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IJM Land Berhad Since 1989, IJM Land Berhad (IJM Land) has been committed to redefining the property landscapes in the region. Beyond the world-class townships we deliver, we are here to create a positive legacy for communities to live well and thrive. As part of IJM Corporation Berhad, a strong sense of responsibility drives our business and our 620-strong team. What defines us is our customer passion, innovative spirit, drive for excellence and sustainable practices. With a Gross Development Value (GDV) in excess of RM30bil, we maximise our portfolio of undeveloped landbank of 4,000 acres, which spans across key growth areas in Malaysia (Penang, Pahang, the Greater Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak), and as far reaching as Vietnam, China and the United Kingdom. IJM Land is fast becoming a global name known not only for its award-winning sustainable developments but for the dreams we have made real.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IJM Land is intrinsically aware that it is not so much what goes into building a house that is as endearing or important to our customers, but more so what comes out of living in them as homes. This is the reason we place great importance in enhancing lives through our residential and community efforts. We thus frame our every action on and around how we manage our business, relationships and processes to produce an overall and sustainable positive impact in and on society.

We believe our responsibilities extend beyond property development, and it is the vibrant smiles of our residents that inspire us to do more.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

IJM Land is an active advocate of healthy living. We believe that community-oriented, family-friendly runs are good platforms in building healthy communities and fostering ‘neighbourly’ ties. Each year, we organise two major running events for the local community – the IJM Land Half Marathon in Seremban 2 and #RUNWITHME in Bandar Rimbayu.

A record breaking number of participants came together for our IJM Land Half Marathon 2017 event to promote healthy living .

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

In the spirit of health consciousness, the IJM Land Half Marathon also provided, through our partner Columbia Asia Hospital Seremban, selected health screenings – free of charge.

Run with Me aims to foster and celebrate friendship in the community and to bring neighbours closer together.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

We believe as advocates of creative thinking that playing a role in the nurturing of young creative talent is a responsibility we must perform. Our four-year partnership with Nippon Paint Malaysia for the Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) sets out to develop and nurture young creative talent in architecture and interior design in Malaysia and bridge links between design education and industry. In support of this initiative, we also provide 6-month paid internships to gold and silver winners in each category.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

We strongly believe in shaping future minds, which is why we partnered with Nippon Paint Malaysia to showcase the creative work of today’s young talent

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

IJM Land continues to enhance the lives of underprivileged through it signature Home Rehabilitation Programme launched in 2010. During the year (2017), through a united effort, IJM Land successfully adopted and revamped the homes of two families, one in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and one in Padang Besar, Perlis. The programme also received massive support from our contractors and suppliers, serving as a key initiative for engaging and inculcating a culture of corporate responsibility among our business associates.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

In its seventh year, IJM Land’s Home Rehabilitation Programme has restored and rehabilitated more than eight homes for underprivileged families across Malaysia, including Penang, Johor, Sabah and Negeri Sembilan.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

In support of maintaining community green lungs as

IJM’s third Give Day Out (GDO) in November 2017

well as promoting healthy outdoor activities and the

themed ‘Fun with Nature’ engaged over 1,000

appreciation of nature that surrounds communities,

employees and 4,000 hours in the enhancement and

4,000 employees and management of IJM

preservation of 12 nature trails in Malaysia, China and

participated in the three Give Day Outs this year (2017),

India, making this its seventh annual GDO.

ringing in more than 16,000 collective hours of service in the preserving, improving and maintaining the adopted trails and associated facilities in more than 12 locations.

Mor e than 6 5 0 c e n t r a l r e g i o n I J M e m p l o y e e s participated in tree and shrub planting, tree tagging and cleaning trails and recreational facilities at Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi, Kota Damansara Communi ty For est Reser v e and T aman Ku a l a Selangor.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

Simultaneously, around 70 Seremban IJM staff worked to enhance its “S2 Trail� beside our Rimbun Irama development in Seremban 2 by planting trees, placing stepping stones and benches, trimming branches, collecting litter and clearing pathways.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

IJM’s GDO extends to disaster relief efforts as demonstrated in its Northern Region employees’ response to the recent flood in Penang. For three days, volunteers and machinery were mobilised to assist with the arduous clean-up work in 11 affected areas. IJM volunteered 160 employees to help remove fallen trees, waste and debris, and assist local residents with general clean-up efforts in housing estates so the residents will be able to resume a normal life soon.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Social Responsibility In The Community and Society

Colleagues in East Malaysia played their part in supporting a healthier, more ecologically sound environment by planting 3,000 mixed mangrove seedlings at Tandawan, Elopura Forest Reserves in Sabah, while employees in Sarawak planted 580 trees at the Kuching Wetlands National Park, Semariang in Sarawak.

Customer Service Initiatives

Pre-Sales To move the needle from good to great on customer experiences, IJM Land undertook a 12-month rejuvenation exercise nationwi de to pr omote innovative thinking around ways to better meet customer needs, both today and in the future. The exercise involved extensive customer profiling as well as idea generation sessions that took place at 23 internal workshops and roadshows. We provide a continuous personal development roadmap for all employees in which they are trained on the relevant soft skills such as how to anticipate and identify stakeholder needs,

Ever-committed to our customer experience, IJMers strive to provide warmth, reliability and accessibility to all our customers

Pre-Sales How to correctly converse with, approach and respond to customers and how best to correspond in writing. This know-how empowers us to improve customer care and exceed stakeholder expectations.

IJM Land VIP Principles

Sales •

In order to provide customers with the best possible frame of mind when viewing our developments, our sales galleries, amenities and facilities are constantly enhanced and refined to provide a better sense of home, comfort and customer experience. Some of our galleries are equipped with a children’s play area, to give parents an undistracted period to make enquiries, concentrate and deliberate or simply to imagine. To assist mothers with young children, we added a private and comfortable nursing room to some of our sales galleries.

One of our priorities is to continue investing in customer experience. We are relentlessly innovating and improving our products and services by embracing and adopting new technologies like a guided virtual tour to connect with our customers.

There is also a Google Street View experience that allows potential home buyers to view the actual developments and their surroundings if they can’t visit in person, all from the comfort of a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. These virtual reality tours use photos and videos of developments and their surroundings that enable customers to explore the developments at 360-degree angles.

Enhancing Customer Experiences at Sales Galleries

Post Sales Creating experiences that matter to our customers drives our every thought and action, for they are at the heart of our business and minds. IJM Land strongly believes in listening to our customers’ perspectives to enable understanding and appreciation of their views, thoughts and feelings. At each stage of the buying process, we solicit feedback (in the form of open dialogue and customer satisfaction surveys) regarding our customer’s buying experiences, as well as the processes we have in place. We especially seek their views on areas where they feel we can improve so that we can better the organic customer experience as a whole.

Post Sales We view the handing over of the keys very much as the beginning of our relationships with our customers, which is why we continue to support our individual customers and communities with on-the-ground activities to strengthen spirits and bonds on our properties in order for the people and lives within them to prosper, grow and create lasting memories for a lifetime. •

Building completion is a very exciting time for our home buying customers. To celebrate this momentous event, we throw a housewarming party for homeowners, their families and friends. This party for homeowners allows owners to foster bonds with fellow neighbours, and plants the seeds for community establishment. As we ensure that all infrastructure, landscaping and facilities are in place before handing over, neighbours and homeowners have the opportunity to explore the grounds together, see the finished product, engage in conversations, exchange ideas and partake in fun activities collectively and mutually as residents.


These community get-togethers and efforts are continued once homebuyers begin residing on the properties.


Rimbayu Make My Day at The ARC, Bandar Rimbayu

Happy Home Happy Life at The Light Collection IV, Penang

Fun In The Sky at Rimbun Vista Central Park, Seremban 2



As we continue to build on a diverse workforce to scale new heights, we work towards catering for more flexible work arrangements. We have made the following enhancements towards more conducive work-life practices that are especially attractive for the female population:


Three different options for staggered hours

2. Additional days of leave granted to all employees with hospitalized parents/spouse/ children 3. Parking spaces specifically allocated to expectant mothers 4. Breastfeeding rooms 5. Two months of maternity leave, with an optional third month upon request


To ensure that existing employees are fully equipped with academic and technical skills, IJM Corporation offers study loans and subsidies to support divisional employees in continuing their education. This programme is open to IJM Land employees and has a healthy take-up rate.

We are a great advocate of social gatherings to celebrate special occasions and festivals, for these are great times to relax, de-stress and most importantly forge bonds with team members or other teams – it is likely that at any one time, a group of IJMers can be found planning for such events for the benefit of others in the organisation.

We hold fun staff parties that allow personnel to forge deep relationships and express themselves creatively


IJM Land Seremban 2’s Annual Dinner Plays Up Sports Theme

STAFF ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES Having a healthy workforce strengthens our productivity and ability to succeed. We at IJM Land are committed to providing ample opportunities for our employees to stay healthy and we take a comprehensive approach to enabling their wellbeing in our workspaces. The Employee Wellness Programme promotes healthy living in our workforce. The Programme is designed based on the four pillar of financial, emotional, environmental, and physical wellbeing. It also promotes work-life balance and enhances performance by building competencies in decision making and goal-setting. Other wellness programmes offered include weight management initiatives, weekly yoga, Zumba and cardio dance sessions, regular health screenings, financial and retirement planning, anger and stress management and courses on crime safety and self-protection.

STAFF ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES A popular wellness programme open to all IJM employees was The Biggest Loser Challenge, a three-month visceral fat loss programme held in partnership with Beacon Hospital. Those undertaking the programme reported a positive impact, with 81% achieving significant reductions in visceral fat.



IJM has made it a priority to promote a healthy lifestyle to its employees