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The Timeline of

Airplane Evolution

Leonardo da Vinci’s Ornithhopter 1485

Montgolfier’s Balloons 1783

George Cayley’s Glider 1799-1850’s

Otto Lilienthal’s Glider 1891

Samuel P. Langley’s Aerodrome 1891

Orville and Wilbur Wright’s Glider 1900

Orville And Wilbur Wright’s Airplane, First Flight 1903

Eugene Ely, First Take Off From A Ship 1910

Hugo Junker’s The Junker J4, First All Metal Plane 1917

Douglas 12 Passenger Twin Engine DC-1 1933

Boeing 247, First Modern Commercial Airliner 1933

Van Ohain’s The Heinkel HE 178, First Jet Airplane, Using First Jet Engine 1939

The Twin-Engine ME 262, First Practical Fighter Jet 1939-1945

Charles Yeager Piloting Bell X-1, Fastest Man Alive, First Man To Break Sound Barrier 1947

De Havilland Comet, First Jet Powered Commercial Aircraft, 1949

Boeing B-52 Bomber 1950’s

Learjet 23, First Mass Produced Small Jet Aircraft 1963

Boeing 747 1969

Concorde SST First Super Sonic In Commercial Airline Service 1976

Burt Rutan’s Voyager, Circumvented The Globe In 9 Days 1986

Northrop Grumman’s B-2 Bomber, 1990’s

Boeing 777, First Airplane Produced With Computer Aid 1995

ICON A5, Release of Light Sport Aircraft License 2004

Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk Used For Stealth Missions Without Need For A Pilot 2006-2008

Boeing 787, Eco Friendly Plane 2009

SpaceShipTwo 2009