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Yi Zhu, Holly Tepper and Juexin Kong Semester 2/2013 Group 11

Digitized Mesh of Body

This is the digitization of Starry’s body by using the Rhino. The model was made by taking photos, then put into the Rhino software to creare 3D effects.

The picture oh the right hand side was designed by Srarry, which shows the expanded personal space that keep away from other people, as well as the strong personality. The design was from skin and bone system. The design on the right hand side that done by Zhu was inspired by turtle shell, which try to pretect the most vulnerable parts of individuals - front and back. This design shows the unwilling of social contacts, which belongs to panal and fold system.

The design on the right hand side is skin and bone system that was done by Holly. The idea of the design is trying to increase the personal space on back area and protect the sensitive part of human body, which is the neck.

We found out the similarities of our design by comparing three ideas from skin and bone sysem as well as panel and fold system, and the ideas are trying to increase the personal space, decrease the social contact and protect the vulnerable parts of body. Therefore we made the second skin by combining all three designs, and took the most interesting parts and typical parts as designing elements. From the model we made, it could be recognizd that the panel system is in back and front, which is analogous to turtle shell and executing the protection. Also, there are several thorns in different sizes surrounding the neck and shoulder parts, which express the willing that keep away from others.



Side 2




The models beside show the idea that applied to the real body. So it can be seen that the thorns on one side creat the effect of difficult for approaching. However, it still can contact with environment on the other side.

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