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AlphaStaff Launches People Solutions Tool Diagnostic Tool to Help AlphaStaff Brokers Identify Areas of Focus for Businesses. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - October 27, 2011 -- AlphaStaff Group, Inc. (“AlphaStaff”), one of the nation’s largest professional employer organizations (PEO), and the only national PEO to work exclusively in partnership with insurance brokers, recently launched People Solutions Tool. The announcement was made by Joseph DeRosa, executive vice president of small and medium business sales and marketing. The People Solutions Tool was created exclusively for AlphaStaff’s broker partners. This tool enhances AlphaStaff’s unique broker/client engagement process by providing custom client reports showing how shared-employment can provide value as well as solutions to their specific business’ needs. The Tool includes access to a rating system that generates a report distinct to the individual’s inputs and provides best practice information, how shared employment can lower their people-related costs and lower their risks. The report further identifies the six ways shared-employment can pay off from most important to least important to their specific needs. The six areas are: 1. Consolidate and streamline human resource systems 2. Reduce workers’ compensation exposure and costs 3. Simplify and enhance human resource processes 4. Reduce unemployment taxes and insurance 5. Rationalize cost of providing benefits 6. Reduce legal, settlement and compliance costs “I am excited to provide our broker partners access to a proprietary diagnostic

tool that assesses a client’s unique people-related needs and identify opportunities where a PEO can add substantial value,” said DeRosa. “This is one of many tools we are currently working on to provide additional value to our broker partners to better position them for growth. The People Solutions Tools is a great start for our trusted advisors and we have more to offer in the near future that will keep our brokers and client delighted.” AlphaStaff recently unveiled its new small and medium business broker compensation program as another tool to help brokers create additional

revenue, while enhancing their product mix through AlphaStaff. To learn more about the People Solution Tool or the broker compensation program, please visit AlphaStaff provides a range of services for their clients’ including health insurance, payroll services, workers’ compensation insurance, workers’ compensation claims management, workplace risk management, recruiting, screening and training and more. DeRosa acknowledged, given the uniqueness of the People Solution Tool, it will only be made available to current AlphaStaff brokers currently. About AlphaStaff AlphaStaff Group, Inc., a full range of human resource outsourcing (HRO), delivers services to small and medium sized businesses and mid-market companies through a shared employment model. The company specializes in helping companies save money, time and free up administrative resources while reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Unlike other Professional Employment Organizations (PEO) or HRO providers, AlphaStaff has a unique, coordinated delivery approach as they work exclusively with insurance broker partners to distribute services. AlphaStaff’s experienced HR professionals deliver personal and flexible service to more than 1,300 client companies in the U.S. For more information, visit Media Contact: Kristy Kennedy AlphaStaff Group, Inc. 800 Corporate Drive Suite 600 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 305-448-5839

AlphaStaff Launches People Solutions Tool  
AlphaStaff Launches People Solutions Tool  

AlphaStaff Group, Inc. (“AlphaStaff”), one of the nation’s largest professional employer organizations (PEO), and the only national PEO to w...