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Start is a weight management programme for children and young people in Kirklees who are aged 5-16yrs. The Start programme is free and uses a combination of healthy eating, physical activity and behavior change to teach children and their families how to live a healthier life. All children and their families enrolled on the Start programme will receive one to one support in order to assist them in setting goals and educating them on how to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. These families will also receive a discount on some activities for example Teen Gym and swimming at Kirklees Active Leisure Sports Centre’s. By enrolling on Start, families are also able to access healthy lifestyle programmes such as; MEND 5-7 and MEND 7-13.

Booking on Start If you would like additional information about Start or MEND or would like to book an appointment please contact us at 01484 234096; alternatively send us an email at

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2 Start Activities

Start In T he Park


e ports C entr S ry u b s w e Location: D —5:15pm m p 0 Time: 4:3 ays Day: Mond year olds Age: 8-14 ard ith a KAL c Cost: £1 w C entre eld Sports fi rs e d d u H Location: m pm—5:30p Time: 4:30 esdays Day: W edn ar olds ye Age: 7-14 ard ith a KAL c w 1 £ t: s o C include: Activities tive games c a & s s e tn ession Sports, fi r summer s

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the e same as th is n io s u t with an u Half day F b s n io s s e ion s ming weekly Fus r for time in the swim ou additional h pool.

A day of f un Kirklees fo , free activities at p ar r children on Start a ks in wider pub nd the lic. Activities c Tennis, Ba an include: sk Guided ad etball, Mini Olymp ic venture w alk’s, Arch s, Treasure ery, Hu and many nt’s, Bush Tucker T rial’s more.

e Holiday SchSechm healthy eme is a two day

The Start H oliday designed to improve the me aged lif estyle program ren/young adults ild ch of s es n fit health and 8 – 14. de: al Activities inclu d more tradition an l al b ch en B l. l, D odgebal all and bas ketbal b et n l, al b ot fo eational sports such as fitness and recr e or m e ar ed ud Als o incl rcuits, gym ch as walking, ci su es iti tiv ac ed ise sessions bas cational FoodW du E g. in m im and sw healthy al information on also give practic eating.

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April 2012 April 2013

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5- 7 D N E M

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am progr e l y t fes ing lthy li ight. a e h includ e d E l w r E o y w a FR a health END M - 7 is nd t e 5 v n o e D tive a ffer c i a d MEN ho are ab g a isit epin w will v s ea! s. ut ke olds o d l i b h a e week n rc h r t n u a r e o t e e l y r d o way. week ren to nd un eek f Each pirates a the child nterac tive onc e a w i lp n e, nd spac dudes he lthily in an te s essio ildren. ups a h r u a o c e n r i e r p i g h u m e S h 5 re le. sion with t g mo our 4 iscus ier lif esty d eatin ves a 1 h rs attend t lth ren e ol g, pa tain a hea n It inv ts and c ar i t s , a n t n mber food p you mai e t , Pare p y e a l p el in S active we c an h rting a g t n s i , n s es bi C om workshop c ours w e n y l the fami e on . c a l p m ur ok yo ct the tea o b o a t T e c on pleas



MEN D to 13 7- 13 is a FREE year olds who a healthy l if e re ab Activ iti ove a style pro gr week es on ME healt hy we amme f or , labe ND i nclud a gro l read ight. 7 u e 2 f i un ac The p rew ard ng, f ood a fi ti t sessi rst time t the end o as ting, su vity s essi p that o on in f H udd the prog ermarket ns per c orpo were r t e a r o ur an childr all abou ated in t rsfield M mme. d E ND t wa he p en th rogra ter c e s ki exciti h ad a m o lls n the s g way. Th they ne nfidenc e me, the s swim e e a e positi ssions an children d to s wim nd teac h essions d v g in from e impact i would like ave posit but in a g the i t has f MEN v u e t n an f ee D s ai had o o do mor d: e wh dback abo d n the ic ir live Than s. Tw h shows ut k you the o to all partic ipant the te s ache r s an d sup M EN ‘”It i porte D”’ s ver r s at y goo d and you l earn mor e ”



School Activi


High & k n a B h ig H


in ently working rr u c re a m a n The Start te nd H igh T ow a k n a B h ig tH Livers edge a fun physic al activity g n . ri e School off young people d n a n re d il h c school sessions for to c ome into d e it v in re ting a Parents in healthy ea rt a p e k ta to lots of for 6 weeks they will learn re e h w s p o works h althily. ow to eat he h n o s p ti l fu us e

Mill Lane Quote “We would be happy to recommend this project to other schools. Haseeba and Lee were excellent at making the learning fun and engaging for all children in the group”

e Mill Lan

g engagin n e e b e hav Y rt team J, I, E & e n a L The Sta l Mil y dren at a H ealth h g u with chil o r y th n in Batle e childre h T . b School lu C took ichment ting and a e y Lif e Enr h lt ea eek about h s each w e m learned a g e d un activ fruits an w e n part in f g rin se as explo o all tho t e n as well o d ll les. (W e e! ) vegetab althy Lif e H in t r k pa who too


Longley sc hool The team ha ve rec ently b een working Longley Sch in ool deliverin g fun multisp activities for o rt children with dis otherwis e kn own as “Flam abilities e Club” Longley Sc hool – Flam e Club “The Flame Club is a gre at way for students to e xercis e, dev e lop skills, improve c om munic ation w hilst learning about H ealth and Fitness along the wa All this deliv y. ered by the F lame cub wit enthusiasm h and support”

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Active Clubs

lubs Active C

Dewsbur y Sports

kill er multi s th o d n a s . The game art in fun denc e and fitness the p e k ta n c onfi ble at Childre help build rd, availa r suita to c s L ie A it K v acti ith a wea osts £1 (w equired to session c e). C hildren are r of water. le ntr sports c e g and bring a bott in orts C enp able cloth S g in w e f ollo plac e at th e k ta s b Active Clu tre’s:

t Sports Whitcliffe Moun Centre

entre Mount Sports C fe lif tc hi W n: io Locat 5:30pm Time: 4:30pm— Day: Tuesdays olds Age: 5-13 year KAL card a Cost: £1 with ntac t the ation, pleas e co rm fo in e or m or F 01274 335130 sports centre on



Location: D Time: 11.0 ewsbury Sports C e ntre 0am-11.4 5am Day: Satu rd Age: 5-12 ay mornings year olds Cost: £1 with a KA L c ard

For more informatio n, pleas e sports c en c ontac t th tre on 019 e24 32502 0




Sport Locat s Cen ion: H udder Time: tre s 4:00p Day: m—5: field Sports Thurs C entr days 00pm e Age: 5 Cost: -7 year olds £1 wit h a KA L c ard For m ore in f or sports c entre mation, ple a on 01 484 2 s e c ontac t 23630 the








Half Day Fusion

24th July

Huddersfield Sports Cen- 12.00noon—2.00pm £2.50

Half Day Fusion Stirley Farm Event

29th July

Dewsbury Sports Centre 1.00pm—3.00pm


31st July

Stirley Farm



Half Day Fusion

5th August

Dewsbury Sports Centre 1.00pm—3.00pm


Holiday Scheme

7th and 8th August Newsome High School

Half Day Fusion

12th August

Dewsbury Sports Centre 1.00pm—3.00pm

Half Day Fusion Oakwell Hall Event

14th August

Huddersfield Sports Cen- 12.00noon—2.00pm £2.50

19th August

Oakwell Hall, Birstall

Holiday Scheme

21st and 22nd Au- Dewsbury Sports Centre 9.00am—3.30pm

Half Day Fusion

28th August



£5.00 per day £2.50

FREE £5.00 per day

Huddersfield Sports Cen- 12.00noon—2.00pm £2.50

Start In The Park Summer fun events Session





Start in The Park 24th July 2013

Crows Nest Dewsbury

10.00am—1.00pm 1.00pm—3.00pm

FREE £1—Explorer Walk

Start in The Park 25th July 2013

Greenhead Park Huddersfield

10.00am—1.00pm 1.00pm—3.00pm

FREE £1—Explorer Walk


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Hudder sfield & De the sum mer we wsbury Fusion ek endin will clo g : 21s t July 2 se for And wil 013 l st 2nd Sep art again week b eginnin tember g: 2013 But ma ke Park an sur e you stay d Summ a er even ctive at our St ts art In T he


New Brand new! Stirley Farm visit The Start team are excited to be able to offer a free trip to Stirley Farm in Newsome on 31st July to children and their families involved in the Start programme. The day will begin at Newsome High school at 9.30, where there will be a guided short walk up to the farm. A whole day of activities are planned up until 3.30pm when the group will return to Newsome High School. To book please phone the Start Team on 01484 234096.

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book 1: S e ! arch f or “S tartKi Step rklee 2: Lik s” e tips on k our page ee well — f f eedb ping act or updates i v ac k w elc om e and e and ating e Step

Start Active W e now have a ne w programme bein g piloted for children aged 2-4 years which is runn ing at 2 Children’s C en tre’s. The free prog ramme started at Batley C entral Children’s C entre and Paddock Villa ge H all and ran for 8 weeks . Families en gaged in active play , tasted a new fruit an d vegetable each w eek and crèche provisio n gave parents/care rs the opportunity to learn about leading a he althier lif estyle. Sessions included looking at exploring the 5 food grou ps, increasing activ e time for children, tacklin g fussy eating and much more. W e have rece ived lots of positive feedback from the famili es attending and th e groups are enjoying the programme.

Recipe a nd Holiday Egg Head

Contact us!


Step 1: With the back of a butter knife, crack an egg into a bowl by giving it a firm tap close to the top of the egg!

Step 2: Carefully separate the two parts of the shell and ask an adult to give the larger part a good wash

Step 3: Wet a piece of kitchen roll then screw it up inside the shell.

Step 4: Next, wet a thin piece of cotton wool and put this on top of the kitchen roll.

Coming this September!!

Family Active Location: Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre Age: 8-16 years (8-13 years must be accompanied by a parent/carer, 14-16 optional) Activities include: SHOKK combat, rebound, circuits, dodgeball and many other activities Cost: Free

Step 5: Scatter a layer of cress seeds on top of the cotton wool then sprinkle some water on top.

Step 6: Rest the eggshell in the base of your egg box or in an egg cup, and then do the same with some more eggshells.

Step 7: Leave in a warm, light place and sprinkle with drops of water every day - the cress should start to sprout in two days.

Step 8: As your cress starts to grow, draw a face on each shell.

Step 9: Once the cress is about 5cm tall (in about a week), snip it off with some clean scissors.

Contact for a FREE Consultation:

Step 10: Now you can use it to make a

Tel: 01484 234096 Web:

cress and boiled egg sandwich!


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