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Chapter 17: The Thyroid and Pregnancy The Normal Thyroid During Pregnancy Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy New Thyroid Nodules in Pregnancy

Chapter 18: Thyroid Conditions and Children Understanding the Onset and Development of Thyroid Function Screening the Newborn Coping with Hypothyroidism in Children Dealing with Hyperthyroidism in Children Diagnosing Goiters in Children Finding Nodules and Cancer in Children

Chapter 19: Thyroid Disease and the Elderly Thyroid Changes in the Elderly Due to Aging and Nonthyroidal Disease Real Thyroid Disease in the Elderly Sources of Confusion in Diagnosis Discovering Hypothyroidism in the Elderly Hyperthyroidism in the Elderly Thyroid Nodules in the Elderly

Chapter 20: Diet, Exercise, and Your Thyroid Guaranteeing Your Best Nutrition Clarifying the Thyroid-Weight Connection Getting Enough Iodine in a Vegetarian Diet Exercising for Your Thyroid Uncovering a New Hormone: Connecting Leptin to Weight Loss and the Thyroid

Part IV : The Part of Tens Chapter 21: Ten Myths about Thyroid Health I’m Hypothyroid, so I Can’t Lose Weight


Thyroid for dummies  
Thyroid for dummies