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Startups launched within large enterprises


Startups accelerated since 2011 - and counting


People empowered with the mind, skill and toolset of innovation

Building trust in society and solving important problems

Last year we predicted...

AI is the new UI

Amazon will be shipping more than 10 million Echo smart speakers in 2017

That's 68% of the smart speaker market, which didn’t exist 2 years ago

Everything as a Service

2018: Ondemand economy will be a $57 bln market

A Cadillac for anyone, anywhere, anytime

APIs and robotics will drive business efficiencies

RPA investments hit 200 mn in 2017, and expected 
 to double by 2018

Recoup the investment within 6-9 months

We were right!

Let's begin...

The Netflix effect

Expectations of seamlessness

Shift from the Netflix effect to the Amazon effect

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Alexa: the first smart speaker that talks

Amazon Go; The first truly intelligent store

Amazon: Entering new markets boldly from groceries 
 to movies

Incredibly forward-looking patents


Our customers are loyal to us right up until the second somebody offers them a better service. (..) And I love that. It's super motivating for us.


Jeff Bezos

Shutting down the entire brick and mortar industry, brick by brick?

December 2017: 50% of US households will have an Amazon Prime subscription

#amazonbuyus New exit strategy for middle-aged businesses

" Do more,

do new things, do things that have never been done before "

Let's change the world

We are living in the best century of human development

Only bottleneck: the speed of human thought

If we can imagine it, we can make it a reality

The State of Tech 2018

Let’s see our world through lenses

How we sustain our planet

How we do business

How we interact with each other

How we take care of ourselves

How we sustain our planet

Renewable Energy Revolution

Governments are rising to the occasion

U.S. states and cities remain onboard with the renewable revolution

Sweden has set its goal to be 100% renewable by 2040

Costa Rica is already powered by 99% renewables

Investments in renewables now far outpacing those in fossil fuels: 2 to 1

Renewable capacity installed in 2016 alone: 161 GW

By 2022: global renewable capacity enough to power India and Japan

Wind 2007: $100 per MWh 2017: $50 per MWh

Solar 2007: $600 per MWh 2017: $100 per MWh

Solar went from virtually 0 GW in 2000 to 305 GW in 2017

In 2017: 
 1 in 2 solar panels installed were in China

Solar roadways
 Solar windows
 Solar clothing

Apple patented solar panels beneath touchscreens

An electricity system without batteries is like a computer without a hard drive


Tesla is building 130 MWh battery system for Australia

The electric battery market will grow from 50B to >110B in 2025

Li-ion batteries expected to grow from 33% to 70% of market in 2025

1837: The world’s first electric car. Speed 5 km/hr Range 2.4 km

 General Motors released the EV1. Range 160 km

 Tesla Model S Range 632 km

Tesla’s market cap is comparable to Ford, despite having only about 1% of the sales

Tinxi /


Daimler AG: 8bn committed in electric technology

China, UK & France are banning diesel/ petrol vehicles by 2040

By 2025: all new vehicle sales in Norway required to be electric

By 2040: 140 million EVs

2017: 0.2% of world’s traffic 2040: 7%

EVs: every size, every shape

Source: VanMoof

Electric cars, bikes, trams, buses, vans, trucks, drones, even planes.

The smart cities of the new world

Cities only occupy 4% of Earth's land area

By 2030: 60% of the world population will live in urban regions

Targeting action on cities is logistically logical and easier

The goal of making cities smarter is to make them responsive

Cities have to see, think and act


The world is moving to 5G in phases starting 2020

How? Using new high end frequencies

Everything connected and communicating in real-time


Smart Cities will use advanced data analytics

CCTVs in all our public spaces

If something happens, it could be bad

Camera's watching, identifying and alerting if something happens


Google: Clips the hands-free, always-on, auto-clicking camera

AI detects what's happening, and decides whether it's interesting

NVIDIA, Omnipresent AI: Watchman for the world

Security Concern: Intelligent cameras deployed anywhere and everywhere


Singapore: Smartest city on Earth

Detecting if people are smoking in unauthorized zones

If people are throwing litter illegally

Smart Mobility to solve chronic congestion problem

Source: NRF, SLA, GovTech, Dassault Systèmes

Virtual Singapore: A dynamic 3D model to run virtual tests

Digital crystal ball that captures what is happening in the city

Source: Sidewalk Labs /

Toronto is building a smart city from the ground up!

How do we do business differently?

"Humanity as a species wears technology as " its true skin Terence McKenna

Fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing

By 2020: IoT investments may exceed $250bn

Source: Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory now officially open for business

" The machine

that makes the machine " Elon Musk

A single factory producing as much as total global battery production today

9 other Gigafactories in the works, and maybe even more in future

Source: Waymo

Digital Twins a term you will hear more of in the near-future

Welcome the era of collaborative robots Cobots

The 3 top messaging apps have surpassed the top 3 social networks

Chatbots reduce customer service costs by 30%

45% of end-users prefer chatbots for primary customer service inquiries

Chatbots will be the new Search interface

By 2025: The Natural Language Processing market is expected to hit 22bn

Expression and emotion tracking

 a new era of emotion-aware software Money

Pay with a smile

A browser that knows your mood

Discounts when your consumers are excited

Google Sheets and Excel will be AI-enabled

PixieMe /

Automatically figuring out the most valuable insights

Meet Codota: auto-complete for entire blocks of code

Cobots on the office or factory floor

iamtui7 /

Carmen: a bot that can be 'taught' without coding

Meet the new generation of Household Bots

Supercharging your productivity

As a result, the nature of work itself, is changing

Machines are going to learn and deliver outcomes humans provide

False Alarmism! Total # of jobs has not changed a lot in last 20 years

Experience and Lifestyle designers

Algorithmic Risk Assurance

Cybersec SWAT Teams

MicroTransaction pricing specialist

RegTech Support

Jobs of 
 the future?

Industrial Sustainability Ecologists

Data Ethicists

IoT Mechanic

Smart Contract Lawyers

Let’s talk FinTech

Incumbents are competing less, partnering more

30% of large financial players invest in AI

77% expect to have adopted blockchain by 2020

Major investment areas are:



Insurance and Asset / Wealth Management

Major items on the innovation agenda

Ease of use and product/service design

24/7 availability and faster services

Superior customer service

Cost Management

Mobile wallets on the rise

Consumer interest is the primary barrier to adoption

No need for cheques that take 3 days to cash in..

Banking: Too much focus on innovating front-office

New customers are likely to remain "Digital Only"

mBank: focusing on personalization

mBank: Analyzing trends to anticipate customer needs

mBank: Apply for loans and get approved in 30 seconds

Peer-to-peer money transactions

Technology as a transformative force in Insurance

Metromile: pay-per-mile auto insurance

Real-time data to measure behaviour and create customized risk profiles

Lemonade: Making waves in the millennial insurance space

Aligning interests to prevent fraud

The rise of blockchain applications

2017: over $ 1.5 billion invested in Blockchain startups

80% of banks are looking to implement Blockchain

Investors are looking for more use cases outside of finance

Arcade City: connecting supply and demand for ridesharing

MIT wants to award diplomas on the Blockchain

Governments are also looking at Blockchain

Estonia: A suite of ecosystem services

"Data Embassy"

What if Estonia released its own cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency: no longer a private sector issue

China banned token sales and local exchanges

85% of Bitcoin trading comes from China

What will the world of money look like in 2040?

Many issues are just technological challenges

Cryptocurrencies Dollarization 2.0

Leveraging the low cost of power to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum

Global P2P microtransactions greater than local B2B/B2C transactions

Cryptocurrencies: providing speed and volume without barriers of delay or fees

New companies with decentralized 
 P2P equity

Smart contracts will democratise power in decisionmaking

Are ICOs the new IPOs?

Cyber Security: things are getting very serious!

A connected world = more opportunities for hackers

No one is safe

Cyber crime manifests itself in roughly 4 ways

User Privacy

More personal information on public social networks

AI can guess an individual’s sexuality from just one image

Available to public: the personal voting preferences of 198 million voters

Data-driven campaign crucial in debate and voter turnout



iPhone X with revolutionary FaceID system


Map voices and expressions onto faces of people of authority

Converting audio files into realistic mouth movements


Cybertheft predicted to rise ~60% in 2018

Q3 of 2016: 18 million new malware samples captured by Panda

Intellectual property theft is hot

Equifax was breached twice in 6 months exposing 143 million people

WannaCry attack: affected more than 400.000 machines, 150 countries within 24 hours

IBM study: Average damage $ 3.6m per breach

North Korean hackers attempting to steal bitcoin

Cryptojacking: if hackers can't steal from banks, they will robb homes

Infrastructural breaches

Software can now shutdown and damage real-world critical infrastructure

December 2015: Ukraine's largest TV broadcaster hacked

It impersonated an antivirus scanner

2016: Kiev, major power station hacked

The calm before the storm: a cyber hurricane could be on its way...

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How do we interact with each other?

Technology is changing our very civilization

What is the effect of this global mixing of cultures and ideas?

Online dating is changing our society

People are more exposed to others with similar interests

Number of interracial marriages significantly jumped when Tinder was released

Consumer technology increases the capabilities of a individuals

Universal remote control to change the world

What is the difference?

2.2 million different functionalities for your personal remote control

Home / Office

Food/ mobility


Online Shopping


Meeting People


Business/ leisure


Corporates (like IKEA) are catching onto the trend

"What can I solve?" instead of "What can I sell?"

We are the last generation that knew life before the Internet.


How do we take care of ourselves?

Digital health is " moving from a curiosity, to a research tool, to an actual mainstream, accepted clinical tool


Corey Bridges, LifeMap CEO

Healthcare continues to be reinvented

72% of US internet users acquire healthrelated information online

Skype a doctor ondemand

Discuss personal issues with a virtual therapist right on your phone

Giving advice for understanding and managing stress and anxiety

Proactive health systems: predictive maintenance for humans

 there will 240 mn health trackers sold in the wild

Google and Levi's are collaborating on a smart jacket

CRISPR molecular scissors for gene therapy

Successfully treated genetic blindness

Switching genes on and off 
 with light

Our best tool in the fight against cancer

We can now genetically engineer human embryos to our design

Can humans 
 live forever?
 Shouldn’t we try?

Are we playing God? Should we be?

Our Predictions

AI will be like electricity, It will be everywhere

Rapid rise in machine learning methods, 
 huge demand for data scientists

Dedicating core teams to deal with potential and implications of AI

AI could contribute almost 16 trillion to the global economy by 2030


Humanity 2.0 is coming

 Augmented Reality

 Augmented Humanity

Our incredible ability to imagine and invent ways to hack the world

Image humans no longer as naked apes, but as cyborgs; Man + Machine

Google Glass may have disappeared but it's back with a new vision

Apple has officially incorporated support for Augmented Reality applications

Source: Google

Realtime translation of 
 foreign languages

Our technology will be co-pilots, not auto-pilots

Shifting to a world of zero UI

The trend is to move away from apps, again!

Screenless interactions with your product

How else will we interact with the world?

How will the world interact back based on our moods?

AI is the new electricity

Humanity 2.0 is coming

Entering the world of zero UI

“Only the paranoid survive”
 Andy Grove, Intel

State of Tech 2018  

State of Tech 2018 is an annual report on upcoming technology trends happening in the industry conducted by Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps & The...

State of Tech 2018  

State of Tech 2018 is an annual report on upcoming technology trends happening in the industry conducted by Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps & The...