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Call for a Task Force on HIV Persistence Global commitment needed towards HIV cure: this call is forming a special research task force that works for the creation of a HIV cure, linked to the organization of the "International Workshop on HIV Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies". Toulon, France, June 02, 2011 -- HIV is said to be the only disease that is spread across the world with almost 7,000 cases every single day. It has been declared to be a pandemic and so far there is no cure for HIV. Since many years, scientists have been making major advancements in the field of medicine but the case of HIV still seems to be confusing them. This call is for all scientists for forming a special research task force that works for the creation of a HIV cure. International Workshop on HIV Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies is a unique kind of a task force that calls for scientists from various fields of medicine. They need to work towards developing a cure for HIV because HIV victims cannot afford the regular medical treatment. That is the reason many of them succumb to death due to the HIV infection. This workshop aims at finding a cure in this decade atleast and help people in battling this fatal disease. People with a passion towards working for a cause are needed for the committee. Dr Alain Lafeuillade, the man behind creating this idea of a special task force is the Chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases at General Hospital in Toulon, France. He has been working towards finding a HIV cure since 2003 and has been conducting many workshops in various parts of the world. He says, ‘a special task force is required which would be committed to understand about the HIV virus and finding a cure to it. ‘With passionate people in the group, we will surely find a solution to the problem by this decade’ Doctor Lafeuillade added. The task force needs a bunch of experts from various streams of medicine like virology, immunology, clinical research and drug development too. These scientists must be able to form a multi disciplinary group that works towards finding HIV cure. Though this will not happen overnight, it is never too late to begin the ground work. Interested people can get in touch with Dr Alain Lafeuillade, Department of Infectious Diseases, General Hospital, 1208 Avenue Colonel Picot, 83056 Toulon, France. For queries about the workshop, mail him at Contact: Alain Lafeuillade General Hospital, 1208 avenue Colonel Picot, Toulon, France +33-4-94616340

Call for a Task Force on HIV Persistence