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MARCH | 2013

Your guide to Knock Out® Roses, Drift® Roses and everything Star® Roses and Plants


Popcorn Drift®


Perennial Introductions


Plant a container using Drift® Roses

Pruning your

Knock Out® & Drift® Roses

MARCH 2013 Star® Roses and Plants |

Plant a Star


MARCH | 2013

Your guide to Knock Out® Roses, Drift® Roses and everything Star® Roses and Plants


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Pruning your Knock Out® and Drift® Roses Let us show you how easy it is to prune your roses New Perennial Introductions Beautiful and easy companion plants for your low-maintenance garden

Spotlight on Popcorn Drift® The newest addition to the Drift® Groundcover Rose series

Your Spring Shopping List What you’ll need to get your garden off to a great start this year

1 | MARCH 2013 | Star® Roses and Plants |

From the Peace rose to the revolutionary Knock Out® and Drift® roses, Star® Roses and Plants/ Conard-Pyle has been a pioneer in the field of plant development and introduction for more than 100 years. Founded in 1897 as a retail mail order firm specializing in roses, the company has evolved from a wholesale container nursery to a leading genetics company involved directly in breeding roses, perennials and woody plants, and introducing plants from other breeders around the world. 2013 © Star®Roses and Plants

Introducing Roses, shrubS

our new brand



You already know us for the Knock Out® Family of Roses, but did you know that we also offer an exceptional line of perennials and shrubs? Just as dependable and beautiful as The Knock Out® Family of Roses, all of our plants have been trailed and tested extensively throughout the country to ensure they will thrive in your garden. With Star® Roses and Plants, you can create the garden of your dreams without all the work! If you can dig a hole, you can plant a Star®. | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 2

Want to see how easy it is? Watch these videos and dozens more on our YouTube channel.



with a good prune! Pruning your Knock Out® and Drift® roses is easy and beneficial to your plants. When spring has just about sprung, it’s time to get outside and get to work in the garden. Grab your hedge loppers and gardening gloves and give your Knock Out®, Drift® and other roses a good, hard trim. Pruning your roses back in early spring encourages healthy, new growth that will reward you with tons of blooms all season long.

u Watch the full video

u Watch the full video

3 | MARCH 2013 | Star® Roses and Plants |

How-to Prune


Easy! Follow simple steps! 1

When do I prune my rose bush?


Use proper tools

Prune your rose bush in early spring, never in the fall and never in the winter. Check your rose bush from time to time as spring moves along and when you start to see new shoots growing from the canes on your rose bush, that’s a good sign that it is time to prune.

You will need a few basic tools when the time comes to prune your roses: gloves, hand sheers, and a pair of hedge trimmers.


Determine how high you want to prune

Determining how high you want to prune depends on how high you want your rose bush to finish. Your rose bush will usually triple in size after pruning so cutting it back to about a foot will leave it at 3’ when it is finished growing. | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 4

Perennials Coming soon to a garden retailer near you! Our newest perennials are sure to be a perfect fit for your garden. These colorful beauties display brilliant blooms all season long and will feel right at home with your existing plants. Their compact habits also make them great for mixed containers.

Nepeta Junior Walker™ ‘Novanepjun’ PP#23074

Coreopsis Créme Caramel™ ‘Novcorcar’ PP#22565

5 | MARCH 2013 | Star® Roses and Plants |

Tradescantia Amethyst Kiss™ ‘Radtrad’ PPAF

Coming Soon to a store near you Snea

k Pee

Tradescantia Amethyst Kiss™ ‘Radtrad’ PPAF


Amethyst Kiss™ produces many purple/blue blooms throughout the season. Many more blooms per cluster than other Tradescantia we’ve trialed and a larger flower size for maximum color effect. It is best planted in an area that will receive some shade, but it has also performed well in full sun conditions. Zones: 5-10

18” h x 24” w

Full sun


k Pee

Coreopsis Crème Caramel™ ‘Novcorcar’ PP#22565


Créme Caramel™ produces a mass of dense, uniform terracotta to orange colored flowers in late spring. The bloom color stays strong and stable throughout the season. The plant responds well to being cut back and it will re-bloom in the garden into early fall. It is a great plant for use in the ground or in mixed containers. Zones: 6-9

1 1/2’ h x 2’ w

Full sun


k Pee

Nepeta Junior Walker™ ‘Novanepjun’ PP# 23074


Junior Walker™ is a compact version of its parent, Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’. At 1/3 the size, it blooms for a long time throughout the growing season. It is more floriferous than some other Nepeta cultivars we’ve trialed. Many spikes of deep purple/blue blooms cover the plant in spring. It maintains an attractive compact, mounding habit with aromatic foliage. Zones: 5-9

18” h x 30” w

Full sun | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 6

spotlight on: Popcorn

‘Novarospop’ PPAF 7 | MARCH 2013 | Star® Roses and Plants |

n Drift


Popcorn Drift® The newest edition to the Drift® Groundcover Rose series.


Drift® offers an exciting new color with bright yellow buds, pale yellow and creamy white blooms. These delicious flowers look just like buttery popcorn! Full sun 1 1/2’ h x 2’ w

Want to learn more?

Zones: 5-11

click here! | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 8

Click here

9 | MARCH 2013 | Star速 Roses and Plants |


Spring Gardening Shopping List: get ready and get set for spring! With Spring just around the corner, it’s a good time to get your plans for this years garden in order. To help you create your best garden, we’ve put together this list of things you might want to pick up as the season gets underway! r

Everyday Roses Book


Easy-Care Roses

Roses are easy and author, Paul Zimmerman, proves it in this detailed guide to caring for garden roses.

Add some Drift® Groundcover Roses or Knock Out® Roses to your garden to create a low maintenance focal point.

r Gardening


G loves

These will be helpful when pruning back your rose. Those thorns can hurt! You can also use these throughout the season, when pulling weeds or planting.



Add some complimentary colored perennials to your garden for season-long interest.

Kneeling Mat

Take care of your knee’s with a kneeling mat, you’ll have a much more comfortable gardening experience!


Hedge Loppers

You will need these to prune back your roses in early spring. They will be much more efficient than smaller pruning tools.

e a book! o purchas | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 10


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Knock Out® Roses are already leafing out. Should I prune them back?

A: Hold off on pruning your roses until after any threat of frost has passed. Although the weather may be warm now, it can still turn very cold in the next few weeks. A heavy frost could damage a freshly-pruned plant. A good rule of thumb is to prune when the forsythias traditionally bloom.

Q: Where can I buy Knock Out® and Drift® Roses?

A: You can find Knock Out® and Drift® Roses, as well as our other rose, perennial, and shrub varieties at your favorite local garden center or big box store. Just look for the chartreuse green pots! If they don’t have what you are looking for, they

11 | MARCH 2013 | Star® Roses and Plants |

may be able to special order it for you or you can try some online mail order companies.

Q: Can I plant roses next to the foundation of my house? A: Yes. It’s best to keep them at least 2 to 3 feet away from the house. Also, remember that near the house the foundation is usually a very dry location as well as a hot one, so water more heavily and more frequently.

Q: My Knock Out® Roses wilted after they were planted, will they bounce back?

A: It could be transplant shock. Make sure you give them a good, long drink of water. When a plant wilts, it is usually very thirsty.

Q: I just received my mail order roses. They are very small. How long will it take them to mature and bloom typically?

A: They should bloom this year and it will take them approximately three years to fully mature.

Q: How close together can I plant my Knock Out® Roses?

A: All of the Knock Out® Roses should be planted on 3’ centers. This allows room for them to grow and have good air circulation.

Q: When is the best time to transplant my Knock Out® Roses? A: The best time to move a rose is in late winter or early spring while the plant is dormant.

Want more? Visit our FAQ page to learn more

Watch our how-to videos on YouTube Click to find your zone

Q: How much sun do Knock Out® Roses need? A: All of The Knock Out® Family of Roses need at least 6 hours of full sun every day. Q: What zones can Knock Out®Roses be planted in? A: The Knock Out® Family of Roses are winter hardy to Zone 5 and heat tolerant throughout the US.

Look for our plants in our can’t-miss GREEN POTS! You know how to spot The Knock Out® Family of Roses in our can’t-miss chartreuse pot, but did you know you can also find Drift® Roses and our other amazing roses, perennials and shrubs in the same pot? All of our plants can now be sold in our signature chartreuse green pots. Be on the lookout for them at your favorite local garden centers and big box stores. When you spot our green pots, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality plant that won’t let you down! | Star® Roses and Plants | MARCH 2013 | 12

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