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Facing the Consequences of Iodine Lack

Mantesh Managing the Problem of Iodine Deficiency Delineating the Drawbacks of Iodization

Chapter 13: Surgery of the Thyroid Deciding If Surgery Is Necessary Finding Your Surgeon Making Final Preparations Before Surgery What Happens During Surgery Considering a New Approach Recuperating After the Operation

Part III : Reviewing Special Considerations in Thyroid Health Chapter 14: The Genetic Link to Thyroid Disease Taking Genetics 101 Probing the Origins of Genetic Thyroid Diseases Viewing the Future of Managing Hereditary Thyroid Disease

Chapter 15: The Thyroid and Your Mental Health The Underactive Thyroid and Your Mood Overactivity of the Thyroid and Your Mind Fighting Depression

Chapter 16: What’s New in Thyroid Treatment? Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism Finding the Right Dose of Hormone Dealing with Hyperthyroidism Assessing Goiters and Nodules Using Antithyroid Drugs Properly Handling Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis Taking New Approaches to Thyroid Cancer Tackling Iodine-Deficiency Disease

Thyroid for dummies  
Thyroid for dummies