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Monthly Nordic Community Letter July 2018 | Issue 02


Start North Platform Update Online Soon!

Wait, what is Start North?

We are an innovative youth based education platform, that brings the youth keys for todays problems and "hands on" activities to correspond/fit the needs of the future. We've noticed that todays educational system does not correspond to the challenges and working life of tomorrow and we think this needs to be fixed. We aim to revolutionize the world of education by offering the education market a reformed option, a new community. Our goal is to modify the next generation learning to work flexibly and efficiently. We want to enable complementary programs that create an actual impact, for all students around the world. These students, the future impact makers, are the solution to the gap between school and work.

Start North Platform update is soon online! This time we did not just change The new website the appearance rather added new is aesthetic, user- functionalities to improve the user experience. After the Summer you can friendly and start assembling your personal resume highly functional. to concretize your unique learning path and learned skills. We also improved our event searching tool, by clarifying the filters and categorizing the events both by topic and the skills learned. Last but not least we created an ecosystem utility. This tool helps you find like-minded, inspiring people. As astonishing as the new update might sound like, there is still more to come! The revolution of our platform continues when we add the mentoring utility, a global tool that helps students and mentors find and improve each other. We have also been creating ,our very own easy-to-use mobile app. It features search, accessible mentor profiles and direct contact with voice & chat. Mentors can use the app to set their availability and take control of their valuable time.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH The busiest month of the summer is now behind us and truly many things have happened. These are the highlights of June. The beginning of new growth Happy textiles Bazaar organized a get-together type of event for smart clothing, wearables, tech as well as design field start-up and spin-off companies who are looking for networks and a new corner to boost their own brand growth. The companies were brought together to tell about themselves and what they are looking for as well as to get to know and become part of the Smart Textiles community to meet with experts and partners. The main focus of the event was utilizing technologies as a means of differentiation and the beginning of new growth. The event included many inspiring speeches and thoughts as well as created an opportunity to brainstorm together and learn from each other. Station Narva


EIT Digital Alumni Oslo Legal Helsinki jump-start Hackathon

Create 18

Agile Leader Day


What is cooking in Finnish education ? Kirsti Lonka, PhD & Professor, held a seminar and hands-on workshops considering all the latest trends in Finnish schools and education. During this two- day seminar educational leaders , municipals, innovative teachers as well as others active in the education business, discussed what is going on in this little country that appears to do quite well internationally, what the new innovations in education are and what kind of intercultural approaches should we take in consideration. The hands-on workshops focused on phenomenon-based learning, the pedagogical design of technology, new ways of assessment, latest trends in science education and the Finnish 21st-century skills. The seminar also offered demonstrations with new xEdu startups and companies. The seminar was based on Lonka's book Phenomenal learning from Finland. This book presents Finland’s path to 21st-century competencies and the exciting concept of phenomenon based learning. The way to globalization, digitalization and automation are paved with many challenges shared by countries around the globe. The author states that the Finns will have to raise their valuable school system to a new level and standard. This calls for intensive reforms, both in teacher education and at school.

SingularityU Sweden Summit

Eyes on China

What the Block this.conference


Aaltoent Game Executive Program

Liquid Studio Helsinki Accenture Liquid Studio concept is designed for rapid application development . Liquid Studio in Helsinki helps clients to accelerate innovation and become built for change by applying new skills , processes, technologies and ways of working. At the studio, based on new and fast-implementation technologies highly specialized engineers rapidly prototype and deliver applications .

We are part of 20+ global Liquid Studio network which allows us to share our knowledge and experience with studios in Silicon Valley, Paris, Milan, London, Singapore, Sydney, Houston, and Riga among other locations, as well as team-up with them on projects when needed. The Liquid Studio in Helsinki has capabilities in AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, AR and VR, to name a few. In one space in the heart of Helsinki we also bring together design and strategy in addition to our 50 engineers and architects . It is a one-stop shop for a variety of skills to create value for our customer. And by accommodating clients in residence, we create new ways of working for

better collaboration and enabling co-creation, for instance through innovation and design thinking workshops. “Leading digital businesses

understand the need to leverage innovative technologies and the importance of moving quickly when changes are needed,” said Konsta Saarela, director of the Accenture Liquid Studio in Helsinki . “With our agile teams, a startup culture, rapid prototyping capability and lean architecture, the Liquid Studio is helping our clients to quickly see more business value.” Our projects portfolio is quite diverse, ranging from AI chatbots to creating situational awareness applications for augmented reality to even creating an awesome interactive ButtonWall display installation, which is a work of art!



Start small,

Prototype & Scale fast

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Espoo Innovation Garden – The world’s most intellige Espoo Innovation Garden is the largest innovation hub in Northern Europe and was selected as the world’s most intelligent community in June 2018. Espoo Innovation Garden is an ecosystem of startups, scaleups, growth companies and large international corporates, R&D centres and Aalto University. It is a physical place in Espoo as well as a collaboration platform and an active community of students , talents and innovators. The Keilaniemi-Otaniemi-Tapiola area is the heart of the Innovation Garden. The area is the biggest innovation hub in Northern Europe and home to, for example, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, headquarters of companies like Kone, Fortum, Neste Oil and Rovio and startup accelerators like Startup Sauna. In June 2018, Espoo Innovation Garden was selected as the world's most intelligent community in the Intelligent Community Awards 2018. Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe brings together startups with corporations and investors Espoo Innovation Garden facilitates the Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe activity which is a European open collaboration network that brings together passionate innovators from startups, corporations and investors. Launchpad Europe helps ecosystems to find growth opportunities by connecting startups with the right partners in corporations and finding access to the right investors.

nt community "Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe bridges startups to investors and corporations. We orchestrate startup-corporate collaboration by

making innovation-related partner engagement and matchmaking events happen,� says Elli Keränen, Launchpad Europe's Projects Manager. Launchpad Europe is a joint activity between Espoo Marketing, Nokia, and French business clusters Cap Digital and Systematic. The activity is supported by EIT Digital. Through the extended networks in Finland and France, Launchpad Europe binds local ecosystem to lead ecosystems in Europe and the world. Success through collaboration Collaboration is the most important thing in Espoo Innovation Garden. The City of Espoo constantly improves the possibilities for businesses and people to thrive in the city. The new west metroline, for example, connects the Aalto University campus with innovation and startup ecosystems in the Helsinki Metropolitan area . This so called Laajalahti Bay area offers a strong growth platform for a growing number of entrepreneurs and companies. Espoo Innovation Garden is not just about science and business. The area is enriched by abundant offering of arts and cultural events. Science and technology, business, nature, arts and sports all make the Garden flourish. www.espooinnovationgarden .fi

It's happening again! #Helyes goes Flow with Start North. During the afternoon you will hear latest news about fashion startups, meet new people, hear about #NoridcMadeSXSW 2019 and enjoy good food and drinks. 10.8 At Teurastamo / Helsinki Distillery Company. Sign up now at Program 13.00 Doors open 13.10 Opening Words 13.20 Fashion Focus talks 13.30 Startup storytelling 10  startups 14.10 Future of Education keynote 14.30 Networking, Drinks and Maker Space 17.00 Going to Flow and Under 18 go to Korkee  Start North team has some tickets to Flow. Come over,  and you have change to get a ticket. 

Jump to metro and follow our own line regarding your interest!

HUIPULLE, To The Top -business seminar is Finlands most brave and concrete tips giving business training seminar that develops entrepreneurs and business persons in many levels. We create brave leaders who make an impact for better businesses. The seminar is for those who have the guts to do business on a modern way and to be pioneers in their field. Seminar´s new influential method and versatile program with experienced speakers and trainers bring out concrete and useful tips for attendees of how to develop your business to the next peak, profitably. We challenge you to think and act in a new way on our workshops, active lunch round tables, sessions and whilst the panel discussion. We courage you to act together instead of making long-lasting plans first. The world is changing and businesses need to keep up with it. That´s we come into the picture. We offer fun, beneficial and interactive seminar day with a challenge - creating brave leaders who make on impact for better businesses. Early bird tickets for sale on 99€ / person + vat 24% and for young entrepreneurs own price for 60€ / person + vat 24% with a code YOUNGE18 valid until 30.July, 2018. For more information on Come and join! -

2nd Tuesday July  

Start North Monthly Nordic Community Letter July Issue

2nd Tuesday July  

Start North Monthly Nordic Community Letter July Issue