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Startcelerate is a London-based startup that facilitates the investment of seed resources from established companies in startups in exchange for equity.

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How Startcelerate Works Using Startcelerate, an investor company (we are limited to software, design and marketing companies for now) can allocate internal resources to startup projects as direct investments in exchange for equity. Conversely, a startup can avoid the usual issues with fundraising and still cover its development needs by directly benefiting from development resources from established companies, giving equity in exchange. Startcelerate facilitates the entire investor process by providing a matching protocol between startups and investment companies, a flexible and effective contractual framework and (once the online platform is launched) a monitoring environment where the partners can see the evolution of their project and the efficiency of their investment. Specific to Startcelerate’s investment process is a bespoke convertible security that simplifies the negotiation, prevents premature valuation, and covers specific risks.

Startcelerate’s Mission To make the investment of resources in exchange for equity from one company to another as simple and hassle-free as buying a pair of shoes online.

History & Achievements The project was founded in the autumn of 2013 by Gabriel Dombri and Tudor Birlea, two Romanian entrepreneurs established in London. The project has an offline, local event, named Startcelerate Pitch & Match - a 3 days event where selected startups pitch, learn and may create investment partnerships with a number of hand-picked companies which function as investors. In 2014, the event was organised as a pilot in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest (Romania), and will be organized in London, UK, in October. Next year, an online platform will also be launched, in order to further facilitate the matching between startups and investors and for monitoring the startups’ development.

Problem vs. Solution For startups fundraising is difficult and time consuming. IT companies profit margins are shrinking due to competition. Many companies have trapped and inefficient resources inside their operations.

Companies can invest unused resources in startups and therefore access geometric ROI. Startups can access directly the resources they need, avoiding fundraising.

Business Model Startcelerate Pitch & Match Event The event puts together carefully selected promising startups and curated resourceinvestment companies in a three days intensive event, providing training and learning in startup development from international industry professionals. The event sits on Startcelerate matching protocols and a specially designed contractual framework, the participants also having access to assistance on startup valuation, due diligence solutions and negotiating the investment partnerships.

The revenue streams for the product are: + paid event for investment companies + paid event for startups + fees for contractual framework for establishing investment partnerships + sponsorships from partners Online platform It will be a tool for investment partners’ discovery, matching between startups and investment partners and automated KPI monitoring for startups. The estimated launched date is April 2015. Its monetization system will be based on a SaaS model.

Pitch & Match Event Startcelerate Pitch & Match is one, two or three days direct interaction event that brings together a selected number of startups, a curated panel of companies as investors, high-profile speakers and a handful of special guests. It functions as a counter-hackathon focused on four components Learning, Pitching, Collaboration & Feedback - and has as the main objective at the end of the event the creation of investment partnerships between the selected startups and investors.

Startup projects + Established startups in need of further development either to create technology demos or scale their business + Founders without technology capabilities but who have a strong idea for a market where they have a relevant experience + Tech enabled startups in need of developing the technology side

Investment companies + Software companies in Europe that can allocate at least 200 man-hours of product development on a minimum two years timeframe (software, product management etc) and have a commitment to manage resource-based investments + Design agencies in Europe that can allocate at least 200 man-hours of design on a minimum two years timeframe + Marketing agencies that can allocate at least 300 hours of marketing services (digital, branding etc) on a minimum two years timeframe

Validations Since May 2014 our focus was on validating Startcelerate’s business model and our capacity to execute. Companies participating in Startcelerate Pitch & Match Events belong to two groups. First we have companies that already use a similar investment model but wanted to have a rigorous valuation, investment and management model. Also, discovering promising startups is cost-intensive, therefore by attending our international events they save funds. The other group is comprised of companies that want to adopt our investment model and use our services as a mean to de-risk the adoption process. Secondary benefits for companies are introductions to other companies and professionals as potential partners, employees or clients. Startups are incentivised by the ease of access to the resources they need, additional support from experienced business professionals and the simplified, non-diluting, investment model. Validation came also from the partnerships that supported our efforts. These partnerships are in 3 specific fields: business (Microsoft, Atracore, Gemini Foundry, Qual Media Group), institutional (The British Embassy, UKTI, ANIS, ARIES) and academic (UBB, Politechnic Institute Bucharest). Our team grew from 2 founders in May 2014 to 8 team members and 3 advisors (from UK, Belgium and Germany). All software development needs are covered by a partnership with a Romanian IT company. For Startcelerate the next steps are organizing the London Pitch & Match event (October 2014), launching the online platform (Q2 2015), and preparing the next 6 Pitch & Match events in Europe (London, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam).

Startcelerate Team

Tudor Birlea

Gabriel Dombri

Andreea Thellmann

Oana Korda

Ioana Danciu

Anca Dinu

Stefan Asafti

Tudor Cutus

Tudor Babtan

Anca Dunavete



Operations Manager

Art Director

Investors Coordinator


Communication Manager

Media Coordinator

Local Operations Coordinator

Social Media Executive

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Startcelerate - Concept Presentation  

Startcelerate is a London-based startup that launched a new framework for startup investments, where different types of companies can alloca...

Startcelerate - Concept Presentation  

Startcelerate is a London-based startup that launched a new framework for startup investments, where different types of companies can alloca...