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Glenmore Healthcare's hCG Program is Consistent with Dr. Oz's hCG March 14, 2012 Recommendations The core principles of Glenmore Healthcare's hCG for Weight Loss Program are consistent with those outlined by Dr. Oz in his March 14, 2012 segment on hCG for weight loss: it is imperative for patients to undertake an hCG program under the care of a trained physician, and never use hCG (homeopathic hCG) that is sold without a prescription. Calgary, Alberta, March 16, 2011 -- In his March 14, 2012 segment on hCG for weight loss (, Dr. Oz announced that he had "new data" on the successful use of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for weight loss. In a pilot study conducted by a leading medical weight management physician, Dr. Oz reported that patients following a strict, medically supervised hCG Protocol, were not hungry and lost weight, and ultimately lost more "fat vs. muscle," than patients on only a low calorie diet. During the segment, Dr. Oz had several key messages regarding the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical grade hCG in a physician-supervised weight loss program. These key messages are consistent the hCG for Weight Loss Program offered at Calgary's Glenmore Healthcare and Wellness Clinic ( 1. Consistent with the FDA's position, homeopathic hCG (hCG drops, etc.) DOES NOT WORK. Only pharmaceutical hCG, prescribed by a physician as part of a proven hCG Protocol, is effective in fat and weight loss. 2. Unlike weight loss from a restrictive diet alone, where up to 1/3 of a patient's weight loss is muscle loss, patients on an hCG Protocol loose fat from their stomachs, buttocks, etc. and "leave the muscle alone." 3. Dr. Oz recommends that any patient on a diet under 1200 calories, should be under the direct care of a physician. Glenmore Healthcare's exclusive hCG Weight Loss Program ( concurs with Dr. Oz's hCG recommendations. Glenmore Healthcare's hCG medically supervised weight loss program is based upon the successful protocol originally developed in 1954 by Dr. Simeons, and detailed in his report, Pounds and Inches, and is built around a low calorie diet coupled with the administration of the pharmaceutical grade of the naturally occurring hormone, hCG. Glenmore Healthcare follows the IAPAM's (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine hCG Weight Loss Protocol (, which has been administered to over 20,000 patients around the world with consistent weight loss results.

Patients participating in the Glenmore Healthcare’s hCG for Weight Loss Program are monitored by a licensed physician who specializes in hCG for weight loss. Labs, vital statistics and body analysis (BIA) measurements are recorded prior to starting the program. Patients at Glenmore Healthcare have lost as much as 20 pounds in our 26 day program, and 35 pounds in our 43 day program. At the end of the program, clinic staff will test a patient’s RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) with the same equipment as used on NBC's "The Biggest Loser." It is very important that when a patient partakes of an hCG weight loss program, that they complete it under the supervision of a physician and follow the entire detailed protocol, as is done at Glenmore Healthcare. For more information on Glenmore Healthcare's hCG program or to book a consultation, contact Glenmore Healthcare at 403-452-5699 or About Glenmore Healthcare Glenmore Healthcare is Calgary’s premiere provider of hCG medically supervised weight loss programs, aesthetic medicine (Botox, Dermal Fillers, Latisse), health and wellness services to individuals in the Calgary area. For more information on Glenmore Healthcare's hCG program and aesthetic medicine and botox services, please contact Glenmore Healthcare at: Glenmore Healthcare (Glenmore Landing) A305, 1600 - 90th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2V 5A8 Tel: 403-452-5699 Fax: 403-452-7296 Websites

Glenmore Healthcare's hCG Program is Consistent with Dr. Oz's hCG March 14, 2012 Recommendations