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IOI Properties Group Berhad IOI Properties Group Berhad (“IOIPG”) is one of Malaysia’s leading public-listed property developers. It has built a solid reputation as the esteemed property arm of IOI Group before its successful listing onto the Main Board of Malaysian Stock Exchange on 15 January 2014. Today, IOIPG is renowned as one of the largest property companies in the country with a proven track record spanning more than three decades in the property development industry. Its principal activities include property development, property investment, leisure and hospitality. It has successfully developed sustainable townships in sought-after regions of Klang Valley and Johor in Malaysia while embarking on property developments in Singapore and the People’s Republic of China. IOIPG currently has a total of 10,000 acres of landbank in Malaysia and abroad. As a socially-responsible property developer, IOIPG’s commercial buildings are designed to meet the Green Building Index (“GBI”) or are Green Mark-certified. It adopts the ISO 9001:2008 standards for its property developments and all ongoing projects are built to achieve a Quality Assessment System in Construction (“QLASSIC”) score of not less than 75%. A strong testament to its quality excellence, IOIPG is consistently ranked among the top developers in Asia and bestowed numerous accolades by leading publications and organisations such as FIABCI, BCI Asia, The Edge Malaysia, Asia Pacific Property Awards, and the Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”) in Singapore.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Promoting Education via

Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng Since its establishment in 1994, Yayasan TSLSC has




Contribute towards scientific research and teachings.

Offer relief to the poor and needy who are affected by

community initiatives.

epidemics of disease, natural disasters or other similar

Yayasan TSLSC has been guided by the following

emergencies, by contributing to welfare and charitable



● Advance the human capital development for the nation



contributed over RM43 mil to help enrich the lives of the less fortunate through education and various







students and providing financial assistance to underprivileged students

Provide medical and surgical facilities and services for all kind

Provide medical or financial assistance to the needy who are disabled, poverty-stricken or critically ill

Promoting Education via

Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng Yayasan TSLSC has been undertaking several initiatives to promote education through: • Social Enterprise including Bargain Basement • Student Adoption Program- Yayasan TSLSC Program Anak Angkat • Scholarship Awards • Young Achievers’ Awards

a. Social Enterprise- Bargain Basement An initiative of Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, the charity arm of IOI Group, Bargain Basement has commenced its operations in June 2016 and is located at B3-10 (Basement 3), IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. In October 2017, Bargain Basement has expanded and opened its’ second store at IOI Mall, Puchong. •

Bargain Basement encourages the community to donate their pre-loved items, with 100% of the net proceeds channeled to various charities.


Bargain Basement was conceived as a self-sustaining model where proceeds of a business are used to finance the social funds required for charitable purposes.

a. Social Enterprise- Bargain Basement On 26 October 2017, Bargain Basement has donated diapers worth RM 2,544 (19 Cartons) to Lovely Nursing Centre. Established in 1999, Lovely Nursing Centre has been caring for elderly citizens, terminally ill persons, individuals with special needs as well as the homeless, with more than 430 cases taken under its wing.

b. Student Adoption Program (Program Anak Angkat) The Student Adoption Programme was officially

Under this programme, each adopted child will receive

launched by the Deputy Minister of Education YB Dr.

financial assistance of RM800 and a school bag each

Wee Ka Siong in 2008 to provide underprivileged

year until they complete their primary or secondary

students with equal access to a good basic education

education. Through this programme, the Yayasan

as a platform to a brighter future. Since then, the

TSLSC hopes to sustain their educational needs and

programme has successfully benefited more than 900

motivate them to excel in their studies while helping to

school children from over 204 primary and secondary

ease their families’ financial burdens.

schools across the nation.

b. Student Adoption Program (Program Anak Angkat) IOI Group’s foundation, Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng (Yayasan TSLSC) has awarded RM230,600 to 341 needy students from 23 primary and seven secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah under its Student Adoption Programme (SAP) 2017. Under the SAP, besides school bags, primary students will each receive RM800 while secondary students will receive RM1,000 per annum until he or she completes primary and secondary education.

c. Yayasan TSLSC Scholarship Awards 2017/2018 Yayasan TSLSC aims to encourage, support and invest in

To date, Yayasan TSLSC has granted RM 6.3 million

qualified Malaysian youth in higher education as part of the

worth of scholarships to all deserving students to

foundation’s contribution towards the development of the country. Annually,






academically outstanding students who are pursuing full-time undergraduate studies related to our business nature at recognised local institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. Upon graduation, they are provided with career opportunities within IOI Group to gain professional experience and enhance their skills in a leading global corporation.

realise their dreams of a brighter future.

c. Yayasan TSLSC Scholarship Awards 2017/2018 IOI Group’s foundation, Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng

To date, the foundation has disbursed more than



RM6.3 million worth of scholarships to more than 250

scholarships to 14 outstanding students who are

students since its introduction. The scholarship awards

pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies at

are part of IOI Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility

recognized local higher learning institutions.

programme, in line with the foundation’s objectives in





The scholars were recognized for their excellent academic achievements and extra-curricular activities at the IOI Scholarship Presentation Ceremony which was held recently.






outstanding students and reducing the financial burden of their parents.

d. Young Achievers’ Awards The Young Achievers’ Awards was introduced by

This year, a total of 68 students received the Young

Yayasan TSLSC in 1999 to invigorate and motivate

Achievers’ Awards (YAA) from Yayasan Tan Sri Lee

young students to strive for excellence in their studies.

Shin Cheng (Yayasan TSLSC) totaling RM33,100 in the

Cash awards, plaques and certificates of achievement

form of cash prizes, plaques and certificates for acing

are given out annually to reward bright students from

their UPSR, PT3, Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint,


SPM, STPM, A-levels and International Baccalaureate







academically, possess high leadership qualities and who are active in their extra-curricular activities. To date, Yayasan TSLSC has given more than RM560,000 worth of cash prizes to the young achievers since its inception.

(IB) examinations. Awards given also took into consideration the students’ active participation in extracurricular activities.

d. Young Achievers’ Awards

e. IOI – Puchong STEM Programme IOI






collaborated with Chumbaka Sdn Bhd (Chumbaka) and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiative to focus on the education of students on four specific disciplines namely





Mathematics (STEM) in the IOI Puchong STEM Programme.

e. IOI – Puchong STEM Programme The programme, launched on 7 Feb 2017 at SJK(C) Shin Cheng (Harcroft), is a community project aimed at providing STEM exposure for ten schools in Puchong. Every week, a two-hour workshop will be conducted by Chumbaka to promote students’ interest towards the STEM fields while providing opportunities to spur the students’ passion to innovate. They will be equipped with digital making skills such as embedded system, electronics, coding, prototyping as well as 21st-century skills and soft skills to embrace the digital economy of the future.

Good Rapport with Resident Associations (RAs)

Good Rapport with Resident Associations (RAs) IOI






supported Residents Associations (RA) and made concerted efforts to build a good rapport with the residents. Throughout many years, IOI Properties has supported RA’s activities during festive seasons, community gatherings, social initiatives such as ‘gotong-royong’ and local security tightening. We aim to have close bonds with and understand the needs of the communities which we build.

Good Rapport with Resident Associations (RAs)

Chinese New Year Celebrations @ Bandar Puteri Klang

Building subsidized amenities for community

Building subsidized amenities for community Amenities are crucial in creating a sustainable community. We have built numerous amenities in order to enhance the lifestyle of the residents living in the community. Not only to provide better lifestyle but to create more spaces to foster family bonding. We care about the well-being of the residents and the community as a whole. Amenities such as the private clubhouses, themed gardens, public parks, bi-paths and many other amenities has helped to create a better living for the community.

Multi-Purpose Hall @ Bandar Puteri Puchong A newly built 7,000 sq ft. Multi-Purpose hall in Bandar Puteri Puchong has been officially launched and handed








multi-purpose hall is well equipped with a huge stage, PA system, changing rooms and 3 badminton courts, surau and amongst others. The hall is equipped with handicap-friendly features such as ramps for wheelchairs, OKU toilets and parking. The hall is also a perfect choice for hosting private functions and community events.

Upgrading of Interchange @ Bandar Puteri Puchong IOI Properties is currently expanding and upgrading Bandar Puteri Puchong interchange to improve the traffic flow at the township. The upgrading work has begun early 2017 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2018. Puchong community will be enjoying free flow of traffic in Bandar Puteri Puchong once completed and will have a greater value of appreciation for the properties in the township. The upgrading work is wholly funded and constructed by IOI Properties.

Amigo Clubhouse @ 16 Sierra, Puchong South Amigo Clubhouse offers something for everyone in the family from the gymnasium, yoga deck to the 40m swimming pool. Other facilities such as function hall and badminton courts are also made available. Other than the hardware, we also organize classes, training sessions and holiday camps in the clubhouse.

Bipath @ 16 Sierra IOI Resort City & Bandar Puteri Bangi The dedicated cycling and jogging path are designed to encourage and promote a healthier living for the community. The paths are carefully designed to ensure safety and smooth transition between paths and the roads and crossings.

Good Customer Service Initiatives

Good Customer Service Initiatives 1. Our One-Stop-Centre for handing over & IOI Community mobile app. 2. Quarterly IOI Service Champion campaign where customers can vote and comment on our service. 3. The Service DNA of “RATER” is ingrained into every employee where regular training and reminders are given. “RATER” stands for “Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness

One-Stop-Centre Upon handing over of keys, purchasers can make their payment, go through the hand-over briefing and collect their keys at our designated Customer Relations Unit (CRU) offices. Purchasers will be attended by our friendly CRU executive. After that, the purchaser, CRU executive and a project representative will be at the property for a joint inspection.

One-Stop-Centre In view of personalizing our service and to serve our

We have successfully implemented the facility to our

customers better, we are currently working with a local

recent hand over for The Clio Residences & Almyra

company on a community app which is known as

Residences. Moving forward, the mobile app will be

i-Neighbour. The i-Neighbour solution is able to provide

brand as IOI Community.

many conveniences to our home buyers upon handover of their property. i-Neighbour is available for download in the Play Store and iTunes. The app allows purchasers to submit defect reports, make a complaint/feedback, make payments such as maintenance bills, booking of facilities, pre-registration of visitors, and many other features.

IOI Service Champion • IOI Service Champion Programme is a campaign running every quarterly to invite customers to rate and comment on our service. • Evaluations are carried out by assessing the IOI Comment Cards collected in the public. While each card represents a vote casted by IOI valued customer, top scores are based on the most ‘Great/Exceptional’ ratings received.

R-A-T-E-R The IOI Branded Customer Service is also guided by RATER quality pillars which stand for: R: RESPONSIVENESS • Time Is Gold Every staff is given the Key Performance Index (KPI) for responding accordingly to every customer’s enquiry within 2 working days, and within 14 working days to the complaints about house defects.

A: ASSURANCE • Promise Is Word of Gold Professionalism gives assurance. Every staff is well trained to handle jobs professionally, not only familiar with protocols but also bears empathy and understands requirements well. • T: TANGIBILITY • Support Solution with Golden Facts Jobs are done according to concrete details. Hence solutions given are reliable to keep things progress well towards the best outcome.

R-A-T-E-R E: EMPATHY • Standing


• Know Your Responsibility to Give Solution Solutions

perception over the mass society, we see everyone

given to our customers are reliable with the

as one of us, including our customers. That helps

assurance of a tangible credibility as our team are

our staff to understand customers’ need better as

resourceful and know their responsibility well.

their own.





Staff Engagement Activities

Kelab Keluarga IOI (KKIOI) • KKIOI was established to foster employee and employer bonding through various events. • Regularly organizes staff events such as: •

Holiday trips

Festive party & gatherings

Movie nights

Employee’s Survey Yearly survey to gauge the staff’s satisfaction level of their working environment and to invite feedback to improve the working environment.

Amigo Clubhouse Heavily subsidized (at only RM50 per month for the whole family), the Amigo Clubhouse staff membership serves to encourage the staff and their families to work out and take up sports activities; thereby promoting a healthy work-life balance. Apart from that, staff may join the available classes such as yoga and Zumba class at a special rate.


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