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October 14, 2019

Issue 1254

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“True beauty is not related to what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass.” Ellen TIDBITS® EXAMINES

THE HUMAN LIVER by Kathy Wolfe Although you rarely think about your liver, this vital organ is constantly working to keep your body in good working order. Because October is National Liver Awareness Month, Tidbits is bringing you up to date on your liver’s functions and how to keep it healthy.

• The liver is a wedge-shaped organ, reddish-brown in color. It’s the largest glandular organ of the body, weighing around 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg), the heaviest internal organ. The liver is about 6 inches (15 cm) wide. You can find your liver in the right upper quadrant of your abdominal cavity, to the right of your stomach, overlying your gall bladder. • It’s estimated that the liver performs around 500 functions in your body, with about 200 of those performing simultaneously. If it were to stop functioning for a single day, you would die! • The three main functions of the liver are storing fuel, filtering harmful toxins from the blood, and producing bile that helps the body digest food. When food is eaten, the digestive system immediately starts breaking it down into small pieces. Nutrients from the food, such as sugars, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, enter the bloodstream and travel to the liver, which will process and deliver them according to what the body needs. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 2)






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TENNESSEE (2007) - In an example of Tennessee’s controversial drug tax in action, state revenue agents plan to collect tax fees on the illegal substances. It’s not an effort to curb drug use but rather a tax to make sure state and local authorities recoup drug enforcement costs. For an ounce and a half of marijuana, just above the limit for a misdemeanor drug charge, the tax amounts to about $165, said Al Laney, director of tax enforcement for the state revenue department. So far state agents have collected $5.4 million. Tax agents team up with law enforcement on drug busts or assess taxes by mail on arrestees regardless of whether they’re convicted. Drug dealers or purchasers can buy stamps anonymously from the revenue department in Nashville. Tax officials are prohibited by law from disclosing the information to law enforcement authorities. The stamps, when affixed to bags of drugs, prove to the state that the possessor has already paid taxes. The program hasn’t been popular, Laney said. So far no drugs confiscated by police have carried the tax stamps, and some speculate that the small number of stamps sold in Tennessee have gone to collectors, he said.


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Felting “acorns” using fluffy natural wool is a relaxing and enjoyable fall activity for all ages. It’s especially suited for young children who like to get their hands in soapy water to shape and change the structure of the soft wool into dense felted wool balls. The material used for making the soft balls is called wool roving, available at some craft stores, yarn shops or online (resources below). It is wool that has been cleaned, combed and sometimes dyed. You’ll discover that the lovely colors are so inspiring; it’s hard to choose favorites. Use real caps from fallen acorns you’ve foraged from your yard or on nature walks for these stunning, artful creations. You’ll be gluing the felted acorn balls to the caps. For a variation, drill two tiny holes through the acorn cap and thread a string for a felted acorn necklace, make an ornament to hang on a tree branch, or hang several in a windowsill. So many possibilities! HERE’S THE STUFF YOU NEED FOR A 1-INCH FELTED ACORN: • A piece of 2-inch-by-6-inch slightly stretched out wool roving • Small bowl of hot water with a drop or two of liquid soap • Hot glue gun or glue suitable for fabrics • A large acorn cap HERE’S THE FUN, USING A HANDS-ON “WET FELTING” TECHNIQUE: 1. Roll up the first inch or so of the wool, then twist slightly and continue rolling it into a tight ball. Smooth the loose end over the ball. It will be about the size of a large cotton ball, but will become half the size as fibers eventually mesh. 2. Wet the ball with the soapy water. Toss it back and forth from hand to hand over the bowl while occasionally dipping it in the soapy water. (The soap changes the pH of the wool and helps the fibers to open. The hotter the water, the faster it felts.) Be gentle, and continue rolling it around in your hand. You might want to elongate the ball shape to match the original acorn size as you move it around. 3. Rinse the ball in cold clear water. Gently squeeze out water. Let dry overnight. 4. Glue acorn cap to the felted ball. Note: If you wish to paint the acorn cap, do so before attaching to the felt ball. Online resources: and

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Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.” ©2019 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

Tidbits of The Mid-Columbia

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Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

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• The trunk of the African Boabab Tree is sometimes as wide as the tree is high. The tree is pollinated by bats, and its blossoms open only in moonlight.

Social Security Disability Claim?

• Small animals like bats and shrews consume up to one and one half times their body weight in food every day. For an adult human male, this would be like eating 1,000 quarter-pound cheeseburgers a day, every day; or about 50 Thanksgiving dinners a day. • According to 1903 issue of “The Old Farmers’ Almanac,” the best time of the day to select a new pair of shoes is in the afternoon, when the exercise of the day has stretched the muscles to their largest extent. • Federal regulations specify that 90 percent of peanut butter has to be peanuts. • The pupil of an octopus’s eye is rectangular. • Panama, because of a bend in the isthmus, is the only place in the world where one can see the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic. • When commercial telephone service was introduced between New York and London in 1927, the first three minutes of a call cost $75.00. • Traveling at a rate of 2 to 3 miles per hour, camels can carry 500 to 1,000 pounds on their backs. They are able to keep up this pace for 6 or 7 hours a day. Camels will refuse to carry loads that are not properly balanced. • Spiders have transparent blood. • Only asparagus and rhubarb can reproduce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. • You’re just as likely to die by falling out of bed as you are to get struck by lightning; each is a 1 in 2,000,000 chance. You have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of being killed by a snake. • Country singer Dolly Parton’s first record, “Puppy Love,” was released on March 20, 1959. She was 13 years old.

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• Pineapple is actually a giant berry.

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Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

Tidbits of The Mid-Columbia



The name “Scotch Tape” was used as an insult to the inventor while he was inventing Masking Tape. ‘Scotch’ being derogatory slang for cheap or thrifty. He then went on to create Scotch Tape, and the name stuck.

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Armenian finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan is not only an 11-time world record holder, a 17-time world champion, a 13time European champion and a 7-time USSR champion but he is also a hero. One day while finishing a 12-mile run he heard a bus crash into the water. He dove down 33ft and rescued 20 people, 1 at a time. Ten years later he ran into a burning hospital to save patients and visitors from death.

509-586-9185 Life Care Center of Kennewick • 1508 W 7th Ave, Kennewick

KING CROSSWORD 33 Artist Rene 35 Toppled 36 Commotions 37 Jaunty chapeau 38 Tray 41 Help 42 Neighborhood 43 Mississippi flower 48 “The View” alumna Lisa 49 Gorilla 50 St. Louis team 51 Shakespeare’s shrew 52 Bow the head 53 Pumps up the volume

DOWN 1 Lazy person 2 Historic period 3 Ovum 4 Kingdoms 5 Hoosegow 6 Tars’ org. 7 Netherlands city 8 Cause to go 9 Leave out 10 Stead 11 Automaker Ransom Eli _____ 16 Speed 20 Hostels 21 Study at the last minute 22 Sitarist’s offering 23 Enthusiastic

• One of the liver’s tasks is to convert sugar into fat. It’s the only organ that can actually break down sugar. Too much sugar makes too much fat, which can result in fatty liver disease. Sugarfilled soda in particular has been linked to this condition. • A healthy liver is always protecting the body, detecting and destroying harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. The liver contains the body’s largest group of immune cells known as phagocytes that devour toxic particles.

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ACROSS 1 Bar order 5 Stick out 8 String tie 12 Incite 13 Blonde shade 14 Disney’s “_____ and the Detectives” 15 O or W 17 Even, as a score 18 “_____ Abner” 19 Gap 21 Charley horse 24 Military status 25 Tatters 26 Quite attractive 30 Past 31 Paycheck extra 32 Altar affirmative


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• The liver is a storehouse for sugar, delivering it when the body needs it. The sugar is stored as glycogen, and the liver breaks this compound down to form glucose, which is used as fuel for the body’s energy.

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• Some of those nutrients are stored in a form that the body can draw from for quick energy. The remainder are used to produce important chemicals needed by the body.

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• Bile is produced by the liver to aid in digestion, particularly fat. It’s a thick, greenish-yellow fluid made in the liver, but stored in the gall bladder. If you’ve eaten an especially fatty meal, the store of bile is used to break down the fats for digestion. • All kinds of toxins are prepared for removal by the liver, including drugs, such as penicillin, Tylenol, or Advil, but also alcohol, damaged cells, and old hormones. • If the liver’s ability to rid the body of toxins is damaged, those toxins build up and can affect sleep, mood, and behavior. Anxiety, muscle spasms, sluggish speech, lack of focus, and shakiness may result • At any given time, there is about 1 pint (0.47 liter) of blood in your liver, about 13% of the body’s supply.

• As red blood cells break down in the body, the liver helps get rid of the resulting waste product called bilirubin. A normal liver filters out the bilirubin, but when the liver isn’t functioning properly, bilirubin builds up in the body, creating jaundice, which turns the skin and the whites of the eyes yellow. Newborns frequently have jaundice because their livers aren’t quite developed, and sometimes have difficulties filtering out the bilirubin. • The liver also plays a role in helping your blood clot normally by secreting enzymes and chemicals necessary to form clots and stop bleeding. For those with mild liver disease, it takes a long time for bleeding to stop, but those with severe damage bleed easily and often, as tthe blood is unable to clot. In people with advanced cirrhosis, serious bleeding is the most common cause of death. • The liver is the only organ with the amazing ability to regenerate itself when part of it is damaged or removed. Donors can donate part of their liver and the remaining portion will grow back, and the donated part grows to fit the recipient’s body. As much as 75% of the liver can be removed without destroying it. Unlike other transplant procedures, a donor doesn’t even need to be related to someone to give up part of the liver. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 6)

ESCAPE ARTIST Ken Allen, an orangutan became famous for escaping from his enclosure at the San Diego Zoo 3 times in the 1980’s. He would peacefully stroll around the zoo looking at other animals and never acted aggressively. Other animals even followed his lead and began escaping, too. ©2019 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

24 Carries on 26 Subway employee 27 Layer 28 Between jobs 29 Filly’s brother 31 Wait 34 Devastate 35 Indy Jones’ hat 37 Crib 38 Polio vaccine pioneer 39 Met melody 40 Fasting period 41 On in years 44 Mil. address 45 Felon’s flight 46 Little devil 47 Fool

Tidbits of The Mid-Columbia

Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

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• On Oct. 25, 1881, Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, is born in Malaga, Spain. Picasso’s work comprises more than 50,000 paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures and ceramics produced over 80 years. He had his first exhibit at age 13. • On Oct. 24, 1901, schoolteacher Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to take the plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel in an attention-getting stunt. She reached the shore alive, if a bit battered. Taylor claimed she was in her 40s, but records later showed she was 63.

Annie Edson Taylor standing with her barrel and her manager.

• On Oct. 26, 1942, the last U.S. carrier built before America entered World War II, the USS Hornet, is so badly damaged by Japanese warplanes in the Battle of Santa Cruz that it must be abandoned and was later sunk. The Hornet launched the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. • On Oct. 21, 1967, in Washington, D.C., nearly 100,000 people gather to protest the war in Vietnam, and more than 50,000 later marched to the Pentagon. Polls taken that summer showed that American support for the war had fallen below 50%. • On Oct. 22, 1975, Air Force Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, is given a “general” discharge after publicly declaring his homosexuality. Matlovic’s discharge was later upgraded to “honorable,” and he was buried with full military honors in 1988. • On Oct. 23, 1989, 23 people are killed in a series of explosions sparked by an ethylene leak at a Phillips Petroleum plant in Pasadena, Texas. The blasts were caused by inadequate safety procedures. • On Oct. 27, 2006, the last Ford Taurus rolls off the assembly line in Hapeville, Georgia. The keys to the silver car went to 85-year-old Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, who added it to his automobile collection. ©2019 Hearst Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved





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7000 W Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA • Games start 7:05pm except Sun 4:05pm In 2017 a Qatar Airways plane had to make an emergency landing after a woman used her sleeping husband’s thumb to unlock his phone and discovered he was cheating on her.

CALIFORNIA - Paul Nellany, 51, of Modesto, California., was in the middle of a “messy” divorce when a man told him his wife had hired him to kill him for $600. Paul called the sheriff, noting that last December he was driving in his pickup truck when wasps suddenly flew out of a soda can, and he nearly crashed trying to avoid them. His two children were with him in the car. Investigators, now, believe his wife put the wasps there. She knows Paul is severely allergic to insect stings. Angela Nellany, 50, has been charged with conspiracy, soliciting murder, and attempted murder. UNHEARD HISTORY:

HALIFAX HARBOR On the morning of December 6, 1917 two passenger trains en route to the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia were stopped in response to a brief, cryptic telegraph message sent from Halifax station: “Munition ships on fire. Making for Pier 6. Goodbye.” The ship described in the message was the French munitions ship Mont-Blanc, which was adrift in Halifax harbor, burning, and loaded with almost 2,700 tons of explosives intended for use in the first world war, which was then raging in Europe. On both sides of the harbor, hundreds of onlookers who were unaware of the danger had gathered on the shores to watch the spectacular fire. The burning ship slowly drifted into the pier on the west side, where its flames spread onto land. The fire department arrived in their first motorized fire engine, and began rolling out the hoses in an attempt to douse the flames, but their efforts proved futile. Within minutes, the Mont-Blanc’s highly explosive


cargo of TNT, picric acid, and benzol fuel finally reached a tipping point, and the ship exploded in a ball of fire and energy more powerful than any manmade explosion before it. Two and a half square kilometers of Halifax was completely flattened by the blast. As black, oily soot rained down from the mushroom cloud, survivors found the streets of Halifax were littered with severed arms, legs, heads, and mutilated torsos. A huge number of people had received injuries from flying debris and glass, particularly to the face and eyes due to the large number of people who had been watching the fire through their windows. All told, about 2,000 men, women, and children were killed that day, and some 9,000 injured.

Backbone Backup Bandwidth BASIC Batch File Baud Binary BIOS Bit Rate Bitmap Bluetooth Boolean Buffer Bus Byte

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Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

Tidbits of The Mid-Columbia






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Judy Garland almost didn’t get the part of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. Despite being the producer’s favorite, many other actresses were considered for the role. These include Deanna Durbin, Bonita Granville, and a young Shirley Temple.

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40 INCH NAILS? CHINA - A Chinese man has let his fingernails on one hand grow for 15 years. Li Jianping, 43, of Shishi City, Fujian province, says the nails on his left hand are 40 inches long in total. He told the Straits City News he was very proud of them but admitted they could be an inconvenience at times. “I never go to crowded places. And during sleep, I have to keep my left wrist under my head to prevent the hand from moving,” says Li, who owns a grocery store. The current length took 15 years to achieve, but he first started to grow them 23 years ago. “When I was 20, I read a news report saying an Indian man had let the fingernails on his left hand grow to around one meter. Then I made up my mind to surpass him,” he said. “Before 1992, my nails were broken twice in accidents: once when I was moving things, the second time by a friend. Each time I had to start over.”

• William Howard Taft, the 18th president of the United States, was quite a large man. Quite a large man, indeed. In fact, he was so large that his By Samantha Weaver 300-pound bulk got • It was multitalented Robert stuck in Anton Wilson – he was, at a White various times in his life, a novelist, essayist, psychologist, House bathtub, editor, philosopher, playwright and he had and mystic – who made the to summon following observation: “It only help to takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without extricate himself. changing a single idea.” President William • It took between 75,000 and 80,000 workers to build the Panama Canal, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans across the Isthmus of Panama. • When the Barbie doll was first introduced in 1959, it was described in The New York Times as a “crushing bomb.” So much for early reviews. Since then, more than a billion Barbies have been sold in more than 150 countries. Mattel, the doll’s maker, claims that more than 100 dolls are sold every minute of every day. • Pope Benedict IX held the office three different times.

Howard Taft • There 1857-1930 are lots of sports fans Presidential Term: 1909-1913 out there, and a lot of sports to enjoy: football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey... olive oil wrestling? OK, maybe there aren’t a lot of oiled wrestling events here in America, but in Turkey it’s the national sport. Kirkpinar, as it’s known there, has been popular since the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish town of Edirne has been hosting the annual tournament since 1361.


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1. MOVIES: Who was the voice of Genie in the animated version of “Aladdin” (1992)? 2. GEOGRAPHY: What river forms the northern border of Kentucky? 3. LITERATURE: Who wrote the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? 4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of dog was Toto in the book and movie “The Wizard of Oz”? 5. MYTHOLOGY: What is the name of the Greek god of sleep? 6. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president earned the nickname “Silent Cal” for his quiet demeanor? 7. FOOD & DRINK: What is another name for Middle Eastern pocket bread? 8. HISTORY: What battle started the U.S. Civil War? 9. MEASUREMENTS: How many milliliters are in a teaspoon? 10. MATH: What is the Arabic equivalent for the Roman numerals MCMLXXXIV? Answers located in the Answer Box. ©2019 King Features Synd., Inc.

Thought for the Day: “Even a purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible political effect can gradually and indirectly, over time, gain in political significance.” – Vaclav Havel ©2019 King Features Synd., Inc.


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Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

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Issue 1254 • October 14, 2019

Tidbits of The Mid-Columbia

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A solid gold toilet was once on display at a museum in New York. Over 100,000 people lined up to use it.

Children 10-17 may play with Parent/Guardian, adult must have proper ID. Call for details.

CAUTION: Participation in gambling activity may result in pathological gambling behavior causing emotional and financial harm. For help, call 1-800-547-6133.

BOYZ WILL B BOYZ ENGLAND - Firefighters were called to Tipton, West Midlands, for an unnamed 12-year-old boy who “had been “pranking around in the garden” having a competition with his cousin, where they were breaking wind and lighting it,” fire department watch commander Paul Harpin said. Unfortunately, “Right behind him was a petrol can and that just flashed” into flame. The boy was burned on the backs of both legs, and was hospitalized. But, Harpin said, “I think he must have won the competition.”



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THIS WEEK’S FEEL GOOD STORY NEBRASKA (2007) - A Nebraska man revived his pet English bulldog by giving her the kiss-oflife after she ‘drowned’ in an icy lake. Disabled Air Force veteran Randy Gurchin, 51, edged onto the ice and pulled the pup from the freezing water. Then he closed Lucy’s mouth, put his mouth over her nose and started breathing into her lungs and pushing on her chest. After about a minute, 10-month-old Lucy began breathing shallowly, he told the Omaha World-Herald. “Once you get a pet, it’s truly part of your family. You just tend to do whatever it takes to save their life,” he said. Mr. Gurchin, 51, said Lucy had fallen

into the lake near the family home in Sarpy County after chasing ducks and geese. The wintry water paralyzed the puppy, he said. She had a blue face and paws by the time he pulled her out. He rushed her to the Ralston Veterinary Clinic where doctors soaked the dog in warm water, gave her several injections and put her in an oxygen tent. Wife Kelley and children Kerry, 15, and Ryan, 10, were “obviously, relieved” that he saved Lucy, but his wife later told him he was crazy to risk his own life. “I didn’t really have much of a response to that,” he said.

Coconut farmers in Thailand train pigtailed macaques primates to harvest their coconuts. A trained macaque can pick up to 1600 coconuts a day, while a human can harvest around a 100.

THE(CONTINUED HUMAN LIVER FROM PAGE 2) • What foods does your liver like? Foods that are high in fiber help your liver work at optimal levels. Vegetables also keep it healthy. Foods that are high in saturated fat can be detrimental to liver function, and continued consumption can lead to inflammation. • Liver damage prevents the proper processing of nutrients. Amino acids are not built into useful proteins, and vitamins aren’t distributed as needed. A person might notice the symptom of excessive fatigue. • You can seriously damage your liver by taking too much medicine. Acetaminophen can be found in upwards of 600 medications, including Tylenol and cold and cough remedies. It’s alarming to think that an overdose of Tylenol can destroy half of a person’s liver cells in less than a week! Adults shouldn’t exceed a 4,000-milligram limit per day. • Cirrhosis of the liver is primarily is the result of excess alcohol intake, and is one of the Top Ten causes of death in the world. One in 5 heavy drinkers will get cirrhosis, a scarring of the liver that is irreversible. As the prolonged use of

alcohol reduces the liver’s ability to regenerate new cells, the liver loses its ability to break down toxins. • Ten percent of the liver is made up of fat. If the fact content exceeds that 10%, the condition is known as fatty liver, or hepatic steatosis, which contributes to Type 2 diabetes. Although heavy use of alcohol makes a person more likely to get it, you can get it if you don’t drink a lot. Contributors are obesity, high blood pressure, malnourishment, high levels of bad cholesterol, and excess belly fat. • There are several different varieties of the liver infection hepatitis. Hepatitis A and E are the result of eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with the virus. Poor cleanliness during food preparation is a major cause. It usually takes about two months to recover. Hepatitis B, C, and D are spread through blood and bodily fluids. The B variety usually goes away after several months, but in some cases, it can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hepatitis C is one of the most common bloodborne viral infections in the U.S., with treatment usually lasting up to 16 weeks. Text by Tidbits Media, Inc.


STAR TREK William Shatner once had a falling out with Deforest Kelley (who played Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy). “He walked his dog every morning,” Shatner recalled years later, “and he came in one morning to the makeup room, and he was crying. I said, ‘What happened?’ ‘My dog is dead.’ He said, ‘I was walking my little Chihuahua and she got off the leash and started running around on the grass and hit a sprinkler head and dropped dead.’ I laughed... He didn’t talk to me for two years.”

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MEET LOVABLE CATS & DOGS at PAWS Animal Shelter, 517 SE 3rd St., Pendleton OR, (541) 276-0181 Tues-Sun 12-4pm or visit our website at www.

We are currently hiring qualified nurses and CNA’s! We have wonderful opportunities for advancement and a generous sign on bonus. On the spot interviews so please fill out the application in person at: Life Care Center of Kennewick 1508 W. 7th Ave. • Kennewick Life Care Center of Richland 44 Goethals Dr. • Richland AVIATION CAREERS. Hands on training for career opportunities in aviation, manufacturing and more. Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call AIM 877-206-1503. www.


THE PIT BULL PEN is the area’s only Pit Bull & Bully Breed Rescue, a foster based 501c3 rescue. Help save abused, abandoned & neglected pits. Visit our Facebook page! VISIT THE POPP ADOPTION CENTER Saturdays, 11am-4pm to meet adoptable puppies & dogs at our new address, 5811 W Van Giesen Street in West Richland, 509-943-4722. Adoptable kittens & cats at PetSmart in Kennewick on Saturdays & Sundays. Foster families needed! Ask how you can help! WANT TO FIND A LOVING PET? Dogs & puppies, cats & kittens, you’ll find them at TriCities Animal Control, 1312 S. 18th St. in Pasco. (509) 545-3740. Make room in your heart for a shelter pet! volunteer dog walkers needed! Contact TCAS for more info!


A PLACE FOR MOM has helped over a million families find senior living. Our trusted, local advisors help find solutions to your unique APPLYING FOR SOCIAL needs at no cost to you. Call 1-866- SECURITY DISABILITY or 990-1679 Appealing a Denied Claim? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social SATELLITE INTERNET thats Security Disability Attorneys, FREE ultra-fast and secure. Affordable 1-888-850-3104! plans + exclusive bundles, available Consultations. Local Attorneys where you live. Call us, your local Nationwide [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Authorized Viasat Retailer at: 1-800- Washington DC. Office: Broward 523-3053 Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)]

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The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal.

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS • Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. breakdanced in the 1984 closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles when he was just 16 years old. His dancing skills were put to use years later in his signature film Jerry Maguire, where he applied some of his moves to his nowfamous, exhilarating end zone dance near the film’s conclusion. • When he was just 10 years old, future comedian and film star Jim Carrey sent his résumé to Carol Burnett. • For the role of Mike Brady, father to TV’s The Brady Bunch in the 1970s, Robert Reed was ultimately selected. However, a strong contender for the patriarchal part was actor Gene Hackman. • Gene Wilder made his film debut in a small, but memorable, role as a hostage in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde.

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• Long before he was an actor, Mark Wahlberg was a rapper. Before that, in 1988, the 16-yearold Wahlberg was in prison after attacking a Vietnamese man in the street. Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, plead guilty to assault, and served 45 days in prison. Wahlberg’s victim has forgiven Mark, and Mark sought out a pardon for these crimes so that he could work with troubled youth in the Boston area. • Before she was a megastar, Madonna worked at Dunkin Donuts. She got fired for squirting jelly on a customer. • Dr. Ruth Westheimer is best known as a TV sex therapist—but she’s also a trained sniper.




GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE INGREDIENTS 4 cups canned green beans 10.5 oz can condensed cream of mushroom soup 1/4 cup milk 1/8 tsp black pepper 1 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp worcestershire sauce 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 1/2 cups crispy fried onions, divided INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Drain green beans. 3. In a large bowl, combine the green beans, soup, milk, pepper, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, cheddar cheese and 1 cup of crispy fried onions. 6. Pour the mixture into a 1 1/2 quart dish and bake for 25-30 minutes. 7. Top the casserole with the remaining crispy fried onions and bake for another 5 minutes, then serve.

• 35 minutes before Elvis Presley was born, his mother gave birth to his stillborn identical twin. Throughout his life, Presley believed his brother was a spiritual guide, referring to him as his “original bodyguard.” • Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake were once basically brothers: as kids, they starred on the Mickey Mouse Show, and Timberlake’s mom was once Gosling’s legal guardian for six months during filming while the Canadian actor (Gosling) lived with the US singer’s family during one season of the show.

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Seattle • Vancouver • Ketchikan • Juneau • Skagway • Glacier Bay • Anchorage • Denali • and more

Oahu • Kauai • Maui • Hawaii “Big Island”

12 days, departs May - September 2020 Enjoy 7 nights aboard Holland America Line’s ms Westerdam and 4 nights on land. You’ll cruise the Gulf of Alaska and the Inside Passage—a sea lane teeming with marine wildlife, where you’ll pass glaciers, mountains, and lush forests, with stops in Ketchikan, Skagway, and Glacier Bay. On land, you’ll go deep into Denali National Park, tour Anchorage, and see the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

12 days, departs year-round Enjoy Hawaii on this island-hopping cruise tour. Spend 7 nights aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s renovated Pride of America. Experience the Iao Valley on Maui, the beauty and charm of Hilo, Kona’s coffeerich “Gold Coast,” and Kauai’s Na Pali coast and Waimea Canyon. Your land tour includes Pearl Harbor and Honolulu city tours, and time to relax on Waikiki Beach. Guided on Oahu by our friendly Tour Directors—your local experts.


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*Prices are per person based on double occupancy plus $299 in taxes & fees. Cruise pricing based on lowest cabin category after Instant Rebate is applied. Single supplement and season surcharges may apply. Add-on airfare available. Onboard Credit requires purchase of Ocean View or Balcony Cabin. For Hawaiian Islands Cruise & Tour, Free Internet and Free Beverage Package offers vary based on cabin category purchased. Additional service charges are required and payable to YMT with final balance for select Set Sail offers. For full Set Sail terms and conditions ask your Travel Consultant. Offers apply to new bookings only made by 11/30/19. Other terms & conditions may apply.

FACTS ABOUT BEETLES • A ladybug might eat more than 5,000 insects in its lifetime! • One dung beetle can drag 1,141 times its weight – that’s like a human pulling six doubledecker buses! • Beetles account for one quarter of all known species of plants and animals. There are more kinds of beetles than all plants.

• In July of 1999, four ladybugs and their favorite food, aphids, were sent into space on NASA’s Columbia space shuttle to research how aphids escaped the ladybugs without the aid of gravity.

• Beetles make great pets. Beetles are a popular pet in Japan, especially the stag beetle, and can easily be • When the droppings of millions purchased of cattle started ruining the land in many in Australia, dung beetles were different imported to reduce the problem. stores.

1. Tree is added. 2. Saw blade is shorter. 3. Bricks are missing.

4. Dress’s neckline is different. 5. House is wider. 6. Man’s hair is different.

HOCUS FOCUS ANSWERS 1. Robin Williams 2. Ohio River 3. James Thurber 4. Cairn terrier 5. Hypnos

6. Calvin Coolidge 7. Pita bread 8. Battle of Fort Sumter 9. Almost 5 ml 10. 1984



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