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Vedic astrology and devotional services

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

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Retrogression of Exulted Saturn for 12 Zodiac Signs- Aries

• A world of Astrology from Engage with a qualified Astrologer on Starstell and start exploring the unexplored possibilities in your life... O...

(From 18 February 2013 till 8 July •2013)

Knowledge series on GemstonesDiamond or Heera Diamond or Heera: Diamond is the most precious stone of the world. It is Aries – Saturn is transiting very powerfully through Libra sign i.e., seventh housetofor natives of , who rules assigned thethe star Venus Aries sign to widen the arena of their social reputation and recognition. In Libra Saturn over sign luxury, c... becomes exulted and Saturn increases the results of the house He occupies.

In a horoscope, seventh house stands for wife, husband, social reputation, business partnership etc. Assumption of retrograde motion by Saturn on 18 February 2013 is not• going to be an NEERA - Uncovering the auspicious phenomenon, as Saturn will become powerless while traveling throughSAREEN indirect motion.

Soul Neera Sareen experiences and shares life Less comfortable situation at home and reduction in conjugal happiness may be there as Care, a resultGoodness of through Love, & this transit. Association of Rahu with retrograde Saturn is going to add more negative impact for Compassion. A post graduate from Delhi the natives of Aries sign at this point of time. You should avoid unnecessary litigation and try to University, Neera began he... avoid interfering in others affairs.

• Vedic Astrology and the significance of Posted by Stars tell at 20:38 0 comments Muhurta Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Vedic astrology is recognized universally as one of the most scientific Tuesday, 12 February 2013 and accurate manifestations of astrological science. The ... The Mystique of the Maha Lakshmi Yantra

• The Shree Maha Lakshmi Yantra is a divine instrument or a mysticalKnowledge diagram usually series etched on Gemstoneson either a metal with gold plating, a copper plate or a gold plate. It is considered in Hessonitesacred or Gomed Hindu religion as it has the engraved picture of the divine deity, the Goddess Lakshmi Hessonite or Gomed To reduce the seated on a blossomed lotus flower. Along with the picture a Mantra (the effect Sanskrit negative of syllables) Rahu , one is advised is also inscribed on the Yantra, which is a "thought form" representing divinities or cosmic

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