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Juexin Kong (Starry) Student No: 625254

Semester 2/2013

Group 11

Skin and Bone System -- KITE

The front view of the kite

In the four material systems, I chose skin and bone system to work with, which is a Japaness kite. The skin of the kite is made of paper, which is consisted of two rectangles -body and tail. The bone is made of bamboo, which has five individual parts that supporting the skin of the kite. It can be seen from the images that this skin and bone system is as flat system, and the skin can form a plane. The 3D effect can only be reflected from the thickness of bamboo bone.

The back view of the kite

Measured Drawing Set

Front view

Left view

Righ view Top view of the kite

This measured drawing set was done by the scale of 1:5. The scale of the kite is large, that the length is approximately 125cm and 35cm in width. From the left view and right view, it could be recognized that the thickness of bone is significant small, and there are no volumes created. Also, because the material of skin is paper, there is no much weight in this object, as well as it is easy to damage.

Digital Model The 3D model was made by using the Rhino. The skin of the kite was made by plane, which represents the paper skin. The bond was made by box, which represents the bamboo slip. From the top view and bottom view, it could be seen that the surface of model is a plane. From the perspective views, the structure of the bond could be recognized, which all go across each other and meet at the central point. Perspective View

Bottom View

Top View

Developmental Sketch Model

Because the kite is almost a plane, I need to reconstruct the bone to create the volume. As the bone is made of bamboo and very thin, the flexibility is significantly high. Therefore, I wound two sticks to form a space inside. Then I tied the sticks up with string.

Because the system is skin and bone, terefore after I finished the construction of the new model that belongs to bone, I need to think about the skin. Comparing with new materials, I prefer the original paper skin. Thus I used the tracing paper as the skin to wrapped outside the bone structure. Finally, the volume system was created by using the original materials.

Readings -- How to layout a croissant This reading introduced the method that use measured drawing to draw the irregular objects such as a croissant. The basic method is to break up the object into the normal geometry shapes such as triangle. Then measure and draw the irregular parts in sections and join to the sides of geometry shapes (Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos, 1988). The images below that are a pair of scissors are drawn by me according to the method that mentioned in the reading.

The scissors are consisted by two parts. However, it contains three basic geometry shapes that are all triangles.

Draw the basic shapes on the paper by measuring the scale of scissors. Then we got the four enclosed parts.

Draw the irregular parts of the scissors by measuring the length of the extended sections from the side of geometry shape.

Finally, draw the image in detail. This is the finished effect of the scissors.

-- Personal Space Definition of ‘personal space’: ‘area with invisible boundaries surrounding a person’s body’ ‘people are able to tolerate closer presence of a stranger at their sides than directly in front’ ‘personal space acquired daylight phenomenon’ (Sommer,1969)

The image beside is my understanding about boundaries among relationship space, personal space and social space. Each bondundary has not definit distance, and this distance is different for each person as the situation and personality are all different. Therefore, we need to find a suitable space to keep the balance between two different people, and let the relationship can go on well.

Design Ideas

After I read the article of ‘Personal Space’, I got three inspirations from the reading. The idea beside indicates that I hope I can have more contact with other people but I still get the privacy. The distance of personal space has been decreased, because the skin is contacting with body, and other people can come closer to me. However, as the skin is extending vertically, and it can even cover half of the face, the personal space and privacy can be obtained by this method. In addition, instead of covering the whole bond structure, the skin appears alternately, which gives the effect of mystery. The whole bond structure need to be flexible as is will surround the body.

The idea of image on the left hand side is trying to increase the personal space. As you can see, the construction of the bond is like a funnel, which has significant large perimeter arround the shoulder. Hence people are difficult to come close to you. This design is for people who are independent and do want to keep large peronal space . Basically, the bond is made of wood in circle and different perimeter.

The third idea on the right hand side is showing the person with rebel personality, who wants to get away from people. This element could be shown as the shape of the bond that is sharp and flat without the curves. The structure does not surround the should as the person still need to contact with environment.

Reference Enric Miralles,Carme Pinos, “How to lay out a croissant� El Croquis 49/50 Enric Miralles, Carme Pinos 1988/1991, En Construccion pp. 240-241 Sommer, R. (1969). Personal space : the behavioral basis of design / Robert Sommer. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1969.

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