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Evaluating Cancer Risks


Securing a Diagnosis Treating Cancerous Nodules Dealing with Nodules That Aren’t Cancer

Chapter 8: Thyroid Cancer Determining What Causes Thyroid Cancer Identifying the Types of Thyroid Cancer The Stages of Thyroid Cancer and the Treatment Options Following up on Cancer Treatment

Chapter 9: Multinodular Goiters: Thyroids with Many Nodules A Multinodular Goiter Grows Up Making a Diagnosis Choosing to Treat It or Ignore It Treating a Multinodular Goiter Dealing with a Goiter Behind the Sternum

Chapter 10: Drugs That Impact Your Thyroid Revealing the Drug-Food-Thyroid Connection Identifying the Effects of Specific Substances Looking At the New Drugs Discovering Whether You’re at Risk

Chapter 11: Thyroid Infections and Inflammation Putting a Face on Subacute Thyroiditis Coping with Postpartum and Silent Thyroiditis Identifying Acute Thyroiditis A Rare Form of Thyroiditis

Chapter 12: Iodine Deficiency and Excess Disease Consuming Iodine in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Realizing the Vastness of the Problem

Thyroid for dummies  
Thyroid for dummies