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Global Fellowship Program

Global Fellowship Program


Startup Generation Global Fellowship Program Overview: The Startup Generation Global Fellowship Program brings together the world’s most enterprising young leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing entrepreneurship in their communities, countries or internationally. The Fellowship connects young leaders with each other and with the world’s foremost experts and catalysts in entrepreneurship through a six-month online, project-based learning Fellowship supported by some of the world’s most esteemed academic institutions and market players.

Vision: The Global Fellowship Program is positioned to become the most highimpact global entrepreneurship program in the world to fuel a generation of global, entrepreneurial leaders who will be catalysts for positive change in their communities and countries.

Aim: This Fellowship and Network will accelerate the development and connectivity of transformative leaders, amplifying their impact on the Global Startup Movement through association, knowledge-sharing, virtual learning, powering networks, best practice contribution and adoption, and mentorship.

The Global Fellowship Program: •

Attracts the most influential and dynamic entrepreneurial youth in the world;

Influences global trends and policy and supports impact entrepreneurship projects;

Provides a practical learning environment aligned with today’s most salient demands on young global leaders;

Builds an alumni of Fellows who support each other in contributing to and meeting legacy objectives; and,

Partners with the world’s leading academic institutions, mentors and market leaders.

Global Fellowship Program


Program Overview The Startup Generation Global Fellowship Program brings together the world’s most dynamic young leaders and provides them with a virtual, collaborative environment to share, learn and innovate. Run in partnership with some of the world’s premiere academic institutions and global leaders, this Program focuses on advancing the leadership and entrepreneurial acumen of the Fellows, as well as accelerating their local, national and global projects. The Program curriculum consists of six expert, practitioner-led modules. Each monthly module is complemented by facilitated peer-mentorship sessions, assignments and real-life project development.

Module 1 - Leadership in the 21st Century • • • • •

Leadership – From the Inside, Out Mobilizing High-Impact Teams Diplomacy, Strategy and Enchantment Personal Branding and Professional Development A Day in the Life of a World Leader

Module 2 - Entrepreneurship without Borders •

Entrepreneurship & Education without Borders

The Global Startup Movement – Now and Tomorrow

Future Forecast – Markets, Society and Technology

Spatial Transformation – Galactic Communities & Clusters

Module 3 - The Startup Eco-System, Clusters & Networks •

Startup Ecosystem 101 – Players, Motivations, Flows and Levers

Mobilizing a Startup Ecosystem – Governance, Power and Influence

Startup Nations, Cities and Programs of the World

Module 4 - Innovative Business Models & Sustainability •

Paths to Project Sustainability & Growth

New Startup Business Models

Social Impact Business Models

Creativity, Innovation and Thinking Outside of the Box

Module 5 Visibility, Marketing, PR & Communications •

Branding, Visibility and Media 101

The Art of Story Telling and Network Building at the Level of the Local and the Global

The Expert from the Outside

Global Fellowship Program

Social Media and the Democratization of Information

Razzle-Dazzle Them – Traditional Print and Broadcast Media

Creating your Own Media Property


Module 6 - Annual Guest Lecture •

Commencement Address by Global Leader

Who are the Fellows? The Global Fellows are selected from a pool of ambitious applicants aged 18 to 32 from anywhere in the world who are currently spearheading projects, startups, organizations or activities with strong mandates to drive transformational change through advancing micro or macro entrepreneurship.

How to become a Fellow? Prospective Fellows can apply at The selection process is based upon accomplishment and potential and is highly competitive. Applicants granted Fellow status will have demonstrated vision, capability, passion and commitment to making a significant impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem within their community, country of residence or globally. They will have an active forward-thinking and difference-making project or startup that serves toward the advancement of the entrepreneurship movement. Applicants must: •

Be aged 18-32;

Be committed to a minimum 8 hours per month of active participation in the program;

Commit to attending monthly learning sessions and peer-mentorship sessions online;

Deliver monthly blog / vlog ruminations for publication on;

Clearly articulate how the program will advance their leadership, knowledge and professional acumen and accelerate the growth of their project’s impact; and,

Demonstrate the impact their project will have on the entrepreneurial movement at the local, national or global level.

Global Fellowship Program


Certification Upon completion of the six-month program, providing that the Fellow has attended all elements and completed all deliverables, Startup Generation will award Fellowship Certificates in association with its partner academic institutions to the Fellows.

Alumni Network Upon successful completion of the program, Fellows are inducted into the Startup Generation Alumni Network where they can continue working with and learning from their peers. Based on the progress of their project over six months, the alumni network may be granted access and support to crowd-fund their projects via

Cohort 1 Only 24 top young leaders will be invited to participate in the first Cohort. The first Cohort of the Startup Generation Fellowship Program runs November 2013 to May 2014.

Tuition Applicants accepted into the six-month fellowship program are responsible for covering tuition of $295 CDN. Three scholarships will be awarded within each cohort for deserving candidates who could not otherwise participate.

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Global Fellowship Program


Global fellowship program