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Tropicana Corporation Berhad Back in 2013, we changed our name to Tropicana Corporation Berhad – a name synonymous with the prestigious Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. This sets a clear direction for the Group and with it, we began to redefine both ourselves and our integrated developments by leveraging on the iconic ‘T’ branding. After more than two decades in the property industry, and having pioneered residential resort-style living with the advent of Tropicana Golf & Country Resort and Tropicana Indah Resort Homes, we established a unique DNA that sets us apart. This DNA focuses on accessibility, connectivity, innovative concepts and designs, generous open spaces, amenities, facilities, multi-tiered security and quality. With emphasis on our customers’ needs, we have been innovating and redefining the art of living through the creation of our integrated developments by incorporating residential and commercial components to create thriving townships that are strategically connected.

Fuelled by passion to be one of the premier property developers, we will continue to deliver to our customers products that are intrinsically linked with our Tropicana brand. Embodied by the core essence of innovation, creativity, quality and excellence, we strive to redefine the art of living. It is said that home is where the heart is. This rings especially true as we have always believed in building homes that not only appeal to the eyes and minds of our consumers, but to their hearts as well.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our Commitments Quality Products Following the re-branding exercise that began with changing Dijaya Corporation Berhad to Tropicana Corporation Berhad in 2013, we have carried the Tropicana brand name into each subsequent property development, with the iconic T/Tree mark in all development logos. The corporate green colours, which is symbolic to the Group, echoes throughout our projects and corporate materials, to reflect the plentiful greenery found in all our developments. This is in line with our efforts to streamline all exclusive development names to invest in the brand strength. The Group has also recently rebranded our publications Directions and The Address to Tropicana Newsletter and Tropicana Magazine respectively. The Tropicana’s DNA adds to the brand identity by being embedded into our core values and developments, with added emphasis on customer’s needs who have the confidence that we deliver quality in all our products. Strengthening and streamlining the Tropicana brand is an essential step to building brand equity and withstand the test of time as the Group continues to extend collaborations and partnerships, both in Malaysia and the international markets. The Group currently serves customers from over 22 countries, from Singapore to as far as the United Kingdom.

Educational Excellence At Tropicana, we work hand-in-hand with the local communities and Tropicana homeowners of which we serve. Building schools is our commitment to engage the value of our youth in the provision of educational excellence that will carry them forth to their dreams, and of which, multiple generations after will enjoy the same lofty privileges off. Tropicana Coperation Berhad has partnered with three notable institutions of choice, of which, close bonds of common purpose have been forged in the provision of educational excellence for youth; St Joseph Institution International School Malaysia (Tropicana PJ Campus), GEMS International School (Tropicana Metropark) and Tenby Schools (Tropicana Aman).

St Joseph Institution International School Malaysia (Tropicana PJ Campus) or otherwise known as SJII Malaysia, sits within the 409-acre Tropicana Indah Resort Homes, Petaling Jaya. SJII Malaysia comes complete with world-class facilities on a six-acre plot of land with a built-up area of approximately 333,000 square feet. The school will be operated by Lasallian Asian Partnerships for International Schools (LAPIS) and will be able to accommodate up to 1,500 local and international students. Construction was completed on March 2016 and the first intake was completed in August 2016.

Educational Excellence

GEMS International School sits on 88-acre Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya. An international school campus complete with world-class facilities on a five-acre plot, with a built-up area of approximately 229,000 Sq. Ft. The school will be able to accommodate up to 2,400 local and international students aged three to 18, and upon completion in 2017, will have its first intake in September 2017.

Tenby International School is set in the 863-acre mixed township of Tropicana Aman, Shah Alam. The planned 10-acre international school campus with a built-up area of approximately 225,000 Sq. Ft. will accommodate up to 1,800 local and international students, offering international student-oriented programmes for children aged from three to 18 years old, and is expected to have its first intake in September 2018.

Our Commitments Social Responsibility Over the past 20 years, Tropicana has consistently focused on creating real value for those whose lives are impacted by its developments.

Tropicana’s Staffs ushering prosperity and joy into the office.

Harnessing its strengths, Tropicana has centred its efforts on delivering the right balance – strong financial performance, positive social engagement and growing its environmental footprint – as the Group worked towards realising its transformation strategy and delivering long-term shareholder value. With its deep consumer insights and industry experience, the Group believe in improving the lifestyles of individuals by creating value that will last a lifetime. Hence, Tropicana has identified four key pillars – Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace – that will help the Group build social and environmental capitals, leading to better performances and attracting high quality employees. These key pillars will also help the Group makes a lasting contribution to the communities around it by contributing towards the social landscape and managing its environmental impact. Progress in 2016 Throughout 2016, Tropicana worked hard to deliver on its sustainable initiatives. Building Meaningful Relationships in the Community Extending assistance to others is what defines Tropicana as a company, and also as individuals. Towards this cause, Tropicana has an important role to play in reaching out and improving the lives of those who live in and around its developments and townships. The Group takes pride in its work in these communities as its efforts go beyond just creating a lasting impact, but instead, building meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all stakeholders in the community. In 2016, the Group amplified its community efforts by increasing its community footprint with various charities, non-governmental organisations and organisations in an effort to help them. During the year under review, the Group donated more than RM2.9 million through the Tropicana Foundation and other companies within the Group.

Our Commitments Social Responsibility Some of the outreach programmes conducted are as follows:

Tropicana Foundation supporting the Lions Mount Everest Expedition

Improving Lives: Towards Positive Social Upliftment • Donated RM50,000 to the Thean How Temple located in Langkawi to complete the building of the Temple’s three main shrines and community hall. Investing in our Future: Supporting Child Education and Health • Donated RM1.5 million towards the St Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia’s International Baccalaureate Scholarship Programme. • Contributed RM10,000 to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia in conjunction with their 50th Anniversary Gala Charity Dinner. • Donated RM500,000 towards the Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation to help promote public awareness, early detection and treatment of cancer. • Donated RM20,000 to the Malaysian Mental Health Association to help build a residential mental health facility.

Inspiring Talent: Cultivating a Spirit for Joy and Welfare • Tropicana Danga Bay and Tropicana Danga Cove contributed RM2 million to the National Sports Council to support the continual growth of national athletes and sports in Johor. • Donated RM10,000 to Nadira Music Management Sdn Bhd’s ‘CINTA Concert’ to help promote Malaysia as an entertainment hub and encourage art appreciation among Malaysians. • Tropicana Heights contributed RM42,000 to the Lions Clubs International District 308B1 Malaysia to support the organisation’s Mount Everest Expedition 2016. Running for a Good Cause • Tropicana donated RM18,000 in support of the charity race at The Edge Rat Race.

Our Commitments Social Responsibility Building Trust with Good Governance and Integrity Tropicana recognises that effective risk management, accountability and transparency is fundamental in realising its strategic business goals and long-term sustainable performance. To realise the Tropicana transformation strategy, the Group believe that it is important that everyone does the right thing every day, across the Company. As a company built on trust, it is about taking personal responsibility and doing it with integrity. This is an essential element because in today’s marketplace, managing its reputation sustainably means upholding its values of trust, integrity, honesty, accountability and responsibility. Hence, the Group has put in place a disciplined approach towards governance, where compliance towards best practices and governance is infused into the way business is conducted. These governance structures and practices have also been further strengthened within the Company, translated into workplace processes and procedures to help heighten understanding amongst employees.

Credibility Quality Assurance At Tropicana Corporation Berhad, we have built our reputation as a premier quality developer and we remain focused on our commitment to deliver fine workmanship and quality products. As Tropicana continues to grow its presence across the nation, we regard these aspects as key drivers that make a difference in our business. Communications with Shareholders and Investors At Tropicana, we recognise that constructive corporate disclosure and effective communications with our shareholders and investment community is important. We strive to provide a comprehensive overview of our Group’s operations and performance so that they are able to evaluate our prospects. This is in line with our commitment towards creating a strong culture of governance and transparency to uphold the trust and integrity of Tropicana as a public listed company. Regular and consistent updates are made available to our shareholders and the general public via our annual reports, quarterly announcements of financial results, circulars to shareholders and media releases, all of which can be accessed online through Bursa Malaysia, as well as through the Investor Relations section of our corporate website. We also engaged with the investment community by organising briefings and meetings on a regular basis to keep analysts and fund managers abreast with Tropicana’s corporate developments and future plans. These are also good avenues for us to receive invaluable feedback from the investment community and to understand their expectations as Tropicana works towards achieving its financial goals, and attain its position as a premier property group in Malaysia. Proactive Engagement Proactive engagement with shareholders and the investment community is essential. Offering views and voicing concerns remain as critical input to Tropicana in shaping our strategic directions as a company. Our annual general meetings are the principal forum for interaction with our shareholders, where they are encouraged to query the proposed resolutions as well as the business operations in general. Tropicana looks forward to sustaining a healthy dialogue with our shareholders at these general meetings. Queries on Investor Relations matters can also be directed to our IR web page where we have a dedicated team to respond to such queries and other IR-related issues raised by both shareholders and the investment community.

Credibility Dato’ Yau Kok Seng, Group CEO of Tropicana engaging with analyst and investors to strengthen Tropicana ties with the investing community

Management Style Strengthening Trust, Integrity and Ethics Tropicana practices a culture of effective corporate governance and continuous engagement with all our stakeholders. We understand that good governance and transparency strengthens confidence and promotes integrity as well as trust in our company. Effective governance includes adhering to policies, rules, regulations and creating shareholder value. Tropicana’s Management remains committed to operating in accordance with best practices to ensure business integrity, while adhering to the standards of financial reporting, corporate governance, and ethics. Excellence Prioritised We underwent strenuous efforts to understand our target audience - their thinking and decision-making processes, what motivates them; what objectives they seek; what are their expectations of the company; as well as why and how their vision and interpretation of issues are influenced by their history, culture, ways of working and relations with others. The Management continues to focus on thorough project and marketing planning to meet the right segmental markets. This is done by identifying the specifics demands and emphasising on product differentiation, performing intelligence studies and focusing on competitive packages which appeal to the market. A Long-Term Commitment to Value Enhancement Tropicana management team continues to enhancing the Group’s value proposition with our strategic land bank located in the nation’s growth corridors in the North, South and Central regions of Malaysia. Just as we have done from the beginning, Tropicana ceaselessly innovates cutting-edge designs and features that appeal to discerning customers, supported by a team that is consistently driven by a strong commitment to excel. Our commitment to enhance value comes from the recognition that the greatest levels of success may be achieved when the interests and objectives of our organisation and stakeholders can be aligned.

Management Style Forging Smart Partnerships In 2014, Tropicana announced a joint-venture with Agile Property Holdings Ltd, China’s leading developer with a strong presence in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. This strategic partnership in developing a mixed commercial project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is a historic milestone for us. This alliance will allow Tropicana Group to boost its brand presence and visibility across those regional markets. Tropicana will continue to seek out similar strategic tie-ups to accelerate our development profile and enhance growth prospects. Harnessing Talents Tropicana has internalised a culture that motivates its people to improve on a daily basis. In line with this, developing and increasing its talent pool has always been a key priority. As the Company continues to experience these fast-paced changes, it has also further strengthened the Group by streamlining roles and responsibilities, thus increasing members of the management team and driving accountability. Tropicana is a place where people can work together cohesively and efficiently in a spatially intelligent atmosphere to maximise productivity. We constantly encourage our people to be open, realistic and objective-driven at work, with an emphasis on work-life balance.

Good Customer Service Initiatives

Good Customer Service Initiatives Loyalty Marketing & Relation Efforts TROPICANA PRIVILEGE CARDS As part of our business principles, we believe our customers always come first. In delivering innovative products and services, we work towards optimum customer satisfaction. We recognise and reward our loyal customers, who are our pillars of strength and a driving force behind the success of our Company. Tropicana Privilege Card On April 2014, we unveiled the newly-designed Tropicana Privilege Cards to loyal members at an exclusive appreciation night event. To date, there are more than 15,000 Privilege Card members, who enjoy benefits such as priority selection of choice units and invited to various exclusive events. Additional upfront TPC privileges are given plus referral fees for members to be advocates for the brand. Excellence at the Forefront Achieving excellence in all aspects of our operations has always been one of the key factors at Tropicana. To remain at the forefront of today’s competitive market, we recognise that our relentless efforts in establishing “Built-In Quality” into our well-designed products will be further strengthened by conducting ongoing training and education for our employees.

Good Customer Service Initiatives Loyalty Marketing & Relation Efforts Over the years, we have successfully raised employee awareness and competencies on quality and technical aspects through a series of internal workshops, sharing sessions and technical seminars facilitated by industry specialists. Understanding the importance of continuous learning, our senior management has also played an important role in encouraging our employees to excel, by making time to share experiences and key learnings from completed projects. We believe that a key value that has allowed us to make a difference in the industry is our ability to challenge our teams and associates to build their skill sets that allow them to outperform and continually set new benchmarks. We also acknowledge the importance of growing the capabilities of our contractors through a series of self-driven Quality Benchmark Training (QBT), which challenges and takes the quality workmanship of our contractors up to the next level. Through this process of learning and re-learning, even our business partners such as our contractors and consulting teams are driven to excel and deliver beyond customer expectations.


GOOD STAFF ENGAGEMENT Engagement activities · Durian feast (durian buffet for staff in conjunction with the durian season) · Tropicana Family Day 2016, TGCR Carnival 2017, annual TGCR Night Run · Sports competition (i.e. badminton, bowling, futsal tournament) Staff's overall welfare · Newly introduced optical benefits for Assistant Managers and above in addition to the existing medical and dental benefits · Annual health screening allowance given to Assistant Managers and above · Corporate wellness. In-house on-site screening provided for staff of all levels · Breastfeeding friendly employer. The lactation room provides a conducive environment to support breastfeeding mothers at work · Health talks and other health initiatives · Parking subsidy

Awards, Accolades and Event Highlights


14 NOV

19 October 2016 Tropicana Innovative Landscape Sdn Bhd was awarded the ‘Best Project Award for Infrastructure Project (Small to RM20 million) – Landscape Contractor for The Rafflesia Central Lake’ in Damansara Perdana at the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Awards (MCIEA) 2016.

14 November 2016 Tropicana Foundation donated RM10,000 to the National Cancer Society Malaysia to help fund the society’s work in providing cancer screening services and support to cancer sufferers. 30 November 2016 Tropicana Foundation donated RM20,000 to the Malaysian Mental Health Association.

15 DEC

1 December 2016 Tropicana Berhad achieved Merit mention at the National Annual Corporate Report Awards (NACRA) 2016. 15 December 2016 Tropicana Gardens at Kota Damansara won the Best Mixed Development Award at the Malaysia People’s Choice Award 2016.

Awards, Accolades and Event Highlights

13 FEB

13 APR

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15 JUN

14 Nov

20-31 JUL

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15 OCT

15 FEB

Awards, Accolades and Event Highlights 30 January 2016 TGCR’s the New Year Trophy was conducted successfully. 13 February 2016 In conjunction with Chinese New Year, TGCR hosted a lion dance performance and the God of Wealth was present to give out Ang Pows.

14 Nov

20-31 JUL

15 February 2016 TGCR Management gave out goodies to children from Kindyland who serenaded them to Chinese New Year songs. 27 February 2016 The Make A Difference (MAD) Cuban Night organised at TGCR gave its members and guests the change to enjoy a night filled with entertainment, dance, excitement and games.

13 April 2016 The Prudential Astro Masters Golf Tournament was held at TGCR. The winners were invited to compete in the Prudential Astro Masters grand finals at the Laem Chabang and Siam Country Club Course in Pattaya, Thailand. 15 June 2016 TGCR won the Brandlaureate Best Brands President’s Award 2015-2016 category for Lifestyle Golf. 20 – 31 July 2016 TGCR Closed Championship is held with Jaydon Pang and Ireen Teng emerging as the winner in the Men’s and Women’s category respectively.

29 August 2016 TGCR announced a collaboration with music label Pop Pop Music to produce an old school jazz and retro-pop concert. 11 September 2016 TGCR’s Grand Ballroom held the Pop Pop All Stars Concert, headlined by Celist Chow, May Mow and Nutserlar Lim and accompanied by local jazz ensemble, WVC. 15 October 2016 More than 200 runners took part in the annual Nite Race held at TGCR. 31 October 2016 TGCR won the Pioneer Development Award at the The Edge Property Excellence Awards (TEPEA) 2016.


14 Nov

20-31 JUL

Tropicana Golf & Country Club Carnival


14 Nov

20-31 JUL

Tropicana Staff Annual Party & Run


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