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The Ultimate Christmas Gadget Gift for the Guy who has everything! With its unlimited uses, the Y-cam Internet camera may finally answer that burning question – what to get your Dad for Christmas! Richmond, London, December 10th 2010 -- It’s a fact, every family has one, a gadget mad Dad! And like the hundreds of others out there, you will be increasingly aware that Christmas is drawing close, and you are already scouring the internet in search for this year’s hottest gadgets. After hours of searching, it seems as though they already own every piece of technology there is; panic sets in. How are you going to top the Blu-ray DVD player, iPhone or HD TV they have already bought themselves over the last year? Well, panic no more! As Y-cam Solutions may just have the answer - a low-cost, feature packed internet camera, with ultimate connectivity!

A Y-cam is an internet enabled IP camera (stay with us!) and without getting too caught up with technical jargon (it's quite simple really), they allow you to access, monitor and record whatever your camera sees by utilising our unique technology and your internet connection! A Y-cam allows you to view exactly what's going on, 24/7 - in your home, in your workplace, wherever you are in the World, whenever you want - and all via the internet, on your PC, Mac or smartphone. The Y-cam works alone, with no computer required to be left on, and it can even send email alerts or trigger recordings whenever motion is detected, so users never miss a beat. The beauty of a Y-cam is its total versatility, protecting your home from burglary, watching your business out of hours, verifying false alarms, making sure your children are safely home from school... There are hundreds of uses - inside or outside, day or night time – protecting what's important to you, making a Y-cam the perfect gift this Christmas. By using connections you already have, like WiFi, our cameras create a portal to which you can view & hear, whatever your camera can, from anywhere in the World via your PC or smartphone, whilst additionally offering you vast choice of features and compatibility. Y-cam cameras are available as indoor and outdoor models, and we even have models that are equipped with

infrared LEDs for night vision, as well as microSD memory card slots for direct recording in the camera without the need for additional equipment. Come Boxing Day, there shall be no tantrums, as the Y-cam range has no ongoing costs, and we include totally free viewing and recording software (Y-cam MultiLive) in the box, and we even have smartphone apps available for Symbian, Android and even iPhone. Y-cam products are available from good online retailers everywhere and prices start from ÂŁ120 RRP. For more information on Y-cam products for the gadget mad visit our Ultimate Gadget Gift website. For further press information on Y-cam, please contact: James Hunt, Marketing Manager, Y-cam Solutions Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)845 5000 247 Email: james [at] About Y-cam Solutions Ltd Y-cam Solutions Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of affordable and easy-to-use remote monitoring solutions designed for consumer and small business use. Founded in 2005, Y-cam is a young and dynamic company with rapid growth and award-winning products.

The Ultimate Christmas Gadget Gift for the Guy who has everything