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Bushfires museum The community can soon have its say on plans for a museum and education centre to commemorate the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Eildon MP Cindy McLeish asked the Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville about plans for the centre in Parliament. "Prior to the 10th anniversary of the 2009 bushfires, the minister put out a press release stating that the government will create a new bushfire museum and education centre," she said. "Three months have elapsed since that announcement without a word from the government despite offering in the press release an extensive community consultation process." In response, Ms McLeish said Ms Neville indicated that consultation would start on 7 June

and run for 10 weeks. Consultation will run through engage.vic. and local councils will support the process. A museum was a recommendation of the Bushfire Anniversary Advisory Group, after the idea emerged from community consultations. The museum will focus on raising awareness of the history, stories and lessons of the 2009 fires as well as other significant bushfires that have impacted Victoria. It will include a reflective space to commemorate the past and educate generations into the future. Ms McLeish said she wanted to ensure all community members wanting to have their say on the development of the museum were able to do so.

Yellow ribbons on trees throughout Marysville marked 10 years since bushfire tore through Picture: ROB CAREW the town. 189781 "I am keen to support our community during this time and welcome any feedback that locals may have about the process," she said.

Rare snakes and lizards stolen from school By Jed Lanyon Thieves targeted Lilydale High School’s reptile room on Saturday 18 May, stealing several rare snakes and lizards. About 2pm they entered a portable classroom through a sliding window and took four golden/green phase common tree snakes and three eastern water dragons. The snakes, some of which were in their infancy, were worth up to $3000 while the lizards could fetch up to $500, according to teacher and reptile room co-ordinator Marcus Whitby. Some of the animals had arrived at the school just a month earlier and there are fears they will be sold illegally. “It does sort of appear that way when other animals that can’t be on-sold weren’t taken,” Mr Whitby said. “They were pretty rare and hard to come by.”

Mr Whitby said there was much anticipation at the school about the arrival of the new creatures and that the baby snakes would require significant care to maintain their wellbeing. “The kids were doing a great job with them because these young animals are hard to get feeding early on," he said. "The kids worked hard and it’s a shame to lose them like this. “Our biggest concern is if the people that took them don’t know what they are dealing with.” Mr Whitby said that while the school had CCTV cameras in place in the area of the reptile room, the thieves managed to go through largely undetected due to blind spots. “We’re really disappointed and very frustrated," he said. "The reptile room has been going for 17 years and this is the first time something like

Note: Image for reference only. this has happened." According to the school, the reptile room has the largest collection of animals in a school in Australia. Anyone with information regarding the theft should call Lilydale Police on 9739 2300 or submit a report through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Bin ban for e-waste Household e-waste is banned from landfill from 1 July in a bid to encourage reuse. The State Government ban will mean big changes on what can go into household waste bins. Yarra Ranges Council explained that ewaste was any item with a plug, battery or cord that was no longer working or was not wanted. On the list are irons, kettles, hairdryers, computer accessories, tablets, phones, TVs, LEDs and fluorescent lamps, electrical and electronic tools, toys, handheld video games, musical equipment and more. Yarra Ranges Mayor Tony Stevenson said that any object that could take a power source, from a battery to a cord, was classified as ewaste and could be recycled. “Electronics around the home, such as computers or televisions, contain precious, non-renewable metals such as gold and platinum, along with mixed plastics and metal circuitry, which can all take on a new life if recycled,” he said. “For example, your toaster, which has aluminium, copper and nickel chrome alloy, can be reused to make new appliances - copper wiring can be used for anything from home electronics to electric cars.” Cr Stevenson said some appliances could also contain toxic heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic. “Recycling your appliances means we can prevent those metals from getting into the environment and re-use the materials safely in new products,” he said. “It’s easy to take your e-waste to a better place, by dropping items off for free at your local waste transfer station or putting them out for collection in your annual hard waste collection where they will be separated for recycling.” Visit for e-waste drop-off points.

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Mail - Mountain Views Mail - 28th May 2019  

Mail - Mountain Views Mail - 28th May 2019