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BODY AND SOUL D Y D SOUL BO MIKE TAYLOR was born to entertain us with his soulful sounds. “I’ve always known that I wanted to be a performer, so I basically grew up experimenting with various artforms until I found my voice,” says the Philadelphia native. As he goes on to perform his body-moving songs, he’s gearing up to show you that his music is more than just a summer thing. By Jericho Umali



ost known for his hit single with Afrojack “SummerThing!,” Mike Taylor is more of an entertainer than one might think. Born from a family background of music, he spent his childhood becoming a fan of almost every type of genre imaginable. “I was into everything growing up, from Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, and Rick James to The Roots, Wu Tang, Jay Z, Paul Simon, Jimmy Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, and even Marilyn Manson,” he recalls. “Basically, Philly gave me a good foundation in soul music, in addition to growing up during the MTV golden years [laughs].” Influenced by so many forms of sounds, he eventually came up with his signature “get energized” style, which exudes the production of a Justin Timberlake dance jam with the vocal vibes of John Newman. “I pretty much make the music I wanna hear, the way I hear it in my mind. Usually, it’s whatever I’m inspired by at the time,” he explains. “Sometimes, you might hear a bit of overlapping things that inspire me– that’s inevitable. But I’m just not afraid of people not liking something or thinking I’m weird. I just do me.”

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