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TRAVEL Destination Painting travel the world without leaving home

CIL Paints Provides Tips on Newest Concept in Home Décor - Destination Painting If you can’t travel the world, then bring the world to you. That’s the advice of leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints in unveiling its newest concept in home decorating: destination painting. Dreaming about Caribbean beaches? Then choose a room and paint it tranquil shades of green, blue and brown. Wish you could take a cruise? Transform your space into a nautical paradise with a mix of blues, whites and reds. Always wanted to visit the Far East? Bring its exotic influences into your home with a rich palette of red, ebony and cream. The options are endless, says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for CIL. “Studies show that the colours we surround ourselves with have a direct effect on our state of mind,” she said. “If you feel the need to get away but just can’t do it for whatever reason, painting your walls in colours representative of your dream destination will give you that same sense of relaxation or excitement you long, for without having to leave home to get it.” Getting started is simple, explains Goldman. Begin by collecting photos of your favourite destinations from magazines, travel brochures or websites. Take the time to examine the pictures and ask yourself: What is it about this destination that makes me want to go there? You will begin to notice colour schemes that repeat themselves in the photos you select. Pay attention to the feelings those colours evoke within you.

Palace Purple

Del Sol

Billowing Clouds

Charred Clay

CIL Paints offers the following examples of destination painting, based on five of leading travel guidebook Frommer’s top vacation destinations this year:

Mediterranian : The island of Ponza

off Italy’s west Mediterranean coast is a favourite this year and one of those places that make you feel as if the world stands still. To create your own Mediterranean coastal paradise, think deep blues, white and terra cotta, using colours that echo the sky and sea. Try painting your walls with CIL’s Cosmos, dark blue and complementing the ceiling with a lighter blue, Billowing Clouds. Choose comfy, overstuffed cream furniture, completing the look with bronze urns, mosaic tiles and ornate wrought iron side tables with glass tops. For added Mediterranean flare, apply a texture technique like feathering, dragging or ragging on your walls.

Inspiration White


Billowing Clouds

Charred Clay

Del Sol

Brazil : With Rio de Janeiro hosting the 2014

Soccer World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil – with its sunny beaches, outdoor cafés and lively entertainment – is a current hot spot. Bring the excitement of the country into your home with a Brazilian-themed room featuring a mix of yellow, deep red, golden brown and orange, along with studded furniture and beaded lamps. A good place to start is by painting three of your walls with CIL’s De Sol, yellow and the fourth wall with Bonnie Bell, red. Use the remaining colours in throw pillows and ceramic accessories.

Stockbridge Brown

Bonnie Bell

Burnt Pumpkin

Ray of Light



Sweden : Stockholm – featuring winding cobbled

streets, steamboat rides and rooftop tours – is one of the most popular European cities to visit today, thanks to the popularity of author Stieg Larsson and his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Recreate the Swedish feel in your home by combining shades of Planetarium, blue, Ray of Light, yellow and Veil, grey. Accent your room with traditional Nordic-style accessories, such as hanging wooden fish, cone-shaped oil lamps and copper vases. If it’s Sweden’s baroque style royal palaces that attract you, try imitating the look in a small space like a powder room by mixing pastel green with soft coral pink.

China : As interest in China continues

to grow, one of the most popular destinations this year is Taipei, Taiwan, where people are warm, friendly and eager to showcase their city, including the tallest building in Asia. The dominant colours in an Asian palette are red, gold, green and purple. Set off a black-framed shoji screen against a bright red or orange accent wall. Dazzle your guests with a red powder room accentuated with black and gold accents. Choose from embroidered silk cushions, ivory figurines, porcelain vases, bamboo pieces and wall tapestries to accessorize. Unsure where to start? Use a colourful Chinese fan or oriental carpet as your base and pick up one or two of its colours on your walls.

Palace Purple

Oriental Poppy

Jade Valley


Clear Sky

Costa Rica : Looking for a more laid

back atmosphere filled with reggae music, spicy food and tropical heat? Recreate the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica’s newest hot spot: Puerto Viejo. Nothing says Caribbean coast better than a light and airy room done in dazzling blues, creams and greens with clean lines and natural wood furnishings. Draw attention to the outdoors by using colour blocking to outline a window in an accent colour. Accessorize with woven baskets or placemats, seashells and earthenware pots filled with tall green grasses. For extra punch, add brightly-coloured framed pictures or painted models of your favourite Costa Rican wildlife – from parrots and toucans to white-faced monkeys and green iguanas.

Azure Afternoon


Charred Clay

“Colours can take you farther than any tour guide can,” says Alison Goldman. “The real benefit of destination painting is that, by choosing the right colour combinations and themes, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all year long.” Destination painting can also be applied to landmarks, Goldman explains. For example, to create an Egypt-themed room inspired by the great Giza Pyramid, choose gold, red and green with glass-topped tables, ornate area rugs and bamboo shades. Bring the Taj Mahal into your home with an India-themed room using bold red, brilliant turquoise and vibrant orange, set off with glittering gold and black lacquered accents. Or pay tribute to the Acropolis of Athens with a white-walled room complemented by classic Mediterranean blue, light yellow and terra cotta tiles.

For more ideas about destination painting or to locate a CIL retailer near you, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).

Home Depot Destination Painting  

Home Depot Destination Painting

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