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And so it continues, the incarceration of these powerless humans on Manus Island and Nauru. Every week the situation worsens. I am a mother and a grandmother and can only imagine how the loved ones of those locked up on Manus must be suffering along with their sons, brothers, uncles and grandsons. They are gradually being transferred to Lorengau on Manus Island which is a transit centre that can house 280 people - their number is 700+. What is to become of these people? No work, no healthcare, no protection, no future. PNG have made it clear that they don’t want them. The government can choose to end people’s suffering in detention and allow them to live safely in our Australian community while being processed. Act compassionately, bring them here. Gwyneth Jones, Pearcedale.

Lenscape Dancing on the ceiling Marnebek School Cranbourne held their Debutante Ball on Friday 8 September at Amberlee Receptions in Cranbourne. 172688 Picture: Stewart CHAMBERS

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Socially speaking On Monday 11 September, the Cranbourne Berwick News Facebook page shared the story of a youth gang that stormed into a Coles store at Springhill Shopping Centre. It is alleged a group of about 15 to 20 youths entered the supermarket, located at a shopping centre on the corner of Thompsons and Narre Warren roads, shortly after 6pm. They went through and grabbed a range of items, leaving the store soon after without making payment. The teenagers were perceived to be of African appearance and a number of them were wearing hooded jumpers and backpacks. The story sparked some strong opinions online. Trish O’Grady: No one was injured, maybe not physically, but I’m sure a lot have been injured mentally. How terrifying.

Peter Collins: Enough is enough. Jas Singh: A huge price to pay for multiculturalism? Got to hit back hard boys or else you risk Victoria turning into Somalia. Matty Mahar: Sick of the law!!! Does nothing, about time the people took back this country. I’ll proudly stand for the little man and defend him with whatever force is needed. Doug Hopkins: If they not born here, send them back from where they came after they've been locked up for what they have done, enough is enough. Michelle Smith: These suburbs are turning into sewers because of these no hopers. Round them up and get rid of them. Vee Loca Gazza Moite: The racism in these comments... kids non-violently stole lollies and soft drink, and a phone and people are

calling for deportation. Julia Thomas: Just catch them, justice will be served. Laticia Wilson: Deport them all. Ankit Mistry: Guys, please stop making the issue between black and white, find out the way on how to stop this problem...Whoever they are, there is only one place for them. Behind the bars for the rest of their life. Julie Gifford: Eradicate. Our community has had enough. Graeme Hanigan: Sickened by the comments. We have a multicultural society, and we have an obligation to make it work, rather than resorting to primitive tribalism. Joanne Van Rijn-Portelli: Did they get out of jail to do it all over again?


News - Berwick - 14th September 2017  
News - Berwick - 14th September 2017