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October 2012

Salt Lake City Hosts 81st NASAO Annual Convention

2012 NASAO Executive Committee 2012 NASAO Special Edition

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Sunset from Heritage Park

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Committee Meetings, Roundtable Provide Bookends to Conference

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Networking Activities Provide Taste of Salt Lake

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Photos from Snowbird

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Opening Reception with Vendors

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Local Law Helps Welcome Attendees

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NASAO Presents Great Line-up of Session Speakers

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FAA Administrator Provides Keynote Luncheon Address Page 2

State Aviation Journal

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Heritage Park Photos

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Spouse Tour Takes in Local Flavor

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RAF Updates NASAO on Recreational Use Statutes

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3rd Annual NASAO/FAA Summit

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NASAO Awards Dinner

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2012 NASAO Class Photo

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Members of the NASAO 2012 Executive Board are, from left, Debbie Alke, Montana, Tommy Booth, Mississippi, Chris Willenborg, Massachusetts and Ed Young, Kansas.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

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Covering aviation and aerospace education in the states, federal government, schools, aviation organizations and business. Brought to you by the staff of the State Aviation Journal. 2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal

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From the Publisher


Back in November of 1998 my wife (Deb) and I flew into Boston so I could attend a meeting of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Standing Committee on Aviation, which was taking place during the association’s annual conference that year. At the time, I was the director of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics and was appointed to the committee, not necessarily for any aviation experience or insight, but because in Nebraska the director reported to the governor and was not part of a state Department of Transportation (DOT). The consensus was that I could speak more freely about the needs of state aviation without the risk of bringing down bolts of lightning from a DOT boss. (Nebraska continues to operate today with a Department of Roads and a Department of Aeronautics, not a DOT). In other words, I could take one for the team if it furthered the cause. Something that I was all to happy to do, because I felt then, as I feel today, that NASAO is a team... well more than a team, a family. Each state director may bring something different to the playing field, but they all share the same vision, not only for their state but for the nation... and that is to see aviation prosper. And speaking of family, on that same trip, Gary Adams and I hooked up and took the opportunity to visit the Bull & Finch Pub, the iconic face of the original ‘Cheers’ bar from the popular television series, to catch up on things and to see if Norm or Cliff would buy us a round. For me, the annual NASAO get-together is like a family reunion, and this year in Salt Lake City was no exception, or as NASAO President Henry Ogrodzinski put it, “this was a true gathering of the clan. For the first time, this year, a majority of the NASAO family got together to celebrate their successes, plan for future challenges and simply enjoy the company of kindred spirits.” That’s what is compelling about NASAO, going to a place that is familiar and comfortable and as the Cheers jingle goes... “a place where everyone knows your name.”

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State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal

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A lively discussion at the NASAO Board of Directors meeting.

Committee Meetings, Roundtable, Make Productive Bookends to 81st Annual Convention Saturday September 8, 2012 was set aside for elected officials of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) to conduct association business. This included the NASAO Finance Committee meeting and the Board of Directors meeting for both the Center for Aviation Research & Education and NASAO. On Tuesday afternoon, September 11, the NASAO Annual Membership meeting and roundtable was held. The association’s proposed budget was approved and the full board endorsed a proposal by Ed Young, NASAO Secretary and Director, Division of Aviation, Kansas DepartEric Glick, Nevada, left, and Mike Klein, Arizona

Henry Ogrodzinski, standing, presents Susan Shea, Illinois, with a Silver Eagle pin.

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State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Ed Young displays a Best Practices and Innovation in Aviation award.

NASAO members meet on Tuesday for a roundtable discussion.

Left to right are, Pat Morley, Utah, David Gordon, Colorado and Chris Willenborg, Massachusetts.

ment of Transportation, to establish an official online aviation certification program and a learning management program for general aviation airport managers. A meeting of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Aviation, chaired by West Virginia DOT Secretary Paul A. Mattox met Wednesday September 12. Participants included Committee Vice Chair Dr. John Eagerton (Alabama), Dr. Susan Shea (Illinois), Ashish Solanki (Maryland), Chris Roy (Minnesota), Tommy Booth (Mississippi), Susan V. Chernenko (West Virginia), Mike Klein (Arizona), Ronnie Mitchell (Nebraska), David Gordon (Colorado), Gary Cathey (California), Chris Willenborg (Massachusetts), Debbie Alke (Montana), Frank Farmer (Alabama), Amy Ludwig (Missouri), Pat Morley (Utah), Steve Summers (New Mexico), Vivek Khanna (Oklahoma) and AASHTO Program Manager for Aviation Shayne Gill.

Kathryn Solee, NASAO and Tommy Booth, Mississippi

Susan Chernenko, West Virginia

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal

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Pat Morley, Utah Aeronautics Director, leads the group from the conference hotel to Temple Square to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Sunday Networking Activities Include Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Snowbird By Penny Hamilton Pat Morley and his staff at the Utah Division of Aeronautics started the recent NASAO Annual convention in Salt Lake City on a literal high note by offering participants the opportunity to attend the Sunday live weekly broadcast of the famed “Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music and the Spoken Word� held in the historic Tabernacle on Temple Square which was a short Sunday stroll away from the NASAO conference hotel. This was the 4,330th broadcast and an exciting opportunity to hear the outstanding voices of the 360 choir members, backed-up with the 11,623 pipes of the majestic Tabernacle organ. Before the live broadcast, NASAO members and guests were recognized by the Tabernacle Dave Fulton, Aviation Division Director for the Texas DOT, left and NASAOs Henry Ogrodzinski.

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State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Continued on page 10

NASAO convention attendees had the chance to attend the 4,330th live broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ‘Music and Spoken Word.’

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal

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NASAO Convention attendees gather in the hot

Networking Continued from page 8

moderator and asked to stand to be recognized for their important contributions to building and protecting America’s transportation and aviation network. The message that morning read by the long-time voice of the broadcast, Lloyd D. Newell, that “we can be the instruments of constructive change…we were made with a purpose to make a difference in the world…that positive energy

From left are Ed Young, Kansas, Gary and Susan Chernenko, West Virginia and Dr. John Eagerton, Alabama.

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State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

tel lobby before leaving for the day’s activities.

and action can truly change the world in the way most real change happens: one person at a time,” seemed so appropriate for NASAO leaders because they are committed to strengthening and protecting aviation’s future. After the up-lifting and positive morning, NASAO members and guests were bused to the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in the heart of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Many took advantage of the Continued on page 13

NASAO Executive Board members explore the streets of Salt Lake City.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 11

NASAO Top of the Mountain View at Snowbird

Tommy Booth, Mississippi

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State Aviation Journal

More Photos from Snowbird on the next five pages. 2012 NASAO Special Edition

Lunch was served in the Golden Cliff Room.

Mike Klein, Arizona DOT, at the summit.

Networking Continued from page 11 Aerial Tram which lifts you 2,900 vertical feet over the 1.6 mile cable car ride to Hidden Peak which is 11,000 feet. If the altitude does not take your breath away, the view will. “Several opted for the hike down so they could enjoy the fellowship and wildlife sightings close-up. Others, such as Melissa Rudinger, AOPA Senior VP, were much more adventurous and hiked the entire trail. Other adventurers as Mike Trout, Executive Administrator Michigan Office of Aeronautics, and Chris Roy, Director of Minnesota Aeronautics Office, decided to race down the mountain on the Alpine slide. Sliding down the zip line for a differ-


Kansas Department of Transportation Aviation Division NATIONAL JOURNALISM AWARD


Frank Farmer, Alabama Department of Transportation STATE AVIATION NEWSLETTER AWARD

Bill Orellana, Tennessee Aeronautics Division AVIATION EDUCATION PROGRAM AWARD

Kansas Department of Transportation Aviation Division

Continued on page 17 2012 NASAO Special Edition State Aviation Journal Page 13

Left to right are, Melana Tautkus, SSi, Ed Young, Kansas, Linda and Randy Burdette, Virginia and Melissa Rudinger, AOPA.

Photos by Kim Stevens

From left are Eric Glick, Nevada, Clayton Stambaugh and Louis Camargo with Southern Illinois University.

Gary Cathey, California DOT and David Mula, GCR.

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State Aviation Journal

Maggie Covalt and Kyle Potvin with Applied Pavement Technology.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 15

Posing at the top of the mountain are Gary and Susan Chernenko.

Taking in the view from the mountain top are David Gordon, Sarah Arnold and

Debbie Alke.

Gary and Pam Keidel-Adams ride the Mountain Flyer (zip rider).

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State Aviation Journal

From Alabama, Frank Farmer, left and John Eagerton.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Networking Continued from page 13 ent adventure experience were NASAO President, Henry Ogrodzinski and his guest, Ellen Barrett, among others. Establishing friendships and sharing experiences is very important in developing and maintaining lasting business networking. With that in mind, Jviation sponsored the Continued on page 18

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Mike Trout

Chris Roy

State Aviation Journal Page 17

Kyle Potvin and Sarah Arnold

Pam Keidel-Adams and Dale Williams listen to Victor Bird, right, describe his mountain-top experience.

Networking Continued from page 17 Monday evening experience at The Place Heritage Park. Jviation Principal, Travis Vallin, welcomed NASAO and encouraged participants to enjoy the rustic barbeque and take the train ride through the heritage village. Continued on page 31

From left are Nel Stubbs, David Gordon, Henry Ogrodzinski and Ellen Barrett.

Looking down on Snowbird Center from the Peruvian Chair Lift.

Page 18

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

New Zealand Focus

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 19

Pat Morley and Debbie Alkie cut the ribbon.

From left are Ralph Petragnani, Bill and Linda Orellana and Chase Stockon.

Opening Reception with Exhibitors

Sets Tone for Successful Convention

Candace Spillers-Wood At the OTW Safety booth are from left, Ryan Sueoke, Gary and Susan Chernenko, West Virginia, Raegan Dyke and Marc Christensen.

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) 81st Annual Convention and Tradeshow officially began Sunday night, September 9th at the Salt Lake Marriott Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, with a reception with exhibitors that set the tone for the entire convention. Officials filled the hall following the ceremonial ribbon cutting by host, Pat Morley, Utah Aeronautics Division Director and NASAO Chairman Debbie Alke, to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and refreshments with the 33 exhibitors, some of which were new to the NASAO family. “It was nice to have new companies join us in the exhibit hall,” said Alke. “I would like to sincerely thank our exhibitors and sponsors for their continued financial support of NASAO and our annual convention,” said Christopher Willenborg, NASAO Treasurer and Administrator for the Aeronautics Division of the Massachusetts DOT. Page 20

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Barb Fritsche and Paul Werts

Wayne Seiler and Sabrina Seiler, All About Pavements, talk with Tommy Booth. Luis Carmago, left and Clayton Stambaugh with SIU.

Marc Champigny, left and Ashish Solanki.

From left, David Murla and Tim Basonic with GCR visit with Ronnie Mitchell.

Redefining Airport Consulting Services RESPONSIVE FLEXIBLE PERSONAL

Travis Vallin

900 S Broadway Suite 350 Denver, CO 80209 p: 303.524.3030 f: 303.524.3031

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 21

Susan Chernenko, left and Susan Shea pose in front of the CDM Smith booth. Greg Yarbrough and Scott Sanders are in the background.

2012 NASAO Exhibitors

Bill Withycombe, FAA and Cheri Haynes, XCELAR Dr. John Eagerton, Alabama and John DeThomas, Idaho

Frank Farmer, Alabama and Stephanie Ward, Mead & Hunt

Page 22

State Aviation Journal

Jonathan Moore, Ameriseal of Ohio and Jerry Chism, Arkansas

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Left to right are Kevin Carlson, Vic Bird and Joe Pestka.

Vivek Khanna, left, visits with Melana Tautkus and Steve Haws.

Joseph Navarette, TRB John Bosco, Zodiac Aerospace

William Beller, Cessna

Mike Speidel and Donna Speidel

Gary Cathey and Stephanie Haynes

Jeff Kenner, Aerometric

Barry Cooper and Mike Trout

Stacy Howard, NBAA

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 23

The local law seeks ‘wanted’ men and women amongst the attendees. Inset - The marshall compares the photo on the wanted poster with that of NASAO Chair Debbie Alke.

Local Law Opens Conference, Makes Arrests Guns were a-blazing during the official welcome to Salt Lake City as the local law and a deputized cowpoke herded convention participants from the exhibit hall to the forums area and then entertained the audience with cowboy campfire stories. They also sought out and identified a few NASAO members wanted for questioning, including “Buffalo Booth” Tommy Booth (Mississippi), “Dangerous Debbie” Debbie Alke (Montana), Pat Morley (Utah) and “Jump’n Joe” Joe Pestka (former NASAO Chairman from Missouri).

The Marshall questions Donna and Jim Bildilli

Page 24

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

After herding convention attendees from the exhibit hall to the forums area, the Marshall (shown at left) and cowpoke entertained them with campfire stories.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 25


Pat Morley welcomes the more than 170 registered attendees to Salt Lake City.

NASAO Touts Great Line-Up of Session Speakers The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) annual conference in Salt Lake City, last month, proved to be informative, productive and fun. “This year’s annual conference was a huge success,” said Tommy Booth, newly elected Chairman for NASAO and Director of the Aeronautics Division for the Mississippi Department of Transportation. “Pat Morley and his team in Utah and the NASAO staff put together a very informative meeting.” The topics presented provided an update to various issues impacting aviation today. New to the NASAO line-up this year were representatives from Jeppesen and the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). “It would be tough to top our line-up of informative speakers including Jeppesen’s Mark Van Tine, AUMark Van Tine answers VSI’s Michael Toscano, National questions from the audience. Business Aviation Association’s Ed Bolen and Federal Aviation Administration’s Michael Huerta,” said Henry Ogrodzinski, NASAO President. “We received insight on how technology has assisted the Page 26

State Aviation Journal

Civil Air Patrol cadets from the Utah wing present the colors.

pilot in the cockpit as well as information on aircraft without pilots in the cockpit,” said Booth. “All in all, it was a great time for aviation officials and consultants to network and discuss the issues that impact the aviation industry.” “The conference was also very productive,” said Ed Young, Director for the Kansas DOT’s Division of Aviation and newly elected NASAO Treasurer. “We made progress on two NASAO Center [for Aviation Research & Education] initiatives. We hope to have a State Aviation Official certification program within a year.” Ogrodzinski agreed that the convention was productive. “Dr. John Eagerton’s symposium on the ASSET program, Glenn Rizner’s forum on FAA’s Commercial Space activities and the FAA/NASAO Annual Regional Summit were all outstanding,” said the NASAO President. “The audience also clearly appreciated the Recreational Aviation Foundation’s seminar.”

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Pat Morley, Utah

Michael Toscano, AUVSI

Michael P. Huerta, FAA

Greg Yamamoto, FAA

Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen

Glenn Rizner, FAA

Debbie Alke, Montana

Ed Bolen, NBAA

Ben DeLeon, FAA, left, Stephanie Ward, Mead & Hunt and Marc Champigny, Lewis Berger Group.

Paul Werts, left and Bill Orellana talk with Michael Toscano, right.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 27

FAA Acting Administrator, Michael Huerta addresses NASAO attendees.

Michael Huerta Keynote Luncheon Speaker Michael Huerta, FAA Acting Administrator was the guest speaker for the National Association of State Aviation Officials’ lunch on Monday, September 10th, sponsored by AOPA. In his address, Huerta acknowledged being in lean financial times and that tight budgets will try to divert the FAA from what needs to get done. He also recognized NASAO’s long standing and close working relationship with FAA. After lunch, Administrator Huerta assisted Henry Ogrodzinski as he presented NASAO’s 2012 President’s Award to Barry Cooper and Jan Lebovitz for public service. Both Cooper and Lebovitz have served for many years as FAA liaisons to NASAO while working various aviation issues under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between NASAO and the FAA.

From left, AOPAs Melissa Rudinger and Greg Pecoraro talk with Randy Burdette, Virginia.

Page 28

State Aviation Journal

David Gordon, Colorado and Kathryn Vernon, Northwest Mountain Regional Administrator for the FAA.

FAAs Barry Cooper, left and Janice Lebovitz received the NASAO President’s Award. Michael Huerta assisted NASAO President Henry Ogrodzinski, right, with the award.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Stephen Summers, New Mexico and Stacy Howard, NBAA.

Pat Morley, Utah, left and Tristan Atkins, Washington, visit with Kathryn Vernon, FAA.

Left to right are Harold Summers and James Wisecup with HAI.

Michael Huerta, left visits with Dr. John Eagerton, Alabama.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 29

NASAO’s social agenda included Utah’s living history attraction... the West, just as it was.

‘This is the Place’

Heritage Park

Erik Jensen served as a tour guide at Heritage Park. (Photo by Kim Stevens) Page 30

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition


Henry Ogrodzinsky, left and Travis Vallin

Continued from page 18 Described as Utah’s premier living history attraction, a train conductor/tour guide skillfully described the various areas of the recreated village. Gold panning the way the old prospectors would have done in the Wild West was a hit. As was the Park’s Native American Village which was a joint collaboration of the five tribes of Utah to share their important heritage. Dwellings built to be authentic representations of the culture were visited with a park guide. Blacksmithing, yarn spinning and some of the experimental farm and livery of the early Utah settlers rounded out the evening train tour. The perseverance of America’s early settlers demonstrated at The Place Heritage Park called to mind a quote from John Quincy Adams, “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” A message on which we can all reflect.

Antendees were treated to a barbecue buffet dinner.

Andre Aman, left and Doris Mitchell

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Christopher and Dawn Blum

State Aviation Journal Page 31

Panning for Gold! Among the many attractions at Heritage Park, attendees had the opportunity to search for gold. Inset above - Rick Bryant, left and Mike Corkern display their findings.

Mark Boguski and Sheryl Mayes

On the train, from left, Cheri Haynes, Andre Aman, Penny Hamilton and Jim and Donna Bildilli.

Page 32

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

NASAO guests participating in the Red Butte Botanical Garden floral walking tour enjoyed the many sculptures strategically located throughout the display gardens, walking paths and natural hiking trails. Associated with the University of Utah, Red Butte Garden is the largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West that tests, displays and interprets regional horticulture. Left to right are, Ellen Barrett, Scott Morley, Lynette Morley, Taryn Willenborg and Penny Hamilton.

NASAO Guest Programs Offer Enrichment and Educational Opportunities By Penny Rafferty Hamilton Salt Lake City offers guests a myriad of opportunity to conveniently walk to museums, historic areas, shopping and unique restaurants. Exploring is very easy using the free downtown trolley system. NASAO staff and volunteers, with expert advice from hosts Pat and Lynette Morley, organized a well-rounded guest program with many enrichment and educational opportunities. The world-famous Family History Library and Archives is just a short stroll from the NASAO convention hotel. Guests were given access to the genealogy holdings and provided hands on computer training with several library consultants providing expert instruction. The Family History Library holds extensive collections

of census, birth, marriage, death and other public records. Several levels house maps, books and an entire International collection of records from Canada, British Isles, Africa, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and Latin America. New documents and records are being preserved and digitalized daily. Much information is available on-line at no cost at www., which also offers tutorials to maximize the search of records and documents. This user-friendly site offers forums for researchers to ask questions and provide feedback. Another “hands-on” educational opportunity offered to guests was a Cuban cooking class complete with personal tutoring by local Salt Lake City celebrity chef, Adalberto Diaz. In addition to teaching special techniques to enhance flavor and nutrients of food, “Chef Al” used many local ingredients such as cooking salt from the Great Salt Lake and Utah honey vinegar which is part of the sustainable agriculture and family-owned business program. The guest program continued to offer another full day of education at the beautiful Red Butte Botanical Gardens. Docents provided expert and personal guided tours throughout the many and varied areas of herbs, medicinal and many drought-resistant plantings. Then, a short walk to the new building of the Natural History Museum of Utah next door, which houses extensive collections of native cultures, completed the wellplanned program.

NASAO guests received a personalized Red Butte Garden tour by Tram Driver and Docent, Ann Scott. Wildflowers, roses, herb, medicinal and fragrance gardens were just a few of the features on the educational agenda.

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 33

Members of the Recreational Aviation Foundation provided a brief to NASAO on recreational use statutes.

RAF Updates NASAO on Recreational Use Statutes As part of one of its primary objectives to keep recreational airstrips open, the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is working on a nationwide initiative to amend all state Recreational Use Statutes (RUS) to specifically include aviation activities. RAF President John McKenna, along with RAF’s Utah liaisons Steve Durtschi and Wayne Loeber, recently presented the organization’s RUS initiative to state aviation officials and leaders attending the 2012 NASAO Annual Convention and Trade Show held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in September. McKenna emphasized the importance of GA support in amending the statutes within individual states. “Promoting public access to private land for recreation is the very purpose of a state RUS,” explained McKenna. “Amending the RUS can lead to increased general aviation activity both within the state and by visitors from outside the state. This increased traffic results in amplified aviation economic activity within the state.” Because the current statute is typically vague in regard to aviation activities, McKenna explained, confusion exists among those who would like to access airstrips for recreational opportunities. Most existing statutes cover a specific list of recreational activities. Given that, land owners may be confident that the RUS provides protection from liability for such listed activities as hiking, hunting, Page 34

State Aviation Journal

fishing, snowmobiling, caving, etc.; however, it may not be clear that recreational aviation activities on this same land are covered by the statute. As a result of these ambiguities in the state’s RUS, more often than not, airstrip property owners will decline use of their property out of fear of potential lawsuit liability when asked by pilots if they can land at the airstrip to visit a friend, fish, hunt or camp. To clarify these statutes, McKenna said it’s necessary to add aviation to the listed recreational activities. In addition, where applicable public owners are also covered under these RUS amendments. It is important to note John McKenna that amending the statute does not change the “restricted” or “private” status of the airfield. Pilots must still ask private airfield owners for permission to use their airstrips. However, RAF experience has shown that once such amendments to existing statutes have been made, private-use airstrip owners are

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Ryan Field, Montana. (Photo by O.M. Hines)

more willing to allow public access to their airfields. A good example of the value of this RUS amendment is the state of Maine. Because of the amendment, the community of Fort Kent reopened a long-closed airstrip. In addition to the RUS being of value in getting the airfield back on the charts, the RAF also contributed funds to assist in bringing the field back up to operational status. The RAF has worked with volunteer airstrip advocates, state aviation officials, and state aviation organizations in many states to clearly list aviation in their RUS definitions of recreational activities. In addition to Maine, RAF’s efforts have helped clarify RUS in 15 other states, including AZ, ID, KS, MA, MN, MT, NH, NM, PA, SD, TN, UT, VT, VA and WA. As a result, a great deal of airport infrastructure that might have been under-utilized is now available to general aviation pilots within these states. And RAF RUS amendment efforts are currently underway in a number of other states — both Florida and Illinois have begun the not-so-easy task of amending their statutes

and are now partnering with the RAF to help move their efforts forward. McKenna closed the presentation with a call to action for the GA leaders in attendance to contact the RAF for more information how it can help them amend the RUS in their states.

Fun for the entire family at Ryan Field. (Photo by O.M. Hines)

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 35

State aviation directors met with their fellow directors in their region along with the regional FAA administrator. Inset at left - Kathryn Vernon, Northwest Mountain Region Administrator for the FAA.

3rd Annual NASAO/FAA Summit The 3rd Annual NASAO/FAA Summit was held on Tuesday, September 11th. FAA Northwest Mountain Regional Administrator Kathryn Vernon provided a welcome and Barry Cooper, FAA Great Lakes Administrator provided an overview of the memorandums of understanding (MOU) that currently exist between NASAO and the FAA. After opening remarks, state aviation directors and their staff met with their fellow directors and FAA representatives from their respective regions to discuss current issues facing their states. All nine FAA regions were represented at the summit either by the administrator or their deputy.

Victor Bird, Oklahoma, provided a report on his region’s session. Barry Cooper, Great Lakes Regional Adiminstrator for the FAA stands at the podum.

State directors from FAA Central Region discuss issues impacting their states.

Page 36

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 37

Chris Willenborg

Tommy Booth

Outgoing NASAO Chairman Debbie Alke, recognizes the Board of Directors for 2011/12. David Greene is shown above.

Ed Young

David Gordon

Chair Recognizes 2011/12 Board and Regional Directors

New Officers Introduced at Awards Dinner During the annual convention and business meeting NASAO members elected Thomas M. Booth, Jr., P.E. (Mississippi) 2013 Chairman, Chris Willenborg (Massachusetts) Vice Chairman, Ed Young (Kansas) Treasurer and David Gordon (Colorado) Secretary. NASAO’s 2012 Chairman Debbie Alke (Montana) remains on the executive committee as Immediate Past Chairman. The new officers were introduced during the Tuesday night Annual Awards Dinner.

Susan Chernenko

Randy Burdette

Page 38

Paul Werts

Ronnie Mitchell

Victor Bird

Gary Cathey

State Aviation Journal

Kansas Division of Aviation Director, Ed Young, left, and NASAO President, Henry Ogrodzinski.

The Kansas Division of Aviation was recognized in 2012 for two distinguished awards: The Aviation Education Award, sponsored by the NASAO Center for Aviation Research & Education was awarded to Kansas for their ‘Airport Ops for Cops’ program and the Most Innovative State Program award for the Kansas Airspace Protection Program Aeris Vigilis (Airspace Guardian).

2012 NASAO Special Edition

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 39

Frank Farmer Selected for NASAO Distinguished ciate each of the members for their consideration given to Service Award me this year. I know many state aviation personnel con-

Frank Farmer, left and Dr. John Eagerton

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) selected Frank Farmer, Aeronautics Manager for the Alabama Department of Transportation for the 2012 Distinguished Service Award. The award was presented to Farmer during the association’s banquet on Tuesday night. “It was a great honor to receive the award this year,” said Farmer. “I really appre-

tribute great talents to the aviation industry which makes this award very special. To be included within the list of past recipients is truly humbling.” The state aviation award was established in 1989 by the NASAO board of directors to honor state aviation personnel who have excelled in their service and dedication to aviation progress and development in their state. “It was my privilege to nominate Frank as someone who is a committed professional to the field of aviation management,” said Dr. John Eagerton, Chief of the Aeronautics Bureau for the Alabama DOT. “He has been responsible for many of the accomplishments that Alabama has achieved in improving its airport system in the past fifteen years.” Farmer said he is grateful for the support given to him by Eagerton throughout the more than 16 years he has worked for him. “He has allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow in my aviation career,” said Farmer. “It is rewarding to work for someone with his vision, enthusiasm and love for aviation.” Appreciative of the NASAO award, Farmer said he is looking forward to his continued work in what is sure to be a challenging and exciting future for our industry.

Tennessee Aeronautics Recipient of First State Aviation Newsletter Award The Tennessee Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division was the recipient of the inaugural State Aviation Newsletter Award sponsored by the State Aviation Journal in coordination with the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO). Bill Orellana, Tennessee Aeronautics Director, accepted the award on behalf of the Division from Kim Stevens, State Aviation Journal Publisher. The award, independently judged by a panel of expeContinued on next page. Page 40

State Aviation Journal

Kim Stevens, left and Bill Orellana, Tennessee

2012 NASAO Special Edition

Hamilton Recipient of 2012 National Journalism Award Penny Rafferty Hamilton, Ph.D. was the recipient of the NASAO National Journalism Award, presented this year in Salt Lake City during the National Association of State Aviation Officials’ (NASAO) annual awards dinner. Designed to recognize superior news coverage of aviation issues by both the mass media and the aviation trade press, the award was created in 1997 and given in that first year to a true icon in the aviation print industry, Gordon Baxter, longtime columnist for Flying magazine. “What a blessing for my aviation writing career,” said Hamilton. “The NASAO award is like receiving the Academy Award of Aviation Journalism.” Hamilton said just being mentioned in the same breath as the past recipients, like the late Gordon Baxter of Flying Magazine and his legendary column ‘the Bax Seat,’ the Weiman’s of Midwest Flyer Magazine and Kim Stevens of the State Aviation Journal is so humbling.” For more than 30 years Hamilton has been providing news coverage of aviation in diverse publications such

Newsletter Award Continued from previous page.

David Gordon, Director, Colorado DOT, Aeronautics Division and Penny Hamilton.

as Seaplane Flying, the National Association of Flight Instructors’ Mentor Magazine, the 99s News International Magazine, SW Aviator, the Water Flying Annual and e-magazines like the Aviation Education Journal and the family of magazines published by the State Aviation Journal. In 2011, Hamilton, who lives in Granby, Colorado with her husband Bill, was named to the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame.

rienced public relations and journalism specialists will be presented each year at the NASAO Annual Conference and Tradeshow. The award was created to draw attention to the great work that state aviation officials do in communicating with their customers through the publishing of a newsletter. “Whether it is monthly, quarterly, printed or electronic, the newsletter is a valuable tool in their hands as they promote aviation and the great work they accomplish in their respective states,” said Stevens. 2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 41

NASAO 2012 Salt Lake City, Utah

Congratulations NASAO on a successful convention and tradeshow!

State Aviation Journal

Page 42

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

To everyone who participated in the 81st Annual NASAO Conference: Thank You! It was a privilege for me to host the event, but its success was due to your attendance and support. I sincerely hope your visit to Salt Lake City was both enjoyable and memorable. I look forward to next year when we meet in Sioux Falls, SD. Safe Flying, Pat Morley, Director Utah Division of Aeronautics

2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal Page 43

Page 44

State Aviation Journal

2012 NASAO Special Edition

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State Aviation Journal - 2012 NASAO Special Edition  

State Aviation Journal - 2012 NASAO Special Edition

State Aviation Journal - 2012 NASAO Special Edition  

State Aviation Journal - 2012 NASAO Special Edition