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RACE-STAR Presents the RACE-STAR ConverTTable: From Coffee Table to Designer Gaming Cockpit

Zeltweg, Austria, December 09, 2010 -- The RACE-STAR ConverTTable transforms in no time from a coffee table into a full simulator cockpit! You can use it with your existing hi-fi system, PC, gaming console, or TV to game in your living room, and once you are finished playing it converts back into a coffee table again. Yes, the RACE-STAR ConverTTable was designed to conceal its true identity in everyday life. You have a centerpiece which will not only lend your room more atmosphere, but should also be attractive to both men and women who are particular about their furnishings! The RACE-STAR ConverTTable also cuts a good figure in a hotel lobby or at a car dealership! | RACE-STAR ConverTTable product website | Youtube 3D Video After more than three years of development, the RACE-STAR ConverTTable is finally ready for production!

This time has done the RACE-STAR ConverTTable good though, since it needed it to mature into a fine product. The RACE-STAR ConverTTable has been both visually and technically revised. With the help of industrial designer, BA Michael Hirschmann the RACE-STAR ConverTTable received a final polishing to become more racy and aesthetic. It was decided to further develop this product both technically and optically with the highest quality standards. An important recent development was the collaboration with our Simracing Team RACE-STAR ConverTTable, to prepare it for professional racing on the virtual circuits! Designer of the RACE-STAR ConverTTable: Ing. Markus Rumpold and BA. Michael Hirschmann Premiere at Gamescom 2010 in Cologne The RACE-STAR ConverTTable was presented first to the public at Gamescom in Cologne, Europe’s largest trade fair! At the fair there was the first opportunity for a thrilling test drive! Available as a production or Custom model!

The production model of the RACESTAR ConverTTable is built with a robust plastic coating which is available in 2 color combinations: black/red or white/wood. High wear areas, including the floor and the pedal bracket, are all made with a durable black plastic coating. The RACE-STAR ConverTTable production model is now available at for the price of â‚Ź4,999.00 including VAT. Do you want an even higher quality product? Then choose the Custom model, which is available in any painted color! Hemi orange, Ferrari red, british racing green or matt black? No problem, your wish is our command! In addition you may choose from a wide selection of side windows, as well as the option of real wood side panels. The RACE-STAR ConverTTable Custom represents the highest possible quality in gaming cockpits! With this product we are also able to cater to unusual requests, such as giving the

exterior a granite or metal appearance. We can even build a self-folding version if desired! Since each RACE-STAR ConverTTable Custom is unique, pricing is available only upon request at! About RACE-STAR RACE-STAR, based in Remscheid Germany, develops and sells racing simulation products, including sophisticated complete solutions. Founded in the year 2000 as a real racing company, (Ferrari Challenge) it took up the sales and distribution of the RACE-STAR simulator in 2002. Since then it has been very successful in developing the RACE-STAR brand. Simulator products for the consumer sector have followed, as well as the further development of the RACE-STAR model MOTION with motion simulation. The RACE-STAR ConverTTable, a development of RACE-STAR Austria, which was conceived as a designer simulator, now completes the product range. – Finest Gaming Simulator Cockpits Contact: Markus Rumpold RACE-STAR E-Mail: Tel: +43 660 4635313

RACE-STAR Presents the RACE-STAR ConverTTable: From Coffee Table to Designer Gaming Cockpit