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Bringing Smart Appliances to Life Smart Life is taking the appliances we all use in our homes, in our everyday lives and transforming them into truly innovative consumer technology.

Design Thinking


We don’t believe in incremimental innovation, Smart-

Brand Building

Life completely rethinks and redesigns categories of products from the ground-up; and uses the seismic shift created by move from R&D, to



Market testing to brand building and mass distribution


faster than achievable at any prior point in history. Extend

Our Vision That every appliance on the market from the lightbulb to the toaster, to the humbell door bell can be reimagined; rethought; and made smarter. We love thinking transforming boring products into sexy technology that interacts with your smart phone.

The Journey We’ve already reinvented the desktop scanner; and disrupted it with a product called Taking “smart appliances” to market by levearaging the seiismic shift if commercialisation.

ScanBox; a 1000% funded, $184k Kickstarter project and now being distributed world wide. Our next challenge is to literally reinvent the light-bulb; with our breakthrough patent pending technology LiFi - we think you’ll like it. And that Edison may’ve too.

“New ideas pass through three periods: 1) It can’t be done; 2) It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing; 3) I knew it was a good idea all along!”



We like exploring the intersection between great idea and simple solu-

Arthur C. Clarke

tion for consumers. We don’t reinvent the wheel for the sake of it, we start every project with a genuine question. “How can something something that exists and make the users experience so much better?” This doesn’t always mean hi-tech, for example our first product ScanBox was low-tech, a simple card-box box that has disrupted the scanner market using the smartphone as the driver.

I ScanBox

Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner.

ScanBox began life as a simple idea from our design lab “Lime Mouse” studios, which has evolved to become Smart Life. We saw a simple opportunity that was born of our own frustration with scanners, and looked for an affordable and innova-



tive way to disrupt what had become a fairly archaic piece of technlogy. The idea resonated, and received $184k in 30 days and coverage in publications from The Huffington Post, to Wired Magazine, to Mashable, GizMag and many more.


Control every light in your house with your phone..

The humble lightbulb has remained almost unchanged for 100 years; and the classic inventors paradox “no-need to reinvent the lightbulb” is ingrained into everyone’s lexicon. Well, we don’t agree - we think there is a need, and so do many others as


evident by the success of our latest KickStarter project. We set-out to let consumers retrofit every light in their house with LED bulbs that can be programed, controlled and made smart with your phone. You loved the idea, and this is just the start.



DRIVEN BY INSIGHTS “I think we are at the start of a very interesting revolution in the way

What’s next?

We could tell you, but we’d have to kill you.

that consumer products are getting started up,” says Isaac. “This reminds me of what it was like with software in the early ’90s. You can Whilst this is just a bit of levity, we do believe in creating fun, mistique and intrigue around our products. We believe the most poweful force in marketing is scarcity and we believe in keeping the standards of innovation and execution incredibly

high. We exist to make fun stuff, that people love, so we study how you interact with every-day products in minute detail. From this rises insights, into how we can take that experience and make it better. It’s at the heart of what we do.

now build things, real things, and do it with a small team.” Steven Isaac, TouchFire. #4 Highest Kickstater project of all time.

K The Case Study ScanBox

Whilst we’ve mentioned Scanbox, the case-study is even more interesting than the idea. The $184k raised, represents 1000% funding but this is just the beginning. We believe ScanBox has almost x5-10 potential offline as it does online


1000% Funded

through channel partners, licensing, wholesaling and joint ventures. This is by no means our biggest or strongest project, but it was a great way to start our company and hone the skills required to build a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Benefits

Behind KickStarter.

Whilst much has been written about the crowd-funding platform in recent years; we believe we’re truly of a revolution in the way new consumer technology is brought to market. Examples like the Pebble Watch ($10m) in pre-sales shows the un-

Consumer Revolution

precedented power of a small team like SmartLife to bring innovation to the masses; faster and with less risk than ever before. At no point in history has the consumer ever paid for R&D of consumer technology, with KickStarter they’re doing everday.



This is just beginning. Although Design is most often used to describe an object or end result,

The Opportunities Moving beyond the start.

Design in its most effective form is a process, an action, a verb not a noun. A protocol for solving problems and discovering new opportuniIn addition to KickStarter, the other major platform for building a successful company is AngelList. AngelList gives entreprenerus access and exposure to the brightest entrepreneurs and and angel investors. Each SmartLife project is a stand-alone

Delaware LLC with the IP retained by our holding company. We believe in crowd-funding 1st; and then angel-funding second to take our technology from early-adopters and with views to scaling each brand to become a top of mind category killer.

ties. Techniques and tools differ and their effectiveness are arguable but the core of the process stays the same.

D User Driven

Products for real people.

Design for us, is a process - it’s not a suck it and see approach to innovation. We believe in analysing exactly how technology is used and peoples relationship with it. We then look for ways to adapt, to shape that experience and to create a brand that



people find interesting; clever and aligns with the early adopters need to demonstrate their own values and beliefs through smart products. This process all happens well before each concept is born. It lets us consider which project to tackle next.


It’s our core belief.

This is a “tear-down” approach that we use to deconstruct traditional products and traditional ideas. We’ll bust open a toaster to understand the inner componetary to look at all the assumptions that were made when this product was created - and


look for tell tale signs of laziness or convention that could be improved. The old motto, “if it aint broke don’t fix it.” is the exact opposite of how we look at products, seeing each one as opportunity for an improved user experience.



DESIGN THINKING Whilst our innovation begins and is ultimatey funded by the crowd,

The Narrative

Every product has a story

e.g. by our customers, this is only the beginning of life for each of our brands. The challenge and the opportunity is to take these exciting We believe that every product and every category has a story to tell, and we work hard on that narrative. Every consumer product has evolved over a long-period of time, we like to go back and story board that narrative, then look to the future to see

what that product could look like, indeed should look like today. If we look at the narrative of TV’s from black and white; to colour, then from Cathode Ray to Flatscreen to SmartTV, we begin to see how each product evolves and becomes smarter.

starts and turn each into stand-alone, consumer brands with selective but mainstream distribution.

D Online

Through selected and premium niche retailers.

KickStarter has opened up a direct path to early-adopters hearts and minds like never previously before. With some projects exceeding $10m sales in less than a month, we’re truly on the precipice of the way consumer technology is made, bough



and sold. This can be further leveraged through selected stockists. Scanbox will soon begin appearing at selected and highly targetted online stores over the next months. We’re excited to see how this continues to build the brand and bottom line.


Through major partners.

Whilst the power of KickStarter and online commerce are fascinating, we don’t for a second discount the power of traditional retail when coordinated carefully with the right partners. Our groundswell marketing, public relations and brand build-


ing give us the impetus to drive major retail presence and orders from stockists across the globe. Don’t be surprised to see SmartLife products move from online, to speciality retailers as we believe in democratising access to smart appliances.

D Licensing

Entering new markets, and building brands with IP management.

Our brands are the life blood of our business, but we remain focused on our core strengths wich is ideating, kickstarting and creating these brands. Whilst online and offline partners form a key part of our growth strateghy, licensing our IP,



patents, trademarks and brands to selected partners will form a large part of our strategy. Our approach to IP is inspired by toy companies; and fashion labels who establish their brand then leverage across multiple categories.

Our Brands

Are being built to last.

Intellectual Property

We’re not setting out to sell widgets; extended or leveraged into compliwe’re here to create lasting consum- mentary areas. er brands that people love for their simplicty, innovation and smarts. We’re working with tier 1 partners to manage these brands, just as a toy Brands that people remember; that company like Hasbro manages their stand alone and can be licensed; properties like Transformers.

Smart Life Design Laboratory LLC T. +1 090 234 56 78 F. +1 090 234 56 78 @. W.


SmartLife overview.

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