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Incorporating South-East Star Real Estate

Thursday, y, 12 January, y, 2017

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Incorporating South-East Star CRAN


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Election time warp

A Star News Group publication

Cat fight PAGE 15

Narre netballers simply supreme

Thursday, 22 September, 2016 Pag

south eastern

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The Eagle speaks PAGE 7

Thursday, 7 April, 2016

The What Year In Review made news in 2016

Connecting people & communities Estate CRANBOURNE 2016

Thursday, 22 September,

By David Nagel senior preCRANBOURNE’S 13th overflowing if miership cup would be of the last the blood, sweat and tears the preinto five years were poured cious piece of silverware. five homeThe blood spilt during the sweat of and-away campaigns, and the freejust as many pre-seasons, accompanied running tears that have grand final the Eagles four consecutive produce a defeats from 2012 would cocktail of rare emotion. exemplify It’s a cocktail that would and epitohard work, typify resilience, character that mise the hard work and Club has had the Cranbourne Football this epic jourin abundance throughout ney. with the ulIt’s a journey that ended 34-point a timate reward on Saturday, Bervictory over reigning-champions of ridicule wick that ended five years Netball in the South East Football League. the Eagles Never mind the fact that a remarkable had finished top three for were playor eighth consecutive year, on the trot, ing in their sixth grand finaltheir inabilthe ridicule stemmed from the biggest on ity to get the job done stage. Simon But second-year coach changto Bertrand, Don Hudson Goosey (coach), Jordy Fourth row; Harrison Goosey dedicated himself team, and back from left, Simon a premiers Cranbourne, ing mindsets, rebuilding Vella and Graham Davies. Fletcher and Aaron fifth coaching 2016 SEFNL senior Shaun Marusic, Shaun Sparks, Anthony Glenn Osborne, Mat on Saturday added a Jones, Second row; Cavalot, Nick Darbyshire, success stories (runner), Ryan Kory Grant and Zak Roscoe.Weller and triumph to his previous Michael Thompson, Dylan ’98, 2001 and Goosey (stats), Luke Martin (assistant coach), Luke Bee-Hugo, Ryan Davey, Matthew at Mornington in 1996, Troy Tharle coach), Max Gearon, Bower. Third row; Sean Clearihan (assistantSharp, Scott Williams (physio), Michael Boland, CHAMBERS ’04. Marc Holt, Dillan Bass, Amanda Pictures: STEWART Front row; John Harkin, The storylines are remarkable. just Stuart Morrish. Osborne. 159365 Nick Darbyshire was playing sink in, it’s hard to befootball, and Brandon each to but it wouldn’t his second game of senior years to kick two goals to tell you the lieve that it’s happened to his team-mates three n his second game l dd l Th h fi l t m

Thief’s test drive

A Star News Group publication

Child’s play cash



■ ‘Ticking’ case brings Cranbourne

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Incorporating South-East Star CRAN

The footy’s back - we take a sneak peek!


people and

Real Estate


south eastern


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7 April, 2016


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to a standstill ...

‘Bomb’ stops street


Disgusted at the slow speed of the guards A LOCAL grandmother’s to act on the issue, a panicked Ms Regan and doned case in front of find of an aban- Ms Togni drove Cranbourne Centreto Narre Warren Centrelink. link brought the town to “I didn’t want to risk it, a standstill for three I want to meet my hours on Tuesday. son and hold him in my arms,� Ms Regan Annette Togni, 68, was said. to notice the small case the first person “My Nan was very frightened; she was disside Cranbourne Centrelinkin the gutter, out- traught and started and Medicare on crying, Tuesday 6 April. there was no way we wouldif it was a bomb have survived it if it went off. But more alarmingly, Ms first person to hear a “ticking� Togni was the “The Centrelink guards were extremely sound coming unprofessional, from the package.� they didn’t and they didn’t notify anyoneclear the area, Now terrified to return – we definitely to drington Street, Ms Togni’s the scene on Co- won’t be going back to that branch, my Nan Martine Regan and her pregnant grand- is still cut up about daughter Martine Regan, Nan, Annette Togni, were it.� also an eyewitness, Cranbourne Senior has told of the dramatic the first to notify nearby discovery. Baynes gave the scene Sergeant Daniel security “My Nan almost stood guards of the the all clear at on it as she got out 1.15pm after more suspicious case. of the car, and she immediately than two yelled “What sessment from the bomb squad,hours of asPicture: CONTRIBUTED is that, is that a bomb?� who used a robot to approach the locked case. The pair from Cranbourne At the scene, Sen Sgt North alerted nearby security guards Baynes told Star to the strange item, News the contents of the case Ms Regan described as were “personal belongings�. a fishing tackle box. “It was grey and navy He has since confirmed blue and had a yelit was a first aid low handle, it kind of looked like a car bat- kit. tery and it was ticking “There might have been loud enough for my a phone charger Nan and I to hear it,� Ms in it as well, no-one at Regan said. this point has come “The guard just said that he wasn’t sure forward and claimed it.� what it was, he said he Close to 100 staff from saw someone drop it off. neighbouring firm, Waters Centrelink and Lawyers, were evacuated and police “My Nan asked if it was cordoned the people lined up insidesafe for us and all ton Street between Sladen off Codringand Childers here, there were children, Centrelink to be streets. pregnant women like myself and elderly Still tormented by and he replied, ‘I don’t Regan said her Nan the experience, Ms Once the contents had know, madam’.� was wouldn’t go out and collect so petrified, she been given the all-clear, the the mail. officer retrieved it. Left: Eight police officers from Cranbourne kept locals at a distance.

PAGES 9-12, 21

Right: The bomb squad used a robot to pick up what looked like a fishing tackle box.

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A bomb squad officer, suited up on his way to assess the scene outside Centrelink




â–  Luke returns to thank his rescuers...

Our crime-fighter By Cam Lucadou-Wells CRANBOURNE




Andrew Hartley led a community safety event in reaction to his home being invaded 163252 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

family outdoor CINEMA Saturday 14 January 2017 6pm: The Secret Life of Pets 8pm: Despicable Me 2




“I wasn’t aware how much it affected me. I just used to think that (crime) was happening all the time.� He signed out and regained his sleep, he said. After the community event, Mr Hartley promptly left the limelight.


He said the event itself wasn’t as personally cathartic as he thought it might be. It was heartening to see neighbours install home security as a result, but his family remained traumatised since the burglary after midnight on 13 August.

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Ray White Cranbourne 5995 2003


der debate. Mr Hartley said he had signed up to many of the pages but found they fed into his obsession with the issue. “You get to a stage that you’re looking over your shoulder more. You see something and put a post up on it ...


IT’S sad to say that Andrew Hartley and his family were far from unique after their home was invaded in 2016. What was unique was how Mr Hartley responded, fronting and organising a community crime prevention event in Sweeney Reserve less than a month later. Mr Hartley, who is Star News’s Person of the Year, became a symbol of residents’ defiance against a steeply rising wave of serious crime. The event, which drew 400 residents as well as MPs, police, Neighbourhood Watch members and experts on alarms, security doors and self-defence, was about informing households how to keep safe. “People aren’t aware of the extent of these crimes. It has become an epidemic and we don’t think it will happen to us,� Mr Hartley said. “Pay attention to what’s happening at your neighbour’s house as well as our own security.� When Mr Hartley launched the event, he wanted to avoid politics. But crime had soared 15 per cent per capita in Casey in 2016, it became the talk of the town and it got decidedly political. At the same time, Casey Council mayor Sam Aziz trumpeted a fivepoint law-and-order advocacy plan declaring his city was in “crisis�. Some of the council’s pleas - including for more police in Casey were heeded by the state government. Meanwhile, crime-reporting Facebook pages ramped up perceived danger levels. Many Casey suburbs had their own page. They became a hub for CCTV footage of strange cars outside homes, photos of stolen cars and law-and-or-

On that night, Mr Hartley was woken by the family dog. He ran out the front and saw a carload of youths drive away. An hour later, police found his wife’s handbag and car keys in the backyard - and only then it dawned that burglars had got inside the house. It was thought the intruders took off their shoes, walked through the rear unlocked door of the home garage, and jemmied an interior door to get inside. Gallingly, they must have walked past the sleeping Hartley children. The family’s innocence hasn’t been repaired, even after a therapeutic threeweek holiday in Bali and installing robust home security. “I’ve got the cameras, the alarms. It’s not only about the deterrence but making sure the family feels more comfortable,� Mr Hartley said. “We still want to move away.� Mr Hartley says there isn’t any one solution for the lawlessness, particularly by a certain cohort of youths. “It’s just a fact of life in the current environment. “All we can do is secure ourselves and look after our loved ones as best we can.� He hopes the event inspired others to look out for each other and “get back a sense of that community�. “Let’s now throw it over to the council and other organisations to run that event on a regular basis. “I showed that one person can run this on their own ... but it’s time for me to go back in my box.�

News - Cranbourne - 12th January 2017