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If you’re in need of a promotional tool, don’t settle for the same coupons and cheap giveaways that everyone else uses. Custom screenprinted T-shirts and other apparel, like those from Gold Star Graphics of Oklahoma, are a better value and allow you far more options. First off, custom screenprinting gives you a promotional product that many consumers will see as valuable and even desirable - but which also doesn’t require any additional investment beyond the product itself. This makes them a better value than items like coupons and discount certificates, which create value to customers but also then change your revenue stream when they’re used. A T-shirt is something that many customers will go out of their way to get, especially if it’s free, but once you’ve invested in printing the shirts themselves, you don’t incur any additional costs to give them away. This makes them a better deal overall than many promotions, especially if you aren’t sure you’ll recoup the costs of running a special discount. Another advantage of T-shirts and other custom screenprinted apparel is that they allow you to truly be creative in terms of design and promotion. You can advertise specific events and commemorate special occurrences with a shirt or apparel item, and your employees and fans will wear those shirts later and build interest in those events down the line. You can create fun and interesting designs beyond your company logo, too, making the shirts even more desirable for your customers. Finally, T-shirts and apparel items have a much longer lifespan than other promotional items like coupons, pens, or plastic cups. Many customers will wear their promotional T-shirts for years after they get them, providing free exposure for your brand in a huge range of social environments. Contrast that with a sales promotion or coupon, which will be forgotten as soon as the promotion ends, or an easily-lost or replaced giveaway item. In short, custom screenprinting provides a huge value to a business both in terms of creating interest in your brand, and keeping your brand exposed for a long period of time. If you’re interested in learning more about how custom screenprinting could be right for your company, contact Gold Star Graphics today for more information.

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What is Gold Star Graphics? We’re the premier T-shirt printing service in Oklahoma City. With clients from global corporations to local busi...

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