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Social Networking Software The regions leading provider of online community platforms™

“No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in networks” – Levy 1997

What is Media Market? We are: The specialist developer of social network software & strategy for organisations and brands. We deliver: Fully customised social networks in verticals such as associations, media, publishing, professional services, sport, entertainment, brands, NGO’s and member based organisations. Key technology: Connect Social™ Publish Social™ Micro Social™ & The Media Market Ad Platform (MMAP). Why us? One word. ENGAGEMENT. Software is only a part of the solution. Our focus on engagement ensures our communities grow and deliver value to the audience and owner with measurable ROI.

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Media Market’s Products & Services   Connect Social™

  Publish Social™

Connect Social is a fully customisable social network that lets you engage and interact with your audience, fan or members in a controlled environment. Imagine the ability to tap the collective intelligence of your audience, create groups, events, contacts, friends, share resources and more in a controlled environment, where you own the data.

Publish Social is a powerful, easy to use CMS (Content Management System) that lets you update your website with ease & build your audience with inbuilt social tools – such as Facebook Connect. This ensures your site and content gets found, shared, tracked and analyzed – providing you real opportunities to increase ad revenue.

  Micro Social™

  MMAP™ - Media Market Ad Platform

Marketers, brand managers or ad agencies looking to set-up attractive, sharable mini-sites with ease choose - Micro Social™ Micro-social sites are built fast, include full social integration, landing page analysis and analytics so you can track, measure and evaluate the success of your campaign and build a database of potential customers.

MMAP – gives you unprecedented control of your onsite advertising. MMAP tracks, measures, analyzes and reports visitor data and provides options to monetize your web inventory; including Pay Per Click, CPM (Cost Per Thousand), CPA (Cost Per Action) It’s powerful, easy to use and Media Market can even design and deliver online creative for you, or your clients.

Connect Social™ Key Features


  Fully customized branded social network.

  Connects staff, members, audience or fans in a safe and secure environment.

  Let’s members add a friends, form groups, create events, share ideas, communicate and collaborate in real time.

  Allows real-time connections, idea sharing, information flow and networking within your group.

  Links seamlessly with Facebook connect enabling rapid sign up.

  Enables members to harness the power of your network and engage easily.

Publish Social™ Key Features


  Social CMS system for publishers and marketers.

  Faster, easier digital publishing.

  Simple to update, easy to manage and monetize.

  Increased revenue via the Media Market digital ad platform.

  Integrates with Connect Social which delivers content and connections.   Designed to allow audiences to participate, create and share content not just consume it.

  Provides more reasons for audience to visit your site.   Improves page views, time on site, impressions and other key ad metrics.

Micro Social™ Key Features   Rapid deployed micro site for competitions and events.   Social integration and sharability.   Easy to redesign, customize and redeploy.

Benefits   Fast turnaround and rapid set-up gives marketers more flexibility and options when designing contests.   Audiences can share the competition with friends and connections online.   Campaign went well? Repeat or modify slightly with ease.

Media Market Ad Platform Key Features


  Open X Ad Platform.

  World class ad serving platform.

  Full analytics and click data.

  Flexibile and accountable ad solutions for your clients.

  CPC, CPM and CPA metrics.

  Reach a broader audience of media buyers through our Media Market.

  Enables flash, HTML5, and many other formats.   Digital creative provided at low cost to MM clients.

  Easy to integrate with Google adsense – meaning you’re ad revenue is optimized.

When you recruit someone, or get someone to join your network – you’re actively reaching their network.

Further services:   Digital strategy: getting your audience to interact and engage online.   Bespoke web development: creating custom social sites for tier one clients.   Digital creative: delivering idea’s and interactive ways to reach your audience.   Product development: creating new stand alone digital products for your business.   Ad optimization: helping you get better value for your existing online ad space.   Digital publishing consulting and implementation.

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