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Issue 17 Sep/Oct 2012

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Senior First Aid 4th September & 26th October PBT “Turn your life around” Presentation 13th September

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Junior World Track Championships - Miles Scotson

Ladies Night Friday 14th September

One of our younger members of STARplex has just reached a huge achievement in his field of passion. Miles Scotson, an 18 year old member of the community was one of 14 cyclists to represent Australia at the Junior World Track Championships in Invercargill, New Zealand from 22nd August until 26th August this year. The Australian team, known as the ‘Baby Cyclones’ was the most successful Australian junior team ever, competing against 154 of the best juniors cyclists from 24 countries.

The Old Fella & Johnny Mac 21st September Blue Light Disco 21st September PUSH Body Transformation 10 week challenge 22nd September - 1st December STARplex Holiday Programs 24th September - 5th October Sh’Bam 4 Kids 26th, 27th September 3rd and 4th October Buddy’s Back 9th November

Miles has already lived through a dream of his when he and four of his team mates, with bleached blonde hair in line with the ‘Baby Cyclones’ tradition, were standing on the podium, with Gold medals around their necks being presented with the UCI World Rainbow Jerseys, having won the Under 19 Men’s Team Pursuit Championship. pictured above: Miles Scotson (left) with fellow team mates

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Fitness, Fun and Frivolity

STARS in my eyes .............. 2 STARplex Swim Club Long Course Champions............. 3 What are you waiting for?.. 4 Life Changing...................... 5 Staff Profile ......................... 6 Salt ....................................... 6 Athlete’s Foot Adelaide Marathon ............................. 7


pictured above: Deb Russell

Long term STARplex Fitness Centre member and Head of Student Care at Trinity Senior School Deb Russell, has for many years been well aware of the benefits and importance of maintaining her exercise regime and makes a point of factoring time to exercise into her daily routine. Working closely with the Head of Academics, The Principal of TSC and being responsible for supporting and managing the students’ wellbeing, is a responsibility that she doesn’t take lightly and keeps her quite busy.

Deb has always exercised and likes to be fit and healthy. Before STARplex was built in 2000 she saw the benefits of being a member of a gym in her local area. When Dale Martin attended the school to talk to the staff of the college about STARplex, the complex was still under construction. (Story continued on page 4)

Hello Readers P2

Editors Candice Butler, Dawn Mettyear & Jeff Guess All enquiries regarding feedback or potential articles to The STARplex Journal to be sent to Dawn Mettyear at

STARplex 18-20 Alexander Ave, Evanston Park SA 5116 Telephone (08) 8522 0622 Facsimile (08) 8522 0684 Web

A number of elite sports coaches regularly pass through STARplex for various appointments and training sessions. In recent weeks I have met with Mark Sorell current coach of the Trinity College Cricket Academy and with Stephen Garner who is head coach of the STARplex Swim Club. Both coaches have had significant experience coaching athletes competing on the national and international stage. Stephen and Mark are taking advantage of the STARplex Athlete Development Program to complement their squad training sessions with strength and conditioning workouts. Outside of the South Australian Sports Institute these elite coaches know of no other organisation offering such a program endorsed by an accredited practicing exercise physiologist. In separate conversations both expressed how important it is for athletes to be part of a supportive community which nurtures and challenges them to achieve their personal best. Stephen Garner went further to say how he valued the opportunities that STARplex provided in this regard. He believes that it is the encouragement from the community in and around STARplex that gives his swimmers the mental and emotional edge to be successful.


It is easy for us to underestimate the value we can provide through a supportive word of encouragement to a young athlete in this community. Could I enlist your support for this worthy cause?

The STARgazer editors value your feedback. Please tell us what you think about the STARplex Journal either by talking to one of us personally, writing to us c/- the above address or email

A list of young champions in the making is pinned to the ”STARplex Champions” notice board opposite the entry to the Hewitson Theatre in STARplex. An email or note to any of these young athletes can be forwarded via the STARgazer editor’s email for this publication or via the STARplex Facebook page as shown opposite. Yours in Health & Fitness Dale Martin

STARs in my eyes I recently bought myself a beautiful laminated wooden fibreglass longbow and have returned to a much loved sport I trained for when I was younger. Archery is an exacting sport and having played golf I know that archery’s demands and challenges are on a par and perhaps even more testing than the latter. What an impressive event it was when Im Dong-hyun the young South Korean archer broke a world record in the Olympic qualifying event scoring 699 with 72 arrows , hitting a yellow circle the size of a dinner plate from 70 metres away. He already has two Olympic gold medals to his name, having won the team event in Athens – aged only 18 – and Beijing four years ago. His emergence as one of the best archers in the world is remarkable, considering his distinct disadvantage. He is near-sighted and doesn’t wear corrective lenses. There is an ancient Japanese story of a renowned teacher of archery travelling to a mountaintop to try to find the greatest archer in the world. He eventually found him and was astonished to discover that this accomplished master didn’t use a bow and arrow. Yet, when the master aimed his empty arms, formed as though to shoot, aimed into the sky, and then released the invisible arrow, the clouds would part, the yellow sun would split in two and a gentle rain would fall. Issue 17 September / October 2012

Just a story – and an enchanting one at that? Yes but a lovely allegory too. And perhaps Kahlil Gibran the poet saw the same kind of truth when he wrote: ‘Your children are not your children . . . you are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness; for even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.’ Busking On the concourse of the old Adelaide railway station an elderly oriental gentleman is playing a Tibetan bamboo flute he isn’t collecting coins in a hat and no one is paying but there is a rough half circle of perhaps twenty commuters who rise on every note to somewhere snow cold and capped in blue ice above the rooftops of the world and so - so, achingly beautiful.

Jeff Guess / Writer in Residence / Trinity College


STARplex Swim Club Long Course Championships STARplex Swim Club enjoyed a fantastic weekend at the State Short Course Championships at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre in Marion. Over the weekend the total individual medals achieved were: 11 Gold, 6 Silver, 9 Bronze, with most swimmers improving their personal best times, with total Personal Best count being 121. Highest STAR performer with the highest points for STARplex was Connie Jackson in the 11 and Under age group with five Gold, two Silver and one Bronze . Trinity Students James McKechnie (17) achieved three State Allcomers Records and Sam Branson (13) achieved one State Allcomers Record.

There were some amazing performances from our younger swimmers, many of whom were swimming at state level for the first time, achieving some huge Personal Best times. The weekend reached a climax on the Sunday night with the Club Relay Championships, in the electric atmosphere the relay teams placed third overall with four Gold, two Silver, five Bronze, and in the process collected four new state record times. “It was a huge weekend of swimming. There were some great individual performances as well as some excellent relay team swims”. All STARplex swimmers from the youngest to the oldest, should be very proud of themselves” said Ben Jackson (17), STARplex Swim Club Captain. Nige and Nicki Jackson

pictured above: Connie Jackson - top medal points scored

pictured above centre: Matthew Edwards, James McKechnie, Cameron Poppelwell and Ben Jackson

pictured above: Yoharna Rachwal, Esther Barker, Bethany Gyzen and Lucinda Schmidt

pictured above centre: Jordan Grimes, Gavin Wall, Tyler Zecchini, Sam Branson

pictured above centre: Esther Barker, Kate Edwards, Kya Grech and Connie Jackson

Issue 17 September / October 2012

P4 (Story continued from page 1) Deb instantly saw the benefits of having a gym right on her doorstep and jumped at the chance to sign up and is our very first member to join the Fitness Centre, signing up in the makeshift STARplex office in the old sick room at North School over 12 years ago. Since that time Deb has seen some significant changes to the complex and in particular the need for expansion due to the popularity of the centre. “The calibre of instructors has improved over the years and Paul Pearce coming in has brought more of a fitness for life focus”, says Deb. “I need to be fit to manage life and exercise to de-stress. I like doing fitness classes and enjoy connecting with people and reconnecting with them each week. I treat my fitness like a timetable and need to plan it into my routine to remain committed. On days when I feel most tired, that is when I make sure I go, and the instructors push me to do my best. Treating my fitness routine as a team sport also helps to keep me motivated as not turning up is just not negotiable”, says Deb. She aims for a minimum of three classes per week, her favourites being Body Step, RPM and Circuit when it was on the timetable. In her spare time she walks for an hour on the weekend with her family. One highlight of being a member in the Fitness Centre for Deb is surviving a 90minute RPM Extreme class more than once, the first one being on Australia Day a few years ago. Deb loves the fact that STARplex has really well qualified instructors that clearly love what they are doing and they are prepared to challenge and push you to respond which makes attending a group fitness class an ongoing highlight for her each week. “It is important to reset goals and review routines. I am really conscious that if I keep exercising I can prevent osteoporosis and I am also looking forward to the next decade of my life and being healthy enough to travel and enjoy retirement” says Deb. Summing up STARplex with a catch phrase Deb would describe the STARplex experience as Fitness, Fun and Frivolity. The next goal for Deb is to run and complete the City to Bay with the STARplex team one day. Dawn Mettyear

back a few moments later to check my son’s progress, I found him sitting on the couch stark naked watching television. Quite surprised at this I said in a tone to make him jump up off the couch “What are you waiting for?” he quickly replied “my clothes”. “Well they’re not going to walk over to you and dress you”, I said in pure amazement. Thinking about this particular situation afterwards I began to think about all the times we can find ourselves either waiting for something or a better time to do something for ourselves. I’ll start training for the fun run next year when the kids are all at school. I just want to lose a little weight before I join the gym, I’ll join the gym when I’m a little fitter, I’ts all too hard at the moment I’ll wait until things get a little bit easier, the list goes on. This can particularly be true for women who have children, as we have the tendency to put our own needs after everyone else’s. Having four children of my own, two of which are adults I found myself What are you waiting for? asking “so when is it going to get easier?” “How long do I I have read in one of my self development books recently, wait for?” and then the sobering reality hit me, “I’ts never that people come into our lives at particular times to mirror going to get any easier, so I might as well do it now”. our own lost qualities. If we are lucky enough to be conscious and in the moment, these missing qualities Any goal we set for ourselves requires a bit of effort, if we are can be found and then reintegrated into our psyche and passionate enough about something and set realistic short we have the opportunity to grow from the experience. term goals we can achieve anything we set our mind to. I had to laugh the other day whilst having one of these moments So what are we waiting for? Let’s start doing those things when dressing my young son for school. Having laid his we want to do, but just don’t seem to have the time to do. clothes out for him in the usual spot and getting him out of the bath, I became distracted doing another task. When coming Dawn Mettyear Issue 17 September / October 2012

P5 Junior World Track Championships - Miles Scotson (Story continued from page 1) The ‘Team Pursuit’ is a true test of technicality and teamwork over 4km. A team of four riders follow each other in line as close as possible without touching wheels, to minimize total drag. Usually after a lap the lead rider (who works the hardest) peels off the front, swings up the track banking and rejoins the team at the rear to recover, leaving the next in line at the front working to maintain the pace.

pictured above: Miles Scotson competing

The Aussie team qualified second fastest at 4.08 minutes, but triumphed over New Zealand in the final with a risky strategy of sacrificing Miles on the front for two full laps at a blistering pace before withdrawing leaving his three team-mates to finish well ahead of the Kiwis in a time of 4.06 minutes.

Miles also competed in one of his favourite events the ‘Madison’. One rider races for a lap or more whilst his team-mate rests, circling at the top of the track. To rejoin the race he grabs his partner by the hand and is slung at speed back into the race. Changeovers are dangerous but quite impressive to watch if done well. Sprints every 20 laps earn the teams points, but if a team can gain a lap on the field, they are in the leading position of the race no matter how many points they have. Miles and his partner took the lead early and looked like a sure medal chance until a New Zealand rider rode into the back of Miles causing both to crash heavily. But in true Miles spirit, he rejoined the race, managing to win the final sprint. The Aussie team finished 6th overall, unfortunately losing a lap due to the crash. Miles summed up the week being “Awesome to take out the Team Pursuit with these guys, not as lucky in the Madison but an unreal experience”. We congratulate Miles on his fantastic achievement and dedication to his chosen sport of cycling. We look forward to seeing Miles in an RPM class displaying his power, enthusiasm, and commitment, ‘leading the pack’ of hard working RPM goers. Candice Butler

Life Changing Over the past five years the “Body Transformation” has assisted entrants to burn over 300kg of FAT and remove three meters of excessive waist line each year. PBT 2011 participants lost a whopping 316 kilograms and 1566cm between them. The winners feel great, look terrific, sleep better and have more energy to do the things they love to do. Being managed, monitored and motivated by the best fitness professionals in the business, you - with the help from the STARplex Fitness Centre and the PBT can achieve the results of past participants and lose weight, improve your health and your lifestyle. Trinity College staff member, Roz Pearson was most excited about her results from the challenge last year, as she lost 6kgs and 33cm. “I wanted to join the PBT due to being overweight and unhealthy. My health problems put me at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. By completing the PBT I have now taken a long overdue step on the road to wellness. I now feel fitter and stronger; my clothes now fit me better. During the PBT I have proven to myself pictured above: Roz Pearson - Female PBT winner for 2011 that I can do things that I previously could not do. My trainer Kristy helped plan my weekly programs and kept my PT sessions interesting by varying them all the time. She was very encouraging and pushed me harder than I would have ever pushed myself.” STARplex Fitness Centre with support from PUSH Training Systems also provides the chance to win $5000 worth of prizes, awarded to the overall highest body transformation participant. To find out how you can improve your health, fitness and your lifestyle, join us for ‘Turn Your Life Around” Seminar with Guest speakers Paul Pearce-2 times Mr Australia, and past winners of the PBT. See coming events for more details. Paul Pearce Issue 17 September / October 2012


Salt! Salt is made up of sodium and chloride and provides the major source of sodium (essential mineral) in our diet. The issue with salt is that we are consuming it in excessive amounts placing our health at risk.

linked to high blood pressure (hypertension) with other relationships to heart failure, kidney problems, osteoporosis, certain cancers, stroke and oedema. I typically recommend that people choose foods that have less than 400mg sodium per 100g, choose reduced salt foods if available and avoid adding extra salt to cooking and your meal. By doing this you will be on the right path to staying under the recommended four grams per day.

The average Australian consumes around eight or nine times more sodium than they need for good health. The National Health and Medical Research Centre’s (NHMRC) suggested dietary target advises that Australian adults should aim to consume no more than four grams of salt a day (or 1,600mg of sodium) in order to prevent chronic disease (heart disease especially). Approximately 75% of the salt we consume comes from processed foods which are contributing to a more significant portion of the average person’s nutritional intake.

Loss of sodium or low sodium levels during exercise or throughout the day is often incorrectly associated with muscle cramps. If high intensity exercise duration exceeds two hours then sodium losses can become significant, however most of the time dehydration is likely to be having a bigger impact. The human body is very efficient in regulating sodium levels in the body which helps prevent the loss through exercise and on hot days. Cramps are often common when people step up the intensity of exercise, change the mode (walking to running) or change the surface (grass to concrete). Often these changes to one’s usual and accustomed exercise leads to muscle cramps due to the muscles not yet conditioned to handle the progression. With continued training and gradual overload progression cramps will likely subside.


Heath Commane / Exercise Physiologist - Dietician






and evening to support her friend as she trained for a body building competition. Wanting to learn more about fitness Nikki then decided to start an AIF Personal Training Course. Whilst doing the course Nikki found that she enjoyed training more mature client’s and shortly after completing her personal training course started taking Strength for Life classes here at STARplex. Nikki also works on the fitness centre floor and has a small clientele of personal training clients.

Staff Profile Nikki Dawson Nikki’s first experience with STARplex Fitness Centre was as a member when she joined up shortly after we opened in 2000. “I really enjoyed participating in group fitness classes and in particular Body Attack, Body Jam, Combat and Pump”, says Nikki. Her interest in fitness grew when she started training with a girlfriend using free weights every morning during the week Issue 17 September / October 2012

Over twelve months ago she needed to slow down with her training due to a bulging disk in her neck. Having to stop her normal training regime for a long period of time left Nikki unmotivated and she started to gradually put on weight. In January 2012 she was diagnosed with diabetes and was required to make some life changes. With the help of a dietician Nikki set herself some small goals and followed a diabetic care plan. In two months she started seeing some positive results with the loss of 10kg. She is now doing a personal training session each week and back doing Rpm, Body Pump, CX works and Body Vive which she absolutely loves. So far she has reported a total loss of 16kg since January. With a clean bill of health Nikki can now come off her medication. Nikki feels on top of the world and has more energy and sleeps better now she is back doing a training program. “I have the attitude when I don’t feel like going to the gym, to just turn up and do something” says Nikki. “The next goal for me is to do the six km run/ walk for City to Bay in September”, says Nikki. Dawn Mettyear


Athlete’s Foot Adelaide Marathon Congratulations to STARplex Fitness Centre Members Stephanie Lange and Louise Skelton who both ran in the Athlete’s Foot Adelaide Marathon competing in the half marathon event. Louise completed the course in one hour 42 minutes and Stephanie just under the two hours. Beth MacGilliviray, Darren and Stephen Skelton all ran in the 10km event with great times. Samantha Craig, Karin and Elliot Haines were there as much appreciated supporters in the STARplex “cheer squad”! “Our STARplex Fitness Centre community is very much appreciated at these events as so many of us now compete in SARRC (South Australian Road Runners Club) races on a regular basis and there are always other fitness centre members now there too as supporters along the course, usually led by Samantha! We are so lucky!” says Louise. Louise Skelton

pictured above: Darren Skelton

pictured above: Louise Skelton

pictured above: Stephen Skelton

Nikki Dawson Personal Trainer STARplex Fitness Centre

pictured above: Stephanie Lange, Louise Skelton and Beth MacGilliviray

Marianne Fountain Promotions Department

Leah Saegnschnitter STARplex Swim Centre

Bradley Waller STARplex Swim Centre

Congratulations to the above STARplex staff on delivering outstanding service to our customers!

Issue 17 September / October 2012


Senior First Aid Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm Cost: $155 includes manual & certificate on completion ...whether you are just learning to drive, starting a family, new job or looking after your grandchildren someone will need first aid at some point.


PBT “Turn your life around” Presentation Time: 6.00pm Book now, phone 8522 0622


3 Day Advanced Skills basketball Clinic Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm Cost: $120 Ages: 13 - 18 years


Sh’Bam 4 Kids


Time: 9.15am Cost: $2.50 Ages: 3-13 years

Ladies Night


Time: 7.30pm for 8.00pm show Tickets: Dinner & Show Tickets: Adults $45, Concession $40 Show only Tickets: Adults $28, Concession $23 - on sale now! Presented by Jally Productions & STARplex Ladies Night is the original FULL MONTY…and the kind of show you can take your Granny to. It’s cheeky, fun and a little bit naughty and a damn good giggle! Bookings at STARplex Reception or phone 8522 0622


The Old Fella and Johnny Mac Time: 11.00am show All Tickets: $15 (on sale now) A wonderful show of comedy and music, featuring ‘The Old Fella’, Rod Gregory from 2011 Australia’s Got Talent TV show, and country music star Johnny Mac, both performing with their unique style. Bookings at STARplex Reception or phone 08 8522 0622

Hip Hop Dance Workshop Time: 9.00am-12.30pm Cost: $30 (inc Morning Tea) Ages: 6-12yrs WEDNESDAY 3RD OCTOBER THURSDAY 4TH OCTOBER

Michelle denDekker Netball Clinic Players born 2000/2001/2002 & 2003 Times: 9.00am - 10:30am or 11.00am - 12:30pm Players born 1996/1997/1998 & 1999 Cost: $60 per session Online registration accepted via



STARfun Holiday Program

Blue Light Disco

Time: 8.45am - 4.00pm Ages: 5 - 10yrs

Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm (lock-in) Ages: 8-17yrs Tickets: $6 (purchase at STARplex Reception until 5pm on the day, or at the door) Bookings at STARplex-Reception or phone 8522 0622 22ND SEPTEMBER 1ST DECEMBER

PUSH Body Transformation 10 week Challenge MONDAY 24TH TO FRIDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER

STARplex Swim Centre Holiday Program Time: 9.00am - 12.00noon Ages: 6 months to school age Cost: $60 Book & pay by 14th September to reserve your place

Netball, Soccer, Gymnastics, STARfit Kids, Bootcamp, Basketball, Hip Hop and more


Buddy’s Back Time: 7.30pm for 8.00pm Dinner & Show Tickets, Adults $42, Concession $37 - on sale now Show only Tickets, Adults $25, Concession $20 - on sale now Presented by Scot Robin and STARplex..back by popular demand! During this two hour show Scot Robin who played the lead role in the smash hit musical ‘Buddy, will perform over thirty of Buddy Holly’s hit songs including: That’ll Be The Day, Peggy Sue, Raining In My Heart, Rave On and of course Oh Boy! BUDDY’S BACK will and still continues to excite audiences both visually and musically with its high energy performance and brilliant costumes and brilliant muscicianship.

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