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The Universe

By; Daya

Conditions for life Water- Liquid water is the first condition for life. Temperature must be warm. Meteorological features- The atmosphere and the ozone layer contrubute to soften the temperatures. Live would not be possible under very extreme meterological conditions. Atmosphere- The atmosphere and the ozone layer protects us from solar harmful rays. It works like a greenhouse.

Gravity- Earth's suitable gravity contributes to

keep the atmosphere and the liquid water in the oceans. Chemical compounds- Chemical compounds such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen are assential to enable life on a planet.

First living cells- The first living cell developed

in water, similar to algae. Bacteria were one of the first forms of life on Earth. Plants and animals got adapted to the life on land because the ozone layer was already formed and protecteed them. If you look at any animal, you will realise that its body is adapted to the place it lives and the food it eats.

My Imaginary Planet Planet; Wind red 1-My planet is located 800.000.500Km from the sun. 2-My planet has this name because is one planet covered with fire and lava, and in this planet is incredible wind. 3-My planet is very small conpared to other planet, is larger than Pluton but smallest than Mercury. 4-It orbited from the sun to 983.870.000km 5-The diameter of the planet is 91 765,3 Km 6-The planet mass is 1,27·1087kg1 7-My planet has moons, It has 8 moons. 8-They are 449, 597, 870,7km from the Earth to my planet. 9-In my planet the year has 6 month and one month has 29 days 10-In my planet one day has 28 hours. 11-I didon't see fron the Earth 12-My planet is made lava rock. 13- The surface of my planet is rock, fire sea and mountains 14- The planet doesn't have atmosphere 15- In my planet the temperature in the fire sea is to 50ºC, in the rock to 30ºC and in the mountains to 15ºC. 16-In my planet live animals adapted to high temperatures, especially birds.

Mars ·Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system. ·Named after the Roman god of war, Mars,it is often described as the “Red Planet” as the iron oxideprevalent on its surface gives it a red dish appearance. ·Mars is located 227.940.000Km from the sun and 55,7 millons km from the Earth. ·The Mars mass is 6,4185x1023Km. ·This planet has moons, it has 2 moons. ·Mars is made rock, red rock. ·In Mars the average temperature is 63.15Cº ·In the solar system Mars, is the third smallest planet, from behind to Mercury and Venus. ·The diameter of Mars is 6794Km ·Mars is a terrestial planet that consistes of minerals containing silicon and oxigen, metals and other elements that typically make up rock.

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Global Warming

The 20th century ended with an average global temperature that was 0.6 degrees Celsius higher that the start of the century. Many people belive that the changes in the weather are due to global warming. The fact is that the Earth is warming up because certain gases in the atmosphere are incrasing, particulary carbon dioxide and methane and CFC chemicals. Global warming may be a big problem, but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer. Many things, like computers, Tvs, stereos and VCRs, have special labels on them.

Conclusions I think the universe is awesome, everything in it is fascinating, and we have care more our planet, because otherwise we will end up destroying. I think that there is life outside our planet, much closer than we think, because the universe is very big, and fantastic.

In the universe are stars, constellations, planets, meteors, comets and many more wonderful and exciting things that we can not imagine.

Astronomy is fantastic and thanks to it we can discover things about the universe unimaginable.

The Universe  

this is a one descripcion to the Universe

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