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Welcome to the Winter edition of the Start Newsletter! It has been a busy year for the Sport and Physical Activity Development Team and this newsletter is our way of capturing all the great things you have been involved in and letting you know about new opportunities that are coming up in 2014. Take a look inside for more stories, ideas on how to keep active and healthy this winter, and to find out what other things you can get involved in for the New Year! Thanks for reading – please visit our Facebook page at StartKirklees for more updates and news, give us some likes and pass it on to your friends! you will also be able to access information on healthy lifestyle programmes such as; Ready Steady Go, Start Holiday Schemes and lots more helpful advice and tips on keeping healthy.

Booking on Start: If you would like additional information about Start or would like to book an appointment please contact us on 01484 234096; alternatively send us an email at


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Start Activities Fusion Fusion is a 60 minute activity session, specially designed for children and young people on the Start programme aged 7-14 involving new games and activities from sports skills and circuits to boxing and swimming. It is a great opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills and increase their confidence! No booking required. Location: Dewsbury Sports Centre Time: 4:30pm—5:15pm Day: Thursdays Age: 7-14 year olds Cost: £1 with a KAL card Location: Huddersfield Sports Centre Time: 4:30pm—5:30pm Day: Wednesdays Age: 7-14 year olds Cost: £1 with a KAL card

Holiday Scheme The Start Holiday Scheme is aimed at young people aged 8 – 14 who are on the Start Programme. Examples of activities include:   

Fun games such as dodgeball and benchball Sports skills e.g. football, netball and basketball Fitness and recreational based activities such as walking, circuits, gym and swimming Educational FoodWise sessions also give practical information on healthy eating


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February 2014 Half term Holiday Scheme February 2014 Holiday scheme will be at: Dewsbury Sports Centre 2 days Cost: £5 per day Time: 9am -3.30pm

To book your place contact the team on 01484 234096

Ready Steady Go!


Ready Steady Go The Sport and Physical Activity Development team and Kirklees Active Leisure have been working hard to develop a brand new programme called Ready Steady Go. Ready Steady Go (RSG) is a FREE, healthy lifestyle eight week programme for families with children aged 2 -13 years. Families come together in a fun and exciting environment to get active and learn new ideas and tips to work towards a healthier lifestyle. To book your place on the programmes below, contact the team on 01484 234096

RSG 4-7yrs

RSG 2-4yrs Each week (includes the following:) 

Tots – Bee – Fit fun: active play for children and their parents

Munch Time: helping children explore new fruits and vegetables…great for fussy eaters!

Parents workshops including: the five food groups, tackling fussy eating, taming tantrums, play ideas and much more!

Free crèche for children during the parent/ carer workshop in Children’s Centres.

Weekly session duration: 1hour 30minutes

RSG 7-13yrs Each week (includes the following:) 

Sport Zone: Instructor led multi sports session, aiming to improve skill, confidence and fitness.

Snack Time: a chance to socialise with the group and introduce new fruit and veg

Family workshop: Be Food Smart, Ready Steady Shop, Sugar Snacks, Goal Setting and more.

Weekly session duration: 2hours


Each week families take part in: 

Family time: Interactive sessions with parents and children to learn about ways to create healthier lifestyles

Munch Time: helping children explore new fruits and vegetables…great for fussy eaters!

Parent/Carer workshops: Key lifestyle topics such as Magic Meals, Less Rest More Play and Snack Attack

Planet Play: each week visiting a different planet for a new adventure! (children only)

Weekly session duration: 2hours

Summer Activities of 2013 s n o i s u F y a Half D

Start r holidays, e m m u s e t th nd Throughou s in North a n io s u F y a hour ran half d These are 1 wed by . s e le k ir K South rts hall follo ll o p s e th in were we activities swim. They n n fu r u o h ith all childre a1 w s a re a th bo n the attended in out for whe h tc a w o S . are having fun ay Fusions d lf a h f o t e next s our area. running in y

Stirley Farm e! W e Start Programm e th r fo st fir r vel e Anoth a whole new le to s e iti iv ct a n vent, took our fu r Stirley Farm e u o d ce u d o tr in and rkshire nership with Yo working in part ot Wildlife Trust. ding, this was n n e tt a n re ild r ch With 15 nturous event fo ve d a d n a g n iti al. It only an exc mely education re xt e o ls a s a w us but rtunity to ipants the oppo ic rt a p r u o ve a m fresh g ole process fro h w e th ce n et e ri expe ing a supermark m co e b to ck o on and live st rtainly a hands ce s a w is th , ct u prod day!


Summer Star t Holiday Schem e Start Holiday Schemes were run for 2 days at Dews bury Sports C entre and Newsome Hig h School. W h ilst on the Holiday Sche mes the child ren took part in active gam es s sports skills, fu uch as dodgeball, n swims, walk s to Castle Hill and foodw ise sessions. If you are inte rested in your child partaking in th e next Holiday Scheme, it will be run at a site in North Kirklees in the February Half Term. More details w ill be sent out closer to the date.

Start In The Park This summer Start held three further St art In The Park events, they were fun filled da ys cram packed with lots of exciting gam es and activities. Greenhead Park, H uddersfield kick star ted off the year with S tart in The Park ev ent followed by Crow Nes t Park and Oakwel l Hall, in total the events brought in approx. 500 spectators and parti cipants.



As many people know the Rugby League World Cup 2013 had a number of games that were held in Huddersfield at the John Smiths Stadium. The Start Programme held a competition in celebration of this spectacular event. The winners experienced a great day, watching England play against Ireland. Ryan Hall England scored a hat– trick of tries and won man of the match as England beat Ireland in what was a very entertaining match!

nd I a s e m e Ja m i t t s mes Wha r a i J f . e e r h t o t a br h bef c t “It was illian a S m a a t o u t way t d r d n n ay af to spe ever bee of shouting a s ternoo nd a a n” s w d t a o a l h did ow w n even k s o t a w g , n e e tim wanti h t l l a oo” g t n i n o n e w p hap land g n E t ha better t


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Baked leeks and ham/chicken in cheese Preparation time: 15 mins Cooking time: 35 mins Ingredients: 6 leeks trimmed and washed well 180g sliced wafer thin ham or chicken pieces 35g plain flour 20g low-fat spread 300ml semi-skimmed milk 75g reduced fat mature cheddar cheese grated 1 tsp wholegrain mustard 1 pinch ground black pepper What to do: 1. Cook the leeks in a large saucepan of simmering water for about 10-12 minutes, until just tender. Drain well in a colander - it helps if you leave them for a few minutes to cool slightly too. 2. Wrap a slice of ham around each leek, then arrange them in a large shallow baking dish. 3. Preheat the oven to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas mark 6. 4. Put the flour, low-fat spread and milk into a non-stick saucepan. Heat, stirring all the time with a small whisk. Until the sauce is thick and smooth. Cook gently for a few seconds, then remove from the heat. 5. Add all but 1 tablespoon of the cheese and stir in the mustard. Season with some pepper. Stir the sauce until the cheese has melted, then pour it over the leeks. Sprinkle the left over cheese over the top. 6. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until the leeks are heated through and the top is golden brown.

TIPS…  


Out of sight is out of mouth. Hide away foods which are high in fats and sugars. Don't go to a party hungry - eat a wholesome breakfast and lunch on the day to avoid overeating at the party. Watch your portions: treat yourself to a nice dessert, chocolate or sweets, every now and again but always watch your portion sizes. Aim for small portions as a treat.

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Make your own decorations! What you need: - 1/2 cup of table salt - 1/2 cup of water - 1 cup of flour

What you do:  

 

Mix the salt and flour in a bowl and then slowly add the water, stirring as you add. The dough should be quite dry – if it gets too sticky then add more flour. Knead the dough and then roll out and use as you want. Hand prints are easy and a lovely keepsake – you can just paint or decorate with glitter, or turn them into a Father Christmas. If you have Christmas-themed cookie cutters then they can be a good template for some nice tree ornaments if you remember to make a hole for a ribbon. You can cut out letters to use as place settings for Christmas dinner or just let your little ones go freestyle. If you have any spare dough, you can store it in a sandwich bag with the air squeezed out. Once you have made the shapes you want then you need to dry them so you can paint. Traditionally, salt dough is dried in the oven at a low heat so they don’t burn, which takes around 3 hours. If you have a microwave, simply cook on full for 3 mins; if they’re still a little wet when the time is up then just put back in for another 20 seconds at a time until done. Leave to cool and then paint. Glitter is optional.




s a m t s i r h C y r r e M wish you a

activity ideas:

- ask someone to nd the house and hide a few items arou n find them see how fast you ca up a with a balloon – blow  keepy uppy— long you can keep it balloon and see how in the air wonderland – get r te in w a in ng ki al  W your family on a wrapped up and take od idea especially brisk walk this is a go dinner! after your Christmas ts – if the weather is too  Home circui ide set up a room in miserable to go outs s to do skipping, star your house with area stairs, marching, jumps, up and down u and anything else yo running on the spot can think of! or ay your favourite CD  Dancing – pl s and enjoy a dance some Christmas song with your family

Indoor treasure hunt

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