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HIV Eradication Research - Is a Cure Close? Although a cure is not yet within reach, experts are optimistic that they will unlock the secret to eradicating HIV with in the near future. Toulon, France, October 01, 2011 -- Although great strides have been made in the area of HIV eradication research, some experts still estimate that as much as 70% of the individuals infected with HIV are not receiving treatment. This means that HIV is still claiming the lives of scores of individuals throughout the world. Although the treatments that are available have proven to be effective at prolonging an individual's life so that HIV does not automatically mean a death sentence, there is still a long way to go before a cure is reached. Fortunately, great strides been made and there is a chance that an HIV cure will be found in our lifetimes. Researchers are focusing on four primary approaches when it comes to HIV eradication research. The first approach is simply to provide patients with more HIV medications. This means providing the necessary drugs to individuals who have been unable to receive treatment and to concentrate on the medications that have proven to be effective. Another approach involves therapeutic vaccines. These are also referred to as immune modulators and work in a similar way to the vaccines that we are all accustomed to. They help to improve the body's natural ability to fight off HIV. One of the things that researchers have been struggling to understand is why the medications that are currently available have not proven to be a cure for HIV. One idea is that the virus goes into hiding which is why a third approach being used by researchers is to use drugs that force the virus out of hiding so that the drugs and the body's immune system can work together to kill all the infected cells. Finally, researchers are using inflammation blockers to block the chronic inflammatory condition that individuals experience even when undergoing drug therapy. Researchers believe that this inflammation can lead to the persistence of the virus. Although a cure is not yet within reach, experts are optimistic that they will unlock the secret to eradicating HIV with in the near future. Unfortunately, HIV eradication research is not something that is inexpensive or quick. It takes massive amounts of money and the dedication of skilled researchers and scientists which is why it is important that the focus on obtaining a cure not be lost. Even though HIV may not have the same deadly results in this country as it did only a few decades ago, it is still killing people throughout the world which is why it is so important to keep searching for a cure. Media Contact: Alain Lafeuillade AVPS 1208 avenue Colonel Picot 83056 Toulon France 33494616340

HIV Eradication Research - Is a Cure Close?