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After Three Years In The Making The PB Reality Show Makes Its Debut Premiere to be held at Ultra Star Cinemas on January 31st 2012 at 7:00PM. San Diego, California (January 24, 2012) -- After 3 years of parties, bikini contests, and lots of drama, the first episode of the PB Reality Show will make its much anticipated debut this Tuesday at the Ultra Star Cinemas. The show features the adventures of Jim Lawlor (a.k.a. the PB Millionaire) and his lavish lifestyle in Pacific Beach. From the majestic castle on a hill he calls home, to the gorgeous girls that surround him. “It’s all about celebrating life,” said Lawlor, founder of the PB Reality Show. However, Lawlor did not always find himself living this extravagant lifestyle. He was once struggling to make ends meet - even sleeping in his car until he could afford an office space to serve as his bedroom. These experiences made a great impact on Lawlor, and he now is commonly seen providing food for the homeless, donating money to his favorite charities, and helping those in need. According to Lawlor, it wasn't all fun and parties; there was also hard work and obstacles to overcome to put on the show. Some highlights include the first Miss Pacific Beach contest, costume contests, good drama, and some surprises. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Jim and the cast at the Double Tree Hotel, next door to the theater, before and after the show. The show will be released to the general public on Lawlor's own TV network called Pacific Beach Reality TV starting on February 16th. The show already has a huge fan base on Facebook ( even prior to the first episode’s release with over 40,000 fans and counting. Lawlor was once painting houses as a means to get by when he, ironically, came up with an invention for spray painting goggles that eventually made him a millionaire. Since becoming successful, he enjoys celebrating life with friends and lives what he calls “the California dream.” Several people suggested that he make a show about his lifestyle and so he did. The premiere will be held at the Ultra Star Cinemas, 7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108. Media Contact: Melanie Mattos The PB Reality Show 1666 Garnet Ave. Suite #403 San Diego, CA 92109 858 822-8693

After Three Years In The Making The PB Reality Show Makes Its Debut