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Hurt   By:  Rona  

   Ohno!  Were  almost  there!  The  old  and  shabby  truck  moved,  NO!  Oh.  What  did  I  do!  I   didn’t  want  to  go  to  rice  plant  cutting!  I  shouldn’t  have  told  mom  that    I  wanted  to  go!   Nooo!  I  thought  to  myself.    This  is  me  about  3  years  ago  in  the  season  of  spring,  still   didn’t  know  that  much.  That  day,  I  went  to  a  workshop  that  you  get  rice  from  the  farm   that  is  located  in  a  city  in  Japan  called  Saitama.  Normally  I  go  to  the  workshop  with  my   friend  Remi,  so  I  was  so  lonely.  Because  everything  went  right  when  I  was  with  Remi.    I   felt  like  something  bad  was  coming  this  way.            When  we  arrived,  I  felt  a  little  bit  sick.  The  1st  graders  ran  off  the  bus  before  the   teachers  could  say  a  single  thing.  “Wai….“  the  teachers  said.  And  they  ran  off  to  catch   the  children.  Few  minutes  later,  the  teachers  finally  got  the  children  and  we  went  to  the   farm.    We  walked  and  walked  and  finally  we  went  to  the  farm!  The  teachers  said,  “   Please  get  your  gloves  and  go  to  your  teachers.”  So  everyone  did.  Finally  we  are  going  to   get  some  rice!  I’m  so  sad!          The  farm  looked  pretty  nice  because   there  were  lots  of  fresh  and  kind  of  smell   of  a  dirt.  I  saw  that  there  were  lots  of  rice   that  weren’t  cooked  and,  no  offence,  but  it   was  kind  of  dirty  in  the  little  shabby  houses   next  to  the  farm.  I  walked  around  the  grass   very  slowly  and  squeezing  my  gloves  to   death.  And  went  on  to  work.      Actually,  rice  plant  cutting  was  kind  of  fun.   (I  said  kind  of!  )  But  the  problem  was  that   there  were  so  many  spiders  out  there!  I   couldn’t  believe  it!    Each  time  I  saw  a   spider,    I  just  paused.  There  were  big  ones   and  small  ones  and  even  teeny  tiny  ones.   But  luckily,  I  didn’t  see  a  tarantula.  Feuf!  That  was  so  scary!    Some  of  the  other  students   screamed.  I  think  they  saw  a  spider.  I  thought.  And  headed  on  to  work  again.          After  we  ate  lunch,  we  started  getting  rice  again.  It  was  resting  time  when  2  girls  were   playing  with  a  long  and  dangerous  stick.  They  were  swinging  it  back  and  forth.  I  was   wandering  around  not  looking  at  the  girls.  Suddenly  I  felt  myself  bumping  into   something    in  the  neck.  I  also  felt  myself  bleeding.  I  looked  next  to  me.  I  heard  the  girls  

Hurt gasping    and  looking  at  me  with  their  mouth    wide  open  and  holding  the  stick  tight  and   froze.  They  looked  up  at  me  like  I  was  a  giant  monster. Ow!  What  did  I  bump  into?  Is  it   that  long  stick  or  is  it  something  else?    I  thought.  I  looked  at  the  little  girls  again.  They   stepped  back  one  step  and  then  the  second  step.  I  touched  my  neck  again.  Now  it  felt   like  there  was  a  bruise  and  a  cut  on  my  neck.  When  I  looked  around,  The  girls  ran  away.   Without  telling  the  teachers,  which  was  really  dumb,  I  sighed  and  went  back  to  the   farm.     That  day,  I  didn’t  tell  the  teachers.  I  didn’t  tell  my  parents.  It  was  a  secret  that  I  kept  for   myself  and  never  told  any  one.  But  only  myself.                         P.S  It  looked  like  this:                           And  this  is  the  type  of  tool  I  used.        


This is a memoir about me when I go to a farm to go rice plant cutting. But that day, some thing bad happens... Read to find out the mystery...

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