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THREADS / setting / BRICK AND MORTAR / BEATS / SCREEN / Tech pack november 2016

white noise H

ead on straight to the WRKDEPT and choose from a variety of pieces that are all about functionality. Playing around with classics that are equally modern and elegant, their slit skirts, fringe sleeves, and tie belts pack the right amount of quirk. In this all-white minimalist collection, the focus is on each strand and stitching, with no single detail of work undone.

shadow play I

f you’re aching to add a little mystery to your wardrobe, here’s one DARK CIRCLE you wouldn’t want to conceal. Donning solid and dark colors with occasional pops of neon here and there, laidback streetwear is their common language. From hoodies and sweaters to oversized shirts, with political phrases for inscriptions, it mirrors the culture of hip-hop that has gone on to reflect even people’s closets.

frozen goods W

hile we slowly layer up for the -ber months, PALACE welcomes Winter 2016 with doors wide open. With a throwback collection that ignites the fire in all ‘90s kids, it feels like Christmas came early this year. Old school pieces revamped for contemporary consumption, the brand’s knitted sweats, winter warmers, and polar fleece jackets are like sips of hot chocolate on a cold snowy morning.


STATUS Magazine November 2016 feat. Shameik Moore