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is overexposed JUN E 2014











A daily dose of these pieces will get you addicted.


Nothing says “safety first” than a classic leather jacket.



The first layer should always make a good impression. By Sevda Albers


The only way to the top is to take one step at a time. By David Sheldrick

Quit living straight edge.


Not all that glitters is gold, but when they do, they cost a fortune.


Be more radiant than the summer sunshine with an oh-so fresh face.

31 ABOUT FACE: CROWNING GLORY Say goodbye to that halo of tangled locks and split ends.

It’s safe to say that boys like these are never overrated. By Raen Badua






63 SWAG: HANG IN THERE Printed Button-downs

64 WATER PROOF Nylon Jackets





66 PACK AND GO Backpacks




Skinny Belts

69 SNATCH GAMES Satchels

70 PRETTY REVIVAL Printed Trousers

71 SOLE SURVIVOR Plimsolls



Anniek Kortleve is not scared of setting the runways and editorials ablaze. By Victoria Herrera



Put your hands together and say a prayer. Blessed with Tupac’s wisdom, cult rapper Deniro Farrar teaches you that Rebirth is the new language of the street. By Ken Rafiñan


It’s time to take down all that noise you’ve been playing for months and sway to an unfamiliar rhythm. Let The Squibs lead you to the dream that’ll get you remembering Hello Sleepyhead in the morning. By KitKat Ramos


Starting off a career from software such as FL Studio has brought Esta to almost every corner of the world. Being one of the new DJs of Soulection, he’s got more than a sick beat to get your heart racing. By Nicole Nequinto


Find yourself lost in a trance between absurd art and surreal music. SSION will keep your culture engine fueled with a rhythm even the kids from your block will be dancing to. By Leo Balante


This Seattle-based group’s licensed to drive your soul into becoming a Believer. Kris Orlowski will remind you of a touch of Coldplay and a little Freddie Mercury, but their stories are beyond greater than what’s untold and unexpected. By Janroe Cabiles



Swim in the sea of bloggers to find the ship Margaret Zhang sails. This writer, stylist, photographer, and model proves that with the right taste for style and fuel to work, you can always get the best of both worlds. By Olivia Estrada


Photographer John Keatley develops his images through sharp humour and quick wit. Whether he uses a Hasselblad or an iPhone, he manages to snap photos with the same speed needed to deliver the punchline. By Janroe Cabiles


Go back to school with the clear memory of your science classes with fashion scientist Darren Romanelli. From putting together old school icons on his clothing designs to

is overexposed JUN E 2014


putting up a project such as RECONSTRUCT, we’re definitely mad for what he has in store. By Olivia Estrada


Actor Jack Laskey spills the secrets to being the next TV and film sensation. It’s time to raise the anchor and sail on a journey to discovering the distant treasure behind this rising star. By Isa Almazan


Sneakin with us backstage as Michael Lomenda gives us a lowdown of what it’s like to work even after the director’s cut. By Pola Beronilla



Chvrches move out of obscurity and into the comfort of the international scene. The Scottish trio’s brand of synth pop is a blend of dance tunes and dark lyrics that provide sympathy and solace to a generation half-hidden in shadow. By Olivia Estrada


Miami-based photographer and filmmaker Robert Nethery gives




us a frame by frame story of his world that stands on the rock called “design.” He goes to show that to succeed in what you love, start it while you’re young. By Victoria Herrera


Be mesmerised with the natural beauty of the feminine kind. Nicco Santos showcases that his muses are more than what we see under the lens. By Nicole Nequinto







Besides being the 2nd-runner up for Asia’s Next Top Model, this lady’s style is more than what meets the eye. Walk into her closet of secrets filled with a nice pair of dunks, books, and a certain red OBEY cap.





In order to recover from everything going on, STATUS will have you tethered to its cover. CHVRCHES has us by the throat as they catch the light before brick tiles and sing of songs under the tide.


Put the sexy in dyslexic.



the pulse of hip at your fingertips

go see

we’re all models off duty. smize!


there’s more to what’s in print

NightVision who’s spotted partying where

Photo Diary confessional for lensmen

Digital Magazine DOWNLOADS STATUS in pixels, not free mixtapes paper and wallpapers



is Overexposed

Nicco Santos (92)


s we put each issue together, we find ourselves in constant evolution. What we produced just a few issues ago now fall under a different light today. For this Revelation Issue, we gather unique individuals who unearthed the darkness and beauty of everyday through their sights and sounds. Scottish electronic band Chvrches have managed to stay underground while being in the spotlight. From their rise in success to the amazing buzz of their album The Bones of What You Believe, we caught up with Lauren Mayberry right before their next flight to tell us how it was like working with each other, what their creative process is like, and their feelings about “manufactured music.” Photographer and filmmaker Robert Nethery has shot for V Man, Flaunt, WWD, and Wonderland and has done campaigns for Tory Burch and Rodarte. But it’s his unique point of view that makes him one of the most sought after photographers in fashion. We asked the lensman how he gives his subjects depth of character and how he pushes boundaries of the celebrities he photographs. Scrolling through his Instagram photos, you will easily spot the sensitive beauty that Nicco Santos captures in his subjects. In his interview, we delve into this mysterious photographer’s thoughts on beauty and how he finds the uniqueness of every woman he photographs. This month’s Block Party goes behind the Instagram accounts that have gained a loyal following as they reveal their lives on our feeds, one #selfie at a time. For us today, it’s not about the bold strokes that get us enthusiastic but revealing what’s underneath the surface.

Robert Nethery (88)


contributors Rosario Herrera


creative director Patrick L. Jamora art director Paolo Geronimo graphic designers Nyael David

Bryan Arcebal

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Loris Peña Pola Beronilla Janroe Cabiles Angela de Dios Olivia Estrada Kitkat Ramos

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fashion editor editorial assistants


Previously featured in our May issue, Edric Chen is always on point when it comes to delivering the goods as seen in STATUS INVADES (106). But for someone who can reveal a lot through a photo, he likes to keep himself on the down low. “I prefer not to have my portrait on printed matter as much as possible,” he says explaining his “shadow selfie.”

Tina Herrera Dan Buenaventura junior account managers Gabrielle Bailon Ken Lim III sales & marketing consultant account manager

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contributing writers

Isa Almazan, Leo Balante, Victoria Herrera contributing artists

Sevda Albers, Art Alera, Raen Badua, Frauke Alina Becker, JC Cerilla, Edric Chen, Alexandra Greenhill, Louise Hall, Some Jang, Carolin Jarchow, Jasmin Meyer-Jürshof, Zoe Laurente, Miguel Miranda, Judith Rabanse, James Ramos, RJ Roque, Steffi Santiago, David Sheldrick, JP Singson, Khai Van Kampen, Xeng Zulueta interns


Tisha Caedo, Mia Catedrilla, Gil Domingo, PB Hermoso, Mixi Ignacio, Andrea Lopa, Therese Luna, Nicole Nequinto, Gia Palamos, Ken Rafiñan, Jasper Salceda, Cole Tan

“Fashion is an illusion” is one of the many fascinating insights from Art Alera, who shot Esta (74) for our MAESTRO section. Aside from this, he also talks about how he doesn’t want to be trapped in stereotypes. “I always want to have a conflict between what I do and what people think about me.”

What’s your STATUS? tell us. editorial advertising marketing general inquiries


Writer Isa Almazan is always looking for something new to do to widen her skill set, something she and Jack Laskey (80) share in common. “When it comes to creating, I make it a point to never do anything twice.” But as much as she likes to explore the possibilities, this girl also enjoys some homegrown favorites such as suman latik paired with hot coffee or childhood sweets like gummy bears.

read our digital version like us follow us instagram: statusmagazine STATUS is published by STATUS Media Group. Reproduction without permission is prohibited.



he STATUS YardSale presented by Oxygen proved to be the hotspot last May 10 for fashionistas and foodies. Clothing labels and lifestyle brands offered their best designs from streetwear to swimsuits. On top of that, we also had some food and beverage booths for extra miles on shopping sprees. From cupcakes and cocktails to shoes and sunnies, it was hard to imagine anyone leaving Whitespace without something in hand.

DJ Bobby Maddatu stepped in to second the motion delivering house music and winning in the hat department.


DJ Cmart mixed it up with pop songs that had us all singing along.

DJ Toons Canoy blasted out the hip-hop mixes that got all vendors and guests shaking their hips.


Turbo Goth served as the first band of the day, pumping the energy up a notch.

12 -

She’s Only Sixteen rocked out on stage and gathered cheers from the crowd.

Indie folk band THE Ransom Collective played out a soulful set.

Spreading chic angst and making everyone dance was Cheats, the last band to hit the stage.

At the vanguard of Beat Project Manila is DJ MARTIN dropping the beat with EDM and ending things on a light note.

Photos by STATUS and Move Manila

You didn’t think we’d let you shop in silence, did you? What STATUS and Oxygen whipped up wasn’t only a yard sale, it was a mini-music festival in itself. The hottest DJs and bands in town stopped by Whitespace to play for us as we hit the scene with our steals.


June 2014


ive out that teen spirit with TOPMAN’s Refresh Your Fit men’s tees. From punkdriven tanks, long length skater shirts to the Seattle grunge scoop, the basics just got a little more interesting. With different styles to fit different personalities, the options got a bit wider.


hen you love skateboarding so much and you’ve worked in that industry for a while, you’d tend to make your own thing. That’s just the beginning for POST, when designers Danijel Stankovic and Martin Ottoson teamed up to make 6 panels, 5 panels, beanies, and T-shirts with, of course, post details. Finally giving skaters what they want, the brand just keeps delivering. No pun intended.

Cap it Off T

ip your hat to the animal kingdom with FRANCESCO BALLESTRAZZI’s Thrill collection. The handmade headgear collection straight out of Milan features both Hitchcock couture and statement streetwear. Strut all kinds of feral furies from wolves, French bulldogs, and foxes to the out of this world winged ponies.


f you have a taste for the fancy and the extremes, DYSPNEA’s latest collection will satisfy all that. This Australian brand’s metallic suits, extreme bell-bottoms, fringe-y skirts, and over-the-top dresses have cult followers worshipping details like intricate crystal embellishments and fur pompoms. With taking over the world on their mind and the color pink by their side, this newfound religion is here to stay. - 13




on’t you wish your girlfriend was hot as them PLNY LALA girls? Decked in satin varsity jackets, camo joggers, onesies, and caps, this sexy streetwear brand gives clues to what they’re all about but their statement pieces like “Hearts on Fire,” “Don’t Cry,” and “ASS” could have you told you that. “Reality Bites,” doesn’t it?


OMMON WARE gives guys something to flaunt this summertime with their line of casual cool swim shorts. Hit the bay walk with both basic hues and fun prints. Dress up those eye-catching “Sea Flags” print with a denim polo or basic tee for a look that’s ready for any impromptu outing.


irls just want to have fun and designer HAYLEY ELSAEER preaches all that. Her collection of cropped tops, dresses, onesies, and rompers with beer cans, dice, and fire prints play a good game. Mix and match metallic with pastels or a clean silhouette with a striking print that can take all rounds and put a sneaky grin on everyone’s face.


asual and comfort takes the lead with Italian brand SUPERGA’s “Swallow Tail” sneakers. Its classic silhouette in vivid colors gives this timeless footwear a new do. Pair them with a slouchy denim and T-shirt or a sundress with a jean jacket for a look that’s perfect for summer.

14 -


A-based THE GOOD GIRL JEWELRY is casting spells with their latest collection that’s made out of recycled metal and natural stones. Inspired by myth, magic, and mysticism, the brand’s shiny “Serpent” rings, “Cosmic” mood rings, “Eye of Ra” necklace, and “Crescent Moon” are bewitching to the eyes and to all lovers of fine things.



ake NOTE, this is how it looks when menswear is done right. Casual tees, sweats, work jackets, bucket caps, and tote bags are made to be worn everyday. Follow the simple steps of dressing appropriately and layer as you will, but don’t overdo it. So when you’re ready to go, evaluate yourself first and everything will be all right.

10,000 BC D

on metal ware reminiscent of an era of fierce predators with FERA JEWELLERY. From working the moonshine lit nights to the everyday urban jungle, make your mark by flaunting shark tooth accessories with a timeless tough leather jacket or establish your domain with the golden “Moro” spike pieces.





Words by PB Hermoso, Nicole Niquinto, and Loris Peña

aking performance clothing outside the gym, MINISTRY OF SUPPLY’s technology such as Phase Change Materials, Javafresh, Everfuse, Moisture Wicking, and Ventilation allows your tees, dress shirts, chinos, and socks to breathe, quick dry, and cool off. With an omnidirectional comfort fabric, the brand’s latest collection is about to get a lot of demand from the big boys.

ear your favorite snack to the cinema with GLENDA LÓPEZ’s The Fancy Popcorn collection. These handcrafted, enameled trinkets merged with gold plated accessories are inspired by childhood, sweet popcorn, and the essence of Pop Art itself. Choose your flavor with their “Lilac” popcorn earrings or the “Fancy” popcorn necklace, and don’t forget, as sweet as they seem to be, they belong in your neck, not in your mouth.


aying tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and post-punk bands like Bauhaus and The Cure, designer MIRJA ROSENDAHL’s collection of mohair sweaters, nylon jackets, and mesh stops are rockstar ready. Dance in the tune of sequins tops, laced trousers, and a keyboard scarf for the busy streets is yours for the taking. - 15




pposites definitely attract as MÜNN redefines the art of extreme. It has gone from mixing bright yellow blazers with plain white shorts to layering a denim jacket and vest with a navy blue denim. A game of contrast, textures, and colors, the brand’s latest collection is worth not playing safe in.


reat yourself to BLACK KAVIAR. The brand’s casual sweats, jackets, printed tees, leather pants, beanies, and snapbacks are a cross between streetwear and luxe. Their roses, cheetah, and bandana prints are put together with leather fabrics for an expensive taste with a side of street.


elebrating character SMITH WYKES is committed to compliment an individual and not overshadow them. Focused on the color palette of blue, green, and grey, their latest collection of trousers, sweaters, jackets, and coats are simple but greatly detailed, tailored and modern, and are interesting enough to start off any conversation.

16 -


et’s make something clear and CLASHIT. James Franco, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum all over your T-shirts, leggings, and onesies are a good thing. No need to explain your obsession with a scrapbook or a website because now, you can declare your love and literally wear your heart out.


ack your map and compass for a long journey ahead with JOSHU+VELA bags. The brand’s collection of black utility tote, wax zip backpack, and duffle are made to repel the sprays of the ocean and fight off the grime of city smog. Fill up your bag with their other essentials like keychains, folding wallets, and travel cases.






eather accessories UNDER MY ROOF is making their own rules. Inspired by architecture and nature, designer duo Rasa Subaciute and Justas Atkocius mix leather with Nordic minimalist designs to create handmade backpacks and clutches with details like leather cutouts and hexagon sides. Sleek with a side of surprise always does it.

aiwanese designer TAN TAN says Hello! with her minimalist aesthetic and dinosaur friends. Her midi dresess, pleated skirts, coats, and loose tops in monotone colors with hints of lilac and yellow are adrogynous by nature but simply feminine with its fit and cut. Wave adios to a season of layers and welcome casual dressing best paired with a polished pony and your trusty patent loafers.


ALKING ABOUT THE ABSTRACTION and BREATHED THING know how to stand out like a sore thumb. Inspired by cowboys, indians, and hobos, this brand’s casual seperates aims to dress a “minority with a new sense.” With their beaten-up leather jackets, leather boots, patched-work trousers, knit sweaters, and bandana print shirts, they’re on their way.

3 16





rick or treat with UNDERGROUND SUNDAE’s Hell collection. Pick from earrings, chocker 10 necklaces, and rings of palm trees, safety pins, slime cross, and bottle cap hearts and adorn yourself with just the right amount of these naughty and nice accessories. Now, watch these neon babies catch the light.



ou know that one girl in class that you want to be friends with? JAMIE MCCARTY’s latest collection of separates is that girl. The designer’s laid-back, street aesthetic is an easy study. Mixing muted colors with prints, her mini skirts, cropped tops, beanies, and coats score A+ in the styling board and high fives all around. - 17







SCARSDALE’s savory delights are your favorites perfected on fine croughnut dough.

Modern rustic interiors, classic leather seats, and full glass windows certify a premium view of the top business districts atop the BAR BY BLACK SHEEP. The sophisticated atmosphere compliments the selection of world-class whiskeys such as Benriach 30 and The Macallan Bowmore. Other top-notch concoctions include artisanal cocktails, such as The Goldfinger, Kiss the Girl, and The Drunken Sailor, are offered in their extensive bar menu along with wines from Spain, Australia, France, and Italy. CROQUE MONSIEUR Fresh tomatoes and ham on gruyere-parmesan sauce

The Penthouse, W Fifth Avenue Building Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

S u ite


Dubbing itself as the first “Instagram hotel,” 1888 HOTEL’s interiors are worth more than a thousands shots. Complete with a five story internal atrium to welcome the natural light and brighten up any photo op, elements such as ironbark, stone, brick, and bronze are combined to create an Australian heritage design. Named after the year Kodak came out with their first patented products, the hotel offers picturesque walks of Pyrmont, a “selfie space,” and all the comforts the modern traveler would deem worth sharing. 139 Murray St., Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

ROAST BEEF US Angus beef belly, horseradish, and crispy onions

CHEDDAR JALAPEÑO US cheddar topped with jalapeño filled with cheese sauce



514 S&R, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

18 -

NY STYLE LINKS Classic US Frankfurter, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard

TUNA MELT Tuna, cheese, and spices

Words by Olivia Estrada Scarsdale photos by Rosario Herrera

Inspired by its namesake from the upscale side of New York, SCARSDALE offers artisanal delights around the clock: croughnuts and doughnuts for breakfast, gourmet sandwiches for lunch, and signature cocktails for after hours. Curious finds include The Elvis, a doughnut in honor of Presley’s favorite sandwich of peanut butter, banana, and bacon, and Jalapeño Mojito, which is a blend of calamansi liqueur, rum, mint, and jalapeño.



simon&me, Berlin Fidicinstraβe 17 10965 Berlin, Kreuzberg Dime to drop: P614-P6,140 (€10-€1000) Don’t leave without: The Copper Bracelet


avigate your way through the bustling streets of Berlin to the sleek store that is SIMON&ME. Recently revamped with a new vision, the store carries a line of products carefully crafted to weather the storms of ever-evolving fashion trends. Every product is a testament of German workmanship with each piece made locally and produced from organic material. The clean and minimalistic design of the products compliments the all-white space, which is utilized in the most effective way possible keeping with the store’s vision of minimalism and functionality. The litter free shelves give items like shirts, leather bags, compass, headgears, and magazines room to breathe and be examined. Unlike most clothing retailers, the store offers customization to suit the individualism of each customer. Cap off your long travels with their in house spirits Our/Berlin vodka and Monkey 47 gin, or perhaps even a complimentary glass of cold lemonade.

stand up comedy, portland 811 E. Burnside Street Portland, Oregon 97214 Dime to drop: P8,250-P41,300 ($200-$1000) Don’t leave without: Mansur Gavriel bags and Denim Refinery custom jeans


Words by Nicole Nequinto and Loris Peña

ithout being corny, STAND UP COMEDY knows punch lines like it knows retail. That’s why they only carry items that tell stories of the store and aren’t found locally. This unassuming store is as simple as you see it. A well-kept space with black floors and white interiors, they stock brands like Ann-Sofie Back, Assembly NY, Acne, BLESS, Maison Martin Margiela, Reality Studio, Strathcona, Isaac Reina, and Cosmic Wonder Light Source, just to name a few. Both owners come from an art background, that’s why like a gallery, the store doesn’t style products together, they display them as is. Boots, denim jeans, and sweaters are found in tables while a wooden rod hangs leather bags. With a minimalist concept, the shop creates an organic space that allows your eyes to get attracted to the first thing it sees. Further down the store, you’ll see an applause signage, which only proves that when you come by, you shouldn’t forget to bring your sense of humor with you.



n online streetwear store that has everything you want plus has great down to earth customer service, that’s just as GOOD AS GOLD. Carrying brands like Cameo, Dr Denim, Etudes, Finders Keepers, Lazy Oaf, Norse Projects, and Stolen Girlfriends Club, their selections of bucket caps, beanies, sneakers, skirts, button-downs, and bomber jackets are on point and just a click away from becoming yours. - 19




REMOTE CONTROL THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Based on John Green’s bestselling novel, this adaptation follows cancer patient Hazel Grace’s repetitive days turn upside down when she meets and falls for Augustus Waters from a cancer support group.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Pierre Niney stars as Yves Saint Laurent and steps into his shoes as he begins his career in 1958 and meets his business partner and lover, Pierre Berge (Guillaume Galliene).

JERSEY BOYS Clint Eastwood leads the cast of John Lloyd Young, Vincent Piazza, Erich Bergen, and Nick Massi to bring the story of The Four Seasons to the silver screen.

22 JUMP STREET Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make their way from 21 Jump Street, going undercover at a local college once again to crack a crime ring within a fraternity.

APP This New Media Film Festival entry revolves around a shy engineer who uses his virtual wing woman app to seduce a heartbroken girl, in hopes of desperately needed venture capital.

20 -

HALT AND CATCH FIRE (AMC) Set in the 80s, the drama period sees former IBM executive Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) as he reverseengineers the flagship project of his former employer along with Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) and prodigy Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis), who puts her future in jeopardy to join MacMillan’s rogue project.

THE LEFTOVERS (HBO) Based on Tom Perotta’s novel of the same name, Damon Lindelof picks up the drama series putting Justin Theroux as Kevin Garvey, a chief of police who is left behind following the global “Rapture.” With the sudden departing of his wife (Private Practice’s Amy Brenneman) for a mysterious cult, he attempts to live a normal life in a suburban community.

ALMOST ROYAL (BBC) BBC America releases its first scripted comedy, following the distant descendants of the British Royal Family Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart). The sheltered siblings depart for an unofficial royal tour in the USA, where they will face the reality they’ve never encountered before in their privileged lives.


SEAN DUNNE (FILMMAKER) @seandunnedirector

6 O‘clock news (1996) Simple idea, simple approach, absolutely drenched in insight and humanity. He shoots, edits, and narrates everything himself. So impressive.

FAST CHEAP AND OUT OF CONTROL (1997) I haven’t seen this film in a while, but I remember it impacting me because of the focus on characters as opposed to story. I dig that.

ELECTION (1999) I remember watching the director’s commentary for this film and falling further in love with it due to the shear amount of care and detail that went into every decision.

HER (2013) Jonze has been a huge influence on me throughout my filmmaking career. Her happens to have a shocking amount of overlapping themes as my new film, Cam Girlz.

GOODFELLAS (1998) This is my favorite film. It’s perfect across the board. The use of music really inspired me.

Words by Janroe Cabiles

OBVIOUS CHILD Presented in the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, the film tells the tale of Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) as she gets dumped, fired, and pregnant just in time for Valentine’s Day.




HOT OFF THE PRESS TWEE: THE GENTLE REVOLUTION IN MUSIC, BOOKS, TELEVISION, FASHION, AND FILM by Marc Spitz Music journalist Marc Spitz reflects on the greatest cultural phenomena since hiphop, the Twee generation—the old-fashioned, modern aesthetic and awkward glamour of teens, twenty and thirty somethings, and Baby Boomers. From kittens to moustaches and the cute crocheted owls on Etsy, Spitz highlights today’s youth through research dating back to the 50s and interviews with prominent cultural figures like Vampire Weekend, Wes Anderson, and Zooey Deschanel to name a few.

DRIES VAN NOTEN by Pamela Goblin and Hamish Bowles Dries Van Noten is an iconic Belgian fashion designer notorious for being a part of the Antwerp six. Illustrated by Joseph Logan, the collection breaks down in various mediums the sources of Van Noten’s creative prowess. From conceptualization to actual construction, this volume highlights that inspiration has no boundaries.

Alexi lubomirski: decade by Alexi Lubomirski


Words by PB Hermoso and Nicole Nequinto

In the 21st century, Kanye West puts the rhythm and soul in rap. From releasing The College Dropout for the heavyhearted to the narcissistic functions of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he has been influential in the right areas. In this biography, Graves gives a lowdown of West’s history in the biz and the future he molded one rhyme at a time.

lexi Lubomirski has dominated the fashion industry for the past ten years shooting for notorious publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and GQ. A collection of Lubomirski’s work during 2003-2013, Decade serves as a mini gallery that gives readers a chance to make their own visual story. Including a foreword by Vogue Germany Editor Christiane Arp, each page varies from styles such as studio or fashion photography, and even in concept such as dessert landscapes or Victorian-esque balconies. Travel with your eyes and spot these photos that are out of this world:

Escape to somewhere far as Julia Stegner struts with a silky blue dress on an exotic dessert ground Get lost in. transition with Dave Stewart as he poses to see himself in a hall of mirrors.

Be filled with awe as Scarlett Johannson dons a black dress by an area of your home. Freeze to death as Toni Garrn and David Chiang make it a dark winter wonderland.

FOOTNOTES My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a summary of Kanye’s first four albums, providing a piece of the sound of each album into one massive collection.

Pamela Golbin is a Chief Curator at Muse des Arts DA coratifs in Paris while Hamish Bowles is a European editor for the American edition of Vogue.

Marc Spitz threw himself into NYC’s “bohemian squalor,” spending his early twenties writing novels, dealing with a heroin addiction, and working as a DJ to pay rent. - 21



PL AYLIS T “From St. Kilda to Kings Cross” Paul Kelly This one is a classic Australian song by a classic Australian artist.




“I Told You So” Keith Urban I love how it’s such a fun and folky track.

“I Would Die For You” Matt Walters This song is really nice and gives so much emotion.

“All I Want” Kodaline I love how the song builds up and explodes towards the end.

“Miss You” The Rolling Stones This is just something that immediately jumps into my mind.

“Outstanding” The Gap Band This one is great because it just makes me feel really good.

“Brown Skin Lady” Black Star I just really love that beat. It’s crazy high-tech.

“Never Too Much” Luther Vandros Like “Outstanding,” this one is a song that’s just all good vibes.

“Balmain Jeans” Kid Cudi (feat. Raphael Saadiq) That shit will just grab your mind and really clamp down.

“The Vapors” Jhene Aiko The whole Sail Out, that whole project. I played it at number 1 and let it go ‘til the end.

“Set” DuRu Tha King (feat. Deniro Farrar) This track is out of this world. This is actually something I have on repeat.

“We Made It” Drake I like the beat, but it’s what he said. It vibes with me right now.

R eleases

Singer-songwriter ED SHEERAN multiplies his music abilities in his sophomore album X. He ditches his solely guitar-based tracks for funk-infused rhythms evident in his single “Sing,” co-written and produced by none other than Pharell Williams.

After breaking airwaves with the sombre “Let Her Go,” PASSENGER continues to set hearts on fire with his fifth studio album Whispers, which features tracks that tell stories of life, death, and heartache.


From conquering radio waves to music charts, Lorde continues to slay and sets her sights on the world of beauty as the teen songstress releases a special line with MAC cosmetics. The collection includes her signature look of dark plum lipstick and slick eyeliner in black.

22 -

Tupac Shakur’s music lives on as Holler If Ya Hear Me hits The Palace Theatre this June 19. Inspired by the late rapper’s gritty rhymes, the original musical includes his greatest hits like “California Love,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” and “Me Against the World.”

The iconic Glastonbury Festival once again transforms the sleepy fields of the English countryside into a hive of music enthusiasts. Taking place on June 27-29, this year’s line up features Arcade Fire, Disclosure, Lana del Rey, and CHVRCHES just to name a few.

FIRST AID KIT have found the silver lining as their music remains to Stay Gold. The Swedish sisters continue to entrance and delight the world with their sweet, psychedelic folk pop.

Words by Nicole Nequinto

Following heated disputes that led to a change of record label, 50 CENT is ready to bare his teeth and show off his Animal Ambition. Fif fans should expect tight tracks including one with Schoolboy Q.


• Dubbed as an “appcessory,” it installs a software in your device once you plug it in • Lets you listen and program your next track without disrupting the current song on play • Comes in four different colors: petrol, grape, pumpkin, and tomato • Connects to both your phone and speakers to make you an instant DJ


SRP: P4,105

• Compatible with Bluetooth capable and Apple devices • Illuminated touch control panel with voice notifications • Allows five to seven hours of playtime • Controllable from ten meters away SRP: P4,105


You can’t resist these gadgets that bend to your will.


• It’s the world’s first curved and flexible smartphone • Boasts a 6.0” OLED display for sharper resolution • Runs on a 800 2.26 GHz quad-core processor for a smooth operation • Features a 13-megapixel camera that captures crisp nighttime photos and precise action shots SRP: P30,027


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SHOPSAVVY By ShopSavvy, Inc.

CLOAK By Cloak

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Avoid those awkward moments as the app alerts you when a person you want to avoid is near your area. - 23

Last May 17, we experienced the second installment of the music haven that is the Wanderland Music Festival at the Globe Circuit Grounds in Makati. A lot of hoopla went down the rabbit hole and we don’t know where to start. But let’s start at the very beginning, very good place to start.







iver Island They helped keep the fun flowing.


ombay Bicycle Club Karpos dropped a bomb(ay) on us and announced that the indie rock quartet will be cycling through our shores this July.

nflatables But they weren’t the only ones high during that night. Music was everyone’s drug.

ams Under the afternoon sun were sweet, slow-burning jams provided by crooners like Woody Pitney and Lucy Rose to the playful acoustics Techy Romantics and Ransom Collective.

aleidoscopic Aside from their infectious dance beats, Architecture in Helsinki painted the town with their colorful threads and gave as a visual and eargasmic feast.


arnival For this year’s theme, Karpos brought out the kid in us and gave us one helluva circus—minus the ferris wheel tho.

-D-Dance From awkward shoulder shrugs to some fancy footwork, dancing was probably the royal concept during Wanderland. ndurance We don’t know where people got their energy, but we all survived (and enjoyed) this music fest that lasted for almost 14 hours. Woohoo

ive Art This music and arts festival would not have been complete without the Live Art by local artists like Anjo Bolarda, Dee Jae Pa’Este, and JP Cuison.


OOOOOOOORE Bands rarely have encores during festivals, but The Drums marched of their own drum and gave us a little with “Down By The Water” and guided us “The Future.”

music to the beat bit more through


o. Was what everyone said whenever the bands say, “This is our last song, thank you Wanderland!” We crie.

lower Crown I thought this music festival trend had already withered, but nope, they were still in full bloom.


pen air Grass. Fields of grass. And no roof over the heads of Wanderers braving the sun and enjoying the breeze as the evening came.


oPros and Monopods They were everywhere. STAHP. Also, just a reminder: People. GoPros are not just for selfies.

ashtag It was the perfect time to spam your friends’ feed with #OOTDs, #selfies, and other #hashtags. #sorryboutit

24 -

arty Quirks Wanderland brings out the quirk in everyone. From music festivals staples of cropped tops, ponchos, aztec prints, face paint, and fancy headgears, it was an absolute costume party


uest The Globe Circuit Grounds was packed and finding your friends in the sea of wanderers was one of the greatest adventures we encountered

napback, tank top, shorts, colored socks, and trainers Basic bros in Wanderland be like…

asteful Not only were we full from the musical buffet served to us, but the food trucks around the area kept our tummies from being empty.

V Rays Dark clouds threatened to pour rain on the parade in the late afternoon, but thankfully the heavens held to let the merriment continue. And in that moment, I swear, we were in heat. elcro Wall We were left stuck on it.

aterguns Instead of getting pissed at the “accidentally” sprayed water in the face, people were actually pleased with those water troopers because of the heat.


-rated Okay not really, but there were a lot of wanderers who seemed to have forgotten their clothes at home. OLO You only leave once. If you wanted a perfect view of the stage, you had to claim your territory because chances are, somebody will invade your space in a blink of an eye.


zz’s Pushed back the zzz’s to wait up ’til The Drums come onstage. And it was worth it. (Even if their set ended at 2am!)

Now you know the Wanderland ABCs, next time won’t you sing with us.

Photos by Paolo Abad and Stephen Lavoie


ll-Stars The Wonderful All-stars comprised of Radio Active Sago Project, Kjwan’s Inky de Dios, Sinosikat’s Kat Agarrado, Taken By Cars’ Sarah Marco, and DJ Mars Miranda stepped up for the local acts.

B e auty S pe cial



Photographed by JC Cerilla Styled by Zoe Laurente Makeup Xeng Zulueta Hair Ronie of Khiels Model Kat of Elite Model Manila Nails I Do Nails All dresses by Jessica


Apricot lips catch the eyes and goes in for the kill as this season’s favorite color. A killer combo: add golden eyeshadows and bronzer for a look that is all your own.

26 -


Redo Midas Touch with white polish and silver stripes. After all, all that glitters (or in this case, shines), is not gold. - 27


Let your hair do the talking. What do loose knots and windswept hair say about a girl? A lot. But mostly, she’s comfortable with looking undone and that’s beautiful.

28 -


Who cares, just mix and match. Silver and gold have always looked good together, but only the fiercest of them all can wear them right. - 29



MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Indianwood P1,265

Sun-kissed and fresh for long days and longer nights.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Eyebrow Pencil P1,434.28

BOBBI BROWN Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze P2,550

MAC Clear lipglass P950

ESTéE LAUDER Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick P1,700

BOBBI BROWN Illuminating Bronzer Powder P2,150 TOM FORD Bronzing Powder P4,541.87 LAURA MERCIER Eyebrow Gel P860.57

NCLA Nail lacquer P800

DOLCE & GABBANA Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation P2,868.55

30 -

Covergirl Glow Blusher and Bronzer in Peach P395

DIOR Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow P1,290.85

Runway photos from Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2014 Words by Loris Peña

ESTéE LAUDER Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer P3,000


Boost your hair’s natural shine and restore moisture through KIEHL’S MAGIC ELIXIR HAIR RESTRUCTURING CONCENTRATE. Packed with rosemary leaf and avocado oil, it gives your hair and scalp the threapeutic care that it needs. P860.57

For thicker, stronger, and beautiful hair, swear by OSMOTICS COSMECEUTICALS ENCORE FOLLICLE NUTRIENT SERUM. This formula increases penetration of the essential nutrients directly to the follicle while helping decrease free radical and stress-induced damages. P2,772.93

Expert Advice

Perfect setting

Massage AVEDA INVATI SCALP REVITALIZER evenly on your scalp to help regenerate it. Containing a blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric, and ginseng, it creates an environment for healthier hair. P2,892.94

Rub lemon halves all over wet hair to exfoliate dry skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse to moisturize scalp and stimulate oil secretion.

CRowning glory

Keep your scalp healthy for a bouncy and voluminous locks fit for a queen.

golden rule

saving grace

Leave LEONOR GREYL PARIS REGENERESCENCE NATURELLE PRE-SHAMPOO TREATMENT overnight for the full effect on your mane. This essential and botanical oil increases blood circulation and prevents flaws in your scalp. P2,868.55

the great revival

Renew dry and damaged hair with tender loving care through PHILIP B REJUVENATING OIL. A blend of essential oils from plants, nuts, and flowers, this oil imparts lipids into your hair and scalp giving it color and texture. P1,434.28

VALMONT REPAIRING SCALP AND HAIR OIL is created specifically for damaged hair and scalp. Its formula contains a silicon byproduct to help scalp metabolism and also contains rose and marigold oil to restore damaged hair. P8,366

b e a u t y bi t e the nail lounge


Words by Loris Peña

ampering yourself in the middle of a busy week may seem impossible but THE NAIL LOUNGE can change all of that. Situated in Makati’s Central Business District, this hidden sanctuary is for the cosmopolitan ladies and gentlemen who want to enjoy some R&R in the midst of their hectic schedules. It’s sophisticated interiors of all black leather couches, silver frames, and gray walls, offer services like manicure, pedicure, paraffin treatments, nail art enhancements, gel polish, waxing, threading, and hair and makeup. With their well-trained technicians and topof-the-line nail care products, every minute of peace and quiet in this nook is just exactly what you need. THE NAIL LOUNGE 3F Makati Gold Club Lasema Plaza, 7232 Malugay St., Bel Air, Makati City 0915 805 3696 @nailloungemanila - 31



Experts recommend prints and colors are healthy for your second skin. Take as much doses as needed.

32 - - 33

Photographed by RJ Roque and Steffi Santiago


Pair your favorite cropped biker jacket with a feminine dress.

Photos by and

There’s nothing sexier than a beat-up, worn-out leather jacket.


German model Larissa Hofmann and her distressed biker look.

Silvia and Oriol in matching black leather jackets.

Take a spin with Kenneth Cole’s Spring/Summer 2014 wardrobe staple—the leather jacket. Do James Dean proud. By JP Singson

Who knew suede and fringe go well with practically anything.

Supermodel Ming Xi looking fab in an übersized vintage leather jacket. - 35

36 -

ABOUT A BOY Photographed by Raen Badua Styled by James Ramos

buttondown by Koto shorts by Forever 21 shoes by Aldo snapback by James Ramos bag by H&M

top by Unlimited London Accessories shorts by Unlimited London Accessories boots, stylist’s own cropped tube top by Forever 21 necklace by Firma

38 -

top by Forever 21 skirt by Zara sandals by Zara - 39

40 -

On the left jacket by Topman tank top by Topman pants by Levi’s snapback by Hall Of Fame Ltd watch, stylist’s own

top by FUN (Friends United Network) pants by Forever21 shoes by Urban Outfitters cap by Stussy - 41

top by Clover Canyon pants by H&M accessories, stylist’s own

42 - - 43

top by Damn Pigeon New York pants by Forever 21 accessories, stylist’s own

44 -

button-down by Koto snapback by James Ramos

Assistant Stylist Evan Samson Model Luke Emerson of ENVY Model Management - 45

Photographed by Sevda Albers Styled and Produced by Jasmin Meyer-J端rshof

On the left: coat by Perret Schaad jacket by Vonschwanenfl端gelpupke coat by Esther Perbandt dress by Michael Sontag - 47

vest by Concis top by Schmidttakahashi cardigan by Pugnat trousers by Firma Berlin

48 -

top by Isabell de Hillerin skirt by Karlotta Wilde cuff by Bergnerschmidt - 49

coat by Antonia Goy top by Hien Le skirt by Hien Le turtleneck by Hien Le

50 -

coat by Monya Wasilewski sweater by Firma Berlin skirt by Franzius - 51

top by Michael Sontag trousers by Perret Schaad

52 -

coat by Tiedeken top by Schmidttakahashi turtleneck by Franzius trousers by Dawid Tomaszewski - 53

jacket by Boessert / Schorn top by Franzius skirt by Antonia Goy

54 -

jacket by DSTM vest by Perret Schaad dress by Dawid Tomaszewski shirt by Michael Sontag

Assistant Stylist Frauke Alina Becker Hair and Makeup Carolin Jarchow Model Gantz of M4 Models - 55

Photographed by David Sheldrick Styled by Loris Pe単a

cropped top by Salad Day leather shorts by NLPZ - 57

tube dress by NLPZ socks, stylist’s own sneakers by Nike

58 -

leather dress by NLPZ socks, stylist's own sneakers by Nike - 59

cropped top by Salad Day leather shorts by NLPZ socks, stylist's own sneakers by Nike

60 -

cropped top and skirt by Olivia & Fifth

Hair and Makeup Some Jang Model Maise Daniels of Profile Model Management - 61

Photographed by Jiro Schneider


Button-downs photographed by Mixi Ignacio

J u n e

2 0 1 4

HANG IN THERE Printed button-downs, just for the sake of it. Lazy days are best paired with backpacks, tailored shorts, rompers, and plimsolls. Product Photography by Miguel Miranda

From left to right: 21 Men [P1,025], Zara [P1,995], Marc by Marc Jacobs [P10,250], Bershka [P1,195], 21 Men [P1,025]

n y l o n J a c k e ts / S ha d e s

Water Proof It’s that time of the year.

Springfield [P3,950] Springfield [P3,850]

Suiteblanco [P3,249]

Penshoppe [P2,199]

le k e n n e th c o 2 0 1 4 er spri n g /s u mm

Zara [P2,995]

Diesel [P11,950]

VISION MISSION The real deal.

21 Men [P330]

21 Men [P225]

64 -

Zara [P1,595]

Call It Spring [P555]

Cotton On [P599]

Call It Spring [P555]

S n e a k e rs

Pedro [P3,595]

Vans [P2,798]

Sneaky Situation There’s no other way.

Vans [P3,498]

Call It Spring [P2,495]

Adidas [P4,895]

Sperry [TBA]

Creative Recreation [P4,795] Creative Recreation [P3,495]

Vans [P2,998]

Pedro [P3,595]

Adidas [P7,995] Vans [P2,998]

S A R C J ACO B M Y B C R A M er 2014 spri n g /s u mm

Call It Spring [P2,250] Creative Recreation [P3,795]

Vans [P3,498]

Sperry [TBA] - 65

ba c k pa c k s

PACK AND GO All in one zip.

Bershka [P2,295]

Oxygen [P1,099]

Cotton On [P799]

Cotton On [P799]

LE KENNE T H CO r 2 0 1 4 e spri n g /s u mm

21 Men [P1,420] Penshoppe [P849]

66 -

sh o rts

Short Listed

Cut off the excess.

Penshoppe [P899]

Zara [P1,595]

Penshoppe [P799]

L ac o st e er 2014 mm u /s g n spri Oxygen [P1,399]

Cotton On [P1,599] - 67

r o mp e rs / s k i n n y b e lts

Bare Necessities Get a leg up.

Forever 21 [P915]

Zara [P2,595]

Forever 21 [P915]

ig e r T o mm y H il f r 2 0 1 4 e spri n g /s u mm

Cotton On [P799]

Bershka [P2,195]

LOW CAL Skinny is in.

Penshoppe [P249]

Forever 21 [P250]

Forever 21 [P280]

68 -

Penshoppe [P149]

sat c h e ls

SNATCH GAMES Bet on these babies.

Call It Spring [P2,095] Forever 21 [P1,590]

Zara [P3,495]

Kate Spade [P20,450]

LE KENNE T H CO 2 0 1 4 er spri n g /s u mm

Pedro [P2,995] - 69

P ri n t e d tr o u s e rs

Pretty Revival Print is not dead.

Springfield [P1,950]

J ACO B S C R A M Y B C MAR er 2014 spri n g /s u mm

Zara [P2,595]

Suiteblanco [P1,695]

70 -

Bershka [P2,195]

Cotton On [P1,199]

Forever 21 [P915]

plims o lls

Sole Survivor The tribe has spoken.

Cotton On [P799]

Forever 21 [P815]

Call It Spring [P1,595]

Superga [P2,250]

lac o st e er 2014 spri n g /s u mm

Superga [P2,950] - 71


ANNIEK KORTLEVE is the flame-haired model soaring across the skies from one country to the next. Always curious and fueled by wanderlust, this statuesque beauty does not fail to absorb the world before her. By Victoria Herrera Photos courtesy of Tjarda Model Management


ig opportunities usually occur during unguarded moments. For Anniek, it came in the form of a model agent who spotted her while shopping with her mom at H&M. “My mom’s first reaction was: ‘Oh God, no. She’s only 14!’” Anniek recalls. “She told me recently that the idea kept her awake at night, but now she’s proudly showing my pictures to her colleagues.” Anniek got signed to Tjarda Model Management in Amsterdam. Soon enough, she was flying around the world for shoots and runway shows. Not long after, she found representatives in the most important fashion capitals: New York, Paris, Milan, and London. Anniek was already an exclusive model for the Balenciaga F/W 2012 runway show when the fashion house included her in their campaign. “It was all set up in a studio which I found unbelievable. Sand everywhere!” Even when she was in awe of the faux-beach setting, she says, “Shooting with Meisel was really quick and easy.” Apart from Balenciaga, Anniek has walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, Oscar dela Renta, and Maison Martin Margiela. Her editorials for Vogue Italia, Dazed and Confused, The Last Magazine, Pop Magazine, and Teen Vogue are Tumblr and Pinterest favorites. Yet beneath the angelic face is an observant mind. An avid lover of movies (she adores Little Miss Sunshine and Into The Wild) and Dutch literature, Anniek is currently taking an online writing course to record the sights and sounds that continue to shape her perspective in life.

72 -

ALWAYS EXPLORE I went on a trip to Cusco, Peru last year. The stylist lost his suitcase so we had the first few days off to explore town. The crew was mostly Peruvian and excited to show me around. Nature (the mountains and alpacas— we don’t have those in the Netherlands) and the whole culture (the way they dress, the food, the markets) was just amazing. WRITING FOR YOURSELF I was traveling and had a lot of free time, especially at night, when I decided that I needed to do something so I wouldn’t feel as useless. I like to document things such as feelings and happenings in order for me to not forget.

RULES OF BEAUTY The first thing I do after I get home from a job is to take off my makeup properly. My skin is already hydrated enough by the amount of sun screen I have to use to not get tomato red. I also dress pretty comfortably. The Dutch mentality is that you still need to be able to cycle in your clothes and I think that stuck along.

MAXIMIZE OPPORTUNITIES The fashion world is so unpredictable. All you can do is your best then you’ll just have to wait and see. But don’t actually sit around and wait. Go explore the cities you get sent out to. Use the opportunity to see the world at such a young age.


“Rebirth is change, so I’m thankful for the changes that have been coming into my life... That’s what the praying hands symbolize. It’s me being thankful and blessed.”

THE CALLING DENIRO FARRAR combines a cult leader charisma with Tupac’s wisdom over cloudy production that attracts fans from all over for a massive following. By Ken Rafiñan


ntering a room packed with young men and women of every creed and color with their hands together as if in prayer, you’d think it’s a congregation–but it’s not. It’s a concert led by rapper and self-confessed leader of cult rap, Deniro Farrar. Despite the less-thanholy setting, the gesture holds a genuine importance. Deniro explains, “Rebirth is change, so I’m thankful for the changes that have been coming into my life: the cult family that I have right now and the music. It took my life to a different

direction. That’s what the praying hands symbolize. It’s me being thankful and blessed.” For the rapper, listeners and concert-goers aren’t fans; they’re family. “Rappers make sure to keep their fans on a fan level. When you’re dealing with family, that’s different.” He goes on, “I swapped my shirt with another fan. I wore his shirt, brought it to my house, and cleaned it out with the rest of my shit. That’s family.” With his real-life family, however, Farrar’s no momma’s boy–but he knows the value of staying grounded with the people who have been there since the beginning and will be with him on the emotional rollercoaster of his music career. “My family inspired me to go after my music

career and make it happen. At the end of the day, if I wasn’t doing music, I wouldn’t know what to do. This rap is gonna change their lives,” declares the prodigal son. The young father of two hails from North Carolina, a locale that has produced few but diverse talents like Petey Pablo, Phonte, and J. Cole. There’s a vacancy for an artist to finally define the southeastern state enough to be mentioned whenever there’s debates between East and West Coast rap. While heavy hitters like Kanye West and Kid Cudi blur the lines between their genre and others like EDM or rock, Deniro builds his own movement behind a sound he calls cult rap. “Still in the trap, there’s junkies shootin’ up like Columbine / Grew accustomed to the crime, before I ever went through customs / Police slammed my brother down, locked him up and handcuffed him,” exhales Farrar on “Back/Forth/Back” in his signature rasp over an airy beat by Friendzone. His selfmade genre is defined by hard

bars across spacy productions by names that are confined to the dark corners of the blogosphere. He explains, “Half the producers I work with, nobody has even heard of. The production picks me and I just do what I do over it, I’m not into names.” The toughness he portrays in his words is a mirror to the adversity he faces every morning. The streets of his city are marred by gang violence and drugs, but it’s the recent incarceration of his younger brother that makes for potent inspiration. “Free Tune,” the final track on The Patriarch II is dedicated to him. Farrar can only muse on his selfawareness and potential, “My life was in a certain spot when he was incarcerated, and that unexpected mood affected my music. You’re going to hear my joy when they let him out. Because I’ve let music become who I am, I’ve become my music.” @DeniroFarrar - 73




There may not be a clear-cut reason behind the name, but THE SQUIBS are indie musicians that conjure up their own tricks to the tune of everything post-rock. By Kitkat Ramos Photographed by Khai Van Kampen


e move in a quick and irregular fashion when we play. But the band name itself, we really don’t know where it came from.” Daryll Bernal (lead vocals, guitar) admits after being asked about the band’s name. The confession was quickly followed by mumbled jokes and laughter by the rest of the band, Joshua Blay (vocals, guitar), Robert Daulet (vocals, bass), and Mark Arca (vocals, drums) about how the name comes in handy with girls who are fans of Harry Potter. Daryll mimics an encounter with a fan and says, “Yeah, I love Harry

Potter! One of my favorite books–first four books!” Insert more testosterone-fueled jeers and sniggering in agreement here. But these quick moves don’t just happen with the ladies. Forming the band seemed natural for Daryll, Robert, and Mark, being members of the UP Music Circle–an organization of aspiring musicians based in their campus. Joshua met the band after a gig at Saguijo through a mutual friend. Robert shares, “We just jam then afterwards talk about where to eat and where to play DOTA.

Our band was formed on such nonsense. It was fun.” After long hours of jamming, eating, and killing virtual heroes, they produced Hello Sleepyhead. Consisting of five tracks, the band’s first EP is a straightforward rock record. Heavy melodies, playful guitar riffs, burly bass, plus the steady and sometimes snarly vocals assemble a round track sound expressed in songs like “Indie Musician,” “Everything,” and “Hello Sleepyhead.” The track “Post-Rock” has nearly a thousand plays on their Soundcloud, and understandably so for the lengthy instrumentals

ring and sway to an invisible hand that guides you to a trance bathed in shimmering reverb. These indie musicians are not actively reaching out to any labels and for good reason: they get to do anything they want. No restrictions. And with plans to release either another EP this year or a full album early next year with no record label to speak of, unlike the name suggests, magic is clearly in full motion here.

A U DIO D A Y DRE A M ESTA returns to his ancestral country bringing his dream-like, electro tunes and talks to us about his gradient journey to paradise. By Nicole Nequinto Interview by Kitkat Ramos Photographed by Art Alera


hen he decided to make his own music, Esta, aka Francis Esteban, had trouble pulling together the equipment he needed. But when his friends caught him up on the Fruity Loops studio software, he was obsessed. “My first beat took eight hours. I was just stuck on it. It wasn’t even a tight beat!” He started playing his beats at clubs for partygoers when Soulection co-founder Andre Powers discovered him. A month later, he and his partner, Joe Kaye, invited the young DJ to “build.” He’s been building up his musical career under the group ever since. Through Soulection, Esta’s been able to release his two EPs, Gradient and Paradise, and play for his worldwide following through The Sound of Tomorrow showcase. However, his success can only be partially credited to the collective. With the help of his Bandcamp and Soundcloud

74 -

pages, his fresh take on hip-hop has garnered about 60 thousand followers from all over the world. Before touching down in Manila, the beat-maker has been touring throughout America, Canada, and most recently, South Korea and Japan. “[The internet] has opened so many doors. I wouldn’t be here [if it weren’t for all the] people just [showing] their support and help. It’s a crazy experience.” With the ever blurring lines between genres, Esta’s Paradise seems to ebb a surreal beach front vibe. The sound of the tracks flicker between electropop and trance with rhythmic drum beats and cool hums programmed from the motherboard. When asked to define his sound, Esta was quick to answer: hip-hop. Although some tracks seem to borrow from the genre, his track “Baddie$”

is testament to his hip-hop tendencies. Whatever the sound, Esta’s listeners are ready to constantly support his genrebending tracks. The latest addition to his compilations, “So On” plucks at his experience amidst the Japanese cherry

blossoms. Constantly in awe and inspired by his surroundings, it seems as though Esta will never cease to find continuous energy to add to his music. @BeatsByEsta


AT T H E L UV BA Z A A R Long before Gaga and her reverse Warholian critique on pop music reached mainstream speculation, Cody Critcheloe already had a vision of fusing art and music into a creative explosion as frontman of collective SSION. By Leo Balante

“I don’t think I have any musical gods anymore. Right now, I go for anything that feels right.” C

ody Critcheloe is SSION—the singular force fanning the creative fire of the 1996-born gathering of colorful crossdressers, which originally formed as an alt-punk group. Eventually, the confluence of slightly naughty artists coalesced into what is described as a “smutty, gender-bending, multimedia dancepop collective.” As an icebreaker, we ask him who came up with the idea of forming the group, he says, “I was.” No sob stories. No tales of triumph. Just a firm grasp of what he’s long envisioned himself to be—a bonafide popstar. It’s this cockiness that compelled us when we knew that the underground queer icon was behind the raves of the Kansas City group and was willing to entertain a tête-à-tête. Since their 2010 debut, the art band’s style has expanded from creating electropop sounds that hark back to the androgynous aural stamp of Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and Debbie Harry. This is seen on their third album, Bent, even in their widely-publicized 2010 exhibition called BOY consisting of paintings, videos, drawings, and installations that reference The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

cake decorating on YouTube. What other creative outlets do you have? I like doing yoga. And I want to get more into transcendental meditation.

Who are your musical gods? Who do you listen to when you want to be inspired? I don’t think I have any musical gods anymore. Right now, I go for anything that feels right.

You’re best recognized for your extravagant live shows. How did this tradition come to life? The illusion of an extravagant live show was created through the videos. The live show varies depending on what feels right at the time. Sometimes, it’s really visual with videos.

Who do you want to collaborate with? At this point, I am more interested in collaborating with fashion designers, filmmakers, and writers. @ssion

The brainchild of Critcheloe, is a mobile multisensory act. From directing music videos and full-length features to designing album art, we dare ask the visionary what other surprises he wants to pull on a captivated audience. You started SSION at an early age. What was the challenge starting at age 16? It wasn’t that hard because there weren’t any rules for it. It could be whatever I wanted it to be and that’s the best thing about it. Your work has been described as a depiction of “queer utopia” and “the rise and fall of the American dream.” Has this always been the direction you had in mind? Someone else described my work like that a few years ago. I don’t really agree with it. It’s not specifically queer and it really has nothing to do with the American dream aside from me being American and really invested in dreams, fantasy, magic, etc. You’ve also done album art for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, videos for Liars, and shared your love for - 75


CINEMATIC SYMPHONY OF FOLK Seattle-based band KRIS ORLOWSKI isn’t all about husky harmonies and string quartets–their jewel is their original simplicity for songs that make you feel alive. “As the band grows together, it feels more like we are painting a picture with the words and the notes.” By Janroe Cabiles


rior to its formation, vocalist Kris Orlowski was just a solo act roaming Seattle’s music scene. “I was playing a solo show at a coffee shop and it didn’t feel like the songs were being fully realized–it was as if I was whispering what I was trying to say and the person across the room could only hear the faintness of my voice.” But after finding bassist Tyler Carroll, acoustic, electric, and banjo guitarist Mark Isakson, vocalist and keys player Torry Anderson, veteran drummer Greg Garcia, and utility guy and drummer Jonathan, Kris Orlowski has evolved to make room for creators of a bigger picture. For Kris, genuine music is more than just the sum of its parts–it’s about creating something whole that ignites belief and touches the soul. “Over time, I’ve developed a certain type of vibe that’s truly me–the lyrics I write, the way I sing, the instrumentation, and the way I write songs,” Kris shares. “My voice is genuine, and I think that’s what makes me different.” This and the originality of the cinematic sound that Kris delivers create the magical simplicity of his band’s music. “Sometimes, when I listen to the radio, some of the songs sound the same. I can only guess it’s because the people singing them have manufactured them. They are going for a certain vibe or sound that they think is popular.”

76 -

Prestigious recognition is something Kris Orlowski should be used to by now, but the modest guys of the band don’t let it get to their heads; they only focus on their experiences. Playing at SXSW last March, the band left with memories of sharing a house with sixteen people, including Seattle group Noah Gundersen. “Whether it was playing Chop Shop’s Rooftop party or eating dairy-free ice cream with Brooklyn hipsters at Wild Honey Pie’s showcase, we had a killer time.” More of their accomplishments that acknowledge their astounding cinematic soul include performing at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and having their tracks featured in popular shows Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. After releasing three successful EPs, the band came out with their first fulllength album. Compared to their previously folk-infused sound, Believer owns a fusion of alternative rock and pop. “Sometimes, more is less and the way you weave instrumentation into the core of a song can leave much to be desired.” The tracks “Believer” and “Fighting the War” still have with them

that indie, heart-filled sound that “All My People Go” had from previous EP Pieces We Are. Now, their sound is coupled with a simplistic beat and a smooth, energetic touch of alternative rock that takes no attention away from the depth of songwriting. In a state of experimentation and exploration, Kris made it a point to let the songs speak for themselves. “Intention seems stronger when you aren’t forcing something to happen.” Despite being compared to an array of artists from Coldplay to Freddie Mercury, what makes Kris Orlowski

stand out is their heart-felt storytelling and knack for nailing emotional highs. As for Believer, Kris’ inspiration came from the beaches of Seaside, Oregon and Orcas Island’s Doe Bay. Their honest stories and empowering tunes make listening to their music a personal experience. “When people are true to themselves, when they sing about something that means something to them, that’s when they start sounding less like someone else and more like themselves.” @KrisOrlowski

“Intention seems stronger when you aren’t forcing something to happen.”

work with. For example, styling makes me a better photographer, [while] photography makes me a better model. Meeting people in the whole process and expanding my knowledge on the fashion industry allows me to be a more informed writer. It all comes full circle. Among the four professions you work in, which one did you take up first? How did it lead to the other ones? I started out training as a professional ballerina. Through that, I discovered costume design and couture collections in Paris. Photography was a natural progression from there. I studied film photography for a good two years and didn’t pick it up again until I got into the digital world about five years later. I’ve always been passionate about opinion writing, and styling came naturally as I started to shoot more models and subjects other than myself.

S P EED Writer, stylist, photographer, and model MARGARET ZHANG waits for no one except for the latest trend. Her fast-paced and multifaceted life is just the beat to keep on the culture loop. By Olivia Estrada


or Margaret Zhang, it’s all about absorbing what the wide world has to offer. This woman has been to every other fashion capital and has won the interest of companies such as Net-A-Porter, Nike, VISA, Blackberry, Shopbop, and L’OREAL Paris. Her blog, Shine By Three, documents these endeavors along with entries that include style advices, interviews, photo diaries, culture, and beauty news. However, Margaret is not just another blogger trying to outshine what should really be talked about. She says, “A blog is a platform for selfexpression and I think that everybody has the means and motivation to do that. It’s simply a matter of foresight and longevity in your career. Blogging is instantaneous, spontaneous, and will pass if there isn’t a strategy in place to grow, evolve, and develop your skill set.”

It was Australian Fashion Week when STATUS caught up with Margaret. Still a student at the University of Sydney, the Harper’s Bazaar contributor knows that in order to stay on top, one must always be updated and passionate about the restless buzz that dominates our existence. “Constant learning is the most important thing to me. The digital sphere moves twenty times faster than traditional realms of commerce. She continues, “Doing your research on a daily basis, staying up to date with global industries, and sustaining a powerful personal digital brand are imperative.” You’re a stylist, writer, photographer, and also a model. How are each of these essential in creating your outlook in expressing yourself? I find all of them equally playing important roles in what I do; as do the people I

You’ve interviewed Diane Von Furstenberg and Roberto Cavalli. What do you admire about them the most? Diane von Furstenberg is such a keen advocate of female empowerment and is one of the most generous women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. My respect for Roberto Cavalli is in his ability to sustain such an incredibly long career by capturing generation after generation of women.

showcasing it, but also providing a little personality and context around a campaign. Your portrait photos are very up-close and a little candid. What message do you usually want your photos to tell? I’m all about personality. I talk to my subject as we shoot, and try to convey my impressions of them to my audience. You’ve done a lot so far in such a relatively small amount of time. What else are you planning to do? I’m in the process of finishing my Law degree at the University of Sydney. Once that’s done, I’m hoping to spend a little time working abroad in all areas of the fashion industry: publishing, advertising, marketing, consultancy, photography, styling, writing, and talent management. Hopefully, I can come back to the legal world with that media and intellectual property experience under my belt. @Margaret_Zhang

As a photographer, how does social media such as Instagram contribute to the art form? Instagram is a perfect supplementary platform for photographic work. Not only

Styled and Photographed by Margaret Zhang for David Jones

Styled by Margaret Zhang - 77




Lauren Zitzman (iPhone Project) The Rider

With a roster of celebrity subjects like Bill Gates, Sarah Palin, and Annie Leibovitz, you’d expect JOHN KEATLEY to be a no-nonsense photographer instead of a quick-humored genius. But with his intellectual wit, he can make anyone feel at ease in front of his Hasselblad. By Janroe Cabiles Interview by Olivia Estrada


rom capturing raw emotions out of dogs to Cadillac sets with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, John Keatley’s mass for inspiration has no limitation. “My ideas come from so many different people and places,” he shares. “For my personal

Cara Aeachllman (iPhone Project)


78 -

projects, my inspiration comes from conversations, observations, daydreaming, movies, and friends. These days, with the access we have to art and information through the Internet, it seems it is harder to not be inspired than it is to be inspired.” Last January, he was featured in Professional Photography Magazine for his iPhone portrait project and was selected into American Photography 30 for his photograph of Macklemore. On top of all the success he’s gained through advertising and editorial photography, John cultivates his comic relief in some of his photos without trying too hard. But to be a jocular photographer wasn’t initially in Keatley’s path. Already interested in photography while studying business and computer science, it was only when he was approached by a stranger that he considered it. When the lab manager in charge of developing his film saw his roll, she pulled him aside to encourage him to become a photographer. “That encouraging word was it for me, and I never looked back.” It is often credited how your work reflects your sense of humor. How was this developed? I grew up with Monty Python, so I appreciate dry, witty, often confusing humor–situations and

ideas that make you think. If you have to explain a joke, it isn’t very funny. The same goes for photography. Often, people try to work humor into a still image that is so over the top. It’s like they’re trying to hit the viewer over the head with it. It’s the visual equivalent of explaining a joke. This is what I try to avoid in my work. The core of my work, when I do play with humor, is how I try to make it a reflection of me more than anything. The decisions I make and the ideas I choose to create are decisions and ideas that I am interested in. To me, that is the only way to make work that is truly unique and compelling. Your bio says that you would do anything just to get the shot you want. Where did you get this sense of adventure? I’m never going to look back on my life and say, “Boy, I’m sure glad I didn’t jump into that pen with bulls to get that shot.”

Andy Samberg

Photography allows me access to some pretty amazing adventures. I feel like it would be a waste to turn down the opportunities that come my way, even when there is a little danger involved. Can you tell us about at least one crazy adventure or experience you had recently for a set of photos? I recently photographed bulls and Kodiak bears in the span of a couple of weeks. We did take some precautions, but when working with wild animals there is always an element of being unsafe. So that was a little nerve-wracking for me. @johnkeatley

“Photography allows me access to some pretty amazing adventures. I feel like it would be a waste to turn down the opportunities that come my way, even when there is a little danger involved.”


ABOUT A J ER S E Y B O Y Actor MICHAEL LOMENDA reprises his Broadway role as The Four Seasons’ Nick Massi for the silver screen. With a little help from a blondie named Clint Eastwood, this small town kid from the Albertan prairies of rural Canada learns how to walk like a man. By Pola Beronilla Photographed by John Russo


oung thespian Michael Lomenda has been doing rounds in his homeland’s theatre scene for almost a decade now when he came across Nick Massi. He shares, “When I first booked Massi in the Original Canadian Company of Jersey Boys, it really was a huge deal for me and the subsequent First National Tour that I joined was a killer experience. ”As he shared his brooding bass vocals on stage, Michael quickly crooned his way into a bigger platform. Though the idea of fate has yet to match with his principles, the role of Nick Massi has been waiting for him ever since his arrival on this planet. “I don’t believe in kismet or synchronicity so much, but Nicky and I share the same birthday,” he continues, “That was crazy and really unusual, considering this role has taken me places in my career I would never have imagined. I can’t help but think that we’re connected on some level.” This inevitable connection came into realization as he matured from being a boy into a man, “Once I started researching the role, I realized [The Four Seasons’] music was actually everywhere, in movies, commercials, in the grocery store, and was subversively a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.” He recalls, “I remember distinctly a summer where my friends and I sat on the porch blaring the Lauren Hill/Fugees cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” after waterskiing all day; that tune was our anthem that summer. I soon realized I actually was a fan, I just didn’t know it.”

Equipped with a film experience of a silent docudrama about James Bond, a Lean Pockets commercial, and an energetic shot where he had to yell at the camera for 30 seconds, Michael finally hit the right note and gets casted by Mr. Clint Eastwood. He shares, “It actually all happened so quickly, I didn’t have much time to prepare. Of course, I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. E, but it’s basically impossible to become a brilliant film actor worthy of an Eastwood film in such a short amount of time.” With the pace of his career, it only took him a few rockin’ and rollin’to catch up with the changing of the seasons. “Ultimately, it didn’t serve me worrying about my lack of film experience; my energy was better spent developing a rapport with my new Jersey brothers,” he goes on,“Allowing myself to enjoy this once-in-alifetime experience, and in an attempt to build my confidence, reminding myself how well I’d grown to know my version of Massi.”

“ I think what we do as artists is to challenge, provoke, and inspire. ” As a newbie in the film industry, Michael is extremely fortunate to have worked with the big man in town. “[Clint Eastwood is] extremely present and involved but simultaneously a hands-off kind of director,” The Jersey Boy explains, “He prefers to let things flow, shoot quickly, and not overthink. He guides and coaxes as opposed to demands.” Michael expands, “I think because Mr. E was an actor first, he recognizes a set that’s focused and hard-working, but fun and light-hearted, is the best way to work. There’s none of the stereotypical loud ‘ACTION’ or ‘CUT!’ It’s usually, ‘Whenever you’re ready’ and ‘Ok, that’s enough of that.’”

Now venturing into a new world, Michael loves to gamble in this unfamiliar territory. “I’ve been very occupied with the hustle of musical theatre for the last several years. I feel like this new adventure allows me a bit of breathing time to throw stuff at the wall and see what creatively sticks.” But of course, what’s a show without an audience. “I think what we do as artists is to challenge, provoke, and inspire. If I can do all that, I feel I’m on the right track.”

@michaellomenda - 79



“I’m most attracted to the parts which are quite far from me and my experiences.”

A son of a poet and a student of drama, JACK LASKEY’s training began even before he learned the word “acting.” Now that he’s crossed over to both TV and film, he looks to new horizons with the desire to conquer life beyond being onstage and on camera. By Isa Almazan Interview by Nicole Nequinto Photographed by David Sheldrick Styled by Alexandra Greenhill Hair Judith Rabanse Makeup Louise Hall


can’t remember not wanting to be an actor,” Jack Laskey says as recalls his early memories of going to the theatre with his family. After watching one of the Police Academy films, he turned to his brother and set in stone that he’ll one day be an actor. Since that early declaration, Jack’s career has been smooth sailing. From local acting companies in his hometown of Suffolk to the Royal Shakespeare Company, Jack navigated his way through theatre with ease. Jack sets foot on new shores with the movie Secret Sharer (out on June 27), his second film following Guy Richie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. He plays Konrad, an eager first captain aboard a cargo ship who gets entangled in a situation that seems out of his league. For the role, Jack had to push himself, “I had a new accent to learn, muscles to build at the gym, a song in Polish on the accordion to master, and a third of my lines were in Mandarin!” As a man who is not afraid to empahthize with his characters, Jack is always ready to step out of his comfort zone. “I’m always looking for the similarities and differences between myself and the roles I play. I realise that I’m most attracted to the parts which are quite far from me and my experiences.” As Jack continues on his adventures, STATUS hops on board to talk about what else he has got on deck. You founded the theatre company Spielhouse, which debuted in a co-production for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. Can you tell us more about the idea behind starting this? My aim with Spielhouse is to create work which is fully collaborative between members of the company and across art forms. I also have many other projects rattling around my head. There’s nothing concrete at the moment, but I’ve always loved dance and wanted to one day create a dance-theatre piece. I’m also keen on trying my hand at directing at some point. Most of the work you’ve done onstage are Shakespeare plays. What’s the difference

80 -

jacket by Hardy Amies shirt by Minimum T-shirt by Blend

in performing older text versus today’s scripts? My father’s a poet, so I really value good writing. If the writing isn’t brilliant, you have to work so much harder as an actor. I adore Shakespeare and have been lucky enough to have worked on lots of his plays. It’s always thrilling grappling with text like that. Shakespearean text is much more poetic than most modern text. It requires a different level of investigation and bigger shifts in your scale of thought for it to sing. Your upcoming movie, Secret Sharer, revolves around a mutinied ship captain and an intriguing fugitive. Can you tell us more about the filming of this movie? It’s a shamelessly romantic film, full of intrigue and suspense. We shot it out at sea in Thailand and the cinematography is stunningly beautiful. At the start of the film, Konrad, who I play, is given his first captaincy–something he’s been gunning for years. He’s full of boyish bravado and fight, and wants to be in charge of everyone and everything around him. It turns out to be much more challenging than he was expecting but learns to accept who he really is and what it takes to become a man and a leader.

On television you played Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy in the Emmy award-winning miniseries Hatfields & McCoys directed by Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Coster. What was the experience like in working on such an epic scale production? Hatfields & McCoys was just sensational to work on. We were out in the Carpathian mountains in Romania all staying in the same hotel for a couple of months. We became a proper band of brothers. I played one half of a gruesome twosome of bloodthirsty McCoy cousins. We were constantly trying to kill any members of the Hatfield clan we could. I never expected to be in anything like that but would do it again at a shot. What is your process in preparing for roles? Does it differ when you’re creating a character from scratch than recreating an established one? It’s really important for me to find different keys into each part I play–to be constantly learning new things about the world and myself. It keeps the work fresh and inspiring and means that I’m never repeating myself. I also really like to be adaptable to the process of each new director and to really get on board with their vision.


MAD S C IEN T I S T Designer DARREN ROMANELLI mutates vintage pieces with new ideas and cuts across different mediums of art for the sake of innovation. Affixing his notorious signature DRx, he hands out the right prescription and injects new life into iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Converse, and Stussy. By Olivia Estrada

DRx for Danny Brown


eyond being the surgeon that he is, Darren Romanelli is a full-fledged scientist. He experiments with every element around him to create the perfect product. In fashion, he’s a time traveler, combining the past with the present. “There’s something to be said about a brand’s heritage, a property’s DNA, the ghost of a story, and the history of an icon,” Darren explains, “I’ve always been fascinated with contemporizing the old. In my eyes, I’m performing surgery on different projects, rejuvenating these once popular conversations for an advanced generation.” A master of resurrection, he takes what has been forgotten to make them relevant once more. In 2004, one of his first projects was to design clothes from Nike’s scraps. It went on to become the RECONSTRUCT project, which produced patchwork jackets from old Nike jumpers. In 2013, he constructed a capsule collection for the opening of Stussy in Taipei, merging new materials into the brand’s iconic pieces salvaged from their warehouses. This year, Darren is the creative doctor of NY-based footwear label, British Knights. For this collaboration, he reveals that his love for combining the old with the new is not just a matter of appropriation but also of personal nostalgia. “I was a fan of British Knights brand in the late eighties and early nineties so I had fond memories that I wanted to revisit,” he continues, “This project is distinct from my other

work because it’s the first opportunity I’ve had to direct for a shoe brand.” Beyond the fascination for time, he’s also about synergy for fresh and constant creativity. Darren shares, “It’s a mix of three things. The first is my agency’s on-site thinktank, The Pancake Epidemic. Our special events at the space serve as a way to connect and create opportunities amongst peers, friends, and like-minded individuals, generating a muchneeded injection of community in LA. Secondly, collecting emerging contemporary art. There is consistent inspiration by staying connected to this industry. And lastly, traveling. A handful of trips I take every year introduce me to interesting people and new experiences.” This outlook continues with the role of Internet in his endeavors. Darren’s company, StreetVirus, is host to an online crowd sourcing campaign. He says, “Online communities almost outweigh physical communities. As an agency, we’re constantly bridging the gap between the physical and virtual space.” For Darren, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your medium is. Aside from designing established labels, he has directed a music video for the Compton-bred rapper Kendrick Lamar and has developed a comic book series with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. On working on Fall Out Toy Works with the punk rocker, Darren shares, “We thought it would be interesting to work on larger project. After a couple of late-night

DRx for British Knights

DRx for Coca Cola

brainstorming, the comic book was born. The goal in creating the concept was nothing more than a experiment between two friends wanting to build something memorable.” In the end, his ultimate goal in combining the most potent elements is to formulate immortality. “In order for an artwork to stand the test of time, it needs to be able to stop time from the power and emotion it exudes in its current state.” He goes on, “It needs to

DRx for Levis be able to capture the attention of not only the viewer, but the artwork itself needs to be present enough for one to take notice of its power and impact.” @DrxRomanelli - 81

O u t o f

t h e


heavy hitter

After gathering a following similar to a secret society, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty are set to reach a wider audience. Collectively known aS CHVRCHES, they lay down the bones to mark the solemn ground where music can make a new beginning. By Olivia Estrada - 83


84 -

heavy hitter


t’s a late morning in London as Lauren Mayberry (lead vocals, synthesizers, samplers) waits for her flight to Barcelona for the Primavera Sound Festival along with bandmates Iain Cook (synthesizers, bass, guitar) and Martin Doherty (synthesizers,samplers, vocals.) Lauren’s voice is calm and clear as she tells me that Spain will just be a two-day gig before their tour in the United States. The band has been in a whirlwind since the release of their first song, “Lies,” in 2012. In just three years, they have opened for Passion Pit and Depeche Mode, came in fifth in BBC’s Sound of 2013 list, and released their full-length effort, The Bones of What You Believe. In between all of these, they have been drawing crowds in every stage they have visited, whether it’s in Australia or in Texas at SXSW. “You never really know what the audience is like. But it’s amazing,” says Lauren. “The reception is overwhelming because it’s one thing to see it online, but to see it live is different. We’re really grateful for it,” she adds. - 85


Photo courtesy of MCA Music Inc.

“We need more music that's genuine and real, not manufactured and overmarketed.” If there was a secret formula to how Chvrches reached these spires of success, Lauren herself cannot explain it. She does attribute it to the organic and sincere songwriting process. “We didn’t want songs that are too sickly sweet and heavy. And at the same time, we didn’t sit around and think about what we were going to do. We didn’t really write for a specific audience. We were making things as went along. It was all instinctively done.” This instinct was sharpened, no doubt, in the years Lauren, Iain, and Martin spent playing for different local Scottish acts. Lauren was a vocalist for Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Blue Sky Archives, Iain was a composer for commercial projects and played for Aereogramme, and Martin went from one band to

86 -

another, most notable of which is post-britpop outfit, The Twilight Sad. Chvrches, however, was the remedy to the aching need to make music during the lull Lauren, Iain, and Martin were in. “It was all a matter of timing,” Lauren says. “All three of us weren’t busy with any new projects within our respective bands, but all of us wanted to make music.” As soon as they hit their stride, instinct demanded dedication, “We all had day jobs, but then we took a leap of faith when we realized we didn’t have time to do all the things required to make our music,” she recounts. Lauren also explains how there was indeed a marked difference between her experience with Chvrches as compared to her other bands.

“I have been writing songs for the bands I was previously in, but for this one, it’s all democratic.” The fact that their songwriting process is purely a collaborative effort among all three of them is of utmost importance even in the way they are presented in the press. “I had worked in media before and I know how it is. There was a possibility that we were going to be profiled separately because I am a girl,” says Lauren. “We want to be specifically about the music and the equal amount of work we put into it.” Chvrches’ image and creative process have clearly paid off as each track found in The Bones of What You Believe is utterly mesmerizing. Lauren, Iain, and Martin set up a series of hooks that slowly lure you into the constant battle between

heavy hitter

bright melodies and stories of brutal betrayal. Take for example “Gun,” a revenge anthem that begins with high-pitched notes and scatter out like bouncing lights. “We start with synthesizers since it is almost all we have,” Lauren shares. Her ethereal vocals then flow through thickly synthesized bass lines. This carries you into the song even if she warns at the beginning: “You had better run from me.” As the beat picks up and just before you are about to dance, lines such as “Who are you to tell me how/ To keep myself afloat/ I tread the water all the while/ You stuck in the knife/ That you held at my back,” complete the duplicitous nature of Chvrches’ music. Indeed this performs quite a dramatic irony as the audience is deceived by the song. In

Photo courtesy of MCA Music Inc.

this sense, the ironies which Chvrches deliver are all the more painful. They force you to engage with their tales of sadness, decay, and deception if and only because of such ear-friendly rhythms and catchy chorus lines. “By The Throat” is also another track that traps you with an infectious

beat to reveal an angry threat. “It’s the perfect marriage of light and darkness we have been focused on,” shares Lauren. As they explore the world outside their independent online existence, Chvrches move with a sharp awareness of the vision that guides them. I could hear the strong conviction in

Lauren’s voice as she says, “At the end of the day, it’s all about the music. We need more music that’s is genuine and real, not manufactured and overmarketed.” @chvrches - 87






When it comes to finding subjects, photographer and filmmaker ROBERT NETHERY doesn’t just look for beauty, but the current that flows underneath the surface. By Victoria Herrera

heavy hitter

“I don’t think a photographer should only be defined by someone who has a camera. I think a photographer needs to have a point of view.”


rowing up in the time of a Versaceinfluenced Miami, Robert Nethery was just a regular kid taking photos of his friends. He captured the laid-back vibe of the surfers and skaters, while soaking in the culture of the roaring South Beach paracosm. It is in this surf and turf scene where he found his desire to become a fashion photographer.“I would always see these beautiful women and men at nightclubs and I would fantasize taking pictures of them. That’s when I realized that fashion photography would give me access to these characters.” Fast forward to today, Robert’s portfolio holds work for publications like V Man, Flaunt, WWD, and Wonderland as well as brands like Tory Burch and Rodarte. What started out as a fascination

with beautiful people, he now takes photos of personalities such as Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz, Max Irons, designer Joseph Altuzarra, artist Wes Lang, musician Sean Lennon, and model/music producer Caroline de Maigret. Robert sees beyond the public image of these celebrities. He imagines new ways of how his subject should appear, creating a depth of character in the photos that reflects its counterparts in real life. Doubling as a filmmaker, he explores this perspective even further with his short films. Robert’s degree in graphic design may have added to this sharp, artistic angle, but it is his insistence in keeping true to his subject’s nature and capturing the moments when they seep through to his lenses that sets his works apart. You’ve said you want to capture the laissez faire attitude of your friends before. Nowadays, what kind of spirit fascinates you? I still try to capture the same feeling in my photographs that I did when I was younger. The only difference now [is that] I try pushing the boundaries with the people that I photograph. [I want] to have them open up and give me a picture they didn’t expect. Being a photographer and a filmmaker, how do you differentiate your style between the two? I don’t treat one or the other any [differently]. I started shooting pictures and making films almost at the same time. When I was young, I really liked the idea of making my pictures move. When my parents bought me a camcorder, I was obsessed. I - 89


took my camera and camcorder everywhere I went and started documenting my friends. I saw both the stills and motion as extensions of each other. You have a degree in graphic design, how do you incorporate this into your photography? I incorporate a lot of the things I learned in art school more when I get to the editing and layout process. It really helps knowing grid systems and typography when I’m dealing with certain clients. How do you achieve the intimacy between you and your model in your photographs? I usually try to find something in common with my subjects. I find that once I have a common bond, people are more open to giving me a real picture. You’ve assisted other artists such as Bruce Weber and Alasdair McLellan. How have they influenced your growth as a visual connoisseur? Both Alasdair and Bruce have been huge influences on who I am as a photographer and filmmaker. Bruce was a big influence since I was a kid. The A&F Quarterly that he shot was a huge inspiration to the way I wanted to make my pictures. All the photographs looked like a moment captured in the best time of his subjects’ lives. It wasn’t until I started working for Bruce that I realized that it wasn’t a picture the client asked him to do, but it was a picture of how he wanted to see those people. After working for Bruce, I had the pleasure of work with Alasdair McLellan. The thing he always taught me was to take the picture I know, the one that I had grown up taking.

90 -

heavy hitter

Considering your long list of clients, how do you choose who to work with? Any dream clients? It really comes down to the project. It has to fit my style and be interesting then I usually say yes. A dream client would be Tom Ford as he is the great designer of my generation. How do you differentiate yourself in an era where anyone who owns a DSLR call themselves a photographer? I don’t think a photographer should only be defined by someone who has a camera. I think a photographer needs to have a point of view. For me, that point of view comes from traveling, meeting new people, and having experiences. I always think the best photographs, be it a landscape or a fashion photo, is about content. And content only comes from your personal life experiences. @studioneresa - 91


ST R I P P E D BARE Photographer NICCO SANTOS takes down his muses’ walls and captures the raw beauty of the feminine nature with a ray of light and spontaneity. By Nicole Nequinto Interview by Olivia Estrada

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remember an abstract photo I saw at an exhibit. It was a lens flare that looked like a female body,” Nicco Santos says, reflecting on the image that brought him into the world of photography. He recalls it evoking a certain feeling, “It was like getting to know this other person in a way words can never express.” Inspired by this idea, Nicco creates meaningful relationships with his subjects, which leads to those key shots. Rendering portraits of women, unguarded and vulnerable, carries over when he works with celebrities as he aims to look for their personality beyond their public perception. “I love photographing celebrities,” Nicco shares, “I think it’s just interesting to see them make their own choices and work with their own ideas while taking chances and pushing the envelope.” He goes on, “Celebrities always have someone to tell them what to wear or what to do so I really want to break that boundary.” Beyond that, Nicco takes into account the most delicate of elements. “I just try to be more in tune with my subject’s feelings, what they’re currently into, or where they are in their current stage of their life.” He continues, “I observe the light a lot, particularly on how it falls on my subjects. I think about the concept and how all of these elements feel together.” It’s assumed that photographers are keen observers. How did you develop your eye to focus on moments other people don’t really notice? I am present. This allows me to appreciate what I see and experience. With this in mind, I slowly train myself to be mindful of observing things that normally wouldn’t

heavy hitter

“i try to capture a side of my subjects that one rarely sees.” pop out or things that people don’t focus their attention on.

of beauty that may not be too apparent at first glance.

You’ve worked on a number of commercial shoots and fashion editorials. In projects like these, how do you meet the needs of the client without compromising your artistic ideals? I work with a mindset of collaboration so communication between my client and I is key. Development of the concept and ideas are discussed before the shoot. I concentrate on a specific way of taking photographs and I’ve been really blessed that I have been hired to shoot projects that require that style.

In one of your editorials, your photos proved that “The best shoots need nothing more than a photographer and his muse.” How do you develop a rapport between you and your model? One of the things why I love photography is the relationship I get to build with my subjects. I try to capture a side of my subjects that one rarely sees. Each shoot is as intimate as it can be. In addition, having an opportunity to photograph them again and again on different projects gives me a deeper understanding of who they are as a person.

Your portfolio overflow with photos of beautiful women. Do you look for a certain feature they have that you focus on? It’s all about attitude. I love photographing women because they move so graceful. It’s almost effortless for them to show confidence and strength but still very elegant and beautiful. I also focus on natural beauty, like freckles are something I never want to hide. Strong facial features are also something that I tend to be attracted to. I look for a certain sense

How do you stay grounded? Focusing on my objective to make my subjects see how amazing they are helps me stay grounded as the whole experience was never about me. Rather, it is a discovery of my subject’s side that they may not always see.

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INSTANT GRATIFICATION Putting passion on paper is a thing of the past. These professionals have made a platform out of Instagram, with an audience to prove it. By Janroe Cabiles

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“Be confident in what you wear; if you feel like a floppy cock, then you probably look like one.”

BILLY HUXLEY Model 87,574 Followers

One of the factors that makes you a prominent model is your tattoo collection. Which tattoo of yours is your favorite and what does it mean to you? To be honest, most of my tattoos don’t have much meaning to me. The only tattoos that mean something are my 13s–it’s a bit dark so we won’t get in to that. My favorite is probably my recently shading owl on my stomach or my hands. Society calls them job killers–fuck society. What is your overall fashion philosophy? Be confident in what you wear; if you feel like a floppy cock, then you probably look like one. And it’s always about the fit for me.

I’m sure you expected your gorgeous beard to come up. What made you make the definite decision of growing out your beard? It wasn’t gorgeous a few days back; a spider fell out of it! Anyway, I’ve always had stubble since I would grow it, but it was when I was doing freelance modeling before I got signed. I got speaking to a few people in the business and got advised about the beard boom; I grew it out and got signed. Funny ole world, aye?

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“I don’t believe in defining personal style. It’s just like life-fluid and bound to change.”


FASHION BLOGGER 284,372 Followers

Saying that you have great style is quite the understatement, especially for your age. How and what pushed you to start your blog? I’ve always been into blogging. I used to have a personal blog when I was 8 because it was the cool thing to do back then. Then I got into web design and graphic design, then naturally fashion and pop culture fit into that. I started three years ago to document my looks and the things I went through. How would you describe your style? I don’t believe in defining personal style. It’s just like life–fluid and bound to change.

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What do you like posting on Instagram? I like to make every post on Instagram a work in itself. I don’t post unedited images, or images I didn’t think through a thousand times. I like posting colorful pictures, photos of my outfits, travel photos if I’m abroad, and fruit photos. Anything really, my Instagram is a reflection of my life. Sometimes, I look through my feed and think, “Damn, my life is beautiful.” It’s a nice place to document everything.



“I’ve always had a soft spot for fashion.”


When did you first fall in love with fashion? And what made you start your blog? I’ve always had a soft spot for fashion, but it really has grown since I finished school. Traveling the world and living in London made me start blogging. I became so inspired by the fashion scene over there. How would you describe your style? What is your go-to look on a normal day? I would describe my style as everyday, minimal, and classic. I go for ripped jeans, grey tee, black blazer, and a pair of Converse.

Is there any look or outfit in the past that you regret? Too many to name! Everyone makes fashion faux pas, right? What do you like posting on Instagram? Smoothies, breakfasts, and outfit of the day posts.

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tUE LIVE CREW @ Aracama

by Miguel Malabanan

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@ Imperial Ice Bar by The Kapposkope

DRIZZLE DROPPED by Palma Wright - 101



URBN WEDNESDAY by Regi Valenzuela

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bad decisions @ Black Market

by Inez Moro

opening ceremony turnt up teva by The Cobrasnake - 103



NIKE NLPZ OLIVIA & FIFTH OSMOSTICS OXYGEN SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City PEDRO Greenbelt 5, Makati City PENSHOPPE SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City PERRET SCHAAD PHILIP B PUGNAT SALAD DAY SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI SPERRY SPRINGFIELD Greenbelt 3, Makati City STUSSY SUITE BLANCO SM Aura, Taguig City SUPERGA Greenbelt 5, Makati City TIEDEKEN TOM FORD TOPMAN SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City URBAN OUTFITTERS VALMONT VANS Vans Concept Stores, SM Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, Landmark Department Stores, Urban Athletics, Toby’s Sports, Olympic Village, Shoe Salon, American


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These scarves from Claire’s are the best accessories for any outfit.



I like to draw a lot randomly, especially when I’m going through heavy feelings; good or bad.

My Jake stuffed toy comes with me whenever I leave Manila. Adventure Time is my alltime favorite and Jake is the kind of dog everybody secretly wants.


I wore my famous red OBEY cap from Trilogy Boutique on the first episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2. It pretty much goes on my head every other day.


KATARINA RODRIGUEZ Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 runner-up KATARINA RODRIGUEZ isn’t shying away from great heights. Her killer looks and countless runways aren’t the only things she’s strutting.


I absolutely adore my La Mer watch because it’s edgy yet sophisticated. The studded wrap-around straps are a fashion statement on its own.



My electric blue beanie is a definite favorite because it covers up bad hair days quick and the color stands out.

I have a huge glass bowl of lipgloss in my room, but these are my summer favorites.


My friend got these for me from a hole in the wall place in Singapore. He has great taste in style and these frames are the only hipster ones that suit me.


This novel is philosophical, revolutionary, and brilliantly written.

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Music is a necessity in my life and my iPod shuffle caters to that without failure; especially during long road runs.


I always end up buying Nike Dunks from Planet Sports because they’re sporty but have heels that is perfect for a model/ athlete like me who could use the extra height minus the discomfort of stilettos.

Portrait by Edric Chen


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