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First Edition Design Publishing Signs Best-Selling Author David J. Darling Darling expands to potential audience of 2 billion readers through First Edition Design Publishing's world-wide eBook distribution. Sarasota, FL, USA - (August 8, 2012) -- World renowned best-selling British astronomer and science author David J. Darling, Ph.D., has signed with First Edition Design Publishing. Darling was previously published by Hyperion, Delacorte, Harper Collins, Random House and Wiley. David Darling is the author of more than 40 titles including narrative science titles: Megacatastrophes!, We Are Not Alone, Gravity's Arc, Equations of Eternity, a New York Times Notable Book, and Deep Time. He is also the author of the bestseller-The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes. Darling's other titles include The Universal Book of Astronomy, and The Complete Book of Spaceflight, as well as more than 30 children's books. His articles and reviews have appeared in Astronomy, Omni, Penthouse, New Scientist, the New York Times, and the Guardian, among others. Darling's revised works, with new cover art created by First Edition Design Publishing, will now be published in eBook format by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed world-wide. "I'm delighted that some of my favorite books, including Soul Search, Zen Physics, and Equations and Eternity, are to be made available in digital form," Darling said. "These titles, which explore everything from the origin of the universe to the nature of life, death, and mind, will now be able to reach a new, wider audience." Darling served as manager of applications software for the supercomputer company Cray Research in Minneapolis, US for several years, and it was during this time that his two children were born. While at Cray he wrote in his spare time for Astronomy magazine. In 1982 he decided to take the plunge into full-time freelance writing, which has been his occupation ever since, interspersed with lectures, school talks, and travel. He and his family moved back to England (Cumbria) around the time of his career change, spent the next 16 years there, returned to the US in 1999, and re-emigrated again to the UK in 2004. He now lives in Dundee, Scotland. About First Edition Design Publishing First Edition Design Publishing is the world's largest eBook and POD (Print On Demand) book distributor. Ranked first in the industry, First Edition Design Publishing converts and formats manuscripts for every type of platform (e-reader). They submit Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic and Children’s Books to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Google, Kobo, Diesel, 3M, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Nielsen, EBSCO, and over 100,000 additional on-line locations including retailers, libraries, schools, colleges and universities. The company’s POD division creates printed

books and makes them available worldwide through their distribution network. First Edition Design Publishing is a licensed and approved Aggregator and holds licenses with Apple and Microsoft. Visit: Media Contact: Tom Gahan Director of Marketing First Edition Design Publishing PO Box 20217, Sarasota FL 34276 631-369-0063

First Edition Design Publishing Signs Best-Selling Author David J. Darling