even individualistic attitude, so as long as the vision and the message are clearly expressed, according to A-Ron, the surface or the medium hardly matters. Take, for instance, one of his many undertakings, the retail clothing brand aNYthing or “A New York Thing,” selling at 51 Hester Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The brand is currently showcasing its spring/summer 2011 line over a smorgasbord of tees, cut-and-sews, and baseball caps but has strategically included sticker packs to cater to its diversified clientele. “aNYthing is a project I created for the underground,” he shares. “It is for the artists and creative people of the world.” In addition, A-Ron prides his brand in serving as a platform for launching new projects and catapulting new ideas that are still undergoing developmental stages—and

that, in its modality, is the most exciting part of the job. “The line is inspired by those making things happen in their respective communities, taking chances with culture, and experimenting in public.” In as much as he whims of inspiration from these unsung heroes, the guy is also entranced by the likes of the late artist Dash Snow as well as actor-skateboarders Harold Hunter and Justin Pierce—tastemakers who took the road less traveled to ignite their generation. “These guys lived such pure NYC lifestyles. They were so openminded to new ideas and [to the] people of the city; everything they did was so natural and intuitive to [NYC].” From graffiti to skateboarding, making art, and making people laugh with theatrical maneuvers, A-Ron recalls never having a dull moment with these guys who brought people together to contribute to the streets especially in a place like NYC, where there is constant street interaction. “I’m at my best in this stressful, fast-paced hustle-and-bustle environment, where there’s no downtime. My NYC life is where ‘never not working’ comes into play.” From friendly small talk to badass, jugular debates, A-Ron actually gets more work done leaving his apartment with no other plans than hitting the streets. “It’s always cool meeting people from NYC and trading stories growing up, legendary events, and just classic city lifestyle. It’s inspiring to piece culture together through stories,” he relates, on which OHWOW gallery designer and A-Ron’s pal Rafael de Cardenas, takes the cake. Los Angeles is a different matter. “Now, LA is interesting because there is room for downtime, and it’s a hustling environment. The city is so spread out that you have to choose your battles,” A-Ron shares. Otherwise, LA is a pretty happening destination for artists, those who seek emancipation from NYC’s astronomical rent, to showcase their art. “By creating platforms, venues and happenings, places where new ideas can be born and people can experience art and culture of these cities” is how A-Ron hopes to cement his influence in New York, LA, and even Miami’s fastemerging culture timelines. “If a message has great impact, all you need is a simple product,” he ends, but reneges almost immediately, “Though it’s difficult to create a hit with a single product.” Such that despite his many achievements, the guy can only hope: “I just do what I believe in and what my talents let me. This lifestyle chose me; I didn’t choose it.”

Aaron Bondaroff’s aNYthing ain’t no plain tee brand; it’s an amalgam project of his underground interests. Here are some of his recent doings.

His mantras: “Never Not Working,” “Created out of Chaos,” “Top of the Food Chain and Bottom of the Barrel,” “Tricoastal,” and “making it happen in Manhattan.”

About New York-based artist Terence Koh, he says “Terence is a long time friend and true character of NYC. We used to spend a lot of time in his A.S.S. (Asia Song Society) gallery building.

“Miami is the downtime city for me. It is where I can get most of my writing done and gather my thoughts without distraction except for the ocean.”

Musing about OHWOW’s awesome interiors courtesy of Rafael de Cardenas, A-Ron shares, “I trust in his vision and so he has total freedom to create what he desires.”

“I am starting a new party in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen. I found an interesting venue that can handle some of my ideas.” Installation views of Scott Campbell’s Noblesse Oblige at OHWOW Los Angeles. March 19-April 22, 2011. - 83


These young pro athletes will teach you how to do it. With their good looks and energy, the competition will be begging for mercy. Game over. Photographed by Patrick L. Jamora

Have you ever been in a car crash?

Yeah. Tons of times. I think it comes with the sport itself. If you wanna be fast, I think you have to know what it feels like to go beyond your limits. And those limits include hitting a wall every now and then.

The best part of driving is..

...always winning. That’s what we all strive for. The whole point of being in motor sport is that we all wanna win races. It’s the most gratifying and most satisfying feeling you get when you cross the finish line first and all the effort and work feel like they’ve been rewarded.

When not training for race, what would we catch you doing? Most probably, I’d be at home. I just like to chill with my friends. I like to make the most out of my downtime and catch up with sleep, recharge my batteries.

Your biggest dream right now: F1 for sure.

84 -



Why are you nicknamed D’Energizer? It’s a you namenicknamed that one of the PBA game commentators gave Why are D’Energizer? me. aHename saidthat I give all PBA my energy in the game.gave It’s one out of the game commentators me. He said I give out all my energy in the game.

Why’d you choose basketball over your studies? Basketball has always been over a passion, and I’ve always Why’d you choose basketball your studies?

wanted to has see always if I can make it out here. It was either Basketball been a passion, and I’ve always finishing my last I choose wanted to see if I semester can make or it pursuing out here.PBA. It was eitherthe basketball routesemester because or I thought myself that Ithe can finishing my last pursuingtoPBA. I choose always go route back and finishI school. still planning to basketball because thought I’m to myself that I can finish go my back studies, though, in theI’m future. always and finish school. still planning to finish my studies, though, in the future.

What do you think about the stereotypes that sportspeople are all no brain. What dobrawn, you think about the stereotypes that sportspeople It’s a wrongnostereotype-guys out there are pretty smart are all brawn, brain. especially the game. out We use a lot our skills It’s a wrong during stereotype-guys there are of pretty smart and tactics. especially during the game. We use a lot of our skills and tactics.

If you could create a new game altogether, which sport would with basketball? If you you mix could create a new game altogether, which sport would I’dmix probably mix American football with basketball. you with basketball? I like to play I’d probably mix physical. American football with basketball. I like to play physical.


GRAVITY GAMES ASIA 2011 CHAMPION What motivates you to join tournaments? What you to join tournaments? I justmotivates enjoy skating. I really enjoy going as fast

I enjoy I really enjoy going fast I asjust I can. So skating. in that sense, I really enjoy as racing. as I can. So in thathave sense, really racing. guess I just really funIwith it.enjoy That’s enough I guess I just really have fun with it. That’s motivation. enough motivation.

What’s the worst injury you’ve encountered? What’s worst that injurybad. you’ve encountered? So far,the nothing Well, maybe my back would So far, nothing bad. Well, maybe my back would hurt a bit from that a fall; I’ve sprained a few fingers. hurt a bit from fall; I’ve sprained a few fingers. But nothing thataintense…thankfully. But nothing that intense…thankfully.

Tell us about one crazy trick. Tell us one crazy trick. is the “cross-legged lady One of about my favorite tricks, One of myIt’s favorite the “cross-legged killer.” doingtricks, a slideis while your legs are lady killer.” doing a slide whileit’s yourlike legsyour crossed, whichIt’s is pretty hard because are is pretty because it’s backcrossed, foot is which your front foot hard and your front is like your your back.back foot is your front foot and your front is your back.

One thing that people don’t know about you: One thing thatto people don’t know you: I’m allergic chocolates. But about I cheat. I’m allergic to chocolates. But I cheat.

Any interesting pre-game rituals?

I take a couple of blades of grass and throw it before I go to the field. Thats about it; everything else is just focus. Listen to songs that amp you up, and then, just get on the field.

We heard that you have some bartending skills. What would you put in a drink called Philippine Volcano?


I bartended in Boston when I went to university there. It was a fun job. ‘Cause we’re hearty men, you have to have something in it that makes it look red. Nothing fruity. Just all the shots you need: Jack, Johnny, tequila, vodka, rum.

Give yourself a rugby nickname.

Mighty Mouse. That’s what I was called before ‘cause I’m smaller than the other guys, heightwise. I was given another nickname by an Australian: Pocket Rocket ‘cause I’m pretty fast.

What makes rugby so exciting?

I think it’s the fact that you put your body on the line for your teammate. That’s also the reason why we form such a close brotherhood with one another.


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NIGHTVISION new york club opening by Gerard Estadella - 87



@ Hodgepodge by The XOXO Kids

PUMA SOCIAL @ Republiq

by Ralph Hilario

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by EJ Constantino


by The XOXO Kids - 89


who’s the boss x2 by Gerard Estadella

pizza party by The Cobrasnake

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WEIRD WEDNESDAY by The Cobrasnake

fresh fridays @ Fiamma

by Isabella Marcos & DJ Fabian - 91

DIRECTORY BRANDS 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Greenbelt 5, Makati City 10 DEEP ACCESSORIZE Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City ACUPUNCTURE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City ADIDAS Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City ALDO Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City AMARCORD VINTAGE FASHION AMERICAN APPAREL BARE ESCENTUALS BANANA BOAT BCBG MAX AZRIA BENEFIT BOBBI BROWN Rustan’s Department Store, Makati City CALLIOPE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City CALVIN KLEIN CELIO Greenbelt 3, Makati City CHARLES & KEITH Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City CLINIQUE CONVERSE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City, CROOKS & CASTLES DC Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City DEBENHAMS Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City DGK DIOR DOLCE & GABBANA DURK FOREVER 21 SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City GRAVIS Bratpack, Greenbelt 5, Makati City

H! BY HENRY HOLLAND Debenhams, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City HUF Greyone Social, Greenbelt 5, Makati City, KATE SPADE Greenbelt 3, Makati City LA PERLA LACRASIA LAURA MERCIER Rustan’s Department Store, Makati City LAURENCE DECADE LONSDALE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City LOEFFLER RANDALL LRG MAKE UP FOR EVER Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City MARC BY MARC JACOBS MARCHESA NARS Rustan’s Department Store, Makati City NEUTROGENA NIKE Urban Athletics, Greenbelt 3, Makati City NINE WEST Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City ORIGINS OXYGEN SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City PENSHOPPE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City PHILOSOPHY Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5, Makati City POSSIBILITY The Ramp, Glorietta, Makati City PRO-KEDS PROMOD Greenbelt 5, Makati City RED HERRING Debenhams, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City ROBERT RODRIGUEZ ROCKSMITH SEPHORA

SHU UEMURA Power Plant Mall, Makati City SHISEIDO Greenbelt 5, Makati City SINEQUANONE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City SKINFOOD TriNoma, Quezon City SMASHBOX Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5, Makati City SPRINGFIELD Greenbelt 3, Makati City STEVE MADDEN Greenbelt 5, Makati City STILA Rustan’s Department Store, Makati City TERRANOVA SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City THE BODY SHOP Glorietta, Makati City TOO FACED TOPMAN Greenbelt 3, Makati City TOPSHOP Greenbelt 3, Makati City VANS Vans boutiques, SM Department Stores, Landmark Department Stores, Urban Athletics, Toby’s, Olympic Village, American Rag, Athlete’s Foot, Sports Warehouse, VAJJ BY REENA RAE WAREHOUSE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City ZOE LAURENTE ARTISTS Jakob Axelman (Photographer) Emilie Baltz (Photographer) Yvette Brawner (Photographer) Sarah Brega (Stylist) Curtis Buchanan (Photographer) Kenneth Capello (Photographer) Josefina Cervero (Photographer) Ming Han Chung (Photographer) The Cobrasnake (Photographer) Fernando Colon (Photographer)

EJ Constantino (Photographer) Matt Devino (Photographer) Patrick Diokno (Photographer) Gerard Estadella (Photographer) DJ Fabian (Photographer) Sage Grazer (Photographer) Nicole Heffron (Make-Up Artist) Ralph Hilario (Photographer) Emma del Hoyo (Stylist) Patrick Jamora (Photographer) David Kaptein (Photographer) Isabella Marcos (Photographer) Mike Martin (Photographer) Allison Miller (Stylist) Miguel Miranda (Photographer) Jonas Mosesson (Photographer) Gina Nicora (Make-Up Artist) Anna Nuet (Hair Stylist) Lyka Orhel (Photographer) Red Ivy Pictures (Post-Processing) Dima Rogovik (Photographer) Paolo Ruiz (Photographer) Daniel Russo (Photographer) Yoko Sato (Hair Stylist) RJ Shaughnessy (Photographer) Jack Siegel (Photographer) Chris Strong (Photographer) Anna Thiessen (Photographer) Zach Wolfe (Photographer) The XOXO Kids (Photographer)


It’s fun to switch up my eyewear. Thanks to my sponsors (Oakley and Rudy Project), I have fantastic sun protection for my eyes.


One of the best gifts my sister has given me. If I’m not escaping to real waves, I can lose myself with this read.

Nail Polish

The orange color is something experimental. I was thinking of going with summer colors. Usually, I go for dark shades like plum or cherry.



Heavy duty sun protection that I need since I’m always out in the water so long.

Tanned, with blonde highlights courtesy of hours spent under the sun, LORRAINE LAPUS lives and breathes the beach lifestyle. Other than being the first Filipina to be a certified surf instructor, she zips and wakeboards, too. Those Blue Crush girls got nothing on her. Photographed by Patrick Diokno


I have a thing for shell and beaded necklaces. I always try to get a little souvenir from my travels.


These zips have brought me to many gigs around the country—unforgettable performances with amazing artists.

Dumpster Diver Almerrick

I own about six boards in total. Depending on my mood, I get to choose which baby to grab some stoke with. This is the shortboard that I use.

boho skirt

I’m crazy about this type of print. It’s probably as feminine I can get with clothes since I’m no fan of floral patterns or ruffles.

94 -


I love these funky sneakers. They served me well in a Rage Against the Machine concert.

STATUS Magazine feat. Shannyn Sossamon  

STATUS is action-packed. June 2011

STATUS Magazine feat. Shannyn Sossamon  

STATUS is action-packed. June 2011