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proudly presents

Eco World Development Group Berhad Eco World Development Group Berhad is a public

Through Eco World International, the brand has also

listed Malaysian company involved mainly in property

extended its reach to London, United Kingdom and


Sydney, Australia.

The brand is spread across three key economic regions

The Group is helmed by some of the most well-known

in Malaysia with 18 development projects in total that

and respected industry players in the Malaysian



property sector. Driven by its vision of Creating

developments, luxury high-rise apartments and green

Tomorrow & Beyond and powered by an experienced


and dynamic team, the EcoWorld brand is set to soar





integrated Group



approximately 8,052.7 acres of land bank with a total gross development value (GDV) of RM87.5 billion.

even higher in the years to come.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Eco World Foundation EcoWorld’s vision of ‘Creating Tomorrow and Beyond’

EcoWorld’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm is

is not limited to crafting beautiful and sustainable

the Eco World Foundation, which was launched back

developments for future generations only.

in September 2014. The Foundation champions

It encompasses our commitment to give back to society by being a responsible corporate citizen as







well. We take it further by creating a positive

The many other activities by the Foundation include

difference in our communities – be it within the

flood mission reliefs, blood donation drives, desks and

company, the environment or for the disadvantaged

chair donations to schools, refurbishments of schools,

Malaysians who need a helping hand.

mural paintings, library set ups etc.

Eco World Foundation – Students Aid Programme The Foundation’s main programme is the Eco World Students Aid Programme (SAP) which provides financial assistance to a total of 3,000 underprivileged primary, secondary and tertiary students yearly. SAP reaches out to students in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Sabah, Perlis, Kedah and Pahang.

With a budget of RM5 million per year, the SAP practices a holistic approach by addressing every aspect of a student's educational requirements, from equipping them for the new school year and arranging meals in school to paying their school and tuition fees.

Eco World Foundation – Financial Aid

Eco World Foundation – Donation

Eco World Foundation – Donation

Eco World Foundation – Donation

Dialysis machine donation

Teluk Intan food donation

Eco World Volunteers Club

Eco World Volunteers Club The Eco World Foundation Volunteers Club was

The objective of setting up the volunteers club is to

launched back in 2015, in 3 different regions (Klang

promote and encourage EcoWorld staff participation

Valley, Johor Bahru & Penang). There are a total of over

in charitable work through the activities of the Eco

200 volunteers to date.

World Foundation. The club is only open to employees

The Foundation conducts home visits for selected

of EcoWorld.

students to check on their home life and give parents

Members of the Eco World Foundation Volunteers

moral support through Parents’ Dialogue sessions. It

Club assists the Foundation, which runs on a lean team

also organises Motivational Camps every year to

of only four full-time employees with the various

prepare Standard 6 students for the UPSR examination

activities mentioned above.

and holds an annual UPSR Excellence Awards Ceremony and Career Talk.

Home Visits

Home Visits

SJKC Make Over

Tree Planting

#AAM Walk

#AAM Walk

Green Initiatives

OBJECTIVE EcoWorld’s Green Realisation Plan is a yearly plan


developed and administered by the EcoWorld Green Council.

Beyond’ 2.

This plan will contain all the relevant action items necessary to meet the following objectives:

Fulfil EcoWorld’s vision of ‘Creating Tomorrow &






World-Class Eco-Living in All Our Developments’ 3.

Instil a ‘Green Mind-set’ amongst all EcoWorld staff


Promote ‘Green & Sustainability’ in EcoWorld’s branding

OBJECTIVE The objectives of the Green Realisation Plan will be achieved through the implementation of Action Items (AIs) within 4 Key Strategic Thrusts.

Green Projects

Green Image

Green Awarenes s

Green R&D

Good Customer Service Initiatives

Pre-Sales EcoWorld stresses on providing unmatched product & service quality to our customers at all times. It’s about living our Mission No. 3 which is “Having a reputation of providing unmatched product & service quality to our customers at all times”. Upon arrival of the customer at the sales gallery:-

• Customer is ushered to the gallery from the car park by our Buggy drivers • Upon entering the gallery, the customer is attended to by a sales staff • Customer is then served the signature “Welcome Drink” • Sales staff will then proceed to explain the overall development and proceeding to bring the customer to the show unit for viewing

Sales During Product Launch Unit Selection Day, the following are provided:• 3 meals, blanket and toothbrush set for customers who came a day before for queuing • Ongoing TV sessions playing comedy series to kill waiting time • Allocated 2 sales staff to stay overnight to attend to customers’ need during the night. Customers who have completed their unit selection were served with refreshment while waiting for their turn to sign SPA the next day

Sales During Product Launch Unit Selection Day, the following are provided:• Entertainment area which housed a mini cinema, manicure service, shoulder massage and barista coffee for customers to relax their body and mind after a long day. A dedicated kids’ zone is also allocated to entertain their children. All the services provided were FOC

Post Sales We noticed that there were not many active

Every Wednesday, we will choose at least 5 customers from each parcel to engage. We will WhatsApp the purchasers to say “Hi” to

customers who will constantly engage us after the SPA

them and from there, we will get updated information about the

had been signed. Therefore, we have set Wednesday

customer (E.g. customer who will be getting married, giving birth, not feeling well, etc). We will take this opportunity to create a

as a special day for Sales Admin team to focus on

“MAGICAL MOMENT” to deliver WOW moments to the

strengthening our engagement and building rapport

customers. For Instance, we DIYed a wishing card to a customer who had just given birth to a baby boy after we were told by the

with the customers.

customer through this engagement act. •

Customers will feel our consistent services and small gestures that makes them feel valued. This engagement will give the impression to the customers that we are constantly doing the best to keep them abreast with the information on our development through the conversation.

Post Sales

Handing Over When it comes to the handover of the property to the

get in touch with the purchasers 3 days after the invitation for VP

purchasers, we have developed a series of proactive

card had been sent to them, there is a short video showcasing the

engagement services aimed to enhance the customer’s

preparation process to get ready the customer’s property, it is sent via WhatsApp.

experiences in taking vacant possession and visiting their property for the first time:

When the property is ready to be handed over, EWRC team will

There is a dedicated EWRC customer relations assigned to engage with the customers to deliver personalised services including making vp appointments, attending to the customers for handover, inspecting the properties with the customers etc.

A group photo is taken with the customers at the property together with EWRC and it is sent together with a thank you message to the customers after their visits.

This practice had been implemented in Eco Tropics, Eco Botanics, Eco Sky and Eco Majestic. There are many positive feedback from the customers, they are happy and satisfied with our services.

Post Sales


TEAM AT ALL ECOWORLD DEVELOPMENTS Commitment to service quality


ONE STOP SERVICE CENTRE Commitment to service quality

EcoWorld Residence Club (“EWRC”) is a one-stop service centre that provides Property Care Services & Common Area Support Services

EWRC is set up to provide home support services for all residences developed by EcoWorld. It is entrusted with the responsibility of managing & maintaining EcoWorld developments






EWRC seeks to arrange certain value added services such as pre-move in cleaning, professional movers, broadband application, paid TV application, gasoline delivery and many other services to ease the hassle of our customers


COMMUNITY APP Commitment to service quality

With the EcoWorld Community App, our residents will have easy access to a wide range of features that include; • Community news • Connecting with neighbours • Bill payments • Booking the use of community amenities • Other services such as cleaning or gardening services

Good Staff Engagement Activities EcoWorld Sports Club (EWSC)

PHILOSOPHY OF EWSC EWSC has been established to promote and develop

There are two levels of Sport activities: Recreational

common sports and recreational related interests for

and Competitive. The Recreational activities are

EcoWorld staff. They provide opportunities for

organized for the purpose of instruction in a particular



sport/activity or for the leisure involvement of a

development, and social fellowship. EWSC is founded,

particular sport/activity. Competitive activities are

organized, administered, and maintained by EWSC

organized for the primary purpose of engaging in

Committee on a voluntary basis.

competition. Their competitive experiences are with




representative teams from other clubs, organizations, colleges, universities, associations or agencies.







Pink Possible Campaign

Global Corporate Challenge (GCC)

Good Staff Engagement Activities EcoWorld Leadership Development Program (EWLDP)

EWLDP EcoWorld Leadership Development Program (EWLDP) comprises a series of programs that will strengthen the people’s leadership skills through activities such as group workshops, peer learning sessions, guided academic readings and action learning projects.


Professional Women’s Network EcoWorld Professional Women’s Network is a formal platform for driving the women agenda and in empowering women to pursue their ambitions of getting to the top on the professional front.

Professional Women’s Network