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Starving Student Movers How to Move with a Budget aided by the help of Starving Student Movers Ascertain your budget. If you're hiring movers, you will need an affordable budget, which will vary according to the size of your move and the distance you are moving. Start by asking friends who did the same move what their overheads were and about the details of their move. If you are informed about the rate details, you can actually make a good comparison and best determine your budget. Make the booking for your move in advance. Usually, you’ll receive better pricing if you book farther in advance. Inquire about special deals or if there are actually cheaper days to move. In general, week days and off-peak days will likely be for a lower rate and not as busy if that is convenient for you. Order Starving Student Movers packing supplies in advance. We supply packing supplies on our website with free shipping to save you money: . This will save you money on gas too as you won’t be driving around seeking supplies. You may also want to stop at the supermarket for scrap boxes. These aren’t the best for keeping your precious items safe, but they come in handy for extra items you didn’t take into account or as packing material for peculiar-shaped items. Invite family and friends over who can help pack and /or unpack. This is usually a good time to gather together since you happen to be moving, and also you are very busy with moving arrangements and final details. Starving Students also provides packing services. If you need assistance packing or unpacking, we are pleased to help. If its light packing, we might even manage to do it on the same day as your move. Before your movers arrive, have your furniture ready for transit. Starving Student movers are professionals. If we see something that necessitates more attentive protection, we will take the initiative and fortify the bubble wrap on table corners for example. Anything it is possible to do to get ready for the arrival of your movers will hurry things up and save you money. Plan the placement of your furniture before the moving day. Plenty of time may be lost with difficult to maneuver items. If your movers have trouble taking a huge couch downstairs for example, they may have to look for an alternate route. Measure furniture and door frames to check that furniture will fit in the new position and decide where you would like it to go. This could help with cable company arrangements too just in case you need new cable connections for your TV. Map the route for your movers. Suggesting the optimal route for the movers to drive to the new location could increase efficiency. Steer clear of traffic and roads which are difficult for trucks to maneuver. Be sure that your movers also know the ideal way to access your new location with your belongings in tow.

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Decide on your budget. In case you are hiring movers, you'll need an affordable budget, which will differ according to the size of your move...