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Shameet (L) met his Vheda Health co-founder Philip Rub while the two worked at Resolution Health.

Shameet Luhar & Philip Rub vheda health

They Worked for Insurers, Then They Built a Way to Save Them Millions, Through High Tech, High Touch Care "

AS EARLY AS HIGH SCHOOL, Shameet Luhar knew

he was headed towards a career in healthcare. But the pieces didn’t fully gel until one weekend when he was 29. Shameet and his co-worker (and co-founder) Philip Rub took the seed of an idea Shameet had been developing in grad school and in two caffeine-fueled days drafted a business plan for a pitch contest. That plan – which got them to the contest’s quarterfinals – was the beginning of Vheda Health. The idea was for Shameet and Phil to take their experience as health insurance consultants after their previous company, Resolution Health, got purchased by WellPoint (now Anthem), to create a better kind of compliance company. And that’s what they did. Now, when they walk in the door to talk to a new health plan, it’s with the knowledge that they can save that plan more than $17K per member per year, on av-


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erage. They do it through a combination of high-touch hardware, software and services such as member identification, remote monitoring and live health coaching/outreach that drives behavior change, saving health plans money. But the secret sauce? Data. Vheda Health can look at massive population health data sets and identify the right populations that yield at least a 3:1 ROI for Vheda Health’s specific intervention programs, such as heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, behavioral health and more. Shameet, a Maryland-native who returned to his home state to set up shop, is just getting started. Good enough to lock in the second largest health insurer in the US and a former employer. StartUp Health sat down with Shameet and talked about his entrepreneurial motivations, the uniqueness of his product, and his “aha!” moment.


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